Activity 1: Speaking practice

(a) Recite the poem below and answer the questions that follow.

Laziness begins in the mind

Hopelessness and regret are the signs

Being poor is sometimes a choice

Poverty and laziness are identical twins

Nyerere believed work is dignity

For you to live the life of your dreams

Hard work is a must

Dignity and hard work are identical twins

Know who you want to be

Then work hard

To achieve the life you desire

Determination and hard work are identical twins

Answer the following Questions

  1. What is the poem about?
  2. Where does laziness begin
  3. Why does the poet say, “poverty and laziness are identical twins”
  4. What should you do to have the kind of life you deserve
  5. Suggest a suitable title for this poem

Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.

A friend indeed

Cobrawoke up late, for he had not slept early. Feeling hungry, he lookedaround and saw half a bottle of alcohol which he had left the night before. Hegrabbed it, took a sip, and staggered towards a tree. Sitting alone under thetree, he said to himself, "They say how you act defines your destiny. Surely,life is how you make it. Do I have to regret being an alcoholic? But why shouldI regret drinking alcohol? Drinking Makes me feel good and I forget all myproblems. Oh! No, there must be something wrong with me. Do I really wantto live like this?" Looking confused, he shouted, 'Can anyone answer thisquestion for me, please'?"

Suddenly, his friend, Eagle, arrived. "How are you, my friend?" Eagle greeted. In a very low voice, Cobra responded, "I'm fine." "Are you sure that you arefine? You don't look fine. What's wrong with you?" Eagle asked. Cobra replied,"l'm very hungry. I didn't eat anything last night. I drank a lot and used up all the moneyIhad." Eagle looked at him sadly and said, "My friend, youshould stop drinking alcohol, for drinking makes you poor and unhealthy." Cobra responded, "I don't want to be rich or healthy, soIfind no reason tostop drinking." Eagle was surprised at such a response. He felt pity for hispoor friend who had lost hope for a bright future. Eagle felt that his friendneeded his advice. So, he reminded him of the difficult times they had beenthrough together. The times that they used to sleep on empty stomachs. Cobraremembered this and wept bitterly but remained silent.

Eagle blamed his friend for his laziness and drunkenness. These caused him to live a miserable life. He advised Cobra to stop that behaviour so that hecould improve his life. He said,"Ibelieve that laziness and drunkenness aretwins, and they lead to poverty. The fear of poverty has made me dedicatemost of my time to farming."

He told his friend that he grew maize, beans and groundnuts on a fifteen-acrefarm, and that the harvest had improved yearly. Cobra admired his friend's success. So, he felt he needed to change his behaviour, which had been the cause for his miserable life. He asked, "What shouldIdo to improve my life?"

Eagle smiled and said, "Here is the answer. Take an axe and a hoe, and clearthe farm near your home. I will give you some seeds." Cobra nodded andsaid, "From today on, I will stop drinking alcohol and become a hardworkingperson." He vowed to work hard on his farm. The following morning, he took the axe and hoe and went to the farm. Cobra worked very hard and grew avariety of crops. After three years of hard work, he realized that success andhard work were identical twins.

(a) Write T if the statement is true and F if the statement is false

  1. Cobra and Eagle are friends...........................................
  2. Eagle gave Cobra a wrong piece of advice.........................
  3. Drinking alcohol can make a person rich quickly and easily...................
  4. Living in a village may make you rich..........................................
  5. Eagle stopped drinking alcohol after three years. .........................

(b) Answer these questions,

  1. What does an 'empty stomach' mean?
  2. Why was Cobra poor?
  3. How was Cobra's health?
  4. What advice would you give a person who is leading a life like thatof Cobra?
  5. What have you learnt from the story?

Activity 4: Language Practice

(a) Read the words in the table below

Grab, stagger, destiny, miserable, vow

(b) Replace the bolded words with opposite of their meanings. Use the words above

  1. Don’t release it
  2. After a little while, I walked steadily to the front door
  3. She was unable to control her own misfortune
  4. Catherine lived a good life after accepting her neighbour’s advice
  5. I denied that I would never steal again

Choose the letter of the correct answer to complete each of thefollowing sentences:

1. Cobra did not like to work,.............he lived a poor life.

  1. for
  2. so
  3. and
  4. or
  5. yet

2. Eagle did not want to live a miserable life, ...............he started working in the


  1. but
  2. and
  3. so



3. Mwanamvua will not come to school today, .............she has a dental


  1. for
  2. but
  3. or
  4. and
  5. so

4. They chose to be vegetarians,.............they want to be free from heart


  1. but
  2. for
  3. so
  4. yet
  5. nor

5. We have an examination tomorrow,.............we must study hard tonight.

  1. So
  2. But
  3. For
  4. Or
  5. because

d) Replace the underlined words in each of the following sentences with soor for:

  1. He is a troublesome boy;therefore,the whole class dislikes him.
  2. I gave the answer confidentlybecauseI knew 1 was right.
  3. Cobra did not eat anything last night as he did not have any food.
  4. I want to get to school on time,thenI have to leave home early.
  5. She was admitted to hospital,sinceshe had an accident.
  6. Eagle did not drink alcoholbecausehe did not want to be poor.
  7. The bus is about to leave;therefore,let us hurry up.

e) Fill in the blanks with fororso to complete the following sentences:

1. I prefer gas to charcoal,........gas is environmentally friendly.

2. She is very tired, ...... she went to a party last night

3. Cobra was hungry, ......he ate all the food

4. The tortoise cannot go fast, .....its legs are short.

5. We studied hard............we passed our examinations

Join the following pairs of sentences using so or for to form one sentence:Example Madoro went home. He wanted to rest.

Madoro went home, for he wanted to rest.

  1. Chakupewe wanted to go home. He called a taxi.
  2. Ndunguru will not attend the evening dance. He has no company.
  3. Monica went home early yesterday. She had fallen sick.
  4. Mwanga cleared his voice. He could speak aloud.


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