One Stop Center For Academic Needs

Learning Hub Tanzania is one stop center for academic needs of secondary school students and their teachers.

Our core mandate is to apply creativity and come up with innovative solutions in education sector.

At learning Hub, we incorporate information technology in teaching, learning process to make it interesting, stimulating and adventerous.

For this reason, learning Hub is at the fore front in developing learning materials with the student in mind.

We thus break complex concepts into simple ideas which are easy to understand and grasp. We do this with a touch of precision and excellence.

Every child has a right to only access education but to get quality education which will enable him or her compete effectively in this competitive market place. As nelson Mandela aptly put it; education is the most powerful tool that can change the world; At learning Hub Tanzania, we strive to ensure every child has access to quality, affordable, timeless, education, anywhere, every time.

We are therefore at the forefront in revolutionizing access to education by use of both print and digital media. Get all what you need academically in this student friendly App. Here you can read well prepared notes for secondary school, according to the current syllabus, listen to the notes by simple highlighting the notes. You will get thousands of examinations, topical examinations, model examinations for every class, and proposed solutions, NECTA REVIEWS and their proposed solutions, self test multiple choice questions for all subjects and schemes of work for Teachers.

Our Mission

Provision of quality, standard and affordable education for all.

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