Choose the correct answer and shade its letter beside each question number in the answer sheet provided.

1.  Which of the following characteristics enable birds to fly in the air?

  1. Soft bones with features
  2.  slim bones with a hollow inside
  3. Jointed bones
  4.  have many bones
  5. wing bones are stronger
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2.The main groups of living things are:-

  1.  Plants and birds
  2.  plants and lizards 
  3.  animals and leaves 
  4.  plant and animals
  5. animals and bacteria.
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3.        Which of the following are types of seed, which are self dispersing?

  1. Coconut and cotton
  2. Cowpea and pigeon pea
  3. Cowpea and pawpaw
  4. Mango and guava
  5. Orange and pigeon pea
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4.        Observe figure number 1, then choose the answer which has the correct arrangement of the indicated parts A -D

  1. Fibres, yellow bone marrow; red bone marrow, cartilage
  2. Red bone marrow, cartilage, yellow bone marrow, tendons 
  3.  Tendons, cartilage, red bone marrow, yellow bone •marrow 
  4.  Cartilage, tendons,yellow bone marrow, red bone marrow 
  5. Yellow bone marrow, cartilage, tendons, red bone marrow
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5.     Observe figure number 2 and then answer the question which follows

  1. Reflection
  2.  Penetration  
  3. diversion
  4.  converging
  5.  dispersion
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The device in figure 2 uses which characteristic of light?

6.     Which diseases are prevented by vaccination?

  1. Measles and whooping cough
  2. bilharzias and malaria
  3. diarrhea and diphtheria
  4. AIDS and diabetes
  5. tuberculosis and chicken pox
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7.     What is an important thing pregnant woman should observe?

  1. Eat a lot of starch when she is approaching the expected date
  2.  perform tough tasks order to be strong
  3.  attend clinic    and balanced diet
  4.  sleep frequently
  5.  use perfumed soaps always
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8. A disease which results from respiratory system problem is

  1. Asthma 
  2. severe malaria
  3. fainting 
  4. epilepsy
  5. diabetes
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9.What will happen if the nervous system stops functioning?

  1. person will start shivering
  2. A person will feel weak
  3. A person will feel severe body pains
  4. there will be no communication in the body
  5. A person will start losing weight
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10.          One of the symptoms of kwashiorkor is

  1. the face resembles that of an old man
  2. White eyes and flue
  3.  Neck gland enlargement
  4. Feeling cold and vomiting
  5.  Big stomach and swelling  of legs
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11.          Family planning methods which are more safe for the health of the mother are 

  1.  loops and injection
  2. natural methods      
  3.   injection and pills
  4. pills and condom
  5.  condom and injection
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11.          Family planning methods which are more safe for the health of the mother are 

  1.  loops and injection
  2. natural methods      
  3.   injection and pills
  4. pills and condom
  5.  condom and injection
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13.          A person who suffered an electric  shock can be assisted by the use of

  1. legs
  2. iron bar
  3.  dry wood 
  4. hands
  5. wet wood
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14.  Two clean pieces of wood wrapped on the part of broken bone help to

  1.  Prevent bleeding
  2. give heat to the wound
  3.  support the broken part
  4. cure the broken part
  5.  join the broken part
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15.          The gas used to extinguish fire is

  1. Hydrogen
  2.  carbon dioxide
  3.  nitrogen
  4. carbon
  5. Oxygen
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16.          HIV is not transmitted by

  1. Sexual intercourse
  2. sharing needle
  3. mosquito bite
  4. sharing razor blade
  5.   blood transfusion
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17.The relationship between sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS is that

  1. it is easy to get HIV if you have sexually transmitted diseases
  2. Sexually transmitted diseases are the same as AIDS
  3. Drugs that cure sexually transmitted diseases 
  4. are transmitted through sexual intercourse only
  5. Sexually transmitted diseases  and AIDS can be cured
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18. Which of the following sentences has the correct meaning of AIDS?

  1.  Loss of body immunity
  2.  high body immunity
  3.  absence of body immunity
  4. deficiency of body immunity
  5. ability of body immunity
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19.       One of the methods of reducing  HIV transmission is

  1. To reserve area for people living with HIV
  2. To avoid sharing food utensils with people living with HIV
  3. To eat balanced diet and drink safe water
  4. to change behaviours and avoid unprotected sex
  5. To perform physical exercises
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20.       Why things thrown in the  air fall down?

  1. Because of weight
  2. Because of force of friction 
  3. because of force of air
  4.  because of force of planets
  5. because of force of gravity
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