Choose the correct answer then write letter of it beside the number of each question in the answer sheet.

1.         In order a seed to germinate it needs the following things:

  1. Water, soil and air
  2. Rain, air and soil
  3. Moisture, soil and heat 
  4. Water, air and heat
  5. Water, light and wind.
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2.         The intention of the insecta to shift from one flower to another is;

  1. To reproduce flowers
  2. To escape enemies
  3. To find honey
  4. To spread seeds
  5. To find smell
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3.          The action of a human being to faint is a result of absence of blood in the;

  1. Stomach
  2.  Kidney
  3. Lungs
  4. Heart
  5.   Brain
Choose Answer :

4.         Two major types of machines are

  1. Hard and soft
  2. Simple and complex
  3. Grinding and decorticating
  4. Wheel and excel
  5.  Excel and caterpillar
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5. One way of removing out body  excreta is

  1. Spitting 
  2.  Urinating
  3. Bathing 
  4. Washing hands 
  5.  Giving out tears.
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6. Unfertilized gamete is called?

  1. placenta
  2. ovum
  3. uterus
  4. ovary
  5. fallopian tube
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7.Study the diagram below and answer the questions that follow;

In which tin will the seeds germinate?

  1. Tin A
  2. Tin B
  3. Tin C
  4. Tin D
  5. Tin A and D
Choose Answer :

7.Study the diagram below and answer the questions that follow;

In which tin will the seeds germinate?

  1. Tin A
  2. Tin B
  3. Tin C
  4. Tin D
  5. Tin A and D
Choose Answer :

7.Study the diagram below and answer the questions that follow;

In which tin will the seeds germinate?

  1. Tin A
  2. Tin B
  3. Tin C
  4. Tin D
  5. Tin A and D
Choose Answer :

10. Transportation of food in the body is done by;

  1. heart
  2. blood
  3. muscles
  4. lungs
  5. water.
Choose Answer :

11. Study the following illustration careful and then answer the questions that follows;

what is name of part Y

  1. petal
  2. filament
  3. stigma
  4. pistil
  5. ovary
Choose Answer :

12. Seeds of a plant store food at the;

  1. roots
  2. leaves
  3. stem
  4. cotyledon
  5. fruit
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13. Which disease among the following is infected through sexual intercourse?

  1. polio
  2. cholera
  3. scurvy
  4. syphillis
  5. measles
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14. 1f carnivorous are more than herbivorous, what will happen?

  1. grass will decrease
  2. grass will remain as before
  3. grass will dry
  4. grass will increase
  5. grass will be eaten
Choose Answer :

15. Which group among the following has body defending foods?

  1. fish and milk
  2. beans and ground nuts
  3. ugali and beans
  4. eggs and cabbage
  5. fruits and vegetables
Choose Answer :

16. the importance of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is;

  1. changing the state of alkalis in the stomach
  2. softening fats in the stomach
  3. adding sour in the stomach
  4. digesting glucose in the stomach
  5. killing germs that enter the stomach with food.
Choose Answer :

17. what is the difference between malaria and typhoid?

  1. malaria attacks blood vessels, typhoid attacks nerves
  2. malaria is caused by mosquitoes, typhoid is caused by flies.
  3. malaria is treated in four days while typhoid is treated in seven days
  4. malaria is caused by plasmodium, typhoid is caused by bacteria
  5. malaria is accompanied by head pains, typhoid is accompanied by back ache
Choose Answer :

18.Which of the following should be maintained?

  1. Using one cup for drinking water
  2. washing hands in one basin
  3. cooking vegetables and meat for a long time
  4. boiling and filtering drinking water
  5. swimming in a river not in a dam
Choose Answer :

19.     Organs responsible for excretion in the body are.

  1. Kidney, liver and heart
  2. Liver, skin and kidney
  3.  Lungs, heart and kidney
  4. Heart, kidney and skin
  5. Skin, liver and heart
Choose Answer :

20.     Tsetse flies cause the disease of

  1. Typhoid      
  2. Legs and mouths
  3.  Sleeping sickness        
  4.  Smallpox
  5. Liver fever
Choose Answer :

21.  We can defend ourselves from heart diseases by putting in mind the following:

  1. Eating food and doing physical exercises
  2. Doing physicai exercises and avoiding drinking liquor
  3. Eating salty food and drinking liquor.
  4. Doing physica: exercises and smoking
  5. Eating fatty foods and drinking liquor
Choose Answer :

21.  We can defend ourselves from heart diseases by putting in mind the following:

  1. Eating food and doing physical exercises
  2. Doing physicai exercises and avoiding drinking liquor
  3. Eating salty food and drinking liquor.
  4. Doing physica: exercises and smoking
  5. Eating fatty foods and drinking liquor
Choose Answer :

23. In order to defend ourselves from malaria disease we should

  1.  Swailow a combination of  medicine
  2. Swallow herbal medicine
  3. Use protected mosquito nets
  4. Cover ourselves with large protected blanket
  5. Do physical exercises daily
Choose Answer :

24. Pancreatic gland produces a hormone which rectifies.

  1.  Amount of blood
  2. B. Sugar in the body
  3.  Giving out body wastes
  4. Appetite of eating
  5. Amount of oxygen 
Choose Answer :

25.One of the functions of muscles in the human body is

  1. Movement
  2. Passing blood through them
  3. Passing water through them
  4.  Passing air through them
  5. Strengthening the body.
Choose Answer :

26. Wnich among the following action should not be done to a person afflicted with muscles?

  1. Rubbing the affected place with a palm
  2.  Rubbing by stressing till the muscles loosen
  3.  Rubbing the muscles with a cold water cloth.
  4. Using chemicals that can loosen muscles.
  5. Lying the victim on their back and rubbing muscles with hot water.
Choose Answer :

27.    A person who vomit and undergoes diarrhoea should be given

  1. Acid, milk and water 
  2.  Milk, base and sugar
  3. Water, base and milk 
  4.  Salt, sugar and water
  5.  Sugar, acid and base.
Choose Answer :

28.   The first aid which should be given to a fainting person is,

  1. Providing them with oxygen 
  2. Giving them fruit juice 
  3. Lying them on backs and pressing their stomachs
  4.  Giving them glucose water
  5. Giving them sugar, salt and orange juice.
Choose Answer :

29.   The network of AIDS affected victims is widening because:

  1. Uses of condom and mobile phones has increased
  2. Advertisement about AIDS has been made better
  3.  Unsafe sexual relationships have increased
  4. AIDS education is given to a few people
  5. People affected with AIDS viruses follow regulations of joining the network.
Choose Answer :

30.   AIDS can spread by

  1. Greeting the AIDS patient by shaking hands
  2. Sleeping with the AIDS patient in one room
  3. Talking with the AIDS patient
  4. Sharing blood
  5. Washing clothes of AIDS victims
Choose Answer :

31.1n order to prevent new infections of AIDS, people are advised;

  1. To swallow pills and to do physical exercises.
  2. To be faithful and get rid cf unsafe sex.
  3. To prevent touching one ary other and avoiding co-operation with the victims
  4. Not eating together and exchanging clothes with the victims
  5. To be given vaccination of AIDS and TB
Choose Answer :

32. Which among the following causes a plastic bottle to shrink when the air inside it is pulled outside?

  1. Air pressure inside the bottle being bigger than outside the bottle
  2.  Air pressure outside the battleis being bigger than inside the bottle
  3. Air pressure outside and inside the bottle being equal
  4.  Air pressure inside the bottle being smaller than that pulling the air
  5. Air pressure outside the bottle being equal to the volume of air in the mouth
Choose Answer :

33. Very small parts of matter that makes pieces responsible in combination of chemical is known as; 

  1. Molecules
  2. Electron
  3. Proton
  4. Atom
  5. Neutron
Choose Answer :

34. Bending of a ray of light is the result of the light that passes from;

  1. The North pole to the South pole
  2.  One medium to another
  3. The North pole to the East
  4. The West to the East
  5. The North pole to the West 35. 
Choose Answer :

35. Study illustration number 3 which shows the structure of an atom;

Which letter shows an electron?

Choose Answer :

36. Friction of plastic items such as a comb at the hair gives out;

  1.  Oxygen
  2. Electric charges
  3. Magnetism
  4.  Stream
  5. Oil molecules
Choose Answer :

37.    Which among the following is a symbol of a chlorine atom?

  1. K
  2. P
  3. Na
  4. Cl
  5. H
Choose Answer :

38.    Carbon dioxide is used to extinguish fire because;

  1. It doesnt support fire burning
  2.  It has more density than air
  3. It doesnt burn
  4. It absorbs heat 
  5. It joins with oxygen.
Choose Answer :

39. Which of the following are the functions of a magnet?

  1. To make a magnetic field and lifting loads
  2. To produce electricity and to make a compass
  3. To be used in loud speakers and to make magnetic field
  4. To pull the North pole and production of electricity
  5. To show direction and to make speakers.
Choose Answer :

40.   Find the distance of the load from the fulcrum in the lever that a load has 50grams, effort force of 100 Newtons and the effort arm is 40cm

  1. 75crn        
  2. 1500cm
  3. 140cm 
  4. 80crn
  5. 12.5cm
Choose Answer :

41.   The two types of electric circuits are;

  1. indirect current and series
  2. Parallel and series
  3. Direct and parallel
  4. Direct current and series
  5. Direct current and parallel
Choose Answer :

42.   Bones are made of which minerals?

  1. Sodium and calcium
  2. Calcium and oxygen
  3. Phosphorus-and calcium
  4. Sulphur and phosphorus   
  5.  Calcium and iron
Choose Answer :

43.   When an acid reacts chemically with a base the result is the solution called;

  1.  Salt and water
  2.  Soda ash
  3. Salt and base
  4. Water and acid
  5. Salt and oxygen
Choose Answer :

44.   If a machine with a load of kilograrn force go needs effort of kilogram 90 force 15, mechanical advantage is;

  1. 15
  2. 10
  3. 8
  4. 6
  5. 5
Choose Answer :

 45. A magnet can attract things that have a nature of; 

  1. Plastic
  2.  Soil
  3.  Minerals
  4.  Paper
  5.  Iron
Choose Answer :

46.   The action of decaying animals excreta which is done by bacteria inside a pit in which there is no oxygen, causes;

  1. Extreme heat
  2.  Biogas
  3.  Concentrated acid
  4. Concentrated alkali
  5.  Hydrogen
Choose Answer :

47.   At which place is an image formed in the eye?

  1. Iris
  2. Lens 
  3. Ciliary muscles
  4. film
  5. retina
Choose Answer :

48.   In a torch the electric energy given out by a dry cell in converted into;

  1. Chemical energy
  2. Heat energy
  3. Mechanical energy
  4. Light energy
  5.  Fire energy
Choose Answer :

49.   What is the meaning of hypothesis in scientific investigation?

  1. Imaginary ideas
  2. Prediction of guessed result
  3. Prediction of experiment result
  4. Deep ideas
  5. Ideas made before investigation
Choose Answer :

50.   One of the steps to be put in mind when preparing a scientific experiment is;

  1. To do investigation
  2. To prepare questionnaire
  3. To identify the problem
  4. To solve the problem
  5. To write a report
Choose Answer :

41. The crop shown on the photograph is;

  1. Cereal crop
  2. Cash crop
  3. Fruit crop
  4. Seasonal Crop
  5. Food Crop
Choose Answer :

42.Three regions in Tanzania where the crop is grown mostly are;

  1. Arusha. Dodoma and Kilimanjaro
  2. Tanga, Morogoro and Kilimanjaro
  3. Iringa, Mbeya and Rukwa
  4. Dodoma,Rukwa and Tabora
  5. Rukwa, Kagera and Kilimanjaro 
Choose Answer :

43.  Verbal communication is done through;

  1. Touching and writing alone
  2. Phones, television and radio
  3. Writing and television
  4. Touching and drawing alone 
  5.  Sign language, touching and radio      
Choose Answer :

44.    Which ones among the following are the negative consequences of modern communication means;

  1. Moral degeneration
  2. Accessing information
  3. Bringing development
  4. Educating the society
  5. Maintaining unity
Choose Answer :

45.  Two types of trade are

  1. Credit and paying trade
  2. Credit and exchanging trade
  3. Capital and money trade
  4. Money and capital market trade
  5. International and domestic trade
Choose Answer :

46.  What does Tanzania gain from increasing international trade?

  1. Increase in building
  2. Reducing the number of internal entrepreneurs
  3. Increasing in professions
  4. Reduction of trade contracts
  5. Increasing in foreign change.
Choose Answer :

47.  What are the major types of transport in Tanzania 

  1. Water, rivers and air
  2. Land., water and air
  3.  Oceans, land and air
  4.  Land, water and lake
  5. River, lakes and oceans
Choose Answer :

48.  Which group among the lowing represents the source of gaseous pollutants?

  1. Laboratories, vegetables canes
  2. Nylon bags, broken bottles and unpleasant smell
  3. Laboratories, industries and vehicles
  4. Vehicles domestic wastes and industries
  5. Laboratories, domestic wastes and industries.
Choose Answer :

49.  The Tanzania society can control waste disposals through; 

  1.  Smashing wastes carelessly
  2. Undertaking modern farming
  3. Smashing wastes in channels
  4. Using plastic bags
  5. Disseminating environmetal education
Choose Answer :

50.  Countries that use stored rain water for draining the land clude

  1. USA and India
  2. Tanzania and India
  3. India and Kenya
  4. Kenya and Uganda
  5. China and USA
Choose Answer :

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