Choose the correct answer and write its letter.

1.     Which of the following groups represent characteristics of living organisms?

  1. Dying, feeding and seeing
  2. Dying, reproducing and changing colour
  3. To respire, to respond and hearing
  4. To respire, to reproduce and to walk
  5. To move, to respire reproduce
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2.     Why hybrid species of animals and plants are better?

  1. They clongate and do not need fertilizers
  2. They    produce  quality product and resist diseases
  3. They mature early and yield strong production
  4. They do not need nutrients and resist diseases
  5. They mature early and do not need medicine.
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3.     Which of the following groups are the characteristics used to identify animals that belong to reptiles?

  1. Laying eggs, cold blood living in water
  2. Laying eggs, living in water and terrestrial life
  3. laying eggs, warm blood and terrestrial life
  4. laying eggs, cold blood and respire by using fins
  5. laying eggs, respire using skin and living in water.
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4. Blood takes in oxygen and gives out carbon dioxide through;

  1. air Sacs
  2. walls of lungs
  3. epiglotis
  4. capillaries
  5. Nose
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5. The absence of chlorophyll in a plant may lead to;

  1. lack of iodine in plants
  2. failure of plants to synthesize food
  3. drying of the plant leaves
  4. plant leaves becoming yellow
  5. shading off the plant leaves.
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6. Phototropism is a process whereby plant grows towards,

  1. light
  2. gravitational force
  3. water
  4. darkness
  5. chemicals
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7.Part of a cell responsible for coordinating all cell activities is called;

  1. cytoplasm
  2. vacuole
  3. chloroplast
  4. cell membrane
  5. nucleus
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8. The following figure shows living things which are poisonous, except;

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9. The action of a plant transporting water from roots to the leaves is called;

  1. osmosis
  2. diffusion
  3. push
  4. pressure
  5. movement
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10. Which of the following glands control the activity of other glands;

  1. pancrease
  2. pituitary
  3. thyroid
  4. adrenaline
  5. parathyroid
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11. The femaole part of a flower which is responsible for reproduction

  1. stamen
  2. style
  3. ovary
  4. petal
  5. sepal
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12. The difference betwen a fruit and a seed is.......

  1.  a seed has a fruit
  2. a fruit can germinate
  3. fruit has two cotyledones
  4. seed can germinate
  5. seeds are not eaten
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13.     Things which are important for health and life are

  1. Playing football, bathing, washing  clothes, over feeding
  2. Eating, being clean, resting, playing
  3. Doing exercises, eating balanced meal, resting and being clean
  4. Eating eggs, recreation, sleeping, cleaning the environment
  5. Taking bath,    eating, sleeping
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14. Food rich in carbohydrate enable the body to 

  1. Withstand diseases
  2. Become warm
  3. Grow rapidly
  4. Become energetic
  5. Become soft
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15.    Which of the following are non infectious diseases?

  1. Malaria, colds and diabetes. 
  2.  Asthma, diabetes cholera
  3. Bilharzias, hookworm  rickets
  4. Diarrhea, typhoid fever and asthma
  5. Asthma, epilepsy and fowl pox.
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16.            Why is it important to rest after work?

  1. The body cools
  2. The body experience
  3. The body regain energy
  4. The body to perform activities
  5. The person is allowed to sleep
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17.            Diseases which can prevented by vaccination are

  1. Asthma, whooping cough, malaria and cholera 
  2. Tuberculosis, asthma and measles
  3. Measles, diphtheria,  tuberculosis and whooping  cough
  4. Malaria, measles, tuberculosis and cholera
  5. Diphtheria, tuberculosis, AIDS and measles.
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18. Residents of Mlalo eat beans, meat and rice. For better health, they need to add

  1. Fish
  2. Green vegetables
  3. Chicken 
  4.  Bread
  5. Cow pea
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19.    Which among the following can be reduced from the body through participating in sports and exercises?

  1. Sugar
  2. Proteins
  3. Poisons
  4. Dirtiness
  5.  Fats
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20.   Which of the following is not a proper way of preventing malaria disease?

  1. Cutting grasses
  2. Covering water swamp
  3. Using mosquito nets
  4. Spraying insecticides 
  5. Burning wastes
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