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  1. This paper consists of fifty (50) questions.
  2. Answer all questions.
  3. All answers must be written in the answer sheet provided.
  4. Cellular phones are not allowed in the examination room.
  5. Write your Examination Number on your answer sheet.
  6. Use blue or black pen in writing your answer. Answers written by pencil will not be marked.

Choose the correct .:answer and. write its le `ter beside the questien number in the answer sheet provided.

1. The instrument used to observe cells of living things is called 

  1. Telescope 
  2. Periscope 
  3. Microscope 
  4. Camera 
  5. Horoscope.
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2. The sense organ which is used to detect the degree of hotness or coldness is

  1. tongue 
  2. ear 
  3. eye 
  4. nose 
  5. skin.
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3. Which of the following is a mammal?

  1. Pigeon 
  2. Hen 
  3. Duck 
  4. Bat 
  5. Snake.
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4. Figure 1 shows a dicotyledonous seed.

Which of the letters in Figure 1 indicates the part that grows into a root? 

  1.  H 
  2.  J 
  3.  K
  4.  L
  5.  M.
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5.What will happen if the flowers of the maize plant are removed?

  1. The plant will flourish 
  2.  The plant will die
  3.  The roots of the plant will not grow 
  4.  The leaves will change its color
  5.  The plant will not reproduce.
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6.The following are necessary for the formation of carbohydrates in plants.

  1. Oxygen, chlorophyll and water
  2. Carbon dioxide, water and sunlight
  3. Oxygen, carbon dioxide and water
  4. Chlorophyll, water and sunlight
  5. Chlorophyll, starch and sunlight.
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7 The excretory products from the lungs are

  1. Oxygen and water
  2. Oxygen and carbon dioxide
  3. Carbon dioxide and water 
  4. Carbon dioxide and salt
  5. Oxygen and salt.
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8. Which of the following transfers pollen grains from the stamen to the stigma?

  1. Man 
  2. Insects 
  3. Water 
  4. Dew 
  5. Style.
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9. A person who does not eat fruits and green vegetables is likely to face which of the following problems?

  1. Suffer frequent illness 
  2. Decrease in body weight
  3. Increased appetite to eat meat 
  4. Color of the skin become yellow
  5. Increase in body weight.
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10. A child with kwashiorkor is lacking food rich in

  1. vitamin 
  2. fat 
  3. minerals 
  4. starch 
  5. rotein.
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11. Water snails spread disease known as

  1. bilharzias 
  2. tetanus 
  3. cholera 
  4. measles 
  5. elephantiasis.
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12. The main vessel which take blood from the heart is known as

  1. vein 
  2. aorta 
  3. vena cava 
  4. pulmonary 
  5. hepatic.
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13. The hormone which regulates oxygen intake in the human respiratory system is known as

  1. adrenaline 
  2. insulin 
  3. thyroxin 
  4. estrogen 
  5. amylase.
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14. Under normal circumstances, the difference between inhaled air and exhaled air is that exhaled air contain a lot of

  1. oxygen 
  2. hydrogen 
  3. water
  4. nitrogen 
  5. carbon dioxide.
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15. Disease known as goiter is caused by the deficiency of

  1. Iron 
  2. Iodine 
  3. Calcium 
  4. Potassium 
  5. Phosphate.
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16. Beriberi disease is caused by deficiency in vitamin

  1.  B1
  2. B2 
  3. D 
  4. C 
  5. A.
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17. Fish breath through

  1. nose 
  2. mouth 
  3. fins 
  4.  gills 
  5. scales.
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18. Food that has been digested in the small intestine is distributed to other parts of the body through

  1. water 
  2. oxygen 
  3. blood 
  4. diffusion 
  5. absorption.
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19. Which type of fooci among the following is responsibe for repaiiirig human body cells? 

  1. Fat
  2. Starch
  3. Fruits 
  4. Protein 
  5. Minerals.
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20. Why is family planning important to the family?

  1. It enables the family to own a house 
  2. It increases the number of children
  3. It enables the family to travel together 
  4. It makes the family members happy
  5. It enables the family to get enough food.
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