1. A person who controls the behavior of pupils in schools is

  1. School committee chairperson
  2.  Discipline master
  3. Assistant head teacher
  4. Academic teacher
  5. Subject teacher
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2.      Which of the following is the highest tool in decision making in the village government?

  1. Village government
  2.  Defense and security committee
  3. Village general meeting
  4. Village executive officer
  5. Village development committee
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3.      The district chairperson is chosen by

  1. District Executive Director
  2.  Defense and security committee
  3. Minister in the office of the president
  4. Ward Executive Officer
  5. Ward councilors
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4.      Which of the following coins has the picture of the first president of Zanzibar?

  1. A Hundred shilling coin
  2. Two hundred shilling coin
  3.  Fifty shilling coin
  4. Ten shilling coin
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5.      Which one of the following resources attracts tourists and contributes to the national income?

  1. Land
  2. Rivers
  3. Livestock
  4. Minerals
  5. Parks
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6.The governments responsibility of ensuring leaders integrity involves

  1. Giving loans in terms of vehicle to each
  2.  Establishing a single party system
  3. Establishing public service work rules
  4. Transferring corrupt employees
  5. Employing of qualified servants
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7. What is the difference between customs and traditions

  1. Customs change frequently thanTraditions
  2. Traditions more change frequently than customs
  3. Customs are habits while traditions are actions
  4. Customs are habits that can change to become traditions
  5. Traditions change more frequently than practices
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8. Use of public office for selfish interests is called

  1. Handouts
  2.  Corruption
  3. Patriotism
  4. Selfish
  5. Entrepreneurship
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9.Which of the following countries is among the Commonwealth countries

  1. Botswana and Uganda
  2. Mozambique and Rwanda              
  3. Kenya and the Democratic
  4. Malawi and Burundi
  5.  Zambia and The Democratic Republic of Congo
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10. One of the incidents that go against human rights in Tanzania is

  1. Prosecution
  2. Cutting and planting trees
  3. Prosecution of criminals
  4. Dismissal of committed leaders
  5. Government supervision collecting taxes
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I I . How can citizens be involved in defense and security?

  1. Punishing offenders
  2. Doing physical exercises
  3. Kill criminals offenders
  4. Dismissal of unaccountable leaders    
  5. Befriending offenders
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12. Features of globalization are

  1. Decline income          
  2. Free market
  3. Decline of poverty
  4. Reducing of competition in manufacture of weapons
  5.  Presence of many products from local industries
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13.  The father of your father is

  1.  Father
  2.  Grandchild
  3. Uncle
  4. Grandfather
  5. Nephew
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14.  Which capitalist nation colonized Tanganyika from 1891 to 1918?

  1. Germany
  2. England 
  3. China
  4. Portugal 
  5. France
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15.  Why is Berlin one of the most popular cities in history?

  1.  It is the headquarters of the United Nation
  2. It is the headquarters of commonwealth countries
  3. A business strategic city slave trade
  4. It is a French city that led the assimilation policy
  5. It is a city where division of Africa by colonialists was held
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16.  Powerful capitalist nations that scrambled for Africa were

  1.  Britain, Germany, France,Belgium, Italy and Portugal
  2. Britain, Germany, France, China,Spain and America
  3.  Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Spain and Belgium
  4. Britain, Germany France, china and Japan
  5.  Britain,   Germany, France,Belgium, Italy and china
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17.  The founder of the Britain business company in East Africa (IBEACO) was called

  1.  David Livingstone
  2. Karl Peters
  3. Mungo Park
  4. William Macknon 
  5.  Seyyid Said
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18.  Who was Julius Von Soden?

  1. The first British governor in Tanganyika
  2. The first German governor in Tanganyika
  3. The last German governor inTanganyika
  4. The last British governor in Tanganyika
  5. The governor who started direct rule in Tanganyika
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19.  The archaeologist who discovered the human skull at Olduvai Gorge was called

  1. Charles Darwin
  2. Zinjanthropus
  3. Homo Habilis 
  4.  David leakey
  5.  Louis Leakey
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20.  When did the the ancient man start burning forests to chase animals

  1. During iron age period
  2. During the Early Stone Age period
  3. During the Early Stone Age period
  4. During the New Stone Age   period
  5. During the Middle Stone Age period
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