SECTION A: ( 40 Marks)


 1. In order to identify carbohydrate foods what kind of chemicals will you use? 

A. Iodine B. Litmus C. Sudan III D. White paper E. Osmosis [     ]

2. Which answer is incorrect about the possible side effects of a woman taking birth control pills?

  1. Incurable diseases like cancer 
  2. Infertility
  3. Double or more menstrual irregularities
  4. Rest from nurturing and pregnancy
  5. Severe pain in the abdomen and during menstruation

3. The part of the flower that produces the ovule that becomes the seed after pollination is called 

A. ovule B. ovary C. stamen D. stigma E.sepal [     ]

4. When we eat a diet high in sodium and magnesium salts which organ converts the solution into urea

A. Liver B. Kidneys C. Heart D. Lungs E. Stomach [     ]

5. Why do you think it is not good to end the experiment with less data?

  1. A few data helps to correct human error
  2. Much data make it easier to correct human error
  3. It is not easy for much data to be accurate
  4. it is easy for a few data to be correct 
  5. all answers are correct [     ]

6. When we assemble more than one living cells connected together what do we create? 

A. tissue B. system C. glop D. switches E. organ [     ]

7. What produces red blood cells in the bones?

A. lymphocyte B. bone marrow C. water D. erythrocyte E. phosphate [     ]

8. If a server encounters damage on the network, what happens to the users?

A. not accessing network B. inability to report C. server must be replaced D. get cheaper work E. users enjoy the service [     ]

9. The first step in caring for an accident patient is

  1. Treat the wound
  2. Take the injured to hospital
  3. Take the patient from the danger zone
  4. Gives him a mixture of sugar and salt 
  5. Call an ambulance. [     ]

10. How many main types of safety signs are there in the environment?

A. One B. two C. three D. four E. five [     ]

11. Based on the knowledge you have gained in environmental safety scores, what does this diagram represent?

A. Catches fire B. Poison or danger C. Explodes D. Harmful E. Severe radiation [     ]

12. We can detect the presence of acid or Base in the material using various methods, the simplest method is by using?

A. Sensory organs B. limestone water C. A mixture of vinegar D. litmus paper E. Clear paper. [     ]

13. A worker pushed a 40-kg car at a distance of 10 meters. Calculate the work he did? 

A. 2000 Joule B. 4000 Joule C. 400 Joule D. 800 Joule E. 10 Joule [     ]

14. What is the weight of the load, if the effort used to lift is 450 kg in the movable pulley 

A. 700 kg B. 225 kg C. 900 kg D. 350 kg E. 600 kg [     ]

15. What is the correct name for the computer selection?

A. Monitor B.CPU C. Mouse D. Cable E. Flash. [     ]

16. There are two types of network that are

  1. Local network and network
  2. Wider network and information network
  3. Telephone network and people network
  4. Wide area network and local area network
  5. Network connection and network disconnection [     ]

17. Why it is important to have internet security

  1. The presence of cookies 
  2. Is a political process
  3. Improving security of network information
  4. Strengthen civilian security
  5. Provide employment for network professionals [     ]

18. What gas is used to freeze items in Refrigeration and processing of industrial beverages

A. Hydrogen B. Methane C. Carbon dioxide D. Oxygen E. Argon [     ]

19. What is the reaction of a plant to the loss of water by vapour during extreme heat?

A. translocation B. transpiration C. osmosis D. diffusion E. respiration [     ]

20. When a stone was thrown into the air it weighed 140N. If the stone fell into the liquid its weight became 80N. What is the apparent weight of that stone?

A. 60 N B. 100 N C. 220 N D. 40N E. 50 N [     ]

21. Find the Electrical current in the electrical circuit if its voltage is 10V and a resistance of 2.5Ω? 

A. 2A B. 4A C. 50A D. 6A E. 8A [     ]

22. What is the cause of the deficiency of the vitamin produced in the skin with the help of sunlight? 

A. Scurvy B. Beriberi C. Pellagra D. Rickets E. Iodine [     ]

23. If the density of an object is smaller than that of water, what will happen if you drop the object into water? 

A. will sink B. will float C. will sink and float D. will sink or float E. will remain the same [     ]

24. Which of the following raw materials is effective in the use of antennas because of its ability to transmit electricity 

A. copper B. stainless steel C. Aluminum D. wood E. water [     ]

25. What electric current does the torch normally use?

A. Alternating current B. Static electricity C. Static electricity and Current electricity D. Direct current E. Current electricity [     ]

26. When you eat a protein diet, where does its chemical digestion begin?

A. stomach B. small intestine C. mouth D. large intestine E. liver [     ]

27. The smell of perfume can spread in the air and fill the whole room. What is the act called 

A. Osmosis B. Diffusion C. Phototropism D. Chemotropism E .Photosynthesis[     ]

28. The food produced in all parts of the plant with chlorophyll is

A. Protein B. Carbohydrates C. Fats D. Salt E. Vitamins [     ]

29. The correct principle for finding the efficiency of a machine is

×100% B. ×100% C. ×100%

D.×100% E. ×100% [     ]

30. Liquid drugs or tablets are stored in shinny cans because of the cans

  1. It absorb heat, so it is not easy for drugs to break down
  2. It reflects heat; it is not easy for drugs to break down
  3. Is a good decoration
  4. So that it can be seen in Patients 
  5. is the norm [     ]

31. The state of the bodies of animals that do not change according to changes in the environment is called warm blooded. Animals with these characteristics are:

A. Reptilian and Fish B. Amphibians and Birds C. Mammals and Birds D. Reptile and Human E. insects and Reptiles [     ]

32. Legumes are one of the most nutritious plants in the world. What are the other plants?

A. Cashews B. Rice C. Beans, peas D. Legumes, millet and grains E. Beans, cassava [     ]

33. To separate the iron powder mixed with sand you will need

A. Boil and stir B. Moisten in water C. Move or put a magnet on the mixture D. Filter the mixture E. Grind the mixture [     ]

34. Plasmodium is a parasite transmitted by which mosquitoes that spread malaria

A. Aedes B. Culex C. All types of Anopheles D. Female type Anopheles E. Male type Anopheles [     ]

35. What will happen if the flowers of the maize plant are plucked?

A. the plant will grow B. the plant will die C. the roots of the plant will not grow D. its leaves will turn brown E. the plant will not bear fruit  [     ]

36. Complex machines are made up of:

A. One simple machine B. second and third grade machine C. more than one simple machine D. two material E. material [     ]

37. The chemical formula for water is 

A. HCl B. HO C. H2O D. C2H E. Fes [     ]

38. In a machine what ball bearings do:

A. reduce friction B. increase temperature C. lubricate the machine D. slow motion E. increase friction

39. The unit used to measure work done is

A. Newton B. Joule C. Kilogram D. Gram E. Wart [     ]

40. Sailors use a magnetic device to enable them to detect direction. The device is called 

A. Compass B. microphone C. electric alarm D. radio E. mobile phone [     ]

SECTION B (10 Marks)

41. Why “Mushrooms cannot make their own food”?


42. Why does a small needle sink when a ship made of heavy metal floats on Water ?


43.  Examine this diagram and then find the sum of the resistance


44. What is the thin wire used to protect electrical appliances from burning in the event of a power outage?


45. What do you think antenna study will do for you in your life? 








Time: 1:30 Hours. 25 th May, 2023.


  1. This paper consists of sections A, and B with a total of forty-five (45) questions.
  2. Answer all questions in each section.
  3. Read all the instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR).
  4. Fill in all the needed information in the OMR form.
  5. Shade the digits of your Examination Number in the respective places of the OMRform.
  6. Shade the letter of the correct answer for question I to 40 in the answer sheet provided, for example, if the correct answer is A, shade as follows:
  1. If you have to change your answer, you must use a clean rubber to rub out the shadingneatly before shading the new one.
  2. Use HB pencil for answering question 1 to 40 and a blue or black ink pen for question 41 to 45.
  3. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.

SECTION A: (40 Marks)

From question number 1 to 40, choose the best answer and shade it in the special answer sheet (OMR) provided.

1. Why is carbon dioxide gas removed in the production of biogas?

(A) to increase the amount of methane (B) to decrease the amount of methane (C) to purify methane (D) to increase the weight of methane (E) so that methane can be affected

2. Mwajuma used a blender to make juice. Which of part of the machine changes electrical energy into mechanical energy? 

(A) blades (B) plane (C) axle (D) motor (E) bolt

3. A pupil was sweeping using a long broom. What kind of lever did he use? 

(A) Fourth (B) third (C) first (D) second (E) complex machine

4. One of the importance of diffusion is :

(A) It reduces water in the body cells (B) Cars move by diffusion (C) Enables plant roots to absorb water from the soil (D) Enables writing in the book (E) Enables perfumes to spread evenly

5. Maria was sent to investigate the effects of pregnancy on primary schools. What will be the final step in her investigation?

(A) Data analysis (B) Interpreting the results (C) Conclusions (D) Collecting data (E) Results

6. Study the figures below and then answer the question that follows.

(A) B and D (B) A and F  (C) A and E  (D) B and E (E) C and F

7. In manufacturing minerals fertilizers such as Urea, DAP, NPK, and CAN, what kind of gas is part those compounds

(A)Nitrogen (B) Argon (C) water vapour(D) carbon dioxide (E) oxygen

8. Television consists of different parts, these parts works together as system but each part has specific function, which one of the following parts of television receives and converts electromagnetic waves into sound and pictures?

(A) Antenna (B) Detector (C) Decoder (D) Television dish (E) Screen

9. Your friend fails to see well a ball which is placed close to him which type of glasses would you recommend for him? 

A. Convex lens B. Concave lens C. Double lens D. Large lens E. Small lens

10. Ansela's mother who lives in Ukraine communicates with her son living in Dodoma — Tanzania through electronic writings over the internet. Which tools out of the following do you think facilitates this communication?

(A) Microsoft word processing (B) E- mail (C) Letter (D) Post office (E) Phone call

I l . Teacher Lulu explained to pupils about the wireless communication devices that need antennas to work. Which of the following devices was not part of that explanation?

(A) Satellites (B) Newspapers (C) Radars (D) Wireless internet (E) Radio

12. Akalo had frequent fever and swelling of legs. When the doctor diagnosed, he found the child's red blood ceils are half-moon shaped. Which disease is this child suffering from?

(A) Cancer (B) Hemophilia (C) Sickle cell anemia (D) Asthma (E) Tuberculosis

13. During the process of biogas production, materials used are placed inside the digester tank which is then sealed. Which material among the following is not important in this process?

(A) Faeces (B) Oxygen (C) Anima! dung (D) Food remains (E) Crop residue

14. The following five units were listed by a standaid 7 pupil to show her father what she knows in Science and Technology . Which of them represents acceleration due to gravity?

(A) g /cm3 (B) M/ s 2 (C) km/hr (D) Newton's (E) Kg

15. Electricity is so important but it should be utilized carefully. Devices used to protect our electric devices , circuits and buildings include the following EXCEPT:-

(A) A fuse (B) Earth wire (C) Circuit breaker (D) Ohmmeter (E) Stabilizers

16. Yona planted a plant in his room, when the plant grew he was surprised to see it growing towards the window, how do we call this response scientifically? 

(A)Hydrotropism (B)Phototropism (C) chemotropism (D) geotropism (E) tropism

17. The teacher taught his pupils that some insects undergo four stages in their development. When Jane asked the question if all insects undergo four stages in their development the teacher gave them an assignment to investigate on which insects does not undergo four stages. If you were a teacher what answer could you provide to Jane? 

(A) Butterfly , housefly, grasshopper grasshopper. termite (C) termite, dragonfly. grasshopper (d? wasp, dragonfly, butterfly (E) locust ,cricket, grasshopper

18. Mr. Chapakazi's wife is pregnant. what kind of physical exercises would you advise her to do?

(A) Sleeping (B) walking (C) skipping (D) running (E) playing football

19. Jumanne drank poison accidentally. Which body organ helped him to fight against the poison? (A) Pancreas (B) kidney (C) heart (D) liver (E) lungs

20. If female gamete X is fertilized by male gamete Y and divides into two parts; what children do we expect to get? 

(A)Male identical twins (B) female identical twins (C) non-identical twins (D) female sex (E) male sex

21. In the classification of fire, which one extinguished by using water?

(A) class A (B) class B (C) class C (D) class D (E) Class F

22. In their hunting activities, villages wanted to light up the fire but they had no matchsticks. Which type of lens did they use to start of fire'?

(A) Concave lens (B) round lens (C) convex lens (D) round lens (E) semicircular lens

23. Scientists use difTerent methods to prevent rusting of iron. Which one is correct among the following'?

(A) Put them in water (B) painting them (C) Adding oxygen to them (D) Coating them wish ashes (E) Keeping them outside

24. John dipped a littnus paper in lemon juice, therefore it changed from . . . . . . . . . . . . . . to . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

(A) Red to yellow (B) Green to yellow (C) Blue to red (D) Red to blue (E) White to red

25. Which among the following wastes are in the group of decomposable wastes?

(A) iron scrapers and glass (B) plastic and papers (C) clay pots and glass remains (D) food remains and papers (E) iron and papers

26. If you asked to write a formula to find resistance, which among of the following will be your answer

(A) V-i/R (C) R=V/I (D) R - (E) V=lxR

27. The pupil told the teacher that brushing her gums often bleeds, what kind of foods would you advise her to eat?

(A) Eggs (B) Milk (C) Fruits (D) Fish (E) Mushrooms

28. Why during a day it is easy to see things properly and seems difficult to see them easily at night?

(A) Because of having very small eyes (B) Because of the presence of light energy (C) Due to distance being longer (d)Due to sound energy ( e) due to reflection of light.

29. HCI + NaOH NaCl + X . What substance does X represent'?

(A) HCI (B)NaCl (C) H2 (D) HiO (E) NaOH

30. The lungs perform the function oCgaseous exchange in animal body. In which, part of the plant performs the same function as kungs?

(A) Flower (B) Roots (C) LeaveS ( d)Branches (E) fruits

31. A load moved at a distance of 3m, the work done in moving this load was 1200J. What is the amount of the force applied?

(A) 80N (B) 180N (C) I.004N (D) 240N (E) 0.24N

32. Grade seven pupils were asked to convert 68 0 F into centigrade, which is the correct formula to be used?

(A) (68 - 32)9/5  (B) (5/9 x 68) + 32   (C)  9/5 (68 + 32)  (D) 5/9(68 — 32) (E) (32 - 68) 9/5

33. When the body is partially or totally immersed in fluid,it displaces a volume of a fluid that is equal to volume cfthe body displaced. This statement is governed by:

(A) Law of floatation (B) law of reflection (C) law of swimming (D) Archimedes principle (E) Ohm's law.

34. MrMasanja is looking for energy that is efficient and environmentally friendly to use in his house, what energy' would you advise him use?

(A) Coal energy (B) oil energy (C) mechanical energy (D) wood energy (E) Renewable energy

35. What does the warning sign below indicate

(A) High voltage (B) corrosive (C) flammable (d)Danger (E) Radioactive

36. Observe carefully the table below and then answer the uestion that follows

1 982 878 1860
2 576 684 1260
3 513 19 27
4 885 285 600
5 45 28 1260

If the answers in Cl to C5 have been obtained by using the formula involving the cells of column A and B, write the formula that was used to obtain C5

(A) =SUM(A5:B5) (B) =SUM(A5:*B5)   (C) = (A5xB5) (D) A5*B5 (E) =A5/B5

37. The effects of HIV/ AIDS can be individual, social or national. The following are individual effects , except

(A) Fear of death (B) Frequent diseases (C) Stigmatization (D) Reduction of labour force (E) Loss of direction of life

38. A farmer was bitten by a snake on the leg. As a science expert, which first aid will you give him?

(A) Taking the victim to the hospital (B) Tie the upper part of the bitten leg (C) Apply ashes and salt (D) Wash the wound with clean water and soap (E) Tie the lower part of the bitten leg

39. Which among of the following ensures that the blood flows in one direction only?

(A) Platelets (B) Artery (C) Aorta (D) veins (E) valves

40. The following are different types of the safety signs in the environment , Except

(A) Prohibitionsigns (B) warning signs (C) Danger signs (D) Mandatorysigns (E) emergency signs

SECTION B ( 10 Marks)

For the questions 41 to 45 answerby writing the cörrect answer in the blanks provided in the special answer sheet (OMR). Use blue or black ink pen

41. Find the value of P in the diagram below.

42. Which stage of butterfly growth is destructive to crops in the farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

43. Breathing is affec ed by several factors. Name only two factors that can change the rate breathing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  .

44. The reflectd sound is known as . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

45. Study carefully the diagram below and use to answer the question that follow.

The diagrams above represent which part of the nervous system that you have learnt in the class? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . .







TIME: 1:30 HRS


1. This paper consists of forty five (45) questions

2. Answer all the questions

3. Read all the given instructions in each section

4. Write your Name, Examination number and the name of your school in the answer sheet provided

5. Use HB pencil only

6. Cellular phones are not allowed in the examination room


1. Grade Seven Pupil was walking along the road, then he saw this warning sign which he didn’t know its meaning. Would you help him to identify the meaning of the sign. 

(A) danger (B) corrodes and burns (C) no entry (D) explosive (E) safe water ]

2. A grade five teacher taught pupils that in order for livingthings to survive there must be a good ecological balance in the number of livingthings depending on each other. What kind of knowledge is this in which livingthings depending on each other in their environment?

(A) biology (B) photosynthesis (C) ecology (D) archaeology (E) anthropology[     ]

3. An agricultural officer gave an advice to the farmers about the type of soil that is suitable for agricultural activities. What type of soil suggested by agricultural officer?

(A) sandy (B) loam (C) clay (D) muddy (E) cement [     ]

4. Agricultural officer used special gas suitable to manufacture chemical fertilizers like UREA, DAP, NPK and CAN. What is the name of the gas?

(A) phosphorus (B) calcium (C) hydrogen (D) nitrogen (E) uranium [     ]

5. In an experiment to determine the poles of the magnet, a magnet was suspended in air, what happened? 

(A) North pole of the magnet pointed to the north (B) North pole and south poles pointed to the south (C) North pole of the magnet pointed to the south (D) rotating all the time (E) it remains at rest [     ] 

6. Normally when the voltage increases in a circuit_________also increases if resistance is constant. (A) current (B) resistance (C) electric circuit (D) electric ohm (E) electric magnet [     ]

7. In the laboratory Grade six pupils were asked to calculate the current in a circuit of 20 volts and resistance of 0.4ohms. What was the correct answer?

(A) 50A (B) 50VA (C) 150A (D) 8A (E) 18A [     ]

8. Why is carbondioxide gas removed in the production of biogas?

(A) to icrease the amount of methane (B) to drecrease the anmount of methane (C) to purify methane (D) to increase the weight of methane (E) so that methane can not be affected [     ]

9. The distance of an object from a plane mirror is 5cm. What will be the distance of an image from the mirror? 

(A) 15cm (B) 5cm (C) 50cm (D) 10cm (E) 2.5cm [     ]

10. Juma did an experiment on floating and sinking of objects, he took a stone weighing 80N. When in air and when immersed in water its weight was 50N. Find the upthrust.

(A) 20N (B) 30N (C) 130N (D) 50 (E) 45N [     ]

11. The following are the importance of osmosis except__________ 

(A) helps in preserving food (B) to make plants strong (C) plant roots absorb water from the soil (D) distribution of nutrients and oxygen in the body (E) enable the spread of smell [     ]

12. The following equation shows the formation of rust. What does letter X represent?

Water + X + iron Rust

(A) carbondioxide (B) carbonimonoxide (C) nitrogen (D) oxygen (E) argon [     ]

13. If the density of an object is less than that of water, what will happen when that object is dropped in water? 

(A) it will sink (B) it will float and sink (C) it will remain in air (D) it will float (E) it will fall [     ]

14. The spread of drop of ink in the basin of waer is called___________

(A) osmosis (B) diffusion (C) spreading (D) melting (E) concentration [     ]

15. Which diagram shows the arrangement of molecules in a state of matter that have fixed shape?

(A) B (B) C (C) A (D) A and B (E) A and C [     ]

16. Songambele villagers make a close followup of weather forecasting updates in order to get accurate information about rainfall for agricultural purposes. Which antenna is suitable for capturing weather signals?

(A) parabolic reflector antenna or dish (b}) microstricp antenna (C) yagi uda antenna (D) loop antenna (E) apecha antenna [     ]

17. A science teacher wanted to prepare results of his pupils. Which computer program would you advice him to use?

(A) Microsoft word (B) work sheet (C) spreadsheet (D) CPU (E) Mouse [     ]

18. The headteacher wanted to write letters to parents about a meeting. Which computer program would he use?

(A) internet (B) wel browser (C) whatsapp (D) hardware (E) Microsoft word [     ]

19. Mr. Masanja opened NMB bank account in Dar es Salaam then he had a business to Dodoma where he withdraw money at Dodoma NMB branch. Which type of network enabled him to do that? 

(A) LAN (B) Area Network (C) WAN (D) Internet network (E) Search engine [     ]

20. The following are negative effects of using mobile phones except_________

(A) educating the society (B) online theft (C) internet addiction (D) crime (E) destruction of customs and traditions [     ]

21. Which among the following is used to enter data into the computer?

(A) screen (B) keyboard (C) loud speaker (D) printer (E) speaker [     ]

22. A part that locks or unlocks the door in the mortise lock is made of a simple machine called_____

(A) wheel (B) screw (C) spring (D) lever (E) wheel and axle [     ]

23. Mwajuma used a blender to make juice. Which of the machine changes electrical energy into mechanical energy?

(A) blades (B) plane (C) axle (D) motor (E) bolt [     ]

24. A machine lifted a load of 180kg by using an effort of 45kg. Find the machenical advantage

(A) 135 (B) 225 (C) 4 (D) 6 (E) 8100 [     ]

25. Zainabu pushed the wall from 6 am to 1pm, using a force of 80N but the wall did not move. Find the work done.

(A) 80 joule (B) 160 joule (C) 84 joule (D) 40 joule (E) no work done [     ]

26. A pupil was sweeping using a long broom. What kind of level did he use?

(A) fourth (B) third (C) first (D) second (E) complex machine [     ]

27. Mr. Kazimoto is warming himself using fire during cold weather. By which process

(A) radiation (B) convection (C) conduction (D) conduction and convection (E) transportation [     ]

28. In the classification of fire, which one extinguished by using water?

(A) class A (B) class B (C) class C (D) class D (E) Class F [     ]

29. In their hunting activities, villages wanted to light up the fire but they had no matchsticks. Which type of lens did they use to start of fire?

(A) concave lens (B) round lens (C) convex lens(D) round lens (E) semicircular lens [     ]

30. Scientists use different methods to prevent rusting of iron. Which one is correct among the following? 

(A) put them in water (B) painting them (C) adding oxygen to them (D) coating them wish ashes (E) keeping them outside [     ]

31. John dipped a litmus paper in lemon juice, therefore it changed from _______to________

(A) red to yellow (B) green to yellow (C) blue to red (D) red to blue (E) white to red [     ]

32. Which among the following wastes are in the group of decomposable wastes?

(A) iron scrapers and glass (B) plastic and papers (C) claypots and glass remains (D) food remains and papers (E) iron and papers [     ]

33. AIDS disease can be controlled. Which type of medicine should the patient use?

(A) VR (B) VAR (C) CD4 (D) RVA (E) ARV [     ]

34. We are advised to eat foods wich in vitamin A in order ot strengthern _________

(A) hair (B) bones (C) eyes (D) ears (E) tongue [     ]

35. Social welfare officer visited the elders centre and advised them on the importane of eating foods rich which replace dead and worn out cells. Which type of food was that?

(A) proteins (B) vitamins (C) carbohydrates (D) minerals (E) fats and oils [     ]

36. One of the following is a symptom of sickle cell anaemia__________

(A) prolonged bleeding from an injury (B) frequent blood deficiency (C)blood in stool (D) repture of blood vessels (E) slow bleeding [     ]

37. Severe fever, blood from open parts of the body, fatique and headache are symptoms of_______

(A) cholera (B) syphilis (C) ebola (D) meningitis (E) diabetes [     ]

38. Mr. Chapakazi’s wife is pregnant, what kind of physical exercises would you advise her to do?

(A) sleeping (B) walking (C) skipping (D) running (E) playing football [     ]

39. Jumanne drank poison accidentally. Which body organ helped him to fight against the poison?

(A) pancrease (B) kidney (C) heart (D) liver (E) lungs [     ]

40. If female gamete X is fertilized by male gamete y and divides into two parts; what children do we expect to get? 

(A) male identical twins (B) female identical twins (C) non-identical twins (D) female sex (E) male sex [     ]


41. All arteries transport oxygenated blood except________________________________________

42. Which part of the brain controls involuntary actions?


43. Find the value of X in the following balanced level

44. The Geseous exchange of oxygen and carbondioxide occurs in which part of the lungs?


45. Mention two functions of testes in the male reproductive system

(i) __________________________________________

(ii) __________________________________________



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