1. Mtama villagers keep a large size of livestock in a small are. By doing so they can cause ________ 

  1. Livestock become fat 
  2. Pastoralists become  tired 
  3. Soil erosion  
  4.  Addition of pasture  
  5. Cattle diseases

2. Environment can be destroyed through various activities, which of the following activities can destroy the environment?  

  1. Mining   
  2. Zero grazing 
  3. Garbage collection   
  4. Recycling   
  5. Afforestation

3.  Imagine you have been appointed to advice the villagers of Mwala as an environmentalist on the issue of using charcoal and fire hood as the main source of energy. What will be your advice to them I order to conserve their environment?  

  1. To use natural gas and electricity
  2. Hiding the remains of trees  
  3. Cutting trees during night  
  4. Continuing using fire wood  
  5. Cutting trees in the forest

4. Tsunami refers to huge ocean waves caused by earthquake below the ocean floor or other natural forces such as volcanic eruptions or meleors filling in the ocean. Which among the following is not the effect of Tsunami?  

  1. Death of people
  2. Destruction of settlement
  3. Increase in industrial production 
  4. Environmental pollution  
  5. Damaging natural vegetation

5. Which instrument among the following is used for measuring earthquake? 

  1. Seismograph 
  2. Barometer 
  3. Anemometer 
  4. Hygrometer 
  5. Richter scale

6. Many African countries got their independence by forming parties. In which party did Namibia attain her independence?  

  1. FRELIMO  
  2. SWAPO  
  3. ANC 
  4. ZANU
  5. ZAPU

7. Mr. Kazimoto lives down the valley which has a steep slope.  What natural hazard is likely to happen to him among the following  

  1. Earthquake
  2. Erosion
  3. Floods
  4. Fire outbreak
  5. Landslide

8. At Majimazuri there were heavy rainfalls which cause soil erosion. As a citizen of Majimazuri area which method will be used to prevent or to control soil erosion? 

  1. Building strong houses
  2. Planting trees
  3. Burning forest
  4. Overgrazing
  5. Terracing houses building

9. Tanganyika got her independence in the year 1961, during struggle for independence TANU faced some challenges from different political parties. Which among the following opposed TANU during struggle for independence

  1. UDP
  2. ASP
  3. TAA
  4. UPT
  5. NRA

10. Which method among the following is the best for fighting against environmental pollution? 

  1. Burning waste
  2. Filling the pits with waste
  3. Throwing wastes away
  4. Pouring wastes in the ocean
  5. Recycling

11. Which of the following is the best method for fighting against fire hazard?  

  1. Using fire during honey harvesting
  2. Using approved electric equipment
  3. Running away from the fire
  4.  Starting fire by using petrol
  5. Staying away from event concerning fire out break

12. Normally the amount of water vapor is measured in percentage. Which instrument is used to measure the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere?

  1. Barometer 
  2. Anemometer 
  3. Hygrometer 
  4. Thermometer 
  5. Rain gauge 

13. The British governor who established the legistrative council in 1926 in Tanganyika was called?

  1. Donald Cameroon
  2. Horace Byatt
  3. Richard Turnibull
  4. Carl  Peter
  5. Julius Von soden

14. J.K Nyerere was the first President of Tanzania. In which year did Mwalimu J.K Nyerere retire from Presidency?

  1. 1964
  2. 1980
  3. 1973
  4. 1999
  5. 1985

15. Long distance in Tanzania involves many tribes. Which among the following tribes were involved? 

  1. Sukuma, Chagga and Kinga
  2. Nyamwezi, Yao and Kamba
  3. Fipa, Pare and Gogo
  4. Kamba, Zaramo and Haya
  5. Haya, Ngoni and Sangu

16. Juma is person who solve problems in his society with all his heart and strength, so Juma will be known as

  1. Terrorist 
  2. Betrayal 
  3. Hero
  4. Refugee
  5. Ambassador 

17. The Majimaji war was the most significant uprising mounted by the people of Tanganyika against Germany colonial rule. Who was the leader united African to fight against German?

  1. Chief Isike
  2. Mtawa Mkwawa
  3. Mtemi Milambo
  4. Kinjekitile Ngwale
  5. Chief Mangungo

18. Tanzania is a  member of the following economic organization, except________

  1. EAC
  2. SADC
  3. AU
  4. UN

19. Domestic activities like cleanness, fetching water, firewood collection and cooking are responsibility of ______________________?  

  1. Mother and her daughter
  2. Mother, daughter  and house girl
  3. Daughter and house girl
  4. All family members who have ability to work
  5. Father, mother and house girl

20. The constitution is a set of principles, laws and regulations that governs a nation, association, party or group of people with the common goals. How many chapters does the Tanzania constitution has?

  1. Ten
  2. Twelve
  3. Eight
  4. Seven
  5. five

21. it is very important to maintain relationship between Tanzania and other countries. Which among the following ways strengthen relationship among these countries?______________

  1. Preventing Exportation of minerals
  2. Exchange experts and technology
  3. Exchange tourist
  4. Leaders should appreciate each other
  5. To do the same business

22. National flag of Tanzania has four colors which are green, yellow, blue and black. Yellow color in the national flag represents______________?  

  1. People
  2. Natural vegetation
  3. Minerals
  4. Water
  5. National wealth

23. Multiparty system in Tanzania started in 1992. The first multiparty election in Tanzania was held in 1995. Among the following presidents, who was elected during multiparty system?_______________  

  1. Mwl. J.K. Nyerere
  2. John Joseph Pombe Magufuli
  3. Alli Hassan Mwinyi
  4. Benjamin William Mkapa
  5. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete

24. The following are the factors for the Africans decolonization, except__________?  

  1. To protect freedom
  2. To resist exploitation
  3. To resist foreign invaders
  4. To resist taxation
  5. To get economic development

25. The following are UN organization, UNEP, WHO, FAO, IMF and UNHCR. Which agency deals with environmental protection. 

  1. WHO
  2. UNEP
  3. NEMC
  5. FAO

26. What will be time of two “E” (45w), if its 9:00Am in town “D”  at 15W?________  

  1. 11:00AM
  2. 10:00AM
  3. 7:00AM
  4. 8:00AM
  5. 9:00AM

27. A scale of a map is to be represented in three ways, which are?________________  

  1. Large, medium and small
  2. Scale, Key and compass
  3. Ratio, Linear and statement
  4. Ratio, statement and meter
  5. Kilometer, Litre and centimeter

28. Which gases among the following are the major sources of global warning?____  

  1. Oxygen and carbon dioxide
  2. Nitrogen and Argon
  3. Carbon dioxide and Helium
  4. Carbon dioxide and Methane
  5. Nitrogen and Chlorine

29. The East Africa valley has two branches which are Eastern and Western branch. Its division begins at?________________  

  1. Victoria
  2. Nyasa
  3. Natron
  4. Kyoga
  5. Tanganyika

30. Tanzania borders Indian Ocean in the Eastern part and also it has a numbers of water bodies like rivers and lakes. Which economic activities can be done by people living near those areas?  

  1. Agriculture
  2. Livestock keeping
  3. Mining
  4. Hunting
  5. Fishing

31. In the earth surface the atmospherically layer which responsible for preventing sun rays from reaching the  earth is surface is  called?_____________  

  1. Mesosphere
  2. Troposphere
  3. Stratosphere
  4. Exosphere
  5. Sun sphere

32. There are many economic activities in Tanzania. Why agriculture is said to be backbone of Tanzania economy?_________________  

  1. It involves educated people
  2. It is a source of food and money
  3. Tanzanian has many numbers of farms
  4. Tanzanian has many agriculturalist
  5. Because of many crops in Tanzania

33. There are several ways of initiating business. Which among the following is the best way?________________  

  1. Good preparation for business plan
  2. To imitate from others
  3. Involving relative in business
  4. To get from financial institution
  5. Involving friends in business decision making

 34. There are different types of mountains. Udzungwa, Usambara, Para, Ruwenzori and Uluguru are which type of mountains?_____________________  

  1. Fold mountains
  2. Volcanic mountains
  3. Active volcanic mountains
  4. Residual mountains
  5. Block mountains

35. One among the following minerals is used for cutting or piecing hard objects like glass due to its hardness?____________________  

  1. Copper
  2. Diamond
  3. Iron
  4. Gold
  5. Silver

36. The central railway line from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to Kigoma was built in 1905 for transporting raw materials during colonial era. Which nation built that railway like?_________________

  1. British
  2. Germany
  3. China
  4. Portugal
  5. French

37. Which institution is responsible for promoting art and artist in Tanzania?_______

  3. TUKI
  4. TFF

38. ____________ Is a hot drink that is prepared by using flour mad from different cereals such as maize, rice, sorghum bulrush millet, cassava, finger millet  

  1. Juice
  2. Tea
  3. Soda
  4. Porridge
  5. Coffee

39. In order a choir to be complete it needs several rhymes. How many rhymes are needed to complete the choir?_______________  

  1. Five
  2. Two
  3. Four
  4. Three
  5. Six

40. The following are ways of fighting against bedbug?________________  

  1. Exposing beds and mattress to the sun 
  2.  Filling pits of dirty water
  3. The house should have enough light
  4. Using insecticides
  5. House maintenance


 41. The number of population and settlement in Tanzania obtained through census. In which year the last census was contacted ?_______________

42. Diagram below shows________________

I:eng solar.png

 43. Tanganyika became Republic under the leadership of J.K. Nyerere in?________

44. Change 20ºC  into degree of Fahrenheit?__________________

45. The first town in East Africa to make and use its own currency is?________








Time: 1:30 Hours. 24th May, 2023.


  1. This paper consists of sections A, and B with a total of forty-five (45) questions.
  2. Answer all questions in each section.
  3. Read all the instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR).
  4. Fill in all the needed information in the OMR förm.
  5. Shade the digits of your Examination Number in the respective places of the OMR form.
  6. Shade the letter of the correct answer for question 1 to 40 in the answer sheet provided, for example, if the correct answer is A, shade as follows:
  1. If you have to change your answer, you must use a clean rubber to rub out the shading neatly before shading the new one.
  2. Use HB pencil for answering question 1 to 40 and a blue or black ink pen for question 41 to 45.
  3. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.

SECTION A: (40 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

Choose the correct answer and shade its corresponding letter in special answer sheet (OMR) provided.

1. During farmer's day the prime minister slogan was," Agriculture is a backbone to Tanzania economy" what does the slogan mean? 

A. It is practice by rich people B. It is practiced by using tractors and ploughs C.It is the main production activities D. It is conducted in water sources only E. The harvested crops are solid abroad.

2. The Earth rotate on its axis from west towards east. The time we are facing sunset. our left hand is in which direction? 

A. East side B. South side C. North side D. West side E.Left side of the hand

3. MR Kazimoto is a herdsman who moves around with a large number of livestock. The following are the consequences of these, EXCEPT: -'? 

A. Drought B. Flourishing natural vegetation C. Death of livestock D. Loss of förest E. Crop damage.

4. High population has advantage in the economy, but high population has disadvantages such as: 

A. Expansion of countries areas B. Environmental pollution C. Elimination of malaria disease D. Prevention of Ebola disease E. Increase of air light.

5. Human activities along river have negative effects to the societies surrounding it. What impact caused by cutting trees along the river? 

A.Decline in fishing B.Drying up of water sources C.Land become unproductive D.Air pollution. E.Shortage of water for industrial use.

6. Wazo is a farmer who wants to establish agricultural activities in semi-arid area. As an agricultural officer what advice would you give him? 

A.Use manure only in cultivation B.Use fertilizer only in cultivation C. cultivate crops during rainy season. D.Stop crop cultivation activities E. Cultivate crops that can tolerate drought.

7. Standard four student asked Juma who is in standard six. What is the meaning of hurricane. .Juma answered that, a hurricane is 

A. Wind wave B.Strong wind that Inoves fast C. Wind impulse D. Wind compression E.Tsunami.

8. MR Munis's family dug a dig hole underground and got a source of water for various household uses. What source was found? 

A. A river B. Well C. A pool D.A lake E. Dike.

9. What are the historical sites in Tanzania where historical records are available? 

A.The valley of Olduvai george, Engaruka. 'simila and Kondoa Irangi. B. Rusinga. Nsongezi, Engaruka and Uvinza C. Uvinza, Ugweno. Kilwa and Lushoto. D. Kilwa, Isimila. Uvinza and Ugweno E.Olduvai Valley, Kondoa Irangi, Nsongezi and Lushoto.

10. Earth is the third planet in the solar system, what is the main source of light and heat on the earth surface? 

A. Moon B. Sun C. Meteors Saturn E. Stars

I l . Among the following food which one does not require the use of white flour as the major ingredient in preparing it?

A. Bread B. Cakes C. Chapati D. Doughnut E. Chips.

12. When you were in class six you learnt about establishment of East African Community in 1967. Which of the following were the main objectives of the establishment of the African Union?

A.Spreading exploitation B.Bringing Africans together to solve their internal problems C.Fighting for unproductive independence D. Perpetuating conflicts . E Perpetuating apartheid.

13. MR Kahuru asked the pupils to identify major crops that are exported from Tanzania to other countries. Which of the following are those crops? 

A. Rubber . Coffee and Sisal B. Cashew nuts, Beans, Sisal and Pyrethrum C. Coffee, Cotton and Cashew nuts D. Grapes Coffee, Tea and Beans E. Pyrethrum, Cashew nuts, Tea and Maize

14. MR Masumbuko's farm which is located along the mountain has lost fertility due to soil erosion. As an environmental specialist, what is the source of that erosion? 

A. Having crop rotation practices every year B. The farm to be planted roots and cereal crops C. The farm being tilled with manure. D. Having many trees in the farm E. The farm being located on steep slopes.

15. Teacher Karata conducted seminar to the students in standard three at Mailisita Primary School about wearing sweaters. So in which season of the year we are advised to wear sweaters? 

A. Winter Season B.Autumn Season C.Summer Season D. Spring Season E. Hot Season.

16. Tanzania is the country that has one language Kiswahili which is spoken by ail citizens throughout the country.This language has united all tribes in Tanzania. Which organ is responsible for the supervision and development of this language? 


17. Some customs are good to inherit from one generation to another -example Jando. Which customs is not good to be practiced in society? 

A. Widow inheritance B -Eating eggs during pregnancy C.Singing traditional Songs D. Traditional Dancing. E Putting traditional dressing.

18. Ancent man went through various periods of development which are the stone age, iron age and the age of digital technology. Which one of the following is not true about the stone age tools? 

A. Were very strong B. Were poor C. Were blunt D.Not productive E.Less durable.

19. Dorice visited her reletives at Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia during the holiday. If she will use TAZARA railway line. which rezion will she pass through? 

A.Dar es salaam, Pwani, Morogoro, Iringa and Mbeya B. Dar es salaam, Morogoro and Dodoma C.Dar es salaam, Pwani, Morogoro and Tanga D.Dar es salaam, Pwani- Lindi, Mtwara and Tanga E.Morogoro, Coastal Region and Singida.

20. Masumbuko and Mawazo are pupils at Mkoroshini Primary School whose parent are dead. What type of flunily is this? 

A. Single parent Family B.Extended fimily C.Street children family D. Poor children family E. Orphan family

21. Dr John Pombe Magufuli is recognize as a hero of Tanzania and Africa. The following are the reasons that makes him to be recognized that way EXCEPT 

A.He has built many houses and fly overs B.He strongly opposed all kinds of social ethnic and religious discrimination C.He encouraged the entrepreneurs to pay taxes D.He encouraged the establishment of mineral markets E.He is the one who rises Tanzania to middle economy.

22. The pupils at Boani Primary School were given assignment of recording temperature for five days as follows : 19.5c, 25.3c, 30c. 27.2c and 20.5c . What is the average temperature for all five days?

A.25.5C B. 19.5C c.24.5C D. 23.5C E.21.5C

23. From the year 1995 up to 2020 The United Republic Of Tanzania has been governed by three president which one is correct list of those presidents? 

(A) Benjamini W. Mkapa, Jakaya M. Kikwete and John P. Magufuli (B) Jakaya M. Kikwete- Samiah S. Hassan and John P. Magufuli (C) John P. Magufuli, Benjamini W. Mkama and Samiah S. Hassama (D)John P. Magufuli and Hussein A. Mwinyi (E)Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete,John P. Magufuli and Hussein A. Mwinyi.

24. Grade six pupils did their work in groups. The second group was given a question which says, on every fourth july each year the ealth is away from the sun. This phenomina is called? 

A.Aphelion B.Circumnavigation of the earth C.Perihelion D.Solar eclipse E.Lunar eclipse.

25. Hassan was given home work by his teacher to measure the atmospheric pressure. Which instrument did Hassan used? 

A.Hygrometer B.BarometerC.Rain gauge D.Anemometer E. Thermometer

26. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years but he did not get discouraged, he opposed apartheid regime in his country. In which country was Mandela a president? 

A. South Africa B.Angola C.Botswana D.Zimbabwe E.Namibia.

27. In ancient societies old men were respected and were the one who provide education to the societv. Which models were used by indigenous society to teach their youth among the following? 

A. Meeting B. Radio and Television C.Social media D.Current education system E. Jando and Unyago

28 Madam Jamila is a creative, risk taker and hard working so as to fulfill her plans, who is she? 

A. Skillful woman B. Businessman C.Entrepreneur D.Buyer E.Seller

29. Millitary methods and unity were used to resist the colonial invasion. Among the African heroes who resisted the colonial invasion were: 

A.Mazrui, Mkwawa, King Menelik Il O. Kwame Nkrumah, Isike and Seyyid Said C.Otto Van Bismack, Isike and Msiri D.King Menelik II, Mkwawa and Agustino E.Agustino Neto, Kwame Nkrumah and Otto Van Bismack.

30. An entrepreneur who buys and sells goods to his customers is supposed to make sure that the goods required are in good and standard. Which organ among the following is responsible for and standard of goods? 


31. Our neighbor is suffering from COVID-19. Which symptoms will make us to know that he is infected? 

A-Diarrhea and Vomiting B.Diarrhea and Flue  C. Cough and Vomiting D. Fever and Chest pain E. Coughing and Flue

32 When any country lacks peace and stability it enters into conflict and causes war. The following are factors which can cause military takeovers to happen a EXCEPT 

A. The government failure to eradicate poverty and entertain tribalism B.Consolidate the rule of law, justice and equality C. Burning of religious and provincial parties D.The country to allow the holding of free and fair election E.Selfishness of the leaders.

33. Which warrior of the Nyamwezi tribe resisted the invasion of the colonial administration in the movement to liberate itself? 

A.Mwami Gwassa B.Chief Mazengo C.Chief Isike D.Kinjekitile Ngwale E.Chief Mkwawa

34. Mr Msuya assigned the student of class seven ta draw a class map. What measurement will they use? 

A-Small measurement B.Medium measurement C.Large measurement D.Large and small measurement  E.Medium and large measurement

35. Vocational skills teacher led pupils in modeling a port and provide them with a strategy to dry it properly. Why is it necessary to dry that pot? 

A.To make it lighter B. To make it have a burning smell C.To decorate it make it have a black colour. E. To make it strong.

36. Assume you are the etioligist of your village you want to explain the villagers how to prevent skin cancer. What advice will you explain to them? 

A.To build mordern house B.To build huts. C.To prevent the ozone layer D. To build high houses E. To wear glasses

37. The teacher told his pupils that latitude circumference varies depending on its position. Which of the following latitude has the largest circumference? 

A. tropic of Capricorn B.Arctic circle C.Equator line D.Tropic of Cancer E.Antarctic circle.

38. Vocational skills teacher taught his pupils various materials used during drama. The dresses won by actors during drama are called? 

A.Make up B.Costumes C.Props D.Coat E. Skirt.

39. According to population census that takes place every ten years it has been revealed that there were 61 million Tanzanians, which year is that census conducted? 

A.2012 B.2022 C.2002 D. 1967 E. 1988

40. There are different types of musical instruments, some are from Tanzania, Asia, Europe and America. Which of the following are percussion instruments? 

A.Enanga, Zeze, Litungu and Violin B.Marimba, Electronic piano and xylophone C.Shakers, Kayamba, bell and Cymbals D.Baragurnu, Trumpet, and Saxophone E.Drums

SECTION B: (10 Marks)

For question 41-45 write your answers in the space provided in the special form (OMR) by using a black or blue ink pen.

41. The leader of Hehe tribe who fought with the Germans and ended up committing suicide was called. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

42. Which country in Africa was the first to gain independence from colonialism.... . . . . . . . . . .

43. Find the time of town X longitude 55 0 West, if town Z 100West is 10:00pm?

44. A special path used by planet to revolve around the sun is called... .

45. Mr Kazibure want to travel by train from Dar es salaam to Kigoma. List two best methods of preparing food for journey.

  1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  2.  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .







TIME: 1:30 HRS


  1. This paper consists of forty five (45) questions
  2. Answer all the questions
  3. Read all the given instructions in each section
  4. Write your Name, Examination number and the name of your school in the answer sheet provided
  5. Use HB pencil only
  6. Cellular phones are not allowed in the examination room


1. Mr. Msabila lived at the age of 130 years. Which statement best defines him?

(A) He lived for one millennium and 13 centuries (B) He lived for 130 decades (C) He lived for one century and 3 decades (C) He lived for 13 centuries (E) He lived for one century and 30 decades [     ]

2. Infrastructure means roads, railways and communication networks. Which regions in Tanzania are crossed by TAZARA railway? 

(A) Dare sSalaam, Tanga, Morogoro, Tabora and Kigoma (B) Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Dodoma and Dar es Salaam (C) Morogoro, Manyara, Tanga and Pwani (D) Mbeya, Dar es Salaam, Njombe, Morogoro, Songwe and Iringa (E) Kigoma, Mbeya and Tanga [     ]

3. The standard three pupils were taught about the climate. What instrument these pupils used to measure the sunrays? 

(A) Oktas (B) Barometer (C) Anemometer (D) Hygrometer (E) Campbell stock [     ]

4. The pupils of Azimio Primary school where given an assignment to record the temperature for five days. The result from the first day to the fifth day were as follows; 19.5oC, 25.3oC, 30oC, 27.2oC na 20.5oC. Calculate the temperature mean.

(A) 21.5oC (B) 23.5 oC (C) 24.5 oC (D) 19.5 oC (E) 25.5 oC [     ]

5. There different categories of hazards occur in the environment which hazard among the following is caused by both nature forces and human influence? 

(A) Hurricanes (B) Soil erosion (C) Tsunami (D) Earth quakes (E) Volcanic eruption [     ]

6. Environment is made up of different components in which kind of environment blackboard, chalk and desks are found; 

(A) at the shop (B) at home (C) at the court (D) at the market (E) at the school [     ]

7. Earthquakes, Tsunami fire, floods and drought are same of the natural disasters. Which disaster among the following is caused by deforestation?

(A) earthquakes (B) drought (C) floods (D) Tsunami (E) Fire [     ]

8.In order for the map to be complete has to posses five essentials. What element of map show demarcation? 

(A) title (B) frame (C) key (D) compass (E) scale [     ]

9.There are three groups of colonialism agents, which agent was the second to reach in East Africa? 

(A) boers (B) missionaries (C) imperialist (D) explorers (E) traders [     ]

10. Majimaji rebellion started from 1905 – 1907 to fight against German rule who was the leader of majimaji 

(A) Kinjekitile Ngwale (B) Chief Mirambo (C) Hassani Makunganya (D) Abushiri (E) Mkwawa [     ]

11. The following historical sites are found in Tanzania. Whichone is not among the following?

(A) Rusinga (B) Olduvai (C) Engaruka (D) Kondoa Irangi (E) Kaole [     ]

12. Human activities along Msimbazi River has negative effect to the societies surrounding it. What impact caused by cutting trees along the river?

(A) shortage of water for industrial us (B) air pollution (C) land becames unproductive (D) drying up of water sources (E) decline of fishing [     ]

13. Mr. Hatibu sweats a lot during hot season. What kind of clothes colour would you recommend him to wear? (A) white (B) black (C) blue (D) yellow (E) green [     ]

14. Salim is pastoralist who shifts with a large number of cattle. Which effects are caused by this types of livestock keeping? 

(A) floods (B) growth of natural vegetation (C) death cattle (D) loss of bro-diversity (E) damage to crops [     ]

15. Nyerere Hydroelectric power project is one of the future expected sources of electricity in Tanzania. At which river this project builts?

(A) Ruaha (B) Ruvuma (C) Ruvu (D) Rufiji (E) Pangani [     ]

16. Mineral expert visited the standard seven pupils and taught them the types of minerals with their uses. Which kind of minerals is used for cutting glass materials?

(A) gold (B) diamond (C) silver (D) Tanzanite (E) copper [     ]

17. Water is very important for community development and national economy in Tanzania. Identify the main sources of such resource. 

(A) rainfall, lakes and ocean (B) ocean, wells and rivers

(C) rainfall, land and underground water (D) lakes, river and water springs (E) wells, water spring and rainfall [     ]

18. Diminishing of the snow caps at the peak of mount Kilimanjaro is caused by global warming. Which activity listed below can best solve the problem? 

(A) burning of forest and deforestation (B) farming along the mountains (C) planting trees and environment conservation (D) illegal cutting of trees (E) overgrazing [     ]

19. The government of the United Republic of Tanzania recognises the importance of sports and games as a means to entertain and unite its citizens. Which institutions supervises and promotes sports and games in Tanzania. 

(A) BASATA (B) BAKITA (C) TUKI (D) BMT (E) TFF [     ]

20. Every Tanzania society has its own traditional games according to their context, time and culture which are the best examples for this? (A) football, boxing and athletics (B) athletics, swimming and football (C) trowing spear, rope jumping and running (D) football, netball and swimming (E) basketball, football and netball [     ]

21. On the earth surface, there are winds which blow from one area to another. Which type of wind that blows from south to north? 

(A) polar easterlies wind (B) monsoon wind (C) southern wind (D) trade wind (E) north wind [     ]

22.Tanzania has many tribes with both good and bad traditions. Identify the tradition that has negative effects to the society 

(A) allowing pregnant women to eat eggs (B) women’s circumcision (C) teaching boys and girls good morals (D) men’s circumcision (E) gender equality [     ]

23. Global warming results from human activities. Which among the following is not the effect of global warning in Tanzania.

(A) melting of ice cop on mount Kilimanjaro (B) loss of biodiversity (C) rise of sea level (D) growth of natural vegetation (E) drought [     ]

24. How is the community able to fight against out dated tradition and customs?

(A) promoting of national peace (B) promotion of patriotic principle (C) having common traditional and customs (D) loving your community and nation (E) discussing with the respective society [     ]

25. Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere is known as “Baba wa taifa” who willingly left the presidency in 1985. In which century did he step down?

(A) 19 (B) 21 (C) 20 (D) 22 (E) 18 [     ]

26. The following can possible occur in a country that tries to promote its own culture. Which one doesn’t promote national culture [     ]

(A) promoting patriotic principles (B) initiating foreign culture (C) promotion of unity (D) protecting the culture heritage (E) presence of good relationship among comentry members

27. Magreth loves her country and is ready to die for her national as well as protecting her national resources at any cost. How can Magreth be best described?

(A) protector for her national resources (B) patriotic to the nation (C) preserves her society ethics (D) protects her community security (E) supervisor for her people’s unity [     ]

28. Despite the partition of Africa at the Berlin Conference between 1884 – 1885, Africa was further divided among European capitalist nations except__________

(A) France (B) Italy (C) Belgium (D) Portuguese (E) German [     ]

29. In entrepreneurship, what does the concept, risk taking mean _________

(A) having strong decisions (B) laziness in decision making (C) being ready to volunteer (D) causing loss internationally (E) being courageous in taking actions [     ]

30. What can best and quickly influence a growth of production of resources in Tanzania

(A) presence of good legal and policy system (B) presence of many industries (C) inviting foreign investors (D) being peaceful and harmony in the cities (E) promoting our tourist attractions in Europe [     ]

31. Shoes are among the school uniforms. Why are the pupils prohibited to put on high heels?

(A) cause stomach pain (B) cause joint pain (C) cause headache (D) cause muscle cramps (E) cause chest pain [     ]

32. When a family has parents and children it is called a nuclear family. What will this family be called after the death of parents? (A) extended family (B) children family (C) orphan family (D) dependent family (E) street children family [     ]

33. Tanzania is a country blessed with different types of minerals. Which of the following group falls under gemstones group?

(A) gold, salt and iron (B) diamond, ruby and Tanzanite (C) cobalt, ruby and Tanzanite (D) diamond gold and iron (E) salt, gold and diamond [     ]

34. You visited your aunt and given a dirty bed room, which diseases are you likely to get by sleeping in that room 

(A) diarrhoea and vomiting (B) coughing and vomiting (C) flue and chest pain (D) diarrhoea and flue (E) fiver and chest pain [     ]

35. Vocational skills teacher led pupils in modelling a pot and provided them with a strategy to dry it properly. Why is it necessary to dry that pot?

(A) to make it strong (B) to make it have a black colour (C) to decorate it (D) to make it have a burning smell (E) to make it higher [     ]

36. I am creative, risk taker, hard working so as to fulfil many plans. Who am i?

(A) entrepreneur (B) skilful man (C) businessman (D) buyer (E) seller [     ]

37. Red colour on the national coat of arms represents which kind of resources?

(A) natural resources (B) freedom and unity (C) national boundaries (D) natural vegetation (E) fertile land [     ]

38. How many stages has a man’s life time passed through among the given stages below?

(A) 3 (B) 5 (C) 2 (D) 4 (E) 6 [     ]

39. Which political part opposed TANU during the efforts to demand freedom of Tanganyika?

(A) TAA (B) ASP (C) ZPPP (D) AA (E) ATP [     ]

40. There are four types of colonial rule in Africa who was the founer of indirect administrative rule in Africa? (A) Fredrick Lugard (B) Donald Cameroon (C) Fredrick De Clark

(D) Richard Turnbull (E) Karl Peters [     ]


For question 41 – 45 write your answer in the space provided in the special form (OMR) by using a blue or black pen.

41. What name describes a place where the entrepreneurs can deposit and withdraw money for their business? _________________________________________________________________

42. Which star is closer to the earth? ___________________________________________________

43. In making insecticides, which crop is the best to be used in this process?


44. What is the name given to small accumulated water drops in the sky?


45. United National Educational, Scientific and culture organization (UNESCO) announced the word Kiswahili day on 7 July each year. Briefly describe the importance of Kiswahili day in Tanzania with one point ________________________________________________________________



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