TIME: 1:40 HR  


Listen the passage read by invigilator and answer the questions 1-5. 

1. Who advised the other ? 

(A) Jangala (B) Juakali (C) Msela (D) Cousin (E) Teacher

2. What did Juakali discuss with his Classmate ?

(A) Importance of studying hard (B) study hard (C) how to score A (D) last final exam (E) Msela, his cousin

3. Msela got an average of A in the _____________

(A) last year of his primary education (B) last year of his class six (C) Annual examination (D) final examination (E) between Jangala and Juakali.

4. Who were speaking in the story ? 

(A) Jangala and Juakali (B) Juakali and Msela (C) Jangala and Msela (D) Juakali (E) Jangala

5. Msela called _____________his cousin. 

(A) Jangala (B) Juakali (C) Jangala and Juakali (D) Teacher (E) other

Choose the correct answers

6. Mwajuma ndalandefu will ________to the guest of honor tomorrow. 

(A) be talking (B) are talking (C) talked (D) talks (E) be talked

7. Mwinyi mkuu ________exams at the moment. 

(A) is doing (B) are doing (C) did (D) do (E) done

8. She has just ___________my ruler. 

(A) breaking (B) broken (C) breaks (D) is break (E) break

9. Maji kazimoyo was ____________at the hospital for a month. 

(A) admits (B) admitted (C) admit (D) admitting (E) admit

10. Uncle Mjuavingi will have been ______some potatoes at Mabala’s shop next week.

(A) Bought (B) Buys (C) Buy (D) Buying (E) Being bought.

11. Snow fell lightly. What type of this sentence ?

(A) Simple present (B) Simple past (C) Simple future (D) Past continuous (E) Present continuous

12. We have an examination tomorrow, ________we must study hard tonight. 

(A) so (B) but (C) for (D) or (E) because

13. Yesterday _________six o’clock, I was watching my favorite film.

(A) In (B) on (C) by (D) at (E) to

14. Mwendokasi is handsome boy. The word “Mwendokasi” has used as ________ 

(A) an adjective (B) a pronoun (C) an adverb (D) a preposition (E) a noun

15. Mawazo mapana hurried home ________he could meet his friend. 

(A) in order to be (B) because (C) so that (D) so as to (E) for that

16. Neither the Pupils ________ their teacher will come to meet you. 

(A) or (B) and (C) nor (D) both

17. It fell_________________ down after being pushed by the machine. 

(A) Itself (B) Herself (C) Himself (D) Themselves (E ) Itselves

18. A thief jumped _________ the stream and disappeared. 

(A) Into (B) in (C) On (D) Between (E ) around

19. “ I am a good boy” He says __________________ 

(A) He said that he is a good boy (B) He said that he was a good boy (C) He says that he was a good boy (D) He says that he is a good boy (E ) He said he was a good boy

20. You had shaken a bottle of medicine. ______________ 

(A) A bottle of medicine was shaken by you (B) A bottle of medicine had shake by him (C) A bottle of medicine had being shaken by you (D) A bottle of medicine was shaken by you (E ) A bottle of medicine had been shaken by you

21. _____________ six years Hellen studied his course. 

(A) Since (B) On (C) By (D) For (E ) At

22. Mwl. Swalehe is not only a good teacher __________ a good doctor. 

(A) but also (B) in addition (C) but (D) and (E) Also

23. This is the fridge __________ keeps food fresh. 

(A) which (B) where (C) who (D) when (E) Whom

24. When Anna was sleeping, a plane __________ over her house 

(A) fly (B) flow (C) flew (D) flying (E ) was flew

25. I left my shoes under the kitchen table what is the type of word to underlined word. _____________ 

(A) preposition (B) noun (C) verb (D) Adverb (E ) Adjectives

26. __________ Lucy _______ Ali is in the group. 

(A) Either – nor (B) Either – or (C) Neither – or (D) Not – only E. Not – and

27. Mwombeki is the __________ pupil in their class 

(A) Bright (B) Brighter (C) Brights (D) Most bright (E) Brightest

28. This book was __________ by Ngugi 

(A) Writes (B) Write (C) Wrote (D) Written (E) Writing

29. The plural of the noun half is_______ 

(A) calves (B) halves (C) alves (D) heroes (E) calve

30. Re - writes the following sentences by changing the underlined verbs into simple past form.

‘’ This dog cuts its tail” 

(A) Cutted (B)cutting (C) cuttes (D) cut (E) cat

31. . . .Is used to find meaning of different word 

(A) exercise book (B) text book (C) dictionary (D) single language dictionary (E) multiple language dictionary

32. A place where one goes to either red or borrow books for reading is a ____ 

(A)laboratory (B) library (C) school (D) librarian (E) office

33. The type of rooster who kept always inside the coop . . . . . 

(A) bloiler (B) organic chick (C) chick (D) chicken (E) hen

34. Catherine lived miserable life after accepting advise.write the opposite of underlined word

(A) Good (B) happy (C) sad (D) beautiful (E) bad

35. Our cow has just given birth to a . . . . . . 

(A) piglet (B) chick (C) calf (D) puppy (E) kitten


This section has five mixed sentences.

Arrange the sentences by filling in the table below to make a good composition by giving them letters A- E

36. I do the shopping for some items

37. I take my break fast

38. My name is Rukia

39. I return home before noon

40. I wake up early in the morning


Read the following poem carefully and then answer the questions that follow in the space provided.


41. What is the poem about . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

42. How do you feel about your country . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

43. The fourth line in the second stanza said ‘ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...’

44. Which word could replace the word? “ opportunities” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...

45. Who is the speaker of the poem? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .






TIME: 1:40 HR  


This paper consists of 45 questions

Answer all questions according to instruction


 Listen attentively to the passage read by the invigilator then answer the questions number 1-5 by writing a letter of correct answer in the bracket provided.

1. In which standard is Rashid? 

A. Two B. four C. one D. three E. five [       ]

2. Who is the oldest child in the family?

A. Rashid B. Asha C. Yusuf D. Mariam E. Musa [       ]

3. How many children are in the family?

A. Three B. four C. two D. five E. one [       ]

4. What are the names of Rashid’s sisters? _____ 

A. Mariam and Asha B. Asha and Yusta C. Mariam and Yusufu D. Mariam anda Rajabu E. Mariam [       ]

5. Where do they school? ________ 

A. Kigoma B. Kibonde C. Mjimwema D. Nkundi E. Maweni [       ]

Choose the words that complete the sentences by writing the letter of correct answer in the bracket provided.

6. Rehema and I ______ going to school now.

A. is B. am C. was D. were E. are [       ]

7. Usually the sun _______ in the East.

A. rises B. risen C. rising D. is rising E. rose [       ]

8. I was cooking while my mother _______ the utensils.

A. washed B. wash C. were washing D. was washing E. is washing [       ]

9. Always we ________ to the church on Sunday.

A. go B. goes C. have gone D. are going E. is going [       ]

10. The pupils _______ football tomorrow evening.

A. play B. played C. will play D. Played E. did play [       ]

11. I usually _________ my friends on Saturday. 

A. Visits B. Visited C. Visit D. Visiting E. has visited [       ]

12. They _______ praying since this morning. 

A. has been B. have been C. is been D. is being E. had been [       ]

13. She ________ netball every evening.

A. plays B. played C. play D. is playing E. has played [       ]

14. She often goes to school _____ foot. 

A. by B. on C. and D. with E. for [       ]

15. Did they _____ any sugar last year?

A. is buying B. were buying C. buy D. bought E. buying [       ]

16. I ______ doing the examination at the moment. A. was B. is C. are D. has E. am [       ]

17. Janeth ________ at 8:00 pm yesterday. 

A. arrives B. arrive C. is arriving D. will arrive E. arrived [       ]

18. Pupils _______ their homework now.

A. do B. are doing C. does D. have done E. is doing [       ]

19. They have ______ all the food. 

A. eaten B. ate C. eats D. are eating E. eat [       ]

20. He bought ______ umbrella. A. the B. any C. some D. an E. a [       ]

21. Mwalimu Nyerere was born __________ 1922. A. in B. on C. at D. into E. by [       ]

22. __________ we are poor, we are proud of our country. A. Since B. For C. Although D. If E. Unless [       ]

23. This is my bicycle. It belongs to _______ A. her B. his C. him D. me E. its [       ]

24. She has ____________ the window.

A. broke B. breaking C. broken D. breaks E. break [       ]

25. I ___________ forgotten my pen.

A. has B. have C. is D. are E. am [       ]

26. Salome is _________than Fabian.

A. the tallest B. more tall C. most tall D. taller E. more tall [       ]

27. Mount Kilimanjaro is the ______ mountain in Africa.

A. higher B. highest C. more high D. less high E. short [       ]

28. Is there _____ pupil in the classroom?

A. and B. some C. all D. both E. any [       ]

29. Did you _______ a new bicycle last month? 

A. buy B. buys C. bought D. will buy E. buying [       ]

30. This egg is ______ 

A. boiling B. boils C. boil D. boiled E. will boil [       ]

31. A person who cuts others hair is called ________

A. Retail B. Customer C. Barber D. Pilot E. Carpenter [       ]

32. A son of your sister is your______ 

A. nephew B. cousin C. niece D. daughter E. father [       ]

33. The last month of a year is _____

A. December B. January C. June D. November E. Sunday [       ]

34. A young one of a cow is called a _____ 

A. chick B. lamb C. calf D. puppy E. kid [       ]

35. My mother bought a _____ of bananas. 

A. Herd B. bunch C. group D. branch E. crowd [       ]


Re- arrange the jumbled sentence below using letters A, B, C, D and E to form meaningful paragraph.

36. They also provide us with skin which is used for making shoes and belts. [       ]

37. Apart from skin, cows provide us with manure which is used as fertilizer. [       ]

38. First of all, they provide us with milk. [       ]

39. We keep cows for many purposes. [       ]

40. Cows are very useful animals. [       ]


 Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow

 Malaria is one of the dangerous diseases in Africa. It can cause death. It is transmitted by a female mosquito called anopheles. This mosquito bites at night. The person who has been infected by malaria will show symptoms such as fever and chills.

To protect ourselves from malaria, we have to wear long sleeved shirts, long trousers, socks and light coloured clothes in the dark. This because dark coloured clothes attract the mosquitoes. We also have to sleep under treated mosquito nets and drain stagnant water since the mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water. Cutting the grass short also helps to keep the mosquitoes away from our environment.


41. Malaria is transmitted by a mosquito known as ______________

42. Which action keeps mosquitoes away? ______________

43. State two symptoms of a person suffering from malaria ________

44. Which clothes attract mosquitoes anopheles? _______________

45. Where do anopheles mosquitoes lay their eggs? ____________________


Rashid has two sisters and one brother. Their names are Mariam and Asha. His brother’s name is Yusufu. They all go to Maweni Primary School which is in Kigoma. Rashid is in standard four. He can speak English and Kiswahili very well. Mariam and Asha are in standard two. They can only speak Kiswahili well. Yusufu who is in standard one can also speak Kiswahili well.






Time: 1:30 Hours. 25th May, 2023.


  1. This paper consists of sections A, B. C and D with a total of forty five (45) questions.
  2. Answer all questions in each section.
  3. Read all the instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR).
  4. Fill in all the needed information in the OMR form.
  5. Shade the digits of your Examination Number in the respective places of the OMR form.
  6. Shade the letter of the correct answer for question 1 to 40 in the answer sheet provided, for example, if the correct answer is A. shade as follows:
  1. If you have to change your answer, you must use a clean rubber to rub out the shading neatly before shading the new one.
  2. Use HB pencil for answering question 1 to 40 and a blue or black ink pen for question 41 to 45.
  3. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room form.
  4. Shade the letter of the correct answer for question I to 40 in the answer sheet provided,

SECTION A: (35 Marks)

Listen attentively to the passage read by the invigilator and then answer the question that follow by shading the letter of the correct answer in the special answer sheet (OMR) provided.


1. How many frogs were in the story you have listened? 

A. three B. two C. four D. six E. one

2. What did the frogs see inside the pot?

A. water B. milk C. butter D. frogs E. cream

3. What did the cream become?

A. swimming pool B. sweet a ball of butter D. water E. frogs

4. Who was brave and clever according to the story you have listened to?

A. a pot B. a big frog C. a ball of butter D. a little frog E. an ice cream

5. What do you learn from this story?

A never give up B. be lazy C. we should swim in the pot D. every pot has butter E. we have to give up easily

Choose the letter of the correct word that complete the sentences by shading the letter ofthe correct answer in the answer sheet (OMR) provided.

6. Usually the wind  . . . . . . . . . . . . . swiftly in the morning.

A. blowing B. blow C. blows D. blew E. blown

7. Asha, Tuma and Juma . . . . . . . . . . . . . their homework now.

A. do B. are doing C. does D. have done E. is doing

8. They have already  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  the milk.

A. drink B. drinks C. drank D. drunk E. drinking

9. Hello Edgar, did you  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  a new bicycle last month?

A. buy B. bought C. buys B. buying E. will buy

10. The pineapples were . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mr. Machacha.

A. steal B. stealing C. stolen D. stole E. steals 

ll . She will . . . . . . . . . . . . .  a letter the day after today.

A. have writing B. had written C. have written D. have write E. has writing

12. Standard seven pupils . . . . . . . . . . . . .  going to sit for the national examination in September this year.

A. will B. is C. were D. have E. are

13. While I was watching the TV last night, my mother . . . . . . . . . . . . .  in the kitchen. 

A. are cooking B. was cooking C. is'cooking D. we're cooking E. cooking

14. . . . . . . . . . . . . .  you study hard, you will not pass your exams.

A. If B. Unless C. Because D. Instead of E. Since

15. This is my uncle  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  child is very sick.

A. whom B. which C. who D. where E. whose

16. He has been living with us here . . . . . . . . . . . . .  twelve years.

A. for B. since C. at D.by E. with

17. I decided to go to school  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  being seriously sick.

A. but B. in spite C. despitb D. although E. even

18. No sooner had we entered the house . . . . . . . . . . . . . it started raining.

A. when B. than e. and D. but E. due to

19. We never speak English at home, . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?

A. don't we B. can we C. can't we D. do we E. shall we

20. Mr. Obed is one of the most careful drivers in our street. The italicized word is the:

A. noun B. adverb  C. conjunction D. pronoun E. adjective

21. When I was in my bedroom. I saw a rat on my mattress. Suddenly the cat got in and jumped quickly . . . . . . . . . . . . .  the mattress where the eat was.

A. into B. on C. in D. onto E. through

22. The cheetah is  . . . . . . . . . . . . . animal in the jungle.

A. fasteF B. fast C. fastest D. the fastest E. faster than

23. Miss Jenipher has accidentally cut . . . . . . . . . . . . . with a knife.

A. himself B. herself C. themselves D. itself E. yourself

24. Everyone likes her because she always speaks . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

A. louder B. loud C. loudest D. loudly E. more loud

25. What is the passive voice of the following sentence: "We have seen the butterfly"?

A. The butterfly has seen us B. The butterfly can see you C. We have been seen by the butterfly The butterfly has been seen by us E. The butterfly saw us.

26. The post-independence African countries are still experiencing political instabilities. In the above underlined word which prefix means "after"?

A. post- B. in- C. depend D. -ence E. -nce

27, Maria and Martha normally prefer drinking tea coffee. 

A. than B. over C. to D. with E. too

1 28. Halima said, "My parents are living in Arusha". Change this sentence into a reported Speech.

  1. Halima said that her parents live in Arusha
  2. Halima said that her parents were living in Arusha
  3. Halima said that her parents will live in Arusha
  4. Halima said that her parents had been living in Arusha
  5. Halima said that her parents are living in Arusha

29. If I were you,  . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

A. I will enjoy my vacation B. I would enjoy my vacation C. I enjoyed my vacation D. would have enjoyed my vacation E. I enjoy my vacation

30. It is reported that about 100 people die . . . . . . . . . . . . . hunger in Sudan annually.

A. by B. from C. with D. for E. of

SECTION B: (05 Marks)

Choose the letter of the most correct answer from the given alternatives by shading the letter of the correct answer in the answer sheet (OMR) provided

31. Which Sea did you see when you went to Asia? The bolded words are:

A. homographs B. homonyms C. homophones D. synonyms E. antonyms

32. Mwikwabe has toothache, therefore I have advised him to visit the:

A. pharmacist B. chemist C. ocularist D. carpenter E. dentist

33. When we entered the hotel, the waiter brought us the  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  which is the list of available food items and their prices.

A. timetable B. menu C. register D. diet E. nutrition

34. The monkey chatters . . . . . . . . . . . . .  as the hisses.

A. snake B.hyena C. pig D. lioness E. sheep

35.I killed only one mouse. but the other four left me and ran away into their holes.

A. mice B. mouses C- mouse's D- mices E. mince

SECTION C: (05 Marks)

This section has five (5) mixed sentences in 36 - 40. Arrange the sentences so as to make a meaningful composition by giving them letters A — E. Shade the letter of the correct answer in the special answer sheet (OMR) provided.

36.He kicked me angrily and broke my left hand

37. l forgot what he had sent me and bought salt and kerosene

38. One day my father sent me to the shop to buy sugar and cooking oil

39. Lastly, he took me to the hospital where I was admitted for two weeks

40. I cried sadly that day due to unexplainable pains I got,

SECTION D: (10 Marks)

Read the following passage caretülly and then answer the questions 41 to 45 by writing the correc answer in the blanks provided in the spcial answer sheet (OMR), Use blue or black ink pen.

Tanzania is the the largest country in East Africa. It has three big islands namely Unguja, Pemba and Mafia. It is located south of the equator. Tanzania is bordered by the Indian ocean and eight countries which are Kenya. Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Congo DR. This beautiful country is the honne to Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest mountain in Africa with the height of 5895 meters above the sea level. Also, three of the largest lakes of the continent are tound in Tanzania. These lakCs are Victoria, Tanganyika and Nyasa. Furthermore, the famous National : Parks such as Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Mikumi and Maoyara are found in this beautiful country.


41. Which country is described in this passage?

42. Which is the highest mountain is the author talking about?

43. How many big islands that are found in Tanzania according to this passage?

44. From the passage above which ocean borders Tanzania?

45. Suggest the suitable title of the passage you have read.






TIME: 1:30 HRS 


1. This paper consists of forty five (45) questions 

2. Answer all the questions 

3. Read all the given instructions in each section 

4. Write your Name, Examination number and the name of your school in the answer sheet provided 

5. Use HB pencil only 

6. Cellular phones are not allowed in the examination room 


Listen attentively the passage then answer question 1 – 5 by selecting the correct letter and shade in the answer sheet provided

1. The famous museum which is found in Ruvuma is called__________

(A) Maumau (B) Majimaji (C) Historical (D) Colonialist (E) Songea [     ]

2. The __________colonialist used to hang African chiefs in Majimaji war.

(A) British (B) France (C) German (D) Canadian (E) Italian [     ]

3. Some of the African chiefs who were hanged were ___________

(A) Mbano and Mkwawa (B) Mkwawa and Mputa (C) Chabruma and Mkwawa (D) Mbano and Mputa (E) Sina and Mputa [     ]

4. The African chiefs fought against__________

(A) exploitation (B) racialism (C) slavery (D) historical (E) socialism [     ]

5. On which date and month do we remember the Majimaji fighters?

(A) 2nd February (B) 7th February (C) 27th February (D) 25th February (E) 27th January [     ]

6. Although they are tired, the pupils ______________in the garden at present

(A) is working (B) were working (C) are working (D) work (E) working [     ]

7. My uncle told me that the window ____________is painted blue is broken.

(A) who (B) which (C) whose (D) whom (E) where [     ]

8. Pupils always __________playing different games at school

(A) liked (B) likes (C) like (D) liking (E) is like [     ]

9. Hellen was very greedy that was why she drank all the milk___________

(A) himself (B) itself (C) herself (D) myself (E) yourself [     ]

10. How could the sentence “she plays netball” be in simple past tense?

(A) she is playing netball (B) she played netball (C) she play netball (D) she was playing netball (E) she will play netball [     ]

11. The food which we are eating is very delicious ___________?

(A) doesn’t it (B) is it (C) are we (D) isn’t it (E) does it [     ]

12. I need some salt but there is nothing in the tin, is there__________

(A) some (B) few (C) little (D) any (E) many [     ]

13. We enjoyed having the visitors but they_____________for England few hours ago.

(A) leave (B) left (C) leaves (D) leaving (E) are leaving [     ]

14. ___________you study very hard, you will pass your examination

(A) unless (B) if (C) although (D) despite (E) inspite of [     ]

15. When we were playing Mwajuma told us that she switched____________the electricity and went to sleep (A) of (B) on (C) off (D) out (E) in [     ]

16. My friend told me that he prefers rice_____________Ugali.

(A) for (B) to (C) at (D) of (E) on [     ]

17. That is Alex’s pen. It belongs to him. It is __________

(A) him (B) her (C) his (D) he (E) hers [     ]

18. I like to go to school everyday because there is a good library which is __________from yours.

(A) differ (B) different (C) difference (D) so (E) for [     ]

Next year my brother will be___________to Canada

(A) travel (B) travelled (C) travels (D) travelling (E) has travel [     ]

20. Which is the suffix of the word “uncomfortable?

(A) un (B) comfort (C) able (D) table (E) uncomfort [     ]

21. On Monday I was not happy because I felt the sun was smiling at me. Which figure of speech is the underlined words?

(A) personification (B) metaphor (C) hyperbole (D) simile (E) idiom [     ]

22. Always our teacher teaches us that the sun __________in the East and sets in the west.

(A) rises (B) rose (C) risen (D) rise (E) rising [     ]

23. The class had many girls but Sharifa is the _____________girl in our class.

(A) clever (B) cleverer (C) clevest (D) most clever (E) cleverest [     ]

24. The hall is swept by the pupils everyday. Write active voice of this sentence.

(A) pupils sweeps the hall everyday (B) the pupils are sweeping the hall (C) the pupils is sweeping the hall (D) the pupils sweep the hall everyday (E) the pupils swept the hall everyday [     ]

25. A list of topics in the text book is famously known as___________

(A) menu (B) content (C) moment (D) venue (E) dairy [     ]

26. The word “bank” is a ___________because it has multiple meaning.

(A) homophone (B) homograph (C) homonym (D) antonym (E) borrowing [     ]

27. There are many types of parts of speech. The parts of speech that describes verb is _________

(A) noun (B) adjective (C) adverb (D) pronoun (E) preposition [     ]

28. The lion which killed our goat walked quietly to the goat shed. The word quietly means_______

(A) slowly (B) carefully (C) quickly (D) silently (E) arrogantly [     ]

29. What is he collective noun of “Gold, Diamond and Tanzanite?

(A) liquid (B) minerals (C) chemicals (D) mountains (E) items [     ]

30. Kyando has bought a new lorry ___________his ten buses

(A) among (B) beside (C) along (D) beween (E) besides [     ]

31. Which way has been used to for the word “Motel” ___________

(A) compounding (B) homophone (C) acronym (D) blending (E) coining [     ]

32. Hassan put twenty___________of petrol in his car.

(A) centimetres (B) grams (C) litres (D) kilos (E) milligrams [     ]

33. Joseph sent his daughter at Tabora _________secondary school

(A) girls (B) girls’ (C) girl’s (D) girl (E) girls’s [     ]

34. Amina said “My mother is not very well”. The reported speech will be_________

(A) Amina said my mother is not very well (B) Amina said that her mother is not very well (C) Amina said that her mother was not very well (D) Amina said that her mother is not very well (E) Amina said that my mother was not very well [     ]

35. A fly is an insect. The plural form of the sentence is __________(A) fly are insects

(B) insects are fly (C) flies is insects (D) flies are insects (E) a fly are insects [     ]


Re arrange the sentences below by giving letters A – E .

36. While in Selous they wrote about what they had seen there [     ]

37. When they returned at Maweni, they told their friends about their enjoyable trip [     ]

38. Kibwana and his friends were excited about the trip to selous [     ]

39. In their tour they saw a lot of animals [     ]

40. Kibwana and his friends were in standard seven at Maweni Primary School [     ]


Read the passage then answer its questions 41 – 45 

In our village there was a man with his two children. Their names were Kiary who was a boy of ten years old and his sister Juli was two years younger than him. One day when their father was working in the farm, Kiary and Juli stole nine hundred shillings from their father’s bag. When their father came back, he met them eating chips and sweets. He asked them where they got the money from. They kept quite, he was very worried. He started checking his bag and discovered that his money was stolen but they refused to say anything.


41. What did they buy with the money?


42. Juli’s father had kept the money in his _____________________________________________

43. How old was Juli? ______________________________________________________________

44. The name of Juli’s brother was ___________________________________________________

45. Where was their father when they stole the money?




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