TIME: 1:30 HRS

This paper has sections and containing a total of 45 questions

Answer all the questions in each section using a blue or black ink pen.


1. National economic communities serve as a major development tool for member state. Which is the largest among the following? 

A. EAC B: SADC C: ECOWAS D: UN E: EU [       ]

2. Orphans, vulnerable children, people with disabilities and the elderly. What are these groups.

A. groups of entrepreneurs B: group of needy C: legal groupsD: groups of non-need E: groups of exiles [       ]

3. A senior who is elected to the first council meeting in the city council after the general election is called: 

A. District commissioner B: Mayor C: Senior councilor D: Council’s [       ]

4. In the Tanzania flag, the middle colour represent which resource: 

A. Natural vegetation B: Minerals C: Water D: Water E:People [       ]

5. One among the following has the responsibility of managing attendance of pupils in daily basis:

A: Class teacher B: head teacher C: Academic teacher D: Discipline teacher E: Sport and game teacher [       ]

6. The legislature is the legislative body and begins to function after is has been signed by:

A: Speaker of parliament B: Chief justice C: President D: judge leader E: deputy speake [       ]

7. Alex was born in Tanzania, His father is a haya and his motheris a Sukuma in tribe. Which type of citizenship Alex has? 

A: Inherited citizenship B: temporary citizenship C: Dual citizenship D: Citizenship bybirth ECitizenship by registration [       ]

8. Living things and non-living things all together they form: 

A: Culture B. TechnologyC: environment D: Forest E: Ozone [       ]

9. Culture is the one of the criteria used to identify society. “Ugobogobo” drms played by the community of: 

A: Waha B: Sukuma C: Kurya D:Haya E: Ukerewe [       ]

10. The teacher of civic and moral education gave the standard three pupils assignment to draw national symbol that has the motto of freedom and unity. What is that symbol? 

A: National flag B: National anthem C: National torch D: Coat of arms E: President Flag [       ]

11. Involving their children in decision making in family matters, this is the rule of ………… 

A: A better familyB: the best of the country C: best of the village D: the best of the clan E: the best of the tribe [       ]

12. One criterion for multiparty elections, political tolerance is the basis of democracy for a reason……… 

A: People get victory without campaigning B: To silence the losers of the election C: Mutual understanding on opposing sides D: To please the donors E: To advertising the country [       ]

13. Said has a habit of arquing with his classmates, what advice will you giving him to get rid of that habit: 

A: Engaging pupils to forbidding him B: to isolate him C: To repot him to teachers D: to report him to his parent E: To dismiss from school [       ]

14. Mboni decided to develop a work plan for a successful his plan grew with the following components; goals, time needs …………evaluation. 

A: Analysis B: information C: draft D: harambee E: Implementation [       ]

15. The following is an appropriate way to protect public resources: 

A: To prevent them from being used at all B: To give them education on how to preserve the resources C: Sell them to foreigners D: Leader to use them as he pleases E: Distribute them to citizens [       ]

16. Samora and her mother live in a tree house due to his negligence he set fire to their house, in an attempt to save himself he ran outside with a burning body, what device will be used to put out he fire in his body: 

A: sand B: water C: blanket D: fire extinguisher E: hammorcks [       ]

17. Ms Nyange is among those who prepare and approve the school development plan and its implementation strategies. Who are they: 

A: School committee B: parents meeting C: Ward development committee D: Headteacher E: A school academic committee [       ]

18. What techniques are used to place community emphasis on sustainable agriculture that does not damage the environment? 

A: Using wood and oil B: Using gas and charcoal C: Using gas and oil D: Using charcoal and oil E: Using gas and residual charcoal [       ]

19. After the general election and the announcement of the presidential results, the president is sworn in by …………in accordance with the Tanzanian constitution. 

A: lawyer B: chief justice C: attorney general D: Secretary General E: religious leader [       ]

20. Any country is the world is governed by a constitution, the united republic of Tanzania is governed by the constitution of the year……… 

A: 1992 B: 1995 C: 1985 D. 1977 E. 1961 [       ]

21. The United Nations agency whose that deals with law and better working environment is known as:- ____ 


22. The sixth president of the United Republic of Tanzania came to power through _______after the death of predecessor 

A: revolution B: inheritance C. Constitution D. election E. Nominee [       ]

23. Factors that provoke conflict in the society include outdated traditions. Which of the following traditions lead to land disputes? 

A: Early marriage B: female genital mutilation C: Exploitation of widows properties D: inheritance of widows E: killing of the witches [       ]

24. The freedom torch in Tanzania is lit every year, one of its goal is 

A. instant launches B. football competitions C. Launch of development projects D. defending the interest of leader’s E. Arresting criminals [       ]

25. The Tanzanian leader who enabled the Nation to reach the middle income economy class was called:- 

A: Joh P. Magufuli B: Jakaya M. KikweteC: Julius K. Nyerere D: Samia S. Hassan E: Benjamin W. Mkapa [       ]

26. Muganyizi has a habit ofa eating greedily, if he hears someone knocking the door, he hides food. Muganyizi has a habit of _____

A: traitor B: selfish C: stubborn D: generous E: greedy [       ]

27. the following are among the effects of arbitrary constitution with regard to urban planning 

A: simplify waste collection B: access to better infrastructure C: contribution to water sources pollution D: simplifying patient care E: to get fresh air [       ]

28. One day Manyama went to school when he arrived he was stunned after realizing the National flag fluttering half a mast. What caused the flag to flatter half a mast? _________

A: mourning the National leader B: mourning the member of the parliament C: mourning the lawyer D: to celebrate the birthday of the farther of the Nation E: to celebrate the Union day [       ]

29. Maria went to visit her aunt, on the way she was given travel assistance by a man she did not know. What do you think could happen to her?___

A: declining integrity B: social isolation C: Cooperating with others good luck D: getting a sexual assault E: Early arrival [       ]

30. What should be done by pupils to cross the road without risking their life? 

A: using an area with bumps on the road B: using zebra shaped area to cross the road C: stopping cars by waving D: pressing the traffic light button E: running quickly while crossing the road [       ]

31. The following are the habits of a disciplined pupil except: 

A: keeping the books neat B: greeting both, the elders and the young’s C. Cooperating with others D: fighting when intimidated E: always speaking the truth [       ]

32. A democratic institution gives the people of his community the freedom to choose their leads . What shows that Umoja School has democracy? 

A. Many pupils B. Many School prefects C. Many buildings D. Many teachers. D. Time fot break [       ]

33. The end result of cheating in examinations is ____ 

A: preparation of skilled workers B: preparation of diligent workers C: preparation of unqualified workers D: to get professional workers E: preparation of many patriotic students [       ]

34. An institute which is responsible for coordinating and announcing the results of the General election of the President, MPs and Councilors is ____

A: The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties B: Commission of Ethics C: The National Prosecution Commission D: The National Electoral Commission E: The Presidency, MPs and Councilor Election Committee [       ]

35. Employing children of less than 18 years of age is ______

A: to provide them with financial opportunities B: to deny them of their basic rights C: to impart to them knowledge and skills of labour D: to prepare them to become responsible adul E: to enable them to buy their necessities [       ]

36. The following are the criteria for a Tanzanian to qualify as a voter in the general Election of the President, Member of Parliaments and Councilors EXCEPT _______

A: 18 years of age and above B: mental fitness C: Tanzanian D: ability to read and write E: enrolled in the permanent voters register [       ]

37. Good relations in society bring peace and stability. Which of the following best describe relationships between people of different cultures_____?

A: greetings B: dressing codes C: types of food D: use of language E: economic activities [       ]

38. The highest leader at a village Local Government is the :- ________

A. Council B. Ward Executive Officer C. Village Executive Officer D. Village Chair PersonE. Division Officer [       ]

39. Tanzania is a member of the following international organization except 

A: EAC B: UN C: SADC D: ECOWAS E: AU [       ]

40. Division of labour in any society is important because it helps _____ 

A: to identify the lazy B: to increase exploitation C: to simplify work D: to identify hard workers E: to decrease cooperation [       ]


41. The head of Fire and Rescue team is called. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

42. Name two incidents which can cause the national flag of Tanzania to flutter half Mast. 

i. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

ii. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

43. There are two types of goals, what are they? 

i.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

ii.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

44. Mention two roles of the Ward Education Officer. 

i. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

ii.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

45. Efficiency, accountability, democracy and integrity altogether they build. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 







Time: 1:30 Hours. 25 th May, 2023.


  1. This paper consists of sections A, and B with a total of forty-five (45) questions.
  2. Answer all questions in each section.
  3. Read all the instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR).
  4. Fill in all the needed information in the OMR form.
  5. Shade the digits of your Examination Number in the respective places of the OMR form.
  6. Shade the letter of the correct answer for question I to 40 in the answer sheet provided, for example, if the correct answer is A, shade as follows:

  1. If you have to change your answer, you must use a clean rubber to rub out the shading neatly before shading the new one.
  2. Use HB pencil for answering question 1 to 40 and a blue or black ink pen for question 41 to 45.
  3. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.

SECTION A: (40 Marks)

From question number 1-40 choose the best answer it in the special answer sheet (OMR) provided.

l . People with special needs feel good and confident when they are loved and velued in the community. Which acts among the following should be avoided vvhie serving needy people. 

A. Giving them good health. care B. Segregating them in leadership positions C. Assisting them in legal matters D. Electing them in different leadership$,ositions. E. Giving them equal job opportunities.

2. The parliamentary system are chaired by the speaker or deputy speaker. Who chairs the parliamentary meetings In case the speaker and deputy speaker are absent?

A. Prime minister B. clerk of the parliament. C. Chairperson of the parliament D. Attorney general E. Chief justice.

3. Mr. Manase's cock crows at the same time when our national flag is hoisted every day. At what time does the cock crow?

A. 6:00 am B. 12:00pm. C. D: 5:30 am E. 12:00a.m

4. Ibrahim dreams to be a leader in our ward. At the moment is 15 years old after how many years Will he qualify to contest for the councilor's seat? 

A. Seven years B. Three years C. Six years D. Nine years E. Eighteen years

5. Boby is an immigrant in our country who intends to apply Tanzanian citizenship. What qualification must he have to become a Tanzanian citizen? 

A. He must be a member of rolling party B. He must be of age 21 and above C. He must marry a Tanzanian lady D. He must be able to speak English and Kiswahili E. He should not have any criminal record

6. There are some numbers which can be dialed for assistance whether the phone is locked or doesn't have voucher or air time. Which emergency number can you dial In case of a fire accident'?

A.110 B. 114. C.077. D. 113 E. 111

7. Corruption is among the things which cause underdevelopment in a country. How do you call a crime that deliberately damage things especially public properties? 

A. Nepotism B. Theft. C. Vandalism D. Endure E. Managing.

8. Counselling is a professional advice Given to a person facing challenges in his her life. What is the name given to a person who counsels? 

A. Counselee. B. Counselor C. Council D. Specialist E. Adult

9. Ward develop lent committee (WDC) performs several duties including panning ror ward developrnent. Who is chair person of the ward development committee'? 

A. Viiiage executive officer B. Executive officer. D. Ward councilor D. District commissioner E. District Executive Director

10. Why is the govermnent of the united republic Tanzania restrict drugs abuse?

A. It promote patriotism and tourism. accelerates the health of man power and terrorism C. it strengthens hea1th education to workers endangers the health of the youth and loss of man power E. it increases the rate of interaction with countries.

I l . Appointment of Majaliwa Kassimu Majaiiwa was done by the president of the united republic of Tanzania. Which organ approved his appointment the following? 

A. The executive. B. The judiciary. C. the full council. D. the attorney general. E. the parliament

12. Class five pupils were assigned in a group of five to list the political parties found in Tanzania, Which among the following is not a set of Tanzanian political parties?


13. Mrs. Macha works in the court of appeal of Tanzania, She is the top most leader of that court what could her position be? 

A. magistrate B. Chief justice. C. Attorney general. D. Advocate. E. Speaker of the parliament

14. The fire and rescue education enables people to manage fire hazards in their environment. When was the fire and rescue force established in Tanzania?

A. 1975. B. 1993. C. 1964. D.20()7. E.20()5.

15. 15.Madam Jenipher Mongi is the district commissioner at Korogwe district who assumes power in her absence'? 

A. District Executive Director. B Mayor C. District Administrative Secretary. D Korogwe constituency member of parliament. E. Councilor

16. The Tanzanian president addressed the Nation at 12:00 noon on first May 2.021 on a certain celebration of an international day? Which international day was? 

A. Revolution Cay B. peasants day C. African's child day D. Women's day. E. worker's day

1 7. Which UN agency deals with education science and cultural heritage? .


1 8. A member of parliament is elected after every five years in general elections. The Administrative area represented by a member of parliament is known as a

A. parliament. B. ward C Constitution D. headquarters E. Constituency

19. The current constitution of Tanzania was adopted in 1977. When did Tanzania introduce multiparty system

A. 1992 B. 1995. D. 1999. E. 1993

20. Chicco is the top political leader at ward level. What title does he posses? 

A,VEO. B. ward executive officer C. ward councilor D. ward head E. ward development committee.

21. Environmental degradation is caused by different human activities such as burning of the forest. What should be done to solve the problem? 

A. To use charcoal as the source of energy provide environmental conservation education C .To wake up early in the morning. D. Cutting down all trees E. stop planting trees

22. Glory is a pupil who arrives at school early every day. What kind of character is portrayed by Glory? 

A. She is fearing is punishment. B. she likes to be praised. C. she is a Truant. D. she is escaping home duties. E. she obeys school rules and likes learning.

23. Amina always spits when she sees a HIV/ AIDS victim. Which immoral behavior does she depict? 

A. stigmatization B. Selfishness. C. racism D. Hypocrisy. EEO Jealous

24. Challenges are difficult things that we face in our daily life. What are you supposed to do when you face a challenge. 

A. Become angry B. Hate life C. Find alternative way of solving it D. give up. E. commit suicide

25. John was born in Kenya but his parents are Tanzanians. Which type of citizenship John be granted? 

A. citizenship by birth B. citizenship by registration. C. citizenship by descent. D. citizenship by migration. E. citizenship by birth and registration.

26. Tanzania has different national symbols where by each symbol has a specific function and meaning. Which of the following national symbol shows that an asset or property is owned by the government of Tanzania? 

A. National currency B. Presidential flag C. National anthem. D. national language E. coat of arms

27. The school committee is made up of nine members. Who has the responsibility of writing minutes of the committee?

A. Chair person. B. Parents. C. Head teacher. D. The school owner E. Academic teacher

28. Kassim is a thief but pretend to be good when he meets his friends and condemns those with such behavior. Which word describes his character?

A. Hypocrisy B. Betrayal C. confidence D. Accountability. E. Transparency

29. I have been appointed by the president of the United Republic of Tanzania, to represent her in Simmyu region and to all activities in the region. Who am I? 

A. Speaker B. Regional commissioner C. District commissioner. D. Regional Administrative Secretary. E. Regional consultative committee.

30. Ezekiel Mwendwa is the head of full council in Mwanza City. He was elected in the first council meeting. Which position does he hold?

A. City director B. Councilor C. City Manager D. Mayor E. City councilor.

31 . The slogan of the fourth term president was "Ari mpya, Nguvu mpya na Kasi mpya". What is the slogan of the current president? 

A. Kilimokwanza. B. Maisha Bora Kwa Kila mtanzania C. Kazi iendelee. D.Hapa Kazi tu E. Ajira Kwa wote.

32. Mr. Mwachale said that, Farida is the pupil who has a sense of true love and feelings for her country and she is ready to die for it no matter what. How can we describe Farida's character?

A. patriolism B. Nationality. C. Citizenship. D. Tolerance E. Responsibility

33. A leader is a person who leads and directs others. Which among the following are qualities of a good leader? 

A. Rich and selfish B. Accountable and transparent. C. Poor and jealous D. Transparent and hypocrite E. Rich and thief

34 The Tanzanian parliament is found in Dodoma region. Who has the mandate or power to dissolve the parliament in Tanzania? 

A The speaker B. The prime minister. C. The permanent secretary of the parliament. D. The president E. The minister of health

35. Why is the government of United republic of Tanzania condemn some outdated traditions and customs like female genital mutilation and Early macriages?

A. Source of family income and poverty B. Spread of diseases and Early pregnancies C. Strengthen unit and solidarity D. Source of tourism E. Enable family to have a family pian

36. Rashid was amazed to see the national flag is hoisted at half mast. Incase you were with Rashid what answer could you give him? mourn the dealth of a national leader commemorate the death of a national leader C. To celebrate the birthday of a national leader. mark the country's national festivals celebrate the independence day

37. How can you help Rehema to this Civic and Moral statement, "Thé biological differences between male and Female". 

A. Gender B. Sex. C. Socialization D. Hypocrisy. E. Reproduce

38. Riziki was told about the importance of cooperating with others in performing domestic and school responsibilities. Which among the following are domestic and school responsibilities?

A. sweeping and playing games B. watering the garden and being a leader C. mopping and watering the garden D. voting and mopping. E. sleeping and playing.

39. Sarun's father was appointed by president Samia Suluhu Hassan to represent Tanzania in Japan in matters concerning diplomacy. Whom do you think is Saran's father?

. an ambassador B. lecturer C. foreign affairs Minister D.high commissioner. E. internal affairs minister

40. Tanzania recently held the 2022 housing and population census. Who was the commissioner of the census?

A. Dr. Samia Suluhu Hassan. B. Dr. Albina Chuwa C. Hon. Anna Makinda D. Hon. Asha Rose Migiro E. Hon Majaliwa Kassimu Majaliwa.


For the questions 41 to 45 answer by writing the correct answer in the blanks provided in the special answer sheet (OMR). Use blue or black ink pen

41 The book that contains rules, laws and principles to govern a country is known as

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

42. What is the role of the Attorney general in the cabinet of Tanzania?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

43. Mention two importances of reproductive health education to the youth especially who are at school

  1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


44. Juma was caught steeling chicken in our street and was taken to court. Which court was involved in hearing his case?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


45. Globalization has positive and negative effects. The parliament, religious institutions, gender desk and media are strictly condemn those deeds which are shame to our community. Mention them.

  1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .







TIME: 1:30 HRS


1. This paper consists of forty five (45) questions 2. Answer all the questions 3. Read all the given instructions in each section

4. Write your Name, Examination number and the name of your school in the answer sheet provided

5. Use HB pencil only

6. Cellular phones are not allowed in the examination room


1.Tanzania is among the country which is ruling through observing democratic principles; which one of the following is the main objectives of re-introduction of multiparty system in Tanzania?

(A) Maintain disunit (B) strengthen peace among the people (C) develop misunderstanding (D) strengthen democrary (E) increase classes [     ]

2. Friendship is a healthy relationship between one person and the other. Which of the following acts may destroy the relationship with others? (A) donating things (B) sports union (C) diseganging with others (D) participating socially (E) discussing together [     ]

3. On which date do the women in the world celebrate the women’s day?

(A) 24th February (B) 8th March (C) 6 th March (D) 7 th March (E) 9 th March [     ]

4. A school motto prescribes what a school entails to promote among scholars of a pacticular school. Which of the mentioned is not an example of a school motto?

(A) education for a brighter future (B) education is light (C) education is key to success (D) education is the door to the future (E) education is a foundation of richness [     ]

5. Which is not a true explanation about the United Republic of Tanzania?

(A) it’s an independent country which does not need friendship with other countries

(B) it’s a democratic country (C) it follows and observes rule of law

(D) it is a free country with free people (E) it is a member of different regional cooperation [   ]

6. We live with various people in our community and our families. The following are groups of people who need special care and considerations except_________ 

(A) elders (B) pregnant women (C) drunkard people (D) blind people (E) deaf people [     ]

7. Kobelo is the leader of Magila ward who won the election in 2020, also became the chairperson of different committee at the ward and therefore, he is expected to be voted again after five years because of his good leadership. The title of Kobelo might be the____

(A) head officer (B) village executive officer (C) ward executive officer (D) ward tribunal officer (E) ward councillor [     ]

8. A Civic and Moral teacher asked his class six pupils to present the characteristics of a good school. Which among the following was not among the characteristics of a good school?

(A) pupils and teachers are smart always (B) both teachers and pupils fulfil their responsibilities (C) there is a conflict always with parents because of school fees (D) both teachers and pupils cooperate together (E) parents and teachers cooperate in rising performance of the school [     ]

9. The responsibility of maintaining national security in Tanzania is the task of every citizen, but there are special agency for defence and security in the United Republic of Tanzania. Which one is not an agencies of security and defense? 

(A) Tanzania fire and rescue force (B) Tanzania people’s defence force (C) Tanzania Judicial system (D) Tanzania Intelligence and security service (E) Police force [     ]

10. Naomi is a class five pupil who always volunteers to do a lot of work at school and home. Which among the following can be the work that she always volunteers to do inside the class?

(A) arranging tables or desks (B) giving teachers gifts (C) washing utensils (D) sleeping when teachers are absent (E) being quiet in the class [     ] 

11. The cabinet of our United Republic of Tanzania is made up of the highest officials of the executive branch. Which leader is not a member of the cabinet among the following?

(A) President of the United Republic of Tanzania (B) Prime minister (C) Chief justice (D) Attorney general (E) President of Zanzibar [     ] 

12. Reduction of street children and moral decay in Tanzania can only be successfull if__________

(A) there is economic growth (B) people live confortable life (C) the government uses force (D) the families are stable (E) education is given to all [     ] 

13. The public instrument which shows the distribution of the public power and limits is the______

(A) constitution (B) political party (C) mass media (D) the president (E) parliament [     ] 

14. _____________is a member of Tanzania National Assembly by his/her virtue and tittle. 

(A) The president (B) Prime Minister (C) Speaker (D) Attorney General (E) Chief Justice [     ] 

15. Madam Joketi Mwegelo, the district commissioner of Korogwe District, was absent in her office for five days. You as among pupils understanding protocols of leaderdship. Who will serve her position for those five days? 

(A) District executive director (B) principal mayor (C) district member of parliament (D) distict administrative secretary (E) councillor [     ] 

16. According to the law of Tanzania, posting erotic materials is a crime. The act which deals with this crime was enacted by the parliament of Tanzania in the year___________

(A) 2007 (B) 2020 (C) 2005 (D) 2015 (E) 2016 [     ]

17. Which among the following is the main responsibility of Mr. Malema Lukindo the headteacher of Gereza Primary School? (A) preparing the school timetable (B) preparing teachers’ duty book

(C) giving punishment to workers (D) chairing school committee meetings (E) supervision of school daily routine [     ]

18. Which of the following is NOT an environmental friendly action?

(A) turning waste materials into use (B) fishing using nets with big holes (C) proper waste disposal (D) contour ploughing across the slopes (E) destocking [     ]

19. Which countries have the veto power in the United Nations security council?

(A) China, German, Britain, France and Italy (B) France, United states, Russia, China and Britain (C) Portugal, Spain, China, Russia and United States (D) Italy, Dernmark, South Africa, German and Belgium (E) Netherland, United states, Brazinl, Britain and France [     ]

20. The Non-Governmental organization that works to address the challenges facing education system in Tanzania is reffered to as___________ 

(A) TAMWA (B) BASATA (C) BAKITA (D) HAKI ELIMU (E) Ministry of Education [     ]

21. Who is responsible for preparing the parliamentary schedules and sessions?

(A) speaker of the parliament (B) chief justice (C) chairperson of the parliament (D) clerk of the parliament (E) Attorney General [     ]

22. Which message does a Zebra crossing communicate to the motorists?

(A) there may be other vehicles crossing or waiting to cross the road (B) there may be pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road (C) to reduce speed because there is a railway crosing the road (D) to reduce speed becuse there is a game reserve ahead (E) there may be traffic police monitoring speed limit [     ]

23. In which year was the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) established?

(A) 1996 (B) 1989 (C) 2005 (D) 1995 (E) 2001 [     ]

24. A person who is honest and reliable and the one who can be trusted by others is known as__

(A) hypocrite (B) trustworthy person (C) unethical person (D) resilient person (E) betrayer [     ]

25. In which situation is the National flag of Tanzania hoisted at half-mast?

(A) during the visit of leaders from other countries (B) when the president declares a state f emergence (C) in the event of a national disaster or sorrowful event (D) national heroes anniversaries (E) when the president is out of the country [     ]

26. The style of learning that aims at building pupils ability to relate what he/he has learnt in the class to reality is known as___________

(A) analytical learning (B) rote learning (C) progressive learning (D) speed learning (E) memorization of facts [     ]

27. The valuable things that can be used to generate wealth and income to the nation are known as____

(A) national symbols (B) national resources (C) national values (D) raw materials (E) national prestige [     ]

28. The aim or intentions which are planned to be attained within a certain period of time are termed as____

(A) plans (B) strategies (C) missions (D) challenges (E) goals [     ]

29. Nandala has found out that his friend Kinumbo is engaging in drug abuse and drug trafficking. Which of the following would be a right action for Mandala to take?

(A) staging away from him (B) taking him to police (C) punishing him (D) taking him for guidance and counselling (E) joining him in drug abuse [     ]

30. Pupils at Sambweni Primary School used to address their opinions and problems through the use of suggestion boxes which are fixed in all of their classes. What is the importance of having suggestion boxes at school? 

(A) leakage of pupils’secrets (B) punishing pupils (C) giving out opinions secretly (D) receiving school fees (E) attracting newcomers [     ]

31. In the government of the United Republic of Tanzania according to the constitution the top most leader of the judicial system namely chief justice is sworn in by a person with which title among the following?

(A) President of Zanzibar (B) Attorney general (C) Clerk of the parliament (D) Prime minister (E) Commander in chief [     ]

32. Amina lives in an Islamic family, one day she quarrelled with her husband and decided to file a case in the appropriate court for determination. Which court handled and ruled this matter?

(A) primary court (B) high court (C) kadh’s court (D) court of appeal (E) resident court [     ]

33. Kasuwi was born on 9th December 1962. Which historical event happened on the same day?

(A) Tanganyika got her first president (B) Tanzania got her first president (C) Tanzania adopted monopartism (D) Tanzania joined IMF and WB (E) Tanganyika became independent [     ]

34. Grade seven girls were asked to state why it is important for them to know much about reproductive health education. Which of the following was the correct answer?

(A) It encourages early marriage (B) it triggers youth to join risk groups (C) it increases number of street children (D) it protects them from unplanned pregnancies (E) it builds logical reasoning for them [     ]

35. The economic development of a nation depends on _____

(A) the numbers of leaders the country has (B) how best its national resources are used and preserved (C) misuse of National resources (D) Minerals only (E) Having the best president [     ]

36. I am the principal assistant to the regional commissioner. I am also the head of civil services in a region and secretary of regional secretariat, I am appointed by the president. Who am I?

(A) Regional commissioner (B) Regional police commander (C) Regional administrative secretary (D) Regional traffic officer (E) Regional internal auditor[     ]

37. What happens if the bill is not being signed by the president of the United Republic of Tanzania?

(A) it is dumped and becomes useless (B) it becomes a ministerial paper to be discussed in the cabinet (C) it is normally taken back to the parliament for further discussion (D) the president normally puts in his or her briefcase (E) all are correct answers [     ]

38. The act of being ready to accept a defeat during election and being ready to be challenged by leaders of other political parties is termed as_____

(A) political struggle (B) political tolerance (C) good governance (D) democracy (E) rule of law [     ]

39. The misuse of funds or wealth that you are entrusted to protect is called__________

(A) laundering (B) fraud (C) embezzlement (D) nepotism (E) selfishness [     ]

40.Which organ in Zanzibar has the same function as the Nation Electoral Commission (NEC) in Tanzania mainland? 

(A) NEMC (B) ZEMC (C) ASP (D) CABINET (E) ZEC [    ]


Write the correct answers in the space provided in your answer sheet

41. Mr. Mazuko has been appointed as a headteacher of Sambu Primary School which is located in rural areas, but his school lacks some important tools and facilities for effective teaching and learning processes. Suggest any two ways that he would use to get funds for the development of the school.

(i) ______________________________________________________________

(ii) ______________________________________________________________

42. Embassy refers to official residence or office of an ambassador in another country. Outline two main functions of ambassadors

(i) ______________________________________________________________

(ii) ______________________________________________________________

43. According to the Tanzanian constitution, the responsibilities of each leader is specified and written. In case there is national mourning, mention any two leaders who will be responsible to announce the event in absence of the president of the United Republic of Tanzania. 

(i) ______________________________________________________________

(ii) ______________________________________________________________

44. Who is the leader of day to day government nusiness in the parliament?


45. In 2022 Tanzania conducted census which was a very important event. Give two reasons why you think census is important as a citizen of Tanzania.

(i) ______________________________________________________________

(ii) ______________________________________________________________



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