TIME: 1:30HRS                                                                                                         INSTRUCTIONS

  1. This exam consists of sections A , B and C
  2. There  are seven questions in total
  3. Answer all questions from each section
  4. Use a blue or black ink pen
  5. Show your working clearly
  6. Electronic devices are not allowed in exam room



1. Choose the letter of the correct answer and write its letter in the brackets provided

i) The teacher of Social studies taught his students about the best ways to take care of the environment. What should be done with industrial waste to protect the environment? 

(a) cover 

(b) recycle 

(c) hide 

(d) burn 

(e) litter

ii) Historians use various methods to preserve historical records. Which method involves digging in the ground to find ancient human remains, buildings and tools? 

(a) Anthropology 

(b) oral tradition 

(c) National museum 

(d) Archeology 

(e) publications

iii) Class  three students measured one of the elements of the weather and recorded the answer in millimetres. What element of the weather did they measure? 

(a) heat 

(b) sunlight

(c) air pressure 

(d) wind 

(e) rain

iv) Kimuya is the farmer of cashew crops. Do you think the idea is from which region of Tanzania that produces that crop?

 (a) Morogoro 

(b) Singida 

(c) Dodoma 

(d) Mtwara 

(e) Kagera

v) Mountain areas and highlands are colder than areas that are near sea level. How much do you think the temperature will drop every time you go 1000 meters above sea level? 

(a) 6 °C 

(b) 0.6 °C 

(c) 0.06 °C 

(d) 100 meters 

(e) 600C

vi) Tanzania is a country blessed with many types of minerals. What minerals are found in Manyoni-Singida, Bahi-Dodoma and Namtumbo-Ruvuma? 

(a) Tanzanite 

(b) gold 

(c) uranium 

(d) salt 

(e) iron 

vii) Farmers are advised to use good breeding methods to protect the environment. What are the effects of raising many animals in a small area? 

(a) cattle get fat 

(b) shepherds get tired 

(c) soil erosion 

(d) vegetation increases 

(e) too many livestock in a small area

viii) Juhudi primary school has planned to have an educational tour to visit the historical site which is famous for the paintings that show the hunting methods used by the ancient people. What historical site will they visit? 

(a) Isimila 

(b) Engaruka 

(c) Olduvai Gorge 

(d) Kilwa

(e) Kondoa Irangi

 ix) The reduction of snow in Mount Kilimanjaro has been caused by the increase in temperature on the Earth's surface. What activity can be used to deal with the problem? 

(a) burning forests and cutting trees 

(b) planting trees and taking care of the environment 

(c) farming on the sides of mountains 

(d) careless harvesting of forests 

(e) raising many animals in a small area

 x) On the surface of the Earth there are winds that blow from one place to another. Which wind blows from south to north? 

(a) north wind 

(b) north wind 

(c) dry wind 

(d) west wind 

(e) monsoon winds

xi) Fourth grade students learn about the relationship between the sun, plants and water on the Earth's surface. What is the result of that relationship? 

(a) occurrence of wind 

(b) occurrence of rain 

(c) freezing of water 

(d) occurrence of cyclone 

(e) melting of ice

 xii) Seventh grade students visited a large modern goat farming farm. What kind of breeding is that? 

(a) traditional farming 

(b) ranching 

(c) domestic farming 

(d) shifting cultivation

(e) monoculture

xiii) The stone age is divided into three periods. Which Stone Age lasted between 3,000,000 BC to 300,000 BC? 

(a) the ancient stone age 

(b) the iron age 

(c) the last age 

(d) the middle stone age 

(e) the digital age

xiv) Five students were told to name the wrong traditions and customs that take place in society. One of the students mentioned the wrong answer. What answer do you think was mentioned by the student? 

(a) male circumcision 

(b) female genital mutilation 

(c) child marriage 

(d) killing of people with skin deformities 

(e) forced marriage

xv) Majaliwa lives with his mother, his siblings, a domestic worker and his grandfather. According to your understanding, what kind of family is this? 

(a) husband and wife 

(b) extended family 

(c) nuclear family 

(d) single parent family 

(e) orphan

2. Match the information in LIST A that goes with LIST B



i) He was the leader of BEACO trading company during the British rule.

ii) Memory of African heroes such as Isike, Mkwawa and others

iii) It was a liberation party in Angola under the leader Augustino Netto

iv) It is the date on which the Geographical event occurs when the earth is far from the sun.

v) He dares to invest business capital with the aim of self-employment and increasing income

A. Entrepreneurship

B. January 3rd

C. Karl Peters


E. 25 July

F. William Macknon

G. Entrepreneur

H. On September 1

I. The 4th of July


K. Otto Von Bismarck



3. Answer the following questions correctly

i) Which of the first Portuguese sailors managed to reach the East African Coast in 1498?

ii) Which of the imaginary lines are drawn on the map from North to South?

 iii) An iron box is used to straighten clothes to kill germs and remove creases or wrinkles from clothes. How many types of iron box are there?

4. Complete the following information as you learned in class.

i) Which institution was established by the colonialists in Tanganyika for the purpose of finding and managing laborers?

ii) Tanzania is blessed with abundant natural and manufactured resources. Which resource carries all the resources?

iii) There are various ways to prepare and cook food. Which method of cooking food uses the most water?

5. Answer the following questions as directed to each question

i) John was told to draw a map of his neighborhood. So he was looking for the correct measurement of the map. What type of map scale would you advise him to use?

ii) Which of the previous Presidents in Africa fought for the independence of Malawi?

6. Complete the following information

i) The word assertiveness as used in entrepreneurship means

ii) Mount Kilimanjaro is the pride of our country and is the source and attraction of tourists in the country. It has an altitude of 5895 meters above sea level. What  type of mountain is it.


7. Read the following questions and then write the correct answers

I) If the earth spends 1 hour around 15 degrees of longitude. How long will it take the earth to rotate 60 degrees around the sun?

ii) If the scale of the map is 1:500,000. How many kilometers above the ground will be represented by 1 centimeter on the map?

 iii) Study the following diagram and then name the climate model measured by the diagram, the model is…………………


iv) Do we call it the special clothing used by artists in acting or dancing?

v) What type of port is indicated by the letter B on the map?







TIME: 1:40HR


  1. This paper consists of three sections; A, B and C with a total of 8 questions
  2. All answers must be written in blue or black ink.
  3. Remember to write your name and other particulars in the given spaces.
  4. Answer all questions according to the instructions in each section.
  5. Keep your work neat and smart.
  6. Cellular phones, tablets and calculators are not allowed in the examination room.


SECTION A: (20 marks) 

  1. Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives and write its letter in the space provided (15 marks)
  1. Kazi bila malipo was told to record the amount of rainfall in Chawote village that was received on Thursday. He used a rain gauge so as to get the actual readings. At What height did he place the rain gauge for the recordings? A.30m B.20cm C.30km D.30cm E.20m [ ]
  2. A certain element of weather which comprise a mass of small water droplets or ice crystals floating in the sky as well as protecting living things from intense sunrays during the day is known as A.ozone B.mesosphere C.temperature D.clouds E.umbrella [ ]
  3. Clouds can be measured by using a special camera mounted on satellites moving around the sky or by optical estimation using our eyes. In which unit are clouds measured? A.millibars B.degrees of Celsius C.oktas D.percentage E.km/ hr [ ]
  4. Weather is the daily atmospheric condition of a particular place recorded at a given period of time. Weather elements are recorded and measured in different units. Which instruments are kept in the Stevenson screen? A.rain gauge B.thermometers C.barometers D.hygrometer E.nephology
  5. v.Since drought is a hazard which occurs gradually, farmers livestock keepers and other stakeholders can prepare and respond to drought through strategies such as A.selling all animals before the calamity occurs B.preparing response plans to deal with drought C.auctioning campaign D.not engaging in agricultural activities E.living in exile [ ]
  6. The occurrence of drought can cause damage to people, livestock and crops as the impacts of drought tend to be more severe due to climate change. The following are side effects of drought EXCEPT: A.movement of wild animals to human settlements searching for pasture and water B.increased conflicts between farmers and pastoralists C.drying up of water sources D.loss of income by farmers and the government E.flourishing in vegetation cover [ ]
  7. Rivers have various significances as far as generation of Hydro Electric Power is concerned. In which river is the Hale dam found? A.Ruaha B.Rufiji C.Ruvuma D.Pangani E.Nile [ ]
  8. The environmental expert advised the villagers living along river Kyebazi on how to prevent water loss and soil erosion. Which pieces of advice were the villagers given? A.cultivation using terraces and proper irrigation farming B. planting forests and burning forests C.defforestation and feeding of cattle D.bathing and cooling of machines E.improper irrigation farming and use of terraces [ ]
  9. Gecko told Mr. Salamander to mention the minerals and regions where they are found in Tanzania. Which region did Mr. Salamander mention that ruby is found? A.Kagera B.Mara C.Morogoro D.Manyara E.Mbeya [ ]
  10. Mollel is a pastoralist who keeps a large number of animals on a small piece of land. Which term can be used to describe such an activity? A.Overgrazing B.overfeeding C.Boast D.overstocking E.normadic pastoralism [ ]
  11. .Punchmore was told to calculate the time of Mwanza city, f the time of Mombasa city was 12:00 noon. Which answer did she give to her classmates? [ ] A.12:00 pm B.12:00am C.6:00am D.12:00mid-day E.12:00mid night
  12. Mwendo wa bus primary school was taught about the imaginary lines which are drawn on maps. Which lines are drawn from the Western direction to the Eastern direction? [ ] A.latitudes B.equator C.longitudes D.international date line E.arctic circle
  13. An international date line is the line through which dates and days change. What happens if Kazibure crosses the international date line towards the West direction? A.decrease in a day and time B.increase in a day and time C.increase in a day and decrease in time D.decrease in a day and increase in time E.day and time remain constant [ ]
  14. Colonial trade was largely under the control of Indians and Arabs. Though there were also big trading corporations from Britain and America which opened branches in Tanganyika.Which company dealt with tobacco? A.BAT B.Smith Mackenzie C.WANELA D.SILABU E.NCU [ ]
  15. Heroes are people who are courageous and who have realized outstanding achievements in dealing with the social, economic and political challenges of their nations. Who among the following heroes do not correspond with their respective countries? A.Kwame Nkrumah -Ghana B.Augustino Neto -Angola C.Nelson Mandela - South Africa D.Jomo Kenyatta -Kenya E.Patrice Lumumba –MOZAMBIQUE [ ]

2. Match the following items in List A with the corresponding answers from List B (5 marks) 



  1.       a political system in which one country rules another country in association with colonialism whereby capitalist countries moved to other countries to exploit them. 
  2.     Struggling for something like when European powers struggled for colonies in Africa in the last quarter of the 19th century 
  3.   The Oman rulers shifted their capital from Muscat to Zanzibar under Sultan Seyyid Said. 
  4.   Arrival of Vasco da Gama to the Coast of East Africa 
  5.     Arrival of Barthromew Diaz to the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa 


  1. Scramble
  2. 1488
  3. 1498
  4. 1840
  5. Colonization
  6. Imperialism.



3.Fill in the blanks (@2marks) 

  1. Standard six pupils were discussing a certain element of weather which consists of a mass of small water droplets or ice crystals floating in the sky. They added on by saying that it plays an important role in determining the weather condition which is likely to occur in a particular area. Which element of weather was being discussed?
  2. After the assassination of Edwardo Mondlane, Samora Machel took over the struggle for independence in Mozambique as the political party known as FRELIMO. Which political party opposed Machel's Mozambican government? 
  3. Records which are kept in the historical sites can include fossils of animals or humans, old buildings, old paintings and tools used by past or ancient human beings. In which district is the historical site famous for having the remains of the earliest agricultural irrigation systems in Tanzania found?

4. Complete the following statements by providing correct answers (@2marks) 

  1. The Arusha declaration of 1967 was about socialism and self-reliance for the sake of Tanzanians. Why was it given that name? 
  2. Youths are taught good behaviours, ethics laws and principles governing their respective societies. The teachings emphasize education and life skills, self-reliance, love and respect. All these teachings are done during  
  3. Tanzania has established and maintained good cooperation with other African countries in different aspects such as having ambassadors who represent the nation in other countries which we cooperate, as the president may also visit another country to resolve conflicts. Which type of cooperation is the writer talking about? 


5. Fill in the blanks (@2marks). 

  1. Traditions and customs in beliefs played a great role in pre-colonial societies as far as building beliefs and religious foundations were concerned. This was done by performing rituals led by elders or clan leaders. Which forest is one of the popular ritual sites in Njombe region?
  2. The Kagera war between Uganda and Tanzania seriously affected the country's economy. It forced Tanzania to spend large sums of money to fight against Amin, the president of Uganda. How long did the war last?  

6.Fill in the blanks (@2marks) 

  1. When I visited my grandmother at Walienda village, she narrated a story which she was one among the witnesses of the incident whereby she witnessed the occurrence of the Kagera earthquake that happened in 2016 and killed a lot of people and destruction of infrastructures like bridges and roads. Which type of historical information was that?
  2. Man discovered fire by skewering two dry sticks known as Ulindi and Uwimbombo during the middle stone age. Humans also improved to walk on two limbs as they continued hands to make, pick up and hold things as well as use tools. That period lasted from to years ago



  1. The temperature of Dar es Salaam at sea level is 30°C, what will be the temperature of Mbeya with altitude 1500 metres above the sea level?
  2. Coastal areas are always warmer compared to highland areas. What could be the essence of this situation?  
  3.  (a) Name the diagram shown below.

      (b)  Which weather element is measured by the device in diagram?  

  1. Kasuku went to buy shoes to the shop but he was amazed to see boxes and pieces of newspapers put in the shoes. He decided to ask the seller about the importance of such things in shoes. Which answer do you think Kasuku was given by the seller?  
  2. If the map scale is 1:25000 and its distance is 15cm, what will be the actual ground distance? 











Choose the most correct answer from the given alternatives and shade its letter in the answer sheet provided

1.    Which of the following are droughts -resistant crops?

 A. Cassava, millet and sorghum           D. Cassava, banana and yams           [         ]           

B. Cassava,  maize and banana               E. Cassava, sorghum and rice                                               

C. Cassava, millet and maize 

2.    The Environmental Management Act is the main law for environmental conservation in Tanzania. In which year was this law enacted?                                                                                                        

 A. 2002       B. 2012           C. 2005      D. 2015         E. 2004                 [     ]           

3.    Five pupils A, B, C, D and E were asked to differentiate between a decade and a century. Who among got the correct answer?

A.   A decade last for 100 years while a century last for 10 years                                 

B.   A century last for 10 years while a decade last for 100 years                      

C.   A decade last for 1000 years while a century last for 100 years                             ]          

D.   A century last for 50 years while a century last for 100 years                                               

E.    A decade last for 10 years while a century last for 100 years 

4.    Moses was asked to name the historical site in Tanzania that is famous for the remains of the ancient drawings and paintings. Which of the following would be his correct answer?                                          

A.  Olduvai Gorge                 C. Kilwa              E. Kondoa Irangi                                

B.  Bagamoyo               D. Zanzibar   

5.    Malapa village is faced by the problem of shortage of rainfall for a long period of time. How do we call the natural hazard facing the people of Malapa village?

A.  Floods           C. Global warming              E. Volcanic eruption         ]

B.  Famine                                   D. Drought     

6.    Chikunde wanted to separate grains from husks by winnowing. Which weather condition is suitable for winnowing grains?                                                                           

A.  Rainy weather              C. Sunny weather                E. Cloudy weather                                  

B.  Storm weather                 D. Windy weather                                                           ]

7.    Which weather instrument is used to measure the degrees of hotness or coldness of objects?             A. Anemometer         C. Hygrometer                    E. Thermometer                                     

 B. Barometer                        D. Rain gauge                                                           [     ]

8.    The Berlin Conference was a capitalist meeting held from November 1884 to February 1885. Which of the following capitalist nations attended that conference as observers?                                                    

A.  USA and Denmark          C. Britain and France        E. Germany and Portugal                  

B.  Belgium and France      D. Spain and Denmark                                           ]

9.    Tanganyika was colonised by German from 1891 to 1918. Who was the first German governor to


A.  Julius Von Soden           C. Hermann  Von Wissman   E. Horace Byatt   

B.  Albert Von Schnee           D. Carl Peters                                                 [      ]

10.African heroes resisted European colonial conquest for a number of reasons. Which of the following was not a reason for the resistance?                                                  

A.  To protect their trade interests         D. To protect African resources                                      

B.  To resist exploitation        E. To exploit their fellow Africans                                         

C.  To oppose taxation 

11.He was a strong leader equipped with a strong army. He organised the Nyamwezi to resist German invasion at Unyanyembe in  Tabora from1891-1894. Who was he?                                               

A.  Mtemi Isike      C. Mtwa Mkawawa      E. Chief Machemba                         

B.  Bwana Heri         D. Chief Mirambo                                               [                

12.Southern African Development Community (SADC) is a regional grouping that comprises of the Southern African countries. In which year was it established? 

   A. 1992        B. 1982                C. 2002         D. 1990                  E. 2000         [     ]


13.The 39th SADC General Assembly was held in Tanzania in 2019. Who was elected chairperson of the community?                                                                                

A.  Jakaya Kikwete          C. Getrude Mongela    E. Mokwtsi Masis                 

B.  John Magufuli                  D. Mokwesi Masisi                                 [        ]

14.Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere started political movement in 1953 when he was elected  as the President of the Tanganyika African Association (TAA).In which year was TAA transformed into Tanganyika African National Union (TANU)?                                                                                         

A.1956           B. 1962         C. 1961       D. 1958                    E. 1954         [     ]           

15.The Past Tanzanian societies had various kinds of traditional dressing. The following were characteristics of those traditional dressings, EXCEPT:                                                         

A.  They were decent              D. They reflected Tanzania culture                     

B.  They were attractive              E. They related to events                         [                  

C.  They were indecent 

16.Who was the founder of Umma Party during the struggle for independence in Zanzibar?

A. Mohammed Shamte            C. Aboud Jumbe                 E. Sultan Seyyid Said B. Mohammed Babu    D.  Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume                               ]

17.Which of the following were the British colonies in Africa?

A.    Mozambique and Angola                   C. Rwanda and Burundi       E. Ghana and Nigeria

B.    Namibia and Angola                          D. Somalia and Eritrea 

18.Why is Olduvai Gorge an important place in the history of Tanganyika?

A.  Due to presence of ancient drawings   D. It was the first iron centre in Tanganyika        ]

B.  It was the main slave market          E. It was the first town to make its money

C.  The first man is believed to have been living thing 

19.Traditional dances and music are among elements of Tanzanian culture. Which of the following is note role of traditional dances?                                                            

A. To promote the culture of a society       D. To educate the society             [                    B. To promote hardworking            E. To promote laziness among the people                      

C. To entertain people

20.Every tribe in Tanzania has its traditional dance that identifies it and differentiates it from other tribes. What is the traditional dance of the Sambaa?

 A. Mdundiko        B. Mdumange    C. Sindimba D. Lizombe     E. Mbeta            [     ]

21.The standard four pupils were taught that there are eight planets in the solar system. What is the name of the second largest planet?  

A. Mars          B. Earth         C. Saturn       D. Jupiter      E. Uranus                    ]           

22.A season is the main period of the year with a particular type of weather. Which of the following is not among the four seasons of the year?                

A. Summer         B. Winter             C. Equinox    D. Spring     E. Autumn        [     ]           

23. There are five essentials of a map which, are heading, scale, key, margin and compass direction. What is the function of a key on a map?

A.  To show what the map is all about           D. To determine the direction of a place on the map              

B.  To reduce real distance on the land          E. To show the boundary of the area on a map                 

C.  To interpret symbols and signs used on a map 

24.When the sun is overhead at the equator on 21st March and 23rd September, the length of days and night  become almost equal. What is this geographical phenomenon called?

      A. Equinox             B. Solar eclipse  C. Lunar eclipse D. Perihelion      E. Solstice       [   ]

25.TAZARA railway is one of the infrastructures which indicate the presence of economic cooperation between Tanzania and Zambia. In which year was it built?

A. 1961                  B. 1970         C.  1990        D. 1976         E. 1964         [     ]

26.Which production activity involves travelling from one place to another for leisure, business, studies or other purposes?

A. Transportation     B. Entrepreneurship       C. Navigation D. Tourism  E. Recreation     [     ]

27.Why is land regarded as the mother of all resources?

A.  It supports agricultural activities         D. It is used in transportation

B.  It hosts all other resources        E. It is attracts tourists                                           ]

C.  It is a habitat for aquatic animals                   

28.What is the main economic activity that conducted in East Africa?

A. Fishing      B. Trade        C. Tourism     D. Mining                E. Farming        ]

29.Tanzania is blessed with a lot of water bodies which include Lakes, rivers and ocean. What is the largest lake in Tanzania?

  A. Nyasa       B. Victoria     C. Rukwa      D. Tanganyika       E. Natron          ]

30.What is the negative effect of tourism?

A.  Employment opportunities      C. Growth of towns  E. Spreading of diseases       

B.  Advancement of technology       D. Rise of national economy                         ]

31.Five pupils A, B, C, D and E were asked to mention the opportunities that are available in forest areas. Who mentioned the incorrect answer?

 A. Bee keeping  B. Building poles C. Timbers D. Electrical poles         E. Minerals                  ]

32.Minerals are among the important resources which contribute to foreign currency in Tanzania. Which of the following minerals is mined at Mwadui in Shinyanga region?

 A. Gold         B. Phosphate          C. Tanzanite D. Copper      E. Diamond             [     ]

33.Resources can be categorized into two types, which are natural and man-made resources. Which of the following are man-made resources?

A.  Water and land         C. Minerals and water         E. Air and wind

B.  Forests and land          D. Roads and railways                                 ]

34.Agriculture is an activity that involves crop cultivation and keeping animals. How is the activity of keeping animals only called?

A. Farming    B. Pastoralism       C. Lumbering  D. Irrigation       E. Fishing          ]

35.An entrepreneur is a person who starts and runs a business in order to make profit. Which of the following is not a characteristic of an entrepreneur?

   A. Innovation     B. Creativity    C. Saving    D. Laziness    E. Hard working       [     ]

36.Which term best describes the valuable items such as cash or equipment that an entrepreneur owns?

 A. Cash  B. Revenue             C. Assets       D. Raw materials      E. Liabilities      ]

37.Musical instruments are categorized into different types. Which of the following is a wind instrument?

       A. Drum       B. Xylophone     C. Shaker      D. Trumpet             E. Guitar       [     ] 

38.Which of the following is an advantage of washing garments?

A.  To look smart                        C. To change the colour      E. To look shabby

B.  To turn new                           D. To look old                                             ]

39.There are different methods used in cooking foods. Which method involves cooking foods using plenty of water?

A. Frying       B. Baking         C. Boiling       D. Steaming             E. Freezing       ]

40.Why is it important to sprinkle water over dried clothes before ironing?

A.  To avoid electrical shock          C. To remove dirty   E. To eliminate bad odour

B.  To remove wrinkles easily         D. To kill germs                                               [          ]



Answer the questions 41-45 by writing the correct answers in the spaces provided

41. (a).What are the advantages of screen printing? (Mention two points) (b). Why does screen printing use a stencil?

42. Earth quake is a sudden vibration or shaking that occurs in the upper layer of the earth. Explain two precautions to be taken to reduce the effects of an earthquake 

43. Explain two benefits of humans walking on two leg

44. Why did Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck convene the Berlin Conference?

45. The ground distance from Majengo to Mbuyuni is 15km. If the scale of a map is 1:50,000, what is the map distance?










Time 1:30 Hours

Pupil’s Name.......................................................................................................


  1.               This paper consists of section A and B with total of forty-five questions
  2.               Answer all questions in each section
  3.               For questions 1 – 40 put your choice in the box provided
  4.               For question 41 – 45 write your answer by filling the spaces provided
  5.               All communication devices and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.


Choose the correct answer and write its letter in the space provided.

  1.               What is the reason behind rural to urban migration in East Africa?
  1.              Good weather conditions in towns
  2.              Good areas to build houses for living
  3.              The possibility of getting formal and informal employment in towns
  4.              Total unavailability of areas for agriculture in the villages
  5.              It is easier to get chances to travel abroad
  1.               Which of the following was not the importance of fire in the Middle Stone Age?
  1.              Roasting meat
  2.              Clearing the environment
  3.              Warming bodies
  4.              Making glue
  5.              Making metal tools
  1.               Environmental degradation can be caused by the following except:
  1.              Cutting down trees indiscriminately
  2.              Smoke from industries
  3.              Massive livestock keeping
  4.              Mining
  5.              Increase in natural resources
  1.               Normally, wind blows from areas of:
  1.              Low to high pressure areas
  2.              Very warm air to very cold air areas
  3.              High to low pressure areas
  4.              High to low humid areas
  5.              Heavy clouds to light clouds areas
  1.               Before the 16th century Kilwa town was famous in the trading of

  1.              Ivory
  2.              Copper
  3.              Slaves
  4.              Gold
  5.              Spices

  1.               The Chief of Nyamwezi who fought the German colonialists between year 1891 and 1894 was:

  1.              Mazengo
  2.              Mirambo
  3.              Isike
  4.              Msiri
  5.              Mkwawa

  1.               During the colonial period, Africa culture declined because of the following reasons except:
  1.              Prohibition of some traditions and customs by colonialists
  2.              Being despised through colonial education
  3.              Emphasis on the use of Africa languages which was done by the educated Africans
  4.              Many Africans adopted foreign culture
  5.              Colonial education failed to satisfy African traditions and customs
  1.               African traditions and culture are important because
  1.              They improve science and technology
  2.              They maintain African culture
  3.              They strengthen Africa beliefs
  4.              They reduce drought and hunger
  5.              They hinder plans between one nation and another
  1.               German colonialists started levying poll/head tax in order:
  1.              To provide it to the poor people in Germany
  2.              To provide social services in Villages
  3.              To increase the income of a governor
  4.              To increase citizens’ income
  5.              To make people work in the colonial farms
  1.           Afro Shiraz Party originated from the merging of:
  1.              Africa Association and Pemba People’s Party
  2.              Shiraz Association and Muslim Association
  3.              Zanzibar and Pemba People’s Party and Umma Party
  4.              Africa Association and Shiraz Association
  5.              Zanzibar National Party and Zanzibar and Pemba People’s party
  1.           One way of advertising business is
  1.              Using rude language
  2.              Using social media
  3.              Telling relatives
  4.              Selling fresh commodities
  5.              Observing expiry date.
  1.           Three ethnic groups in Tanzania which participated in slave trade were:
  1.              Hehe, Bena and Nyambo
  2.              Zaramo, Zigua and Luguru
  3.              Chagga, Pare and Sambaa
  4.              Hangaza, Haya and Kurya
  5.              Nyamwezi, Haya and Sumbawanga
  1.           The united Republic of Tanzania was established on

  1.              26th January 1964
  2.              9th December 1961
  3.              9th December 1962
  4.              12th January 1964
  5.              26th April 1964

  1.           In Which century did the first European reach the Cape of Good Hope?

  1.              11
  2.              12
  3.              13
  4.              14
  5.              15

  1.           The war which broken out in Rwanda in 1994 was caused by

  1.              Tribalism
  2.              Wealth
  3.              Corruption
  4.              Feudalism
  5.              Capitalism

  1.           ............ is the leader of the armed liberation struggle that led to the independence of Mozambique in 1975

  1.              Augustino Neto
  2.              Samora Machel
  3.              Ahmed Skoi Tour
  4.              Ahmed Ben Bella
  5.              Filipe Nyusi

  1.           All the following are economic are struggles by African nations to eliminate neo-colonialism, except:
  1.              Establishing and strengthening regional and economic cooperation in Africa
  2.              Establishing and strengthening the African Development Bank
  3.              Increasing the export of raw materials to developed nations
  4.              Establishing and promoting manufacturing industries in Africa
  5.              Encouraging Africans to use their own products
  1.           Which of the following archaeological sites is not found along the coast of Tanzania?
  1.              Kilwa
  2.              Bagamoyo
  3.              Pangani
  4.              Olduvai Gorge
  5.              Zanzibar
  1.           Food which cannot be packed in hot posts is ............
  1.              Chapatti
  2.              Juice
  3.              Tea
  4.              Meat
  5.              Beans
  1.           Savannah type of climate/vegetation is found between ....... latitudes north and south of the Equation
  1.              0° - 5°
  2.              23° - 35°
  3.              5° - 15°
  4.              0° - 15°
  5.              20° - 30°
  1.           Areas which receive heavy annual rainfall in Tanzania are:
  1.              Those which have many rivers
  2.              Those which are close to the ocean, lakes, rivers and mountains
  3.              Areas at the centre of Tanzania
  4.              Areas which are beside the Rift Valley
  5.              Settlement areas
  1.           On 21st March and 23rd September, the sun is overhead at:
  1.              The North pole
  2.              Tropic of Capricorn
  3.              Tropic of cancer
  4.              Greenwich
  5.              Equator
  1.           Why do many people shift to towns from villages?
  1.              There are no tarmac roads in the villages
  2.              There are all sorts of entertainments in towns
  3.              There are farms in villages
  4.              There is no poverty in towns
  5.              There are employment opportunities and better social services in towns.
  1.           In which ways can a map scale be shown?
  1.              By sentences, line and ratio
  2.              Fraction, sentence and numbers
  3.              Large scale, middle scale and small scales
  4.              Ratios, fractions and kilometers
  5.              Sentence, small scale and miles
  1.           What are the three main types of transportation?
  1.              Land, water and air
  2.              Air, roads and radios
  3.              Telephones, land and roads
  4.              Television, radio and networks
  5.              Land, water and telephones
  1.           One of the ways used to prevent soil erosion is
  1.              To keep many livestock
  2.              To cultivate in steep slopes
  3.              To burn the remains of crops
  4.              To build small houses
  5.              To plant a lot of trees
  1.           Why is equatorial vegetation evergreen?
  1.              There are many rivers and high humidity
  2.              There is heavy rainfall and high humidity
  3.              There is fertile soil and strong winds
  4.              There are winds and heavy rainfall
  5.              Presence of thick forests and heavy rainfall
  1.           The main difference between planets and stars is that
  1.              Stars rotate around the sun
  2.              Planets provide electric energy
  3.              Planets rotate around the sun and stars provide light energy
  4.              Stars rotate and revolve around the sun
  5.              Stars fall down on oceans
  1.           The economy of Tanzania depends much on the following activities except;
  1.              Industries and minerals
  2.              Communalism and livestock keeping
  3.              Agriculture and tourism
  4.              Industries and business
  5.              Agriculture and industries
  1.           Environmental pollution in cities can be controlled by
  1.              Controlling the increase of people
  2.              Using modern toilets
  3.              Using clean water
  4.              Controlling the use of plastic bags
  5.              Burning the rubbish
  1.           Which among the following is the major cattle ranch in Tanzania?
  1.              Manyara
  2.              Uyole
  3.              Maswa
  4.              Kongwa
  5.              Mkata
  1.           Which of the following is not an importance of washing clothes
  1.              Killing dangerous micro-organisms
  2.              Removing odour
  3.              Preventing development of lice
  4.              Giving garments good smell
  5.              Making clothes fade
  1.           Which of the following is a positive effect of slave trade in Tanganyika?
  1.              Death of many people
  2.              Decline in number of elephants
  3.              Decline in production activities
  4.              Fear
  5.              growth of small towns
  1.           the stone Age is divided into ....... periods
  1.              three
  2.              two
  3.              four
  4.              five
  5.              one
  1.           African resistance against colonial invasion failed due to
  1.              Lack of unity and poor weapons
  2.              Lack of strong chiefdoms
  3.              Africans being uncivilized
  4.              Europeans being more than Africans
  5.              Inferiority of African leaders
  1.           Who led the Mandinka people of West Africa in opposing French invasion of their countries?
  1.              King Menelik II
  2.              Samori Toure
  3.              Hendik Witbooi
  4.              Samuel Maherero
  5.              Kenneth Kaunda
  1.           Which of the following countries got her independence in 1961?
  1.              Zimbabwe
  2.              South Africa
  3.              Angola
  4.              Tanganyika
  5.              Kenya
  1.           The main source of natural light to earth is
  1.              Fire flies
  2.              Moon
  3.              Stars
  4.              Asteroids
  5.              Sun
  1.           Who among the following is not among the East African heroes?
  1.              Milton Obote
  2.              Jomo Kenyatta
  3.              Abeid Karume
  4.              Samora Machel
  5.              Julius Nyerere.
  1.           The remains of Zinjanthroupus were discovered by .............
  1.              Dr Leonard and Mary Leaky
  2.              Dr Richard and Marry leaky
  3.              Dr Olduvai Leaky
  4.              Dr Winston churchill
  5.              Dr living stone



For equations 41 – 45, write the correct answers in the spaces provided.

  1.           They study of heavenly bodies is called...............
  2.           What do you understand by armed struggle for independence? ..........
  3.           Tanzania introduced nationalization through the Arusha Declaration. Nationalization means.................
  4.           What is menstruation period? ...........
  5.           Name any two effects of the movement of the moon to the earth





STD 7- SEPT 2022


  1. This paper has four printed pages, forty five(45) questions with sections A and B
  2. Answer all the questions in all sections
  3. Fill all the required information in the OMR form and the page with question number

41 – 45 on the back page of the OMR form

  1. Write your Examination Number and then shade the digits of the number in the respective place on your answer sheer
  2. Shade the letter of the correct answer for each question in the answer sheet provided (OMR) for questions number 1 – 40. For example, if the correct answer is A shade as follows:







  1. If you have to change your answer, you must-rub out the shading very neatly before shading the new one. Use a clean rubber.
  2. Use HB pencil only for questions 1 – 40, and a blue or black ink ball pointed pen for questions number 41 – 45.


Choose the correct answer and shade it on the (OMR) sheet provided for questions 1- 40

  1. Residents of sato village were briefed on how to prevent soil erosion. Which of the following ways wasn’t’ talked about during the briefing
  1. Planting trees
  2. Mono-cropping
  3. Digging terraces
  4. Contour farming
  5. Keeping manageable cattle
  1. I am resource used to preserve many other resources. Who am I?
  1. Water
  2. Land
  3. Minerals
  4. Wild animals
  5. Forests
  1. The main source of environmental degradation in developed countries to day is development of the industries. What is the main source of environmental degradation in Tanzania?
  1. Human activities
  2. Mining
  3. Cash crops production
  4. Food crop production
  5. Farming on the slopes
  1. The act of large rocks or soil falling rapidly on steep slopes because of the forces of tension is called landslide. Which immediate bad effect can landslide cause in the affected area?
  1. Floods
  2. Spreading of magma
  3. Destruction of homes
  4. Minor earth quake
  5. Motor accident
  1. People should avoid constructing along coastal areas. Moreover, enrichment and testing of nuclear bombs and explosives in the ocean should be controlled. Which disaster will have its effects reduced by followings such precautions?
  1. Tsunami
  2. Drought
  3. Floods
  4. Earth quake
  5. hurricane
  1. Interaction between foreigners and Tanzania’s started many years ago. Who were the earliest colonialism to reach at the coast of Tanganyika?
  1. British
  2. Germans
  3. Arabs
  4. French
  5. Portuguese
  1. The aim of Berlin Conference held in 1994 – 1885 was to divide Africa continent. What else was agreed upon in this conference, among the following?
  1. Planning Anglo-German agreement
  2. Independence of Africans
  3. Colonizing Zanzibar
  4. Recognizing German chancellor as a rule of Congo
  5. Abolishing slave trade
  1. Mr. Kiduku wants to measure the amount of water vapour in air. Which device will he use?
  1. Barometer
  2. Anemometer
  3. Thermometer
  4. Hygrometer
  5. Wind vane
  1. Among the following Europeans, who arrived the earliest at the East African Coast in 5th century, from Portugal?
  1. William Mackinnon
  2. Carl Peters
  3. Otto Von Bismarck
  4. Vasco da Gama
  5. Batholomew Diaz
  1. After the Berlin conference, the African continent was conquered by imperial powers. Which common method did they use establish colonialism?
  1. Companies
  2. Conquest
  3. Bogus treaties
  4. Negotiations
  5. Elections
  1. Environment can be divided into two depending on the existence of life. Which group has only the non-living components of the environment, among the following?
  1. Silt, sand and concrete
  2. Pebbles, trees and air
  3. Concrete, soil and orange tree
  4. Stones, trees and birds
  5. Air, insects and wood
  1. In which year did the revolutionary government of Zanzibar lose her first African president?
  1. 1998
  2. 1999
  3. 1972
  4. 1973
  5. 2000
  1. Improper waste disposal is a dangerous act in the environment. Which disease can rise from it?
  1. Cholera
  2. Malaria
  3. U.T.I
  4. Cough
  5. Chicken pox
  1. Morogoro located at 500 meters above the sea level has a temperature of 29°C. What will be the temperature in Iringa located at 1500 metres above the sea level?
  1. 30°C
  2. 23°C
  3. 35°C
  4. 29.6°C
  5. 28.4°C
  1. Rainfall occurs from accumulation of clouds through condensation. Which factor among the following, contributes to receiving rainfall?
  1. Peace in the area
  2. Population
  3. Crop cultivation
  4. Livestock
  5. Vegetation cover
  1. During which season do you think the price of sweater and Jackets is likely to increase due to the high demand of such clothes in Tanzania?
  1. Sunny
  2. Autumn
  3. Winter
  4. Dry
  5. Wet
  1. Tanzania has many ethnic groups doing different economic activities. What is the famous ethnic group either living or having their ancestral home in Mtwara region?
  1. Ha
  2. Samba
  3. Makonde
  4. Chagga
  5. Zaramo
  1. There are many traditional games like Bao, spear throwing and object targeting. What do such games mainly signify?
  1. Getting income
  2. Uniting different groups of people
  3. Deterring ages
  4. Difference in understanding
  5. Number of tribes
  1. The colonial resistance in the coastal areas was led by traders. Which trader had a military base in this area led the Germans to send Major von Wissmann to end it?
  1. Mtemi Mnigumbe
  2. Bwana Heri
  3. Mirambo
  4. Mangi Sina
  5. Abushiri bin Sultan
  1. The traditions and customs of Africans even before colonialist were very important. How did they help people especially the youth?
  1. To become brave and respect each one’s dignity
  2. To depend on the white people
  3. To train racism and hate Europeans
  4. To study hard and be employed
  5. To do business especially about the famous coastal trade
  1. Humans have passed through various periods of development according to modern evolutionary studies rooted from the work of Charles Darwin’s theory. Which ‘Age’ first experienced the exchange of goods due to high production?
  1. Technological
  2. Old and New Stone
  3. Iron
  4. Middle Stone
  5. Early Stone
  1. The liberation struggle in Africa involved efforts by Africans to free themselves from colonialism. Which country among the following never had such struggles?
  1. Congo (DRC)
  2. Zanzibar
  3. Liberia
  4. South Africa
  5. Zimbabwe
  1. The United National Independence Party (UNIP) is a political party that led to independence of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia today) in 1964. Which leader was behind this success?
  1. Milton Obote
  2. Sir Abubakar Tafawa
  3. Nelson Mandela
  4. Jomo Kenyatta
  5. Kenneth Kaunda
  1. The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) meets twice a year and its one of the decision-making organs of the East African community (EAC) besides the General Assembly. How many times does the EAC General Assembly sit officially in a year?
  1. 5
  2. 4
  3. 3
  4. 2
  5. 1
  1. Which of the following is NOT a musical instrument?
  1. Drum
  2. Marimba
  3. Flute
  4. Sindimba
  5. Rattle
  1. How does pruning help flowers to grow better in our environment?
  1. To produce manure by themselves
  2. Flowers to grow shorter
  3. New flowers grow
  4. Adding water in branches
  5. Freeing spacing branches of flowers
  1. What is the best method for preparing sweet potatoes without involving cooking oil?
  1. Boiling
  2. Seaming
  3. Frying
  4. Roasting
  5. Heating
  1. Which reason is given as to why people are emphasized to practice high level body hygiene during their adolescence stage?
  1. Old age
  2. Body changes
  3. Much sweats
  4. Carelessness
  5. Manual work
  1. If it is 8:00 am at longitude 15 degrees East, what time will it be along longitude 15 degrees West?
  1. 6:00 AM
  2. 12:00AM
  3. 7:00AM
  4. 6:00AM
  5. 10:00AM
  1. Country “X” is located along latitude 66½ degrees South of the Equator. Which latitude is country X located?
  1. Antarctic
  2. Arctic
  3. Pole
  4. Equator
  5. Tropic of cancer
  1. Who among the following people supports the development of an entrepreneur?
  1. Customer
  2. Well-wisher
  3. Opportunist
  4. Area chairperson
  5. investor
  1. Which factors determine the size of any map drawn?
  1. Key, aim
  2. Title, scale
  3. Area, details
  4. Frame, tools
  5. Lines, compass
  1. In which way does the natural satellite of the Earth help human beings, among the following?
  1. To produce light
  2. To count days of an month
  3. To count star
  4. To control cloud cover
  5. To control temperature
  1. The type of transport that is mainly used to transport liquids and gases is pipeline transport. Which country is connected by TAZAMA pipeline from Tanzania?
  1. Uganda
  2. Zambia
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Burundi
  5. Malawi
  1. Population is the total number of people living in a particular area. Among the following methods, which one MAY NOT help to obtain the population or its estimates in a country?
  1. Census
  2. General elections
  3. Research
  4. Registration of births
  5. Travel information
  1. Which one among the following events is experiences through the revolution of the Earth on 21st March and 23rd September?
  1. Umbra
  2. Penumbra
  3. Aphelion
  4. Perihelion
  5. equinox
  1. Resources are mainly meat to contribute to national income and development. Which resource takes a portion of the government budget to construct and the citizens?
  1. Protected areas
  2. Forest
  3. Land
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Tanzanite
  1. Agriculture is the backbone of the Tanzania’s economy. Which crop among the following is grown only commercial purposes and not otherwise?
  1. Cassava
  2. Sunflower
  3. Maize
  4. Sisal
  5. banana
  1. The central zone of Tanzania is characterized by the semi-arid condition. Which region makes part of this zone among the following
  1. Mara
  2. Singida
  3. Dar es Salaam
  4. Tanga
  5. Ruvuma
  1. The Maasai and Baribaig from Manyara and Arusha regions make part of Tanzania’s pastoral communities. What is the way through which these communities feed their livestock?
  1. Long distance movements
  2. Tethering
  3. Zero-grazing
  4. Free-range
  5. Grazing


Answer the following questions by writing the answer in the space provided.

  1. Some entrepreneurs do illegal practices which harm government revenue and at times affect consumers. Identify two of these illegal practices.
  2. Briefly explain two bad effects of strong wind on the people or the environment
  3. Your friend wants to be a successful entrepreneur in future. In two ways, advise him/her on what he/she will do to succeed.
  4. Your uncle has a business in which he makes liquid soap. Explain your advice how he can best pack his product for customers
  5. Your young sibling seriously needs a doll to pay with but parents have no money to buy the modern doll for her. As a pupil with vocational skills, identify any four material you can use to help and forge any doll for her.




TIME: 1:30 HRS                                                           



  •            THIS paper consists of 45 questions  with three sections
  •            Answer all questions in the spaces provided
  •            Write full name on the blank space above together with the name of the school
  •            Ensure your work is neat and legible.

Write the letter of the correct answer

  1.    The representative of people in the district meetings of local government is
    1.    The district commissioner
    2.    The village government chairperson
    3.     The ward executive officer
    4.    The district chairperson of the ruling party
    5.    The ward councilor
  2.    Clan is the union of              
    1.    Families living nearby b. many families of the same origin c. many friendly families d. father, mother and children e. united families working together
  3.    Which of the following symbols is found in the President’s flag?
    1.    Hammer b. elephant tusks c. the national emblem d. the map of Tanzania e. the map of Africa
  4.    A person who invests capital in a project of business in order to get profit is called   
    1.    A donor b. a dealer c. a broker d. an economist e. an entrepreneur
  5.    The election of members of parliament and president in Tanzania is conducted after every years

a.   10 b. 3 c. 7 d. 5 e. 6

  1.    Defence and security of our nation is a responsibility of
    1.    Tanzania People’s Defence Forces
    2.    The department of national security
    3.     The Police Force
    4.    The militia
    5.    Every citizen
  2.    The main pillars of our nation are
    1.    Parliament, government and judiciary
    2.    Tanganyika, Pemba and Unguja
    3.     The national flag, Uhuru torch and currency
    4.    Rights, responsibilities and law
    5.    Parliament, Police and Militia
  3.    The notion “all human beings are equal” means
    1.    All human beings die
    2.    All human beings are created
    3.     All human beings have the same needs
    4.    All human beings have the same humanity
    5.    They live together
  4.    The law which has not yet been signed by the President is known as
    1.    Proposal b. argument c. bill d. law e. statement
  5. The word ‘basic law’ means
    1.    Laws for mother
    2.    Government constitution
    3.     Court
    4.    Parliament
    5.    By-laws
  6. The following are international organizations except
    1.    WHO
    2.    FAO and ILO
    3.     UNDP and UNICEF
    4.    TANESCO and NDC
    5.    WHO and UNHCR
  7. The Election Commission is called
    1.    ZANU b. NEC c. ASP d. ZEC e. ZAPU
  8. The first country to attain her independence in East Africa was
    1.    Tanganyika b. Kenya c. Uganda d. Rwanda e. Angola
  9. On the national flag, which colour represents the people of Africa?
    1.    Yellow b. blue c. red d. black e. green


Write the letter of the correct answer

  1. Who was the first President of Zanzibar Revolutionary government ?
    1.    Ali Hassan Mwinnyi b. Mohammed Shamte c. Abeid Amani Karume

d. Abdalrahaman Babu e. Aboud Jumbe

  1. German ruled Tanganyika after
    1.    the First World War
    2.    the Second World War
    3.     Portuguese defeat
    4.    Establishment of UNO
    5.    Berlin Conference
  2. Explorers, missionaries and merchants in history are known as
    1.    Colonialists b. prelude to colonialism c. invaders d. neo-colonialists

e. imperialism

  1. The period of 1000 years is known as             
    1.    Century b. millennium c. decade d. year e. period
  2. Among the following countries which hosted the struggle for liberation of South African countries?

  1.    Tanzania b. Zambia c. Mozambique d. Zimbabwe e. Nigeria
  1. The Berlin Conference that aimed at dividing Africa among colonialists was conducted by     
    1.    Adolph Hitler b. Von Sodden c. Chancellor Bismarck d. Carl Peters

e. Cecil Rhodes

  1. The oldest human skull was discovered by
    1.    Louis Leakey b. Vasco da Gama c. David Livingstone d. Richard Leakey e. Charles Darwin
  2. Man discovered fire during the               
    1.    Early stone age b. late stone age c. last age d. iron age e. middle stone age
  3. Majimaji war ended in

a.   1807 b. 1905 c. 1890 d. 1885 e. 1907

  1. During the scramble and partition of Africa, Egypt was colonized by
    1.    Germany and Italy b. France and Russia c. Britain and France d. Italy and Russia e. USA and Italy
  2. One of the advantages of colonial economy was
    1.    Availability of health services everywhere
    2.    To protect the farms
    3.     Good loans
    4.    Growth of cities
    5.    Good social services
  3. Mwalimu J.K.Nyerere officially announced the use of the name TANZANIA on _

a.   29. 10. 1964 b. 22. 12. 1961 c. 26. 04. 1964 d. 09. 12. 1961 e. 10. 12. 1962

  1. Nyamwezi resistance against Germany was led by           and it was in

a.   Isike, 1882 - 1883 b. Mkwawa, 1891  1894 c. Isike, 1891  1894 d.

Kinjekitile, 1898  1903 e. Mkwawa, 1892  1893

  1. The first Prime Minister of Tanganyika was             
    1.    Amani Abeid Karume b. Rashid Kawawa c. Moringe Sokoine

d. Mwl. J.K. Nyerere e. Ali Hassan Mwinyi

  1. Ethiopia and Liberia have common traits historically because
    1.    They are rich in resources
    2.    were never invaded by colonialists
    3.     were engaged in external wars
    4.    are the headquarters of OAU
    5.    both lie in the same longitude
  2. The process of one country to rule the other economically, politically and culturally is known as
    1.    imperialism b. colonialism c. feudalism d. capitalism e. neo-colonialism
  3. The history of human beings is divided in various times known as             
    1.    periods b. centuries c. stages of development d. times e. seasons

  1. The main slave market in East Africa was in
    1.    Mombasa b. Kilwa c. Malindi d. Lamu e. Zanzibar


Write the letter of the correct answer

  1. How long does the earth take to make one rotation on its axis?
    1.    28 days b. 24 hour c. 3651/4 days d. 12 hours e. 30 days
  2. The farthest planet from the sun is
    1.    Pluto  b. Venus c. Mars d. Jupiter e. Uranus
  3. Which of the following regions of Tanzania have shown signs of desertification?
    1.    Shinyanga, Mwanza and Tabora
    2.    Kilimanjaro, Mbeya and Iringa
    3.     Lindi, Morogoro and Tabora
    4.    Shinyanga, Dodoma and Singida
    5.    Arusha, Ruvuma and Manyara
  4. The following are natural disasters except
    1.    Floods b. wars c. earthquakes d. storms e. volcanic eruptions
  5. The latitude 231/20 in the north is            
    1.    Tropic of Capricorn
    2.    Tropic of Cancer
    3.     Antarctic
    4.    Equator
    5.    Arctic
  6. The canal that separates African continent and Asia continent is called            
    1.    Gulf b. Palk c. Suez d. Red Sea e. Panama
  7. What happens when the earth is between the moon and the sun?
    1.    Eclipse of the sun b. umbra c. the overhead sun d. eclipse of the sun and the moon e. eclipse of the moon
  8.    is the highest mountain in the world
    1.    Kilimanjaro b. Elgon c. Atlas d. Everest e. Rungwe

Study the following map and then answer the questions that follow



  1. The distance between x and y shows              
  2. What is the distance from one contour to another?
  3. If point X on 300 E is 10.00 am, at what time will it be at point Y 900 E? a. 2.00 pm b. 8.00 pm c. 12.00 am d. 8.00 am e. 7.00 pm
  4. An area of land almost completely surrounded by water except a narrow part connecting it with the mainland is called                
  5. The destruction of ozone layer causes              









Time1:30 Hours

Pupil’s Name............................................................


  1. This paper consists of section A and B with total of forty five questions
  2. Answer all questions in each section
  3. For questions 1-40 put your choice in the box provided
  4. For question 41-45 write your answer by filling the spaces provided
  5. All communication devices and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room

SECTION A (40 Marks)

Choose the correct answer and shade its corresponding latter in special answer sheet (OMR) provided.

1.Earth rotates on its own axis we get day and night. How many hours does the Earth takes to complete one rotation? (a)12 (b)36(c)48(d)6(e)24

2.The National flag has four colours which representing the most important elements in (a)Green (b)Black (c)Blue (d)Yellow (e)Red

3.When parents fulfils his/her child’s school requirements it remains ...... for the student to read. (a)Right (b)custom (c)responsibility (d)Will (e)must 

4.The current constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania was formally adopted and come into force in a year ........... (a)1992 (b)1993 (c)1987 (d)1988 (e)1977

5.The Berlin conference was organized by chancellor Otto Von Bismarck with the aim of diving the African continent into colonies in ...........

6.The lines drawn on the map showing the same height above sea level are called .............. 

(a)spur (b)contour (c)longitude (d)Greenwhich (e)Latitude

7.Human history is divided into three period known as ........... (a)Period (b)Age 

(c)Times (d)Decade (e)millennia

8.The one-party system in the country started in 1965. When did the multi-party system Tanzania start? 

(a)1990 (b)1991 (c)1992 (d)1993 (e)1995

9.Which among the following occur first in the history of Tanzania? 

(a)Union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar (b)Zanzibar revolution (c)Republic of Tanzania 

(d)Zanzibar minority independence (e)abolition of multi partism 

10.During the first word war Tanganyika was under which colonial?

(a)Arabs (b)British (c)German (d)Portugues (e)French

11.The first president of the United republic of Tanganyika was J.K.Nyerere. Who was the first president of Zanzibar? (a)Amani Abeid Karume (b)Ali Hasani Mwinyi (c)Idris Abdul Wakili 

(d)Abeid Amani Karume (e)Julius K.Nyerere 

12.In history there are many sources of historical information. Oral tradition is one of the way of preserving and store historical..........(a)events (b)grandparents (c)written (d)living things (e)school

13.For any country to be development must have government pillar. The following are Tanzania pillar (a)Parliament, cabinet, and Court (b)Parliament, Army and Police (c)Parliament, speaker and court (d)Cabinet, Police and Parliament (e)army court and police

14The first General election under multipart system was held on the year.........

(a)1995 (b)2020 (c)2015 (d)2010 (e)2005

15.There are three types of citizenship in Tanzania. Which are citizen by Naturalization, citizen by birth and citizen by .......... (a)birth (b)theft (c)descent (d)agreement (e)force 

16.The united nation agency deals with refuguees is known as UNHCR. What are the causes of refuguees in African continent? (a)poverty (b)to international player (c)to bring peace and solidarity (d)unemployment (e)political instability

17.What are the things which makes Mtera Dam in Tanzania and Owen Dam in Uganda to be potential?

(a) tourists and transportation (b)industries (c)amount of fish (d)generate electricity (e)forest

18.Tanzania is the union of two countries which Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Each year we celebrate the union of this two countries in. (a)24/12 (b)26/4 (c)26/04 (d)26/04/1964 (e)9/12/1961

19.Dr.Louis Leakey and Dr.Marry leakey discovered the skull of earliest man (Zinjathropus) in which year? (a)1992 (b)1959 (c) 1859 (d) 1885 (e) 2015

20.Comunity is group of people who live together and share the common interest. A clan is a union of ....

(a)family which work together (b)many families which are friends (c)father, mother, and children (d)many family under the same origin  (e)families which stay nearby 

21.Each society it has its own life style. Culture is ....... (a)beliefs, customs, traditions, taboos, and norms of the society (b) singing and dancing (c)way of living (d) way of conducting ritual in the society (e)customs and traditional of the society.

22.Which of the following national symbols is found at the Tanzania’s Presidential flag?

(a)National flag  (b)Uhuru tourch (c)Coat of Arms (d)national Anthem (e)national currency.

23.The common wealth organization is voluntary union of countries which were under the rule of during colonial period (a)British (b)German (c)France (d)Russian (e)Italy

24.The great part of Africa continent was invaded in .......

(a)15th and 17th C(b)17th to 18th C(c)18th to 19th C (d)12th to 15th C (e)8th to 9th C

25.The standard seven pupils were planning to have study tour to visit a certain National park that is found in Morogoro region. Which national park is that? (a)Mikumi (b)Serengeti (c)Ruaha (d)Selous (e)Tarangire

26.Grid references are lines drawing on the map vertical and horizontal. When reading grid references we start with lines of ...... (a) horizontal (b)right (c)left (d)vertical (e)sides

27.Weather is average conditions of atmosphere recorded over a short period of time. The following are elements of weather except .....

28.You visited your aunt and given dirty bedroom. Which disease are likely to get by sleeping in that room. (a)diarrhea and flue (b)coughing and vomiting (c)flue and cheast pain (d)diarrhea and vomiting (e)fever and chest pain

29. Majority of farmers in Tanzania transport their agricultural products to the market for selling.

(a)airways and roads (b)roads and railway (c)Water ways and airways (d)railways and airways (e)waterways and roads

30.In which period did man begun to stand and walk on two limbs? (a)iron age (b)early stone age (c)middle stone age (d)digital age (e)late stone age.

31.Among agencies of colonialism was explore. Who was German explore signed bogus treat with chief Mangungo of Msovero? ..........(a)Dr livingstone (b)Carl Peter (c)Dr.Charles Dawen (d)Vasco da Gama (e)Dr Louis Leakey

32.The Government of United Republic of Tanzania recognizes the importance of sports and games as means of entertaining and uniting the citizen. Which organ is more responsible in the supervision and development of sports in Tanzania? (a)The National Vouncil of Tanania (b)The national Kiswahili Council of Tanzania (c)the national amateur sport council of Tanzania (d)The National sports council of Tanzania (e)Tanzania football federation

33.The following historical sites are found in Tanzania Except

34.Why are girls and boys advised to maintain the cleaness of armpits and genital parts during puberty?

(a)to avoid sexual desire (b)to avoid diseases like cholera (c)to attract their busband (d)to prevent unpleasant smell (e)to prevent HIV

35.I am creative, risk taker, hardworking so as fulfill my plans. Who am I? 

(a)business man (b)entrepreneur (c)buyer (d)skillful (e)seller

36The first town in East Africa to make its own currency was .............

(a)Mombasa (b)Kilwa (c)Zanzibar (d)Bagamoyo (e)Sofala

37.There many reasons for the invasion, but the main reason why the colonialist invaded Africa was 

(a)Building the continent of Africa (b)to preach Christianity (c)to make Africa rich (d)to exploit the natural resources of Africa continent (e)to copy Africa culture 

38.Standard six records the temperature from Monday to Sunday as follows 20°C, 32°C, 30°C, 24°C, 27°C, 22°C, respectively. What is the weekly average temperature?

(a)26.5°C (b)32°C (c)27°C (d)20°C (e)25.83°C

39.Which name is used to describe the destructive vegetation which affect fish breeding areas in lake Victoria? (a)water hyacinth (b)mangrove (c)pampas grass (d)alfalfa (e)veldt 

40.......... are suitable for deep frying. (a)eggs (b)carrots (c)apples (d)potatoes (e)vegetables 


SECTION B (10 Marks)

For questions 41 – 45, write your answer in the space provided in the special form (OMR) by using a

blue or black ink pen

41.Why is it advisable to sort garments before washing them? .....................................

42 Class five pupil drew a map which his fellow pupils failed to identify the size of the area and where it belongs. Which assential elements of map were not obeyed .......................

43.During colonial period all African countries were colonized by European Capitalists. Name two countries which were not colonized ................... and .........................

44.Stone age are divided into three stage. What are the great achievement of man during the Middle stone age?

45. Mention two principles of an entrepreneurship .......................... and .......................











1. This paper consists of 45 questions in section A, B, C, D and E 

2. Answer all questions 

3. Read all given instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR) and fill in all the needed information 

4. Write your name and examination number correctly on your answer sheet provided 

5. Use HB pencil for question 1 – 40 and blue or black pen for question 41 – 45 

6. Cellular phones and other printed materials are not allowed in the examination room


Choose the most correct answer from the given alternatives and shade its letter in the answer 
sheet provided

1. Which action among the following does NOT cause environmental degradation?

  1.  Deforestation C. Bush and forests burning E. Wastes mismanagement 
  2. Afforestation D. Industrial activities

2. Which method among the following can be used to prevent floods?  

  1. Building houses in low land areas C. Crop rotation E. Building durable houses
  2. Cutting down trees    D. Planting trees

3. A sudden vibration or shaking that occurs in the upper layer of the earth’s surface is known as:

  1. Earth quake    C. Landslide E. Tornadoes 
  2. Volcanic eruption D. Tsunami

4. The temperature is higher in Dar es salaam, Tanga, Lindi and Mtwara than in Njombe, Arusha and Mbeya due to the difference in:

A. Latitude B. Elevation C. Attitude D. Rainfall E. Longitude  

5. The following are the advantages of being familiar with the weather of the places where we are living, EXCEPT: 

  1.  To choose the types of clothes to wear
  2. To take precautions of bad weather conditions
  3. To plan for agricultural activities
  4. It helps the pilots to take precautions before landing or flying their airplanes  ]
  5.  It helps to know the historical events that occurred in the past

6. How many years make a century?  

A. Ten years B. Twenty years   C. One hundred years D. Fifty years 

E. One thousand years

7. Which of the following hazards are associated with global warming?

  1. Earth quakes and wars C. Accidents and volcanic eruption E. Droughts and Floods
  2. Lightning and floods            D. Landslide and mud flows  

8. A prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall in a certain area is known as:

A. Drought    B. Flood C. Famine D. Landslide E. Hazard 

9. Which method of keeping historical records is mostly useful to illiterate people?

A. Written records B. Journals C. Oral narratives D. Library  E. Archives 

10. The skull of the earliest man was discovered at Olduvai Gorge by:

  1. Dr. Louis Leakey C. Dr. Livingstone E. Karl Peters  ]
  2. Dr. Charles Darwin D. Vasco Da Gama

11. Which of the following historical sites is famous for the ancient drawings and rock paintings? 

A. Isimila B. Kilwa C. Engaruka D. Olduvai Gorge E. Kondoa Irangi

12. The early man domesticated animals and plants during:

  1. Old Stone Age C. Iron Age  E. Digital Technology Age
  2. Middle Stone Age D. Late Stone Age  

13. Mkwawa is remembered as one among the heroes of our country because:

  1.  He discovered the skull of the earliest man at Olduvai Gorge
  2.  He signed bogus treaties with the British colonialists  
  3.  He organized and led the Maji maji war
  4.  He fought bravely against the German colonialists in Tanganyika
  5.  He proposed the theory of evolution of mankind

14. How many countries were the members of the East African Community between 1967-1977?

A. Two B. Five C. Three D. Six E. Seven  

15. When did the Germans stop colonizing Tanganyika?

  1.  After the Berlin conference        C. After the First Word War    E. After Maji Maji war
  2. After the formation of TANU     D. After the Second World War

16. The scramble for and partition of East Africa was completed by signing the Helgoland treaty between the Germans and the British in the year:                            ]

A. 1840 B. 1842 C. 1896 D. 1886 E. 1890

17. The agents of colonialism who came to Africa with an agenda of spreading Christianity were:

A. Traders B. Explorers C. Missionaries D. Settlers E. Arabs 

18. Who among the following was the first British governor in Tanganyika?

  1. Julius Von Soden C E.dward Twinning  E. Donald Cameron
  2. Horrace Byatt D. Richard Turnbull

19. Who was led the African National Congress (ANC) during the struggle for independence in Tanganyika? 

  1. John Rupia   C. Martin Kayamba   E. Zuberi Mtemvu
  2. Oscar Kambona   D. Mohammed Shamte

20. Drama, dance and films are examples of:  

A. Fine arts     B. Performing arts C. Craft arts D. Literary arts  E. Invisible arts

21. What is the benefit of traditional dances?  

  1.  They promote laziness                D. They lead to the spread of HIV/AIDS
  2.  They promote gender inequality   E. They promote culture of a particular society
  3. They promote early marriages

22. Mtemi Isike and Mirambo were the leaders of:

A. Gogo B. Yao C. Nyamwezi D. Hehe E. Ngoni  

23. Most African countries got their political independence in:

A. 1950s B. 1960s C. 1900s D. 1970s E. 2000s

24. The pipeline that transports crude oil from the port of Dar es salaam to Ndola in Zambia is known as: A. TANAPA  B. TAZARA C. TAZAMA   D. SONGAS E .TIPER

25. What is the difference in time between Kigali 300 E and Mogadishu 600E?

A. 30 minutes B. 15 minutes C. 3 hours D. 1 hour E. 2 hours 

26. Which of the following map symbols represents a mountain peak?


27. What type of map scale is suitable for drawing a map of the classroom?  ]

A. Ratio scale B. Medium scale C. Linear scale D. Small scale 

E. Large scale

28. Which heavenly body appears at the centre during the lunar eclipse?

A. Sun B. Moon C. Earth D. Mercury E. Neptune  ]

29. The line of latitude that is marked 23 1/2 o North of Equator is known as:

  1. Tropic of Cancer C. Greenwich meridian E. Antarctic circle
  2.  Tropic of Capricorn D. Arctic circle

30. The length of day and night is equal when the sun is overhead at the:

  1. Equator              C. Tropic of Capricorn  E. Southern Pole 
  2.  Prime Meridian  D. Tropic of Kansa

31. The following are NOT commercial crops, EXCEPT: 

A. Maize  B. Banana C. Cassava D. Sorghum E. Pyrethrum

32. The hardest minerals which are used for decorations and cutting glasses are called:

A. Diamond B. Gold C. Tanzanite D. Limestone E. Coal  

33. Which production activity among the following takes place in the areas with reliable rainfall and fertile soils?

A. Mining B. Fishing C. Industry D. Farming E. Pastoralism 

34. The following are advantages of the tourism, EXCEPT:

  1. To get foreign currency C. Increase of national income E. Growth of national economy
  2. Employment opportunities D. Environmental degradation  

35. Mtibwa, Kilombero, Kagera and Moshi are famous areas for growing:

A. Tea B. Sisal C. Coffee D. Cotton E. Sugar cane 

36. An activity that involves the exchange of goods or services from one person to another for money is known as:

A. Tourism B. Trade C. Transportation D. Selling E. Buying  

37. The art of making various items such as mats, carpets and baskets using fibres is known as:

A. Sculpturing B. Modeling C. Weaving D. Pottery E. Printing 

38. One of the signs of puberty for girls is:

  1. Strong voice C. Growth of hair on the chin E. Good smell 
  2. Expansion of chest D. Beginning of menstruation

39. Why is it recommended to frequently open the oven when baking bread?

A. To increase taste C. To add salt   E. To remove sugar 

B .To make the bread boil fast D. To avoid the bread to be burnt

40. The money that an entrepreneur makes in a business after paying the costs involved is known as: A. Expenditure B. Capital              C. Sales              D. Savings              E. Profit                            ]


Answer the following questions by supplying short answers in the spaces provided in your 
answer sheet

41. Why should we dry our bodies after bathing?

42. Who is the current chairperson of East Africa Community (EAC)?

43. Briefly explain how transportation stimulates economic development of Tanzania

44. The first Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania was called

45. Explain any two negative effects of fire hazards 








NAME …………………………...SCHOOL………………………...


  1. This paper consists of 45 question with section A and B
  2. Choose the best choice in question 1-40
  3. For section B solve the question showing your working
  4. Use blue or black ink pen.



  1. In the administrative structure of local government; who heads the district and municipal council?
  1. Ruling party
  2. Executive director
  3. District officer
  4. Committee at each level
  5. District administrative officer
  1. Who is responsible for protecting the sovereignity and bounderies of our country? ……….
  1. Citizens
  2. Government
  3. People defence forces
  4. President
  5. Prime minister
  1. Which of the following is the highest tool in decision making in the village government?
  1. Village government
  2. Defense and security committee
  3. Village general meeting
  4. Village executive officer
  5. Village development committee
  1. Which organ is responsible for running correctional facillities?- ………
  1. Mercenaries
  2. Police
  3. JWTZ
  4. Prisons
  5. Immigrations
  1. Culture is a society can be expressed in the following ways except:- …..
  1. Food
  2. Clothes
  3. Work
  4. Music
  5. Tourism
  1. The body responsible for supervising the election of councilors, members of parliament and the president in Tanzania is:
  1. Police Force
  2. National electoral commission
  3. High court
  4. Office of political party registration
  5. Office of the prime minister
  1. The best action to take when you want to start a new business is…………
  1. Copy business strategies from neighbours
  2. Involve relatives in your business
  3. Ensure availability of goods and market
  4. Have a big capital
  5. There should be settlement of people
  1. Who is responsible for security and protection of our nation?
  1. People defence force
  2. Department of national security
  3. The national police
  4. Mercenaries.
  5. Every citizen.
  1. The sign that represents national resources in the national emblem is _______________
  1. Mount Kilimanjaro
  2. Spear
  3. Cashew nuts
  4. Ocean Current
  5. Elephant Tusks
  1. Globalization is a system that emphasizes;
  1. Communication and information technology in developing countries
  2. Equal rights to every one in the world
  3. Multi-party system in developing countries
  4. Free trade between countries
  5. Private sector in developing countries
  1. What is entrepreneurship?
  1. Any business that makes profit
  2. Investment in business
  3. Small and medium enterprises.
  4. Private sector
  5. The ability to risk in business
  1. The leader of government business in the parliament is;_______
  1. Speaker
  2. Prime minister
  3. Attorney general
  4. All members of parliament
  5. President of the united republic of Tanzania
  1. An administrative unit bigger than a ward but smaller than a district is called;
  1. Village
  2. Region
  3. Constituency
  4. Zone
  5. Division
  1. What does the yellow color represent in the national flag?__________
  1. Natural vegetation
  2. The Tanzania People
  3. Minerals
  4. Water
  5. Agriculture
  1. The following are family basic needs _________
  1. Food , clothing, and car
  2. food, clothing and television
  3. clothing, shelter and food
  4. Food, shelter television
  5. food, shelter clothing and traditional dances.


  1. Arusha declaration was about…………
  1. independence and work
  2. politics and agriculture
  3. Education for all
  4. socialism and self reliance
  5. multi-party democracy.

17. In which century did the first traders from Asia reach Tanganyika?

  1. 15th century
  2. 19th century
  3. 8th century
  4. 9th century
  5. 12th century
18. A group of family with the same origin is called ………
  1. Father and children
  2. clan
  3. relatives
  4. family members
  5. family

19. In pre-colonial period, the role of African chiefs was

  1. Dispute resolution
  2. Signing agreement with colonists
  3. Increase the number of livestock
  4. Build houses
  5. Establish ujamaa villages

20. The first treaty that was signed in 1822 to abolish slave trade in Tanganyika and Zanzibar was called.

  1. The Morseby Treaty
  2. The Frere Treaty
  3. The Heligoland Treaty
  4. The Harmaton Treaty
  5. The Berlin Conference

21. Which among the following countries got their independence through armed struggle?

  1. Angola, Ghana and Kenya
  2. Zimbabwe, Angola and Mozambique
  3. Msumbiji, Liberia and Zimbabwe
  4. Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania
  5. Kenya, Uganda and Liberia

22. At what stage of evolution did man start walking in two legs?

  1. Primate
  2. Homo sapiens
  3. Homo habilis
  4. Zinjanthropus
  5. Homo erectus

23. Which of the following factors greatly contributed to scramble and partition of African Continent?

  1. To civilize Africans
  2. Economic demands by capitalist countries
  3. Economic demands by Asia socialist countries
  4. Industries revolution in Africa
  5. Capitalist countries to be seen as the best compared to others

24. _________ is a production system that lasted for the shortest time in African Continent.

  1. Communalism
  2. Socialism
  3. Ukabaila
  4. slavery
  5. Capitalism

25. In which continent is the ealier man though to have lived?.......

  1. Africa
  2. Europe
  3. Australia
  4. America
  5. Asia
  1. The earliest people to arrive in Tanganyika and Zanzibar were?
  1. Traders
  2. Missionaries
  3. Explorers
  4. Settlers
  5. Arabs
  1. The African communities which resisted colonial rule were
  1. Nandi and Hehe
  2. Sangu and Wabena
  3. Waha and kamba
  4. Buganda and the Bena
  5. Bena and the Pare
  1. Rock painting in Tanzania can be found in ______
  1. Olduvai Gorge
  2. Russinga
  3. Kondoa Irangi
  4. Isimila Iringa
  5. Pangani Tanga
  1. Struggle for independence in African Countries started After
  1. Formation of United Nations
  2. Disintegration of soviet union
  3. Second world war
  4. Abolishment of slave Trade
  5. The emergency of multi-party democracy
30. A part of earth surface surrounded by water is called________
  1. Peninsular
  2. Island
  3. estuary
  4. Gulf
  5. continent

31. How do we get the total number of people in a given area?

  1. Counting young children
  2. Counting the dead
  3. Counting refugees
  4. Finding the area of given place
  5. Carrying out a census

32. Two things that makes up environment are __________

  1. Plants and Animals
  2. Mountain and swamps
  3. Living and Non-living Things
  4. Human being and animal
  5. Water and air

33.We can prevent environment degradation by________

  1. Use of plastic containers
  2. Throwing things any howly
  3. Use of industrial fertilizer
  4. Animal keeping
  5. Recycling wastes.

34. The earth rotates on its own axis to get;___

  1. day and night
  2. Seasons
  3. Solar eclipse
  4. Lowering of earth’s temperature
  5. Time difference between same longitude

35. We can harvest rain water for later use by using;

  1. Buckets and pipes
  2. Bottle and containers
  3. Wells and bottle
  4. Wells and containers
  5. Bucket and bottle

36. Which of the following lakes is found on the eastern rift valley?__

  1. Turkana
  2. Albert
  3. Kyoga
  4. Tanganyika
  5. Edward

37. The leading country in Africa in producing rubber is .…….

  1. Liberia
  2. Ghana
  3. Nigeria
  4. Burundi
  5. Gabon

38. A climatic region with huge forests and plants like coconut is likely to be;

  1. Equatorial climate
  2. Tropical climate
  3. Monsoon climate
  4. Mediterranean climate
  5. Cold climate

39. Which community was involved in long distance trade in southern Tanganyika before colonial period?

  1. Maasai
  2. Kamba
  3. Chagga
  4. Nyakyusa
  5. Hehe

40. Which of the following is a reason for rapid population growth?

  1. Migration and birth
  2. Lack of family planning knowledge
  3. Giving birth and good health
  4. Earlier marriages
  5. Increases of refugees


41. Letter F represents which Island?…………………………

42. Which lake is marked with letter D :-………………..

43. The country marked A is:- ……………………

44. What is the name of the national park marked G? …………………………

45. The name of railway line marked B is:- ……………….






TIME: 1.30 HRS                                                                                          2020


PUPIL'S NAME____________________________________________ 

SCHOOL NAME___________________________________________ 





  1. Fill in the prime personal information in the first part of your answer sheet
  2. This paper consists of 45 questions with section A and B in four printed pages
  3. Answer all questions as per instructions in each section
  4. Observe neatness in your workings                       
  5. Shade the correct answer on the OMR answer sheet given for no. 1 to no. 40
  6. For no. 41 to 45 write the answers in the separate answer sheet given



1.       What is the reason for the poverty that many Tanzania families are facing?  

  1. People don’t have land for farming  
  2. Laziness, Lack of agricultural tools and capital  
  3.  Laziness, drunkness and Drought
  4. Development Levy   
  5. Magic believes                         

2.       What are the principals of Freedom, rights and solidarity?   

  1. Democracy    
  2. Multipartism   
  3. Constitution   
  4. Arusha declaration   
  5. Good Governance                             

3.       Which board is responsible to elect the chairperson of a district council?  

  1. Members of Parliament    
  2.  President     
  3.  Councillors    
  4. Prime Minister 
  5. District Commissioner                      

4.       What kind of democracy does Tanzania follows?   

  1. Monopartism
  2. Struggles   
  3. Socialism   
  4. Multipartism   
  5. Dictorship  

5.       Which among the UN agencies deals with Educational, Scientific and Cultural affairs? 

  1. UNICEF  
  3. UNHCR  
  4. UNESCO 
  5. UNDP

6.       In which year did Zanzibar get her political independence under ZNP and ZPPP?    

  1. 1977     
  2. 1963     
  3. 1964     
  4. 1962   
  5. 1961  

7.       In which year the Current Constitution of Tanzania was formed?

  1. 1961     
  2. 1964     
  3. 1977     
  4. 2000   
  5. 2014            

8.       Who is the head of Judiciary system in Tanzania?    

  1. Chief Justice    
  2. Magistrate 
  3. Prime Minister 
  4. President 
  5. Attorney General

9.       Among the following, which body was formed in Tanzania in 1964?

  1. Tanzania People Deffence Force (TPDF)   
  2. Militia   
  3. Multipartism  
  4. TANU    
  5. Police Force                             

10.     UN headquarters are situated in which city?  

  1. Ottawa   
  2. Washington D.C  
  3. London 
  4. New York  
  5. Dar es Salaam

11.     The war against Idd Amin which was engineered by Tanzania Army was fought in ___   

  1. 1955 – 1960    
  2. 1939 – 1945    
  3. 1978 –1979   
  4. 1914 – 1918   
  5. 1980 – 1985         

12.     Among the following women, who is the current President in Africa?

  1. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf   
  2. Katherine Samba Panza
  3. Joyce Banda    
  4. Asha Rose Migiro  
  5. Anne Makinda     

13.     Human rights should be provided to every one in the country regardless of his/her ___    

  1. Nationality    
  2. Age of a person   
  3. Colour, Religion, Gender and tribe   
  4. Political party    
  5. Special groups               

14.     What is the name of Security organ that involves community?

  1. City militia   
  2. Army    
  3. Community Policing
  4. Sungusungu    
  5. Prisons                                              


15.     In which town was Fort Jesus built by Portuguese?

  1. Lamu
  2. Mombasa    
  3. Kilwa    
  4. Bagamoyo   
  5. Sofala                   

16.     The Portuguese Navigator who reached Lamu in 1498 was known as __

  1. Fransisco de Almeida    
  2. Bartholomew Diaz   
  3. Joao Pinto
  4. Vasco da Gama   
  5. Evantes du Nanamento                      

17.     The main slave market in Zanzibar was closed in which year?

  1. 1900   
  2. 1822     
  3. 1873    
  4. 1914     
  5. 1845           

18.     Who discovered the earliest Man’s skull at Olduvai George?

  1. John Speke    
  2. Julius Von Soden    
  3. Dr. Livingstone
  4. William Macknon   
  5. Dr. Leakey                               

19.     Which country was famous for navigation and exploration around the world before colonialism? ___  

  1. Portuguese    
  2. Arabs
  3. Germany     
  4. Italy     
  5. France                                     

20.     One of the objectives for Arusha declaration was ___ 

  1. To eradicate  exploitation    
  2. Villagilization    
  3. To get rid of chief doms
  4. To establish capitalism    
  5. To develop Arusha                  

21.     Which countries among the following colonized Tanganyika?

  1. England and 
  2. Germany and Arab   
  3. Germany and England    
  4. Italy and China   
  5. Spain and England                  

22.     Which leader shot himself to death in 1898 so as not to be caught by       Germans?   

  1. Chief Mkwawa     
  2. Machemba     
  3. Abushiri
  4. Mirambo     
  5. Kinjekitile                                         

23.     What does it mean by Neo Colonialism?   

  1. One country not depending aids from another country   
  2. Independent country chasing   away capitalists    
  1. Independent country being ruled economically by another country 
  2.  colonialists still owning the land even though the country is independent  
  3. Flag Independence                                         

24.     In which year did Rwanda and Burundi joined East African Community (E.A.C)?  

  1. 1977     
  2. 1967    
  3. 2001    
  4. 2007    
  5. 2000  

25.     Who among the following people was a Yao leader?  

  1. Machemba
  2. Chief Mkwawa   
  3. Kinjekitile Ngwale   
  4. Mirambo 
  5. Isike

26.     Which among the following systems was not exploitative? ___

  1. Imperialism   
  2. Capitalism    
  3. Communalism
  4. Feudalism    
  5. Obugabire                                          

27.     Who was the first President of FRELIMO party? ___ 

  1. Samora Machel
  2. Edward Mondlane   
  3. Thabit Kombo   
  4. Nelson Mandela
  5. Kamuzu Banda                                                    

28.     Which societies in Tanzania, their means of living was hunting and          gathering?  

  1. Masai, Gogo and Tindiga    
  2. Tindiga, Gogo and Fipa
  3. Hadzabe, Tindiga and Sandawe   
  4. Sandawe, Masai and Tindiga
  5. Chaga, Rangi and Sandawe                                            

29.     Which were the Portuguese colonies? ___ 

  1. Nigeria and Mozambique
  2. Togo and Angola    
  3. Gambia and Guinea   
  4. Congo and Cameroon   
  5. Mozambique and Angola                  

30.     Which among the following reasons, made Meroe Kingdom to be   famous? 

  1. Famous businessmen    
  2. Being famous in traditional     dance   
  3. Being invaded by neighbouring countries   
  4. Making and          selling Iron tools     
  5. Upbringing Traditional leaders                   

31.     In which year did Bartholomew Diaz reached the Cape of Good Hope? 

  1. 1889    
  2. 1719    
  3. 1888    
  4. 1488    
  5. 1498            

32.     When was HELIGOLAND treaty signed? ___      

  1. 1885
  2. 1886     
  3. 1890    
  4. 1888   
  5. 1840                     


33.     Which instrument is used to measure the wind speed? ___

  1. Themometer    
  2. Barometer   
  3. Hygrometer
  4. Aemometer    
  5. Sunshine dial                                    

34.     The piece of land, surrounded by water in three dimensions is known as ____ 

  1. Cape   
  2. Peninsular   
  3. Gulf   
  4. Island   
  5. Delta 

35.     The Mountain ranges which separate Europe and Asia are called ___

  1. Alps    
  2. Kaukasus    
  3. Atlas    
  4. Andes    
  5. Ural  

36.     The main crop in the countries with Mediterranean climate is ___

  1. Fruits   
  2. Cloves   
  3. Cereals   
  4. Tea    
  5. Sisal           

37.     What is the difference in time for every 150 Longitudes?

  1. 15 minutes   
  2. 30 minutes   
  3. 1 hour   
  4. 5 hours
  5. 45 minutes                                                           

38.     “One centimeter represents three kilometers”. How do we write it in the map?   

  1. 1:300,000   
  2. 1:250,000   
  3. 1:100,000   
  4. 1:30,000    
  5. 1:3,000,000                                                 

39.     What is the Outcome of a rotation?  

  1. overhead sun
  2. Night and Day   
  3. Meridian lines crossing equator  
  4. dirrerent      distance on the map   
  5. different seasons of the year              

40.     The temperature of  Dar es salaam which id at the sea level is 300C. What will be the temperature of Morogoro which is at 1000 meters above the sea level?  

  1. 180C   
  2. 240c   
  3. 300c   
  4. 400c   
  5. 50c                        

41.     If town X is 450E and its time is 9:15am, what time will be at a town Y which is at 450W?  

  1. 3:15pm   
  2. 2:15pm   
  3. 3:15am   
  4. 12:00noon   
  5. 10:00am                                  

          Read the following contour and answer the questions 42 – 46 





42.     Which letter shows the sea? 

(a) G  (b) A   (c) F  (d) C  (e) B      

43.     What physical feature does letter D represents ____     

  1. G  
  2. A   
  3. F   
  4. D   
  5. B                                    

44.     What is the name the feature shown by letter A?

  1. Mountain   
  2. Pass   
  3. ocean   
  4. ridge    
  5. spur            

45.     The difference of the height between contour E and H is _____meters.

  1. 100m   
  2. 200m   
  3. 300m    
  4. 400m  
  5. 500m          












































  1. This Examinations Consists Of 50  Questions
  2. Answer All Questions
  3. Write Your Answers In Capital Letters
  4. Make Your Work Legible


Choose the correct answer from the Alternatives given

1.  The district chairperson is chosen by

  1. District Executive Director
  2.  Defense and security committee
  3. Minister in the office of the president
  4. Ward Executive Officer
  5. Ward councilors

2.   Which one of the following resources attracts tourists and contributes to the national income?

  1. Land
  2. Rivers
  3. Livestock
  4. Minerals
  5. Parks

3.The governments responsibility of ensuring leaders integrity involves

  1. Giving loans in terms of vehicle to each
  2.  Establishing a single party system
  3. Establishing public service work rules
  4. Transferring corrupt employees
  5. Employing of qualified servants

4. What is the difference between customs and traditions

  1. Customs change frequently thanTraditions
  2. Traditions more change frequently than customs
  3. Customs are habits while traditions are actions
  4. Customs are habits that can change to become traditions
  5. Traditions change more frequently than practices

5. Use of public office for selfish interests is called

  1. Handouts
  2.  Corruption
  3. Patriotism
  4. Selfish
  5. Entrepreneurship

6.  Powerful capitalist nations that scrambled for Africa were

  1.  Britain, Germany, France,Belgium, Italy and Portugal
  2. Britain, Germany, France, China,Spain and America
  3.  Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Spain and Belgium
  4. Britain, Germany France, china and Japan
  5.  Britain,   Germany, France,Belgium, Italy and china

7.  The founder of the Britain business company in East Africa (IBEACO) was called

  1.  David Livingstone
  2. Karl Peters
  3. Mungo Park
  4. William Macknon 
  5.  Seyyid Said

8.  The archaeologist who discovered the human skull at Olduvai Gorge was called

  1. Charles Darwin
  2. Zinjanthropus
  3. Homo Habilis 
  4.  David leakey
  5.  Louis Leakey

9. Which mode of production involved collective ownership of the major means of production?

  1. Slavery
  2.  Ethnicity
  3. Capitalism      
  4. Communalism
  5. Socialism

10.  What caused the Maji Maji war?

  1. Portuguese took Tanzania into slavery
  2. Kinjekitile was annoyed by hostility of the Germans and Arabs
  3. Tanzanians were beaten by the British
  4. Germans forced people to work in the cotton farms
  5. Sultan Seyyid Said persecuted and enslaved Africans

11. Which of the following map scales represent a small area on the ground? 

  1. 1:50
  2. 1: 500,000
  3. 1:50,000
  4. 1:5000
  5. 1:500

12.  Fold mountains occur in areas with?

  1. Rock layers
  2. Volcanic rocks and fire
  3. Hot rock
  4. Rock variable
  5. Volcanic rocks

13. Which one of the following is the main danger of overpopulation?

  1. Decrease criminal cases
  2. Increase in employment opportunities
  3.  Decrease in capital
  4. Decrease in small scale business 
  5. Insufficiency in social services

14. International trade involves

  1. Import and export of goods
  2. Importation of goods
  3. Exportation of goods
  4. Currency business
  5. Borrowing funds from other countries

15. Which regions are mainly concerned with transportation using the Indian Ocean?

  1. Mwanza, Pemba, Zanzibar and Mtwara
  2. Tanga, Mtwara, Kigoma and Pwani
  3. Zanzibar, Pemba, Mwanza and Kigoma
  4. Kilimanjaro, Kigoma, Tanga and Zanzibar
  5. Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Mtwara

16.  The ward councilor is elected by:

  1. All member of the ruling party. 
  2. Ward General Assembly
  3. Citizens living in the respective ward
  4. Village general assembly
  5. Village council

17.  Ward development committee consists of the following leaders, except: 

  1.  Ward councilor 
  2. Ward executive officer
  3. Special seats councilor
  4. Ward Education Coordinator
  5. Ward secretary

18.   A motto of Tanzania found on the national Coat of Arms is:

  1.  Freedom and Development
  2. Freedom and Work
  3. Freedom and Unity
  4. Freedom and Peace          
  5. Freedom and security

19. The things that every person deserves regardless of tribe, Nationality and gender are called; 

  1.  Good governance
  2.   Human Rights
  3.   Rule of Law
  4.  Democracy
  5.   Gender equality

20. Participation of pupils in the election of their leaders in a school strengthens:

  1. Constitutional leadership at school
  2.  Leadership of the Head of the school
  3. Bureaucracy at school
  4. Security at school
  5.  Good governance at the school.

21. The importance of Zebra Crossing Sign is;

  1. To reduce congestion of Carson the road.
  2. To enable the disabled people to cross the road safely
  3. To enable the pedestrians to cross the road safely.
  4. To give warning of the presence of livestock near the road.
  5. To give warning about pres ence of railway near the road.

22.Speaker of the Assembly of the United Republic of Tanzania is elected by 

  1.  The citizens
  2.   Members of the Parliament
  3.   Ministers
  4.  Councellors
  5.   Chief justice

23. What is the advantage of division of labour in a family?

  1. It weakens the family
  2. It encourages divisions
  3.  It causes dictatorship
  4. It brings developments
  5. It causes conflicts

24.1n which age was fire discovered?

  1.  Early stone age
  2. Middle stone age
  3.  Iron stone age
  4.  Late stone age
  5. Industrial age

25.   Uvinza is well known in Tanzania due to production of:

  1. Coal
  2. Copper
  3. Iron
  4. Salt
  5. Gold

26.   The remains of Zinjanthropus that were found in the Olduvai Gorge were discovered by:

  1. David Livingstone
  2. Fredrick Lugard
  3. Lous Leakey
  4. Carl Peters
  5. Charles Darwin

27.   Three East Africa tribes that participated in the Long Distance Trade before colonialism were:

  1. The Hehe, Nyamwezi and Turkana
  2. The Karamajong, Sukuma and Pokot
  3. The Maasai, Yao and Sukuma
  4. The Yao, Nyamwezi and
  5. The Yao, Nyamwezi and Kamba

28.   The first treaty that was signed in 1822 to abolish slave trade in Tanganyika and Zanzibar was called.

  1. The Morseby Treaty 
  2. The Frere Treaty
  3. The Heligoland Treaty
  4. The Harmaton Treaty
  5. The Berlin Conference

29.   The Majimaji war was caused by;

  1. Magic water water from the Rufiji
  2. Lust of the witch doctors
  3. Exploitation done by the Germans
  4. Cruelty of the Matumbi of Songea
  5. Testing of local weapons

30.   Up to 1914 the states that were free in the continent of Africa were:

  1. Tanganyika and Zanzibar
  2. Ethiopia and Liberia
  3. Ghana and Egypt
  4. Somalia and Djibout    
  5. South Africa and Rwanda

31.People who are living along the shores of Oceans and lakes normally deal with;

  1. Agriculture
  2. Fishing
  3. Lumbering
  4. Livestock keeping
  5. Transportation

32.Which one among the following is a characteristic of maps?

  1. Showing all sides of the item
  2. Length of the item is shown
  3. The structure of the item
  4. Actual colour of the item is seen
  5. Top view of the item is seen

33.  Which one among the following hazards is caused by both natural and Human factors

  1. Huricane
  2. Volcanic eruption
  3. Bom blast
  4. Fire
  5. war

34. Fishing which is unstustainable leads to the following; except?

  1. Death of people
  2. death of fish
  3. Environmental pollution
  4. Poverty
  5. Richness

Study the photograph below and answer questions 40,41,42 and 43.

35. Name the crop shown on the photograph

  1. Maize
  2. Rice
  3. Sisal
  4. Wheat
  5. Millet

36.     It is important to observe one of the following while singing the national anthem:

  1.  Holding the national flag
  2.   stand still and attentive
  3.   Look at the right side
  4.  raise up the right hand
  5.   sit down calmly

37.  Advantages of defense and security in schools include

  1. To increase the number of pupils enrolment 
  2. To ensure peaceful and orderly learning environment
  3. To ensure teachers and students arrive at school on time
  4. To broaden the scope of democracy in school 
  5. To facilitate the construction of classrooms and teachers houses.

38.     Good governance    can be  strengthened in schools through the following ways; 

  1. students to elect their leaders
  2. students to know income and expenditure of the school
  3. student leaders to have final say on any issue
  4. student leaders to respect the views of their fellow students
  5. students to accept advice from their teachers

39. Which of the following traditions can spread HIV/AIDS?

  1. Traditional dances 
  2. food taboos
  3. bearing  many children
  4. widow inheritance
  5. bride price.

40. the main objective of constitutional changes of 1962 in Tanzania were?

  1. To from a government of national unity 
  2. to form a federal government
  3. to form a local government
  4. to form a republic government
  5. to form a transition government

41. An extended family is closely related to a special group known as

  1. Tribe
  2. Society
  3. Lineage
  4. Neighbour
  5. Village

42. The earliest system of which a society owned all major means of production commonly was called

  1. Feudalism
  2.  Communism
  3. Socialism
  4. Friendship
  5. Communalism

43. The first Portuguese to reach the Southern part of Africa was called

  1.   King Henry
  2.   Bartholomew Diaz 
  3.  Vasco da Gama
  4.   David Livingstone
  5.    Cecil Rhodes

44.  Major groups of agents of colonialism which came to Tanganyika and Zanzibar were

  1. Soldiers, Administrators and Traders 
  2.  Missionaries, Journalists and Traders
  3.  Explorers, Administrators and Traders
  4. Journalists, Explorers and Soldiers
  5. Explorers, Missionaries and Traders

45. Some of the French colonies in Africa were

  1.  Togo and Morocco
  2.   Senegal and Ghana
  3.   Nigeria and Tunisia        
  4.  Senegal and Morocco 
  5.    Angola and Tunisia

46. The Arusha Declaration emphasized that development of the country must be on the basis of

  1. Dependency and aids
  2. International trade
  3. Socialism and self-reliance
  4. Single party and democracy
  5. Privatization and investments

47. Environment is

  1. Living things and non-living organisms 
  2.  Living organisms, houses and water
  3. All things that surround human being
  4. Land, buildings and oceans
  5. Plants, domestic animals and houses

49.  The main source of the solar system is

  1.  earth
  2. planet
  3. sun
  4. moon
  5.  star

50.   A pass is an area in land surface that shows

  1. an area with the rift valley
  2. an area with block mountains
  3. the mountain summits
  4. a flat landscape 
  5. a gap between two mountain ranges


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