STD 7- SEPT 2022


  1. This paper has four printed pages, forty five(45) questions with sections A and B
  2. Answer all the questions in all sections
  3. Fill all the required information in the OMR form and the page with question number 41 – 45 on the back page of the OMR form
  4. Write your Examination Number and then shade the digits of the number in the respective place on your answer sheer
  5. Shade the letter of the correct answer for each question in the answer sheet provided (OMR) for questions number 1 – 40. For example, if the correct answer is A shade as follows:








  1. If you have to change your answer, you must-rub out the shading very neatly before shading the new one. Use a clean rubber.
  2. Use HB pencil only for questions 1 – 40, and a blue or black ink ball pointed pen for questions number 41 – 45.



For questions 1 – 40, choose the correct answer and shade its corresponding letter in the special answer sheet (OMR) provided.

  1. If you get a chance of teaching about protecting national parks, valleys and mounts from destruction, which of the following things will you put more emphasis?
  1. Preserving natural vegetation
  2. Avoiding poverty
  3. Stop climbing mountains
  4. Create more water sources
  5. Use alternative sources of energy
  1. Identify the responsibility of a child at home, among the following;
  1. Doing simple home chores
  2. Having a chance to play
  3. Eating on time and in time
  4. Attending clinic when sick
  5. Getting school fees and going to school
  1. Humanity has to do with being humane towards fellow human beings and this is being responsible. You are given acts of humanity as follows, which one is not?
  1. Donating blood
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Adopting a street child
  4. Comforting a neighbor
  5. Dressing nicely
  1. Good governance in a school promotes peace. What promotes good governance in schools among the following?
  1. Participation
  2. Suggestion box
  3. Reporting fraud
  4. Breaking for holidays
  5. Electing leaders among staff members
  1. Some evils in the society affect children directly. For example, children are kidnapped, raped and stolen. As a good child, what can you do to avoid such evils, among the following?
  1. Lock yourself in the bedroom
  2. Eat before sunset
  3. Don’t watch fierce movies
  4. Be careful when you get out without permission
  5. Obey home regulations.
  1. Some people believe that without petty corruption, some services cannot be acquired. What is the best means of fighting this perception among people?
  1. Scrapping petty services
  2. Spreading awareness on the effect of corruption
  3. Installing CCTV cameras
  4. Introducing flogging to culprits
  5. Showing love and mercy to everyone
  1. Which resource helps the pupil most to fulfil his/her responsibilities concerning most of the domestic chores?
  1. Money
  2. Water
  3. Land
  4. Human resource
  5. Vegetation
  1. Annet explained the importance of the Cybercrimes Act, 2015 to her fellow grade 7 pupils in a discussion. Which point could she have considered among the following?
  1. Peace and security in the country
  2. How to use the internet in education
  3. Searching for the best antivirus software
  4. Entrepreneurship in the community
  5. Kinds of communication networks
  1. Samson picked up the teachers watch in the compound. He looked for the teacher and gave it to him. Which behavior did Samson display?
  1. Patriotism
  2. Endurance
  3. Self-control
  4. Integrity
  5. Show-off
  1. How do prefects help teacher on duty to fulfil their responsibilities?
  1. Preparing and serving lunch
  2. Allocating fellow pupils areas to clean
  3. Cleaning the compound before classes
  4. Writing duty report of the day
  5. Recommending on changes in a week
  1. How is theft related to fraud in the environment?
  1. They are both acts of worship
  2. Both destroy the environment
  3. Both threaten good relationship
  4. Both lead to success in life
  5. Both lead to developing new laws
  1. Early marriage is a bad custom and needs to be eradicated. Why has this bad custom persisted in the society despite tireless campaigns against it?
  1. Emotions and age
  2. Many girl-children in the society
  3. Ignorance and illiteracy
  4. Many cultures on the land
  5. Ignorance and poverty
  1. How can corruption influence the rise of infectious diseases in any community?
  1. Employing many health workers
  2. Producing wrong results of medical examinations
  3. Constructing hospitals in remote areas
  4. It creates new diseases
  5. It causes new epidemics in the country
  1. Acts like too much silence and crying are normally suspicious in nature and cause double in the society. What is the best way of avoiding such acts?
  1. Cooperating with guardians and teachers
  2. Avoiding school if you’re in that situation
  3. Cry all what you can before arriving at school
  4. Sleep early to reduce stress
  5. Report anything to police immediately.
  1. Dada Zubeda is constitutionally obliged to fulfill some responsibilities. Identify, among the following a duty that does not concern Dada Zubeda as a citizens?
  1. Arresting criminals
  2. Working hard
  3. Condemning violence
  4. Commanding respect
  5. Protecting unity
  1. Your friend was sexually abused by someone in the community. She was counselled to avoid stress but she needs justice. Among the following things, what does she need the most?
  1. Dignity
  2. New family
  3. Healthcare
  4. Legal aid
  5. Counselling
  1. Maintaining peace in a country is a campaign that can be done in different ways. Which means provides the best platform to motivate the society for peace in the country, among the following?
  1. School assembly
  2. National library
  3. National festivals
  4. Harvest carnivals
  5. Burial ceremonies
  1. Good governance is about using political powers in the interest of the citizens. Which principle of good governance guarantees human rights the most?
  1. Rule of law
  2. Free and fair elections
  3. Transparency
  4. Accountability
  5. reconciliation
  1. Leadership in our society is achieved through elections and appointments. Which leader among the following is not appointed, but elected?
  1. Village Executive Officer
  2. District education officer
  3. District council chairperson
  4. Chief justice
  5. Ward Executive officer
  1. Which body is responsible for protecting both the national culture and national resources?
  1. TPDF
  2. Parliament
  3. Executive
  4. PCCB
  5. Police force
  1. Tanzania’s National symbols are used on particular occasions and for specific purposes. Which symbol identifies Tanzania as an independent country and measures the value of goods and services?
  1. Giraffe
  2. Presidential flag
  3. Currency
  4. Flag
  5. constitution
  1. We dig mineral resources under the ground and they contribute to the development of the country. Which symbol on the national emblem represents these minerals
  1. Hoe
  2. Axe
  3. Spear
  4. Red portion
  5. Yellow portion
  1. How can a child participate in raising a family income among the following, without breaking the child law?
  1. Looking after the crops nursery bed
  2. Leaving with parents to work
  3. Saving money for future use
  4. Selling mangoes along streets
  5. Selling sweets at school
  1. Our teacher advised us to form study groups, join sport teams and games and work together in cleaning the school environment. What is the purpose of all these, among the following
  1. Strengthening good relationship
  2. Making the school popular
  3. Ways of constructing a school
  4. Maintaining peace in school
  5. Increasing the school income
  1. Everyone is obliged to take part in the campaign against environmental destruction. Which of the following can be done by everyone to conserve the environment?
  1. Arresting people who destroy
  2. Enacting laws
  3. Donating land to plant trees
  4. Doing environmental education
  5. Generating money to help in conservation
  1. What is the best way of empowering citizens to protect themselves from fire hazards?
  1. Giving loans to buy rescue tools
  2. Forcing them to buy firefighting tools
  3. Employing fire and rescue workers in schools
  4. Buying enough fire engines
  5. Ensuring fire and rescue education in the society
  1. Juma’s home was robbed and all property taken. They got help for the basic needs but family members are still stressed. Why do these family members need counselling immediately?
  1. To forge self-direction
  2. To get their property back
  3. To track the robbers
  4. To manage future negligence
  5. To fundraise for home redevelopment
  1. One of the challenges facing the community in conserving the environment is poverty. In which of the following ways does poverty contribute towards environmental degradation in the community?
  1. Disregard of environment education
  2. Being coward and weak
  3. Electing bad leaders due to corruption
  4. Failure to go to school to learn about environment
  5. Engaging in activities that harm the environment
  1. Among the following countries, which one isn’t a member of the African Union?
  1. Tanzania
  2. Zambia
  3. China
  4. South Africa
  5. Sudan
  1. Which set among the following has some countries that do not boarder Tanzania?
  1. Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique
  2. South Sudan, Somali, Rwanda, Burundi
  3. Rwanda, Mozambique, Uganda, Burundi
  4. DRC, Mozambique, Burundi, Uganda
  5. Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, DRC
  1. The Nyamwezi make the second-largest ethnic group in Tanzania and mostly practice farming. Which region among the following makes part of their ancestral home?
  1. Tabora
  2. Kagera
  3. Coast
  4. Dodoma
  5. Ruvuma
  1. Jacky is a Tanzania student living in Mbezi-Dar. After her standard7. She intends to travel to Egypt for father studies. Which office will provide her with the necessary visa before travelling?
  1. Embassy of Tanzania in Egypt
  2. Embassy of Egypt in Tanzania
  3. Ministry of internal affairs
  4. OR-RALG
  1. If Tanzania accuses Kenya of practicing illegal trade on its land, what could be the best solution to settle a dispute like this and maintain the friendship of two countries?
  1. Adopting the constitution of Kenya
  2. Following Kenya’s polices
  3. Stop exports into Kenya
  4. Use technology
  5. Organize a dialogue
  1. “Promoting domestic production, introducing proper investment laws that favour local investors, Protecting the environment, culture and worker’s rights-are all strategies” Which challenges are encountered through setting up such strategies?
  1. Effects of overgrazing
  2. Effects of globalization
  3. Effects of land misuse
  4. Effect of little capital
  5. Effect of bad customs and traditions
  1. Tough situations in life are a test to human beings. Which is the best way of enduring tough situations that you can advise your friend to practice?
  1. Being brave
  2. Foregoing some goals
  3. Quick decision-making
  4. Hard-work
  5. Patience
  1. Crying so hard after you’ve lost a relative is not good and you may even faint. Politely, advise you friend who is exactly in such a situation;
  1. Please save tears for another day
  2. Kindly cool down, you aren’t the first person
  3. Please think straight, life has to go on
  4. My friend, sleep early to reduce stress
  5. Don’t cry for spilled milk
  1. It is very important to be confident in order to solve your problems. What does this confidence develop in a person among the following?
  1. Body fitness
  2. Healthy-living
  3. Avoiding diseases
  4. Positive attitude
  5. kindness
  1. Increasing creativity and using your time properly are key factors to success. What can help you to act upon these principles all the time?
  1. Setting goals
  2. Setting your own rules and regulations
  3. Avoiding many friends
  4. Avoiding peer groups
  5. Starting a business
  1. Being curious in life leads to learning new things. What ensure curiosity among the following?
  1. Criticism
  2. Questioning
  3. Information
  4. Irrelevant arguments
  5. New mistakes
  1. Temptations leading to evil-doing is common especially among the youth and the adolescents. What is the main cause of this?
  1. Tribe
  2. Lack of religion
  3. Uncontrolled emotions
  4. Poor family inheritance law
  5. Lack of formal education


Write your answer in the blank space provided at the back of your OMR form

  1. Due to the importance of forests, we have to make sure they are protected. Outline any four importance of forests to human beings.
  2. With examples, explain briefly how public resources differ from home resources.
  3. (a)A permanent secretary is the chief executive officer in his/her ministry. Who appoints him/her?

(b)Which arm of government approves orders and ensures that rights are served to all?

  1. Any school needs fund to plan and develop. Briefly explain two activities through which a school management may raise development funds.
  2. The 2015 Tanzania foreign policy identifies the direction of international relations. What are the advantages of international relations? (Mention two)








Time1:30 Hours

Pupil’s Name............................................................


  1. This paper consists of section A and B with total of forty five questions
  2. Answer all questions in each section
  3. For questions 1-40 put your choice in the box provided
  4. For question 41-45 write your answer by filling the spaces provided
  5. All communication devices and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room



Choose the correct answer and write its letter to the OMR provided.

1. Misuse of family resources may lead to ...... (a)Increase of richness (b) promoe unity and piece (c)Increase love in the family (d)Shortage of basic needs in the family (e)Promote in quality

2.Which symbol shows our country as an independent country? ......

 (a)Nationalcurrency (b)Coat of Arms (c)National flag (d)Uhuru torch (e)National Antherm

3. According to the constitution of Tanganyika of the year 1961 the head of the state was the ....... (a)Prime Minister (b)Governor (c)President (d)Parliament Secretary (e)Speaker of Parliament

4.One of the worst human rights abuses in Tanzania is ..... (a)Cutting and Planting trees (b)Murder of the elderly and Albino (c)To charge for criminals (d)Government oversee tax collection

 (e)The presence of Prisons in the country

5.A person responsible for controlling pupils behavior in school is ...... (a)The school committee chairmsn (b)Discipline teacher (c)Assistant head teacher (d)Academic teacher (e)Class teacher.

6.Supervision of all government activities in Parliament is ....... (a)Speaker of the Parliament 

(b)Chief judge (c)Attorney general (d)Prime Minister (e)President 

7.The orld health international organization is .......... (a)UNDP (b)WHO (c)FAO (d)UNESCO (e)UNO

8............ is the fair and equal representation of everyone in governance. (a)Security 

(b)Democracy (c)Constitutions (d)Multiparty (e)PCCB

9.Tanzania celebrate .......... on 12th January each year. (a)Independence (b)The union (c)Zanzibar Revolution (d)First election (e)Uhuru Tourch

10.The effects of domestic violence are ....... (a)Death and Cooperation (b)Peace (c)Love each other (d)Separation of the family (e)Joy and happy in the family

11.The importance of the presidential flag is ........ (a)To visit in various areas (b)To show the authorizes of the President (c)Encouraging the torch of freedom (d)To advertise the country of Tanzania (e)To protect the president

12. Which of the following acts of protecting school properties? ........................

  1. Not reporting your fellow pupil who has broken a table in the classroom
  2. Leaving water taps open or electric lights on even if no one is using them
  3. Littering the school environment
  4. Reporting to the school management an act which destroy the property of a particular school
  5. Cutting down schools strees

13.Who is responsible for protecting our National freedom and Peace? ..............

(a)The migration department only. (b) every citizen (c)the police only (d)the national intelligence unit only (e) auxiliary police.

14.The backbone of the economy of Tanzania is ........................... (a)Agriculture (b)Livestock (c)Minerals (d)Tourism (e)Fishing

15.A person obtains Tanzania citizenship by birth inheritance and (a)By visiting parents who live in Tanzania (b)To use vote identity (c)To be registered (d)Visiting embassy offices (e)To recommend yourself.

16.Who is the current deputy president of Tnzaia (a)Kassim Majaliwa (b)Edward Lowasa 

(c)Samia Suluhu(d)Job Ndugai (e)Tulia Akson

17.Which of the following is not a legal service ........... (a)Sunction (b)Inheritance confiscation 

(c)Sexual abuse (d)Medical treatment (e)quarantine 

18.Defense and security in the family is the responsibility of ..... (a)The father only 

(b)The family watchman (c)The father and mother only (d)All family members (e)brother and sister only.

19.Whoc is the head of Municipal council? (a)Chairperson (b)Mayor (c)Councilor (d)Municipal Director (e)Ward executive officer

20.The Multiparty system was introduced in Tanzania in which year ? ........ (a)1998 (b)1995 

(c)1992 (d)1996 (c)1991

21.One way of showing respect to the community members is ..... (a)Cheating (b)Fighting others 

(c)Using rude language (d)behaving bad (e)Greetings

22.The blind, the deaf and lame are among the ............(a)Lame (b)Neglected people 

(c)People with special need (d)rude people (e)People who cannot do things effectively

23.The first president of the United Republic of Tanzania was Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and the vice President was .......... (a)Sheikh Abeid Aman Karume (b)Salimu Ahmed Sakimu 

(c)Ibrahim Lipumba (d)Maalim Seif (e)Dr.Hussein Mwinyi 

24.The president is the head of the state, some of his responsibility are as follows except ......

(a)Appointing primaryMinister and some government officials

(b) Appointing councilors (c)Terminate them when needed to do so (d)Reshuffle the abinet when he sees its necessary (e)Parole the convicts when he sees its necessary.

25.Why do you think peer group discussion are effective in promoting youth’s participation....... 

(a)It enable age-mates to discuss issues freely (b)They have different vision (c)They have high IQ (d)They can help others (e)The same age group is difficult to discuss issues.

26.What should we do when National Flag raised or lowered down? ................... 

(a)keep walking (b)Run (c)Playing Musi (d)To fly (e)Standing attention

27.The National Currency of Tanzania is issued and controlled by the (a)NMB Bank (b)CRDB Bank (c)NBC Bank (d)Central Bank of Tanzania (BOT) (e)Uchumi commercial Bank (UCB)

28.Man-made resources are ........., ........ and ........ (a)Road, forests and dams (b)Buildings, electricity and minerals (c)Road, industry and dams (d)Farms, Rivers and Mountains (e)Oceans, lakes and tall buildings

29.Which is the Main function of the Police Officers?..... (a)To talk to the pupils about laws of the school (b)To beat criminals (c)Protect people of the nation and their properties 

(d)To beat those who violate the laws (e)To interact with criminals 

30.What should we do if we fail performing a particular activity in the first time. (a)We should disappear (b)We should know that we can’t do that activity.(c)We should try again (d)We should despair (e)We should cry.

31.Helping the Old and the sick cleaning the environment of the street is among the (a)Community work (b)Hard work (c)Easy work (d)International work (e)Wastage of time.

32.General election in Tanzania is conducted after ............. years. (a)Three (b)Five (c)Two (d)One (e)ten

33.The chairperson of a local government in an area is ..... (a)appointed by the District commissioner (b)Elected by the councilors (c)Elected by members of parliament (d)Elected all villagers 

(e)Elected by all

34.If one forces to do risk behavior ........ (a)You must quiet (b)You must run away (c)Tell the teacher, parent or police (d)Fight back (e)Laughing 

35.The First step in solving a conflict among pupils is .... (a)Listening to them (b)Encouraging them to forgive one another (c)Shaking hands with one another (d)By separating them (e)Beat them.

36.The Institution which investigate and prosecutes corrupt people in Tanzania is (a)PCCB (b)Judiciary (c)Police (d)JWTZ (e)Parliament

37.Culture is ..... (a)activities which you like (b)Total of life in a society (c)Life of people (d)Foreign languages (e)Natural activities which was done by the people

38. ............ is the employment of children in any work. (a)Man labour (b)Social worker (c)Children labour (d)Adult Labour (e)Work

39.Our parliament meets in which city? ......... (a)Dodoma (b)Dar es Salaam (c)Chato (d)Mbeya (e)Arusha

40.A peson who loves and sacrifices for his country and even ready to die for his/her country is known as (a)Dictator (b)Citizen (c)Patriot (d)Resilient (e)Activist 


Answer all question in the space provided. Each question carries 2 Marks

41.The president of the United Republic of Tanzania is sworn by .....................................

42.Suggest two ways of preventing corruption (i)............................. (ii).............................

43.Mention two way of preserving water sources (i) ............................. (ii) .......................

44.What is environment? .....................................

45.What challenges may make you seek guidance and counseling while you are at school?

  1. .................................................................................
  2. .................................................................................





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