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l . This paper consists of sections A, B and C with a total of twelve (12) questions.

2.Answer all questions in sections A and B and three (3) questions from section C.

3.Section A carries fifteen (15) marks, section B forty (40) marks and section C carries forty five (45) marks.

4.Cellular phones and any unauthorised materials are not allowed in the examination room.

5.Write your Examination Number on every page of your answer booklet(s).

SECTION A (15 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

1.For each of the items (i)-(x), choose the most correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number in the answer booklet provided.

(i) Which sentence among the following shows the ongoing expression?

  1. He is writing letters.
  2. He wrote letters.
  3. He writes letters.
  4. He has written letters.
  5. He had written letters.
Choose Answer :

(ii) The teacher decided to                  the test results of students with disciplinary problems.

  1. withheld 
  2. have withheld 
  3. withhold
  4. being withheld 
  5. having withhold
Choose Answer :

(iii)Ten years from now, my friends and I                  in Arusha.

  1. live
  2. have lived 
  3. will have been living
  4. lived
  5. will be living
Choose Answer :

(iv)Shija is                  at Mjimwema Secondary School.

  1. studying 
  2. study 
  3. studied
  4. being studying 
  5. studies
Choose Answer :

(v) My school certificate                   hanging on the wall.

  1. are
  2. were
  3. is
  4. will
  5. has
Choose Answer :

(vi) It started to rain while we                    football.

  1. were playing 
  2. are playing 
  3. played
  4. had played 
  5. play
Choose Answer :

(vii) Salome                     working in the garden when you came.

  1. is 
  2. are 
  3. was
  4. were 
  5. has been
Choose Answer :

(viii) "They clean their surroundings daily." Which indicator shows you that the sentence expresses routine?

  1. The use of pronoun "they"
  2. The use of noun "surroundings"
  3. The use of pronoun "their"
  4. The use of the word "daily"
  5. The use of the base form "clean"
Choose Answer :

(ix) "I have sent a message to Jane." How can this sentence be changed to past perfect form?

  1. I was sending a message to Jane.
  2. I had sent a message to Jane.
  3. I have been sending a message to Jane.
  4. I sent a message to Jane.
  5. I had to send a message to Jane.
Choose Answer :

(x) The earth rotates around the sun. The article "the" is used before the word sun to show that the word sun is

  1. singular
  2. mentioned in the second time
  3. known
  4. only in the universe
  5. bigger than the earth
Choose Answer :

2.Match the description of people in List A with the correct occupations in List B by writing its letter beside the corresponding item number in the answer booklet(s) provided.


(i) Makes furniture

(ii) Mends shoes

(iii) Takes care of people's teeth

(iv) Takes charge of funeral arrangements

(v) Acts for another in business

  1. dentist
  2. carpenter
  3. agent
  4. author 
  5. cobbler
  6. artist
  7. undertaker
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SECTION B (40 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

3.Re-arrange the following sentences into a logical sequence to make a meaningful conversation by writing the corresponding letter in the answer booklet provided. Use the following format for your answers.

Sentence Number 1 2 3 4 5

  1. "Gosh! That's kind of you," Said the old man, and climbed quickly into the car.
  2. A few minutes later, the driver noticed that the old man was still holding the heavy bag and he asked him to put it down.
  3. A business man was driving along a lonely country road when he met an old man carrying a heavy bag.
  4. "Well," replied the old man "You have already done me the kindness of giving me a ride. I can't ask you to carry my bag as well."
  5. He stopped a car and asked the old man, "Can I give you a lift to town?" asked the businessman.
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4.Complete the given sentences by using the appropriate possessive pronoun in the box.

their, our, theirs, hers, her, us

(a)Amanda owns a big animal farm. It belongs to                   .

(b)This is their room. The room is                   .

(c)Hawa bought an umbrella. The umbrella is                   .

(d)This is our garden. It belongs to                   .

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5.Suppose you are the head prefect of your school; You have received a guest who wants to know the location of toilets, library, headmaster's office and classrooms in your school. Use the words/phrases in the box to construct four sentences giving the location of these places.

close to, next to, behind, opposite

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6.Read the passage below carefully then answer the questions that follow:

John and Asha are husband and wife. They have two children Hamisi and Mariam. Mariam is married to Joseph and Hamisi is married to Jane. Hamisi and Jane have two children Tigana and Mwanaidi. Joseph and Mariam also have two children Jamali and Salome.

(a)Draw a family tree of John's family.

(b)State the relationship that exists between the Tigana and Joseph.

(c)How are Mwanaidi and Joseph related?

(d)What relationship that exist between Jane and Jamali?

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7.Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given after each in the answer booklet provided.

(a) The school team won the match. It trained for months. (Use because)

(b) Yusuph had all the necessary qualifications. He did not get the job. (Join the two sentences beginning with although

(c)The English Medium Primary schools are very expensive. People send their children there. (Use "but" to join the sentences)

(d)We had good players yet we lost three matches. (Begin: In spite of + ing. . . )

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8.Read the following conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Bukusi. From their conversation, compose a wedding invitation card in not more than 60 words.

Mrs. Bukusi:

I have received a card from Mr. and Mrs. Akida's family inviting us to the wedding ceremony of their son Ibrahim.

Mr. Bukusi:

Oh! That's great. When is the ceremony?

Mrs. Bukusi:

The wedding will be held on 27th January, 2021. Will we be able to attend?

Mr. Bukusi:

Off course yes. Where will the wedding take place?

Mrs. Bukusi:

In Dar es Salaam.

Mr. Bukusi:

OK. But where specifically will the event take place?

Mrs. Bukusi:

The event will take place at Mbezi Beach Lutheran Church from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. They have prepared a grand reception at Rose Garden in Msasani, which will start at 6:00 p.m.

Mr. Bukusi:

OK. We can't miss such an important occasion!

Mrs. Bukusi:

Please, remind me to buy a present for the couple.

Mr. Bukusi:

OK, I will.

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SECTION C (45 Marks)

Answer three (3) questions from this section.

9.Suppose that you are the District Medical Officer (D.M .0), write a speech of not less than 250 words to educate the community on the effects of Female Genital Mutilation (F.G.M). Limit your speech to six points.



A Wreath for Fr. Mayer

- S. N. Ndunguru (1977), Mkuki na Nyota

Unanswered Cries

- Osman Conteh, Macmillan

Passed Like a Shadow

- B. M Mapalala (2006), DUP


- S. N. Ndunguru (2004), Mkuki na Nyota

weep Not Child

- Ngugi wa Thiong'o (1987); Heinemann

The Interview

- P. Ngugi (2002), Macmillan


Three Suitors: One Husband

-O. Mbia (1994), Eyre Methuen

The Lion and the Jewel

-W. Soyinka (1963), OUP

This Time Tomorrow

-Ngugi wa Thiong'o (1972), Heinemann

The Black Hermit

-Ngugi wa Thiong'o (1968), Heinemann


Songs of Lawino and Ocol

-O. P'Bitek (1979), EAPH

Growing up with Poetry

-D. Rubadiri (ed) (1989), Heinemann


-R. Mabala (1960), TPH
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10. Use two poems to show how poets use poetic devices to deliver their message to our society. Give three poetic devices from each poem.

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l l . Playwrights use different characters to portray various issues in their literary works. Choose three characters from each of the two plays chosen and show how they have been used to portray different issues.

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12. "Betrayal is one of the main sources of conflicts in many societies." Show the relevance of this statement in your own society by referring to two novels that you have read. Provide three points from each novel.

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