(i)                 A cash discount is described as a reduction in the sum to be paid if the payment is made

  1. for cash only  
  2. by cash, not cheque 
  3. either by cash or cheque
  4. for cash, not for credit 
  5. within a previously agreed period.
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(ii)               What is meant by the term salvage value?

  1.  Cash paid when asset is disposed.
  2. Estimated disposal value.         
  3. Selling price of the assets.
  4.  Cost price of the assets.
  5.  Cash received when lift of the assets end.
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(iii)             Suppliers’ personal accounts are found in the

  1.  nominal ledger  
  2.  general ledger 
  3.  sales ledger
  4. returns ledger  
  5.  purchase ledger.
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(iv)              The total of the Returns Outwards Journal is transferred to the   

  1.   credit side of the returns outwards account
  2.  debit side of the returns outwards account
  3. credit side of the returns outwards book
  4. debit side of the purchases returns book
  5.  debit side of the sales returns book.
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(v)                If an accumulated provision for depreciation account is in the use, the entries for the year’s depreciation would be 

  1.  debit asset account, credit profit and loss account
  2. credit provision for depreciation account, debit profit and loss account
  3. credit asset account, debit provision for depreciation account
  4.  credit profit and loss account, debit provision for depreciation account 
  5. debit profit and loss account, credit asset account.
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(vi)              In the trading account, the wages expenses should be

  1.   added to cost of goods sold 
  2.  deducted from purchases          
  3.  deducted from sales 
  4.  added to drawings
  5.  added to purchases.
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(vii)            A receipts and payments account does not show

  1.  cheques paid out during the year 
  2.  the accumulated fund   
  3. receipts from sales of assets    
  4. bank balances
  5. assets bought during the year.
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(viii)          Which of these errors would be disclosed by the trial balance?

  1. A purchase of sh. 2500 was omitted entirely from the books.
  2. Selling expenses were debited to Sales account.
  3.  Credit sales of sh. 3000 entered in both accounts as sh. 300.
  4. Cheque sh. 9500 from Kagoma entered in Kagoma’s account as sh. 5900.
  5.  Sh. 5500 paid for motor expenses debited to motor vehicle account. 
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(ix)              Given last year’s capital was sh. 745,000, closing capital is sh. 462,000 and drawings of sh. 134,000, then

  1.  profit for the year was sh. 149,000   
  2. loss for the year was sh. 228,000
  3. loss for the year was 417,000 
  4.  loss for the year was sh. 149,000
  5. profit for the year was sh. 417,000.
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(x)                The sales day book does not contain

  1.  Credit sales made without deduction of trade discount
  2. Cash purchases made to overseas customers
  3. Cash sales made to customers
  4. Credit sales which eventually turn out to be bad debts 
  5. Credit sales made to local customers.
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