(i)            Which of the following is common to both plants and animals?

  1. Respiration
  2.  Digestion
  3.  An excretory system
  4.  Chloroplasts
  5.  Starch grains
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(ii)          A flower which possesses both stamens and carpels is said to be

  1.  Unisexual
  2.  Hermaphrodite
  3.  Monoecious
  4.   Zygomorphic
  5. Polymorphic
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(iii)        Useful substances are retained in the kidney by

  1.  Filtration
  2.  Osmosis
  3.  Selective reabsorption
  4. Osmo-regulation
  5.   Diffusion
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(iv)        The Monera are also referred to as Prokaryotes. This means having:

  1. No nucleus
  2.  Membrane bounded organelles
  3.     Simple structures
  4.  Reduced nucleus
  5.  Circular nucleus
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(v)          Which of the following is a characteristic of wind-pollinated flowers?

  1.  They have large brightly coloured petals
  2.  They produce a small number of pollen grains
  3.  They have small anthers situated inside the flowers
  4.   They do not have nectarines
  5.   They have large, sticky or spiky pollen grains
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(vi)        Food is moved along the oesophagus by a process known as:

  1.    Assimilation
  2.  Chewing
  3.  Egestion
  4.  Peristalsis 
  5.  Churning
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(vii)       Reptiles differ from birds because:

  1.  Reptiles do not lay eggs while birds do
  2.  Reptiles have a backbone while birds do not
  3.  Reptiles have scales while birds do not
  4.  Reptiles are cold blooded while birds are warm blooded
  5.  Reptiles have moist skin while birds have dry skin
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(viii)     Removal of predators in the ecosystem will result in:

  1.   Decrease in the number of producers
  2.   Increase in the number of producers
  3.   Decrease in the number of prey
  4.   An increase in the number of decomposers
  5. No significant change
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(ix)        A bean plant can either bear terminal or axial flowers. When a terminal flowered plant (T) is pollinated with an axial flowered plant (t), the offspring produced were 200 terminal flowered and 210 axial flowered. Which of the following represents the genotypes of the parents?

  1.   TT x Tt
  2.  Tt x Tt
  3.  TT x tt
  4. Tt x tt
  5.  T x t
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(x)          What does selective breeding mean?

  1.     Only pure stock should be inbred
  2.  The parents are chosen to produce desired offspring
  3.  The encouragement of out breeding
  4.  The parents are chosen carefully
  5.   The offspring are like parents
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