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1. This paper consists of sections A, B and C.

2. Answer all questions in sections A and B and two(2) questions from section C.

3. Calculators and Cellular phones are not allowed in the examination room.

4. Write your  Examination Number on every page of your answer booklet(s).

SECTION A (20 Marks) 

Answer all questions in this section.

1. For each of  the  items  ( i) - ( x),  choose  the  correct  answer  from among  the  given  alternatives  and write  its  letter  beside  the  item number.

(i) An over draft exists when

  1.  a  current  account  shows  deposits  without  withdrawals 
  2.  a current account shows  more  deposits  than  withdrawals 
  3.  a  loan  has  been granted by a bank  to  a  customer
  4.  the balance in current  account  falls  below  the  specified  amount
  5.  a current account shows larger  amount of withdrawals than deposits.
Choose Answer :

(ii) Which one of  the following statement is NOT true about a bill of exchange?

  1.  It  must  be  accepted  by  the  drawee. 
  2.  It  must  bear appropriate stamp duty.
  3.  It  must  be  signed by the drawer.
  4.  It  must  be  payable  on  demand.
  5.  It can be paid at a stated future date.
Choose Answer :

(iii) The  principal  document  in   an insurance  contract  is

  1.  Policy. 
  2.  Cover note.
  3.  Proposal form.
  4.  Certificate.
  5.  Premium.
Choose Answer :

(iv) If employer wishes to pay a number of employees with one cheque he may use

  1.  standing  order
  2.  credit  transfer
  3.  traveller’s cheque
  4.  credit card
  5.  money order.
Choose Answer :

(v) A credit note is issued  to  correct 

  1.  any error in an invoice 
  2.  an overcharge in an invoice
  3.  an  undercharge  in  an  invoice
  4.  an  overcharge in a statement
  5.  an  undercharge in a statement.
Choose Answer :

(vi) The function with is  NOT usually performed by a retailer is

  1.  Transport  goods. 
  2.  Storage of goods.
  3.  Advice to customer.
  4.  Changing the form of goods.
  5.  Selling goods to the wholesaler.
Choose Answer :

(vii) The most suitable type of account for a businessman is

  1.  A  savings  account. 
  2.  A current account.
  3.  A deposit account.
  4.  A contract saves account.
  5.  A company  account.
Choose Answer :

(viii) The list of documents prepared in the course of commercial transaction in the right order of  being  raised  is

  1.  Order,  inquiry, quotation, invoice, statement, receipt.
  2.  Quotation,  inquiry,  invoice,  order,  cheque,  statement.
  3.  Inquiry,  quotation,  order,  invoice,  statement,  cheque
  4.  Quotation,  inquiry,  order,  invoice, cheque,  statement.
  5.  Inquiry,  order, quotation, invoice, statement, cheque.
Choose Answer :

(ix) The group which represents a broad classification of human occupations is

  1.  Commerce, production and aids to trade.
  2.  Trade and aids to trade.
  3.  Banking, insurance and transportation. 
  4.  Extractive, manufacturing and constructive industries.
  5.  Industrial  and  tertiary.
Choose Answer :

(x) If Tanzania exports more goods to Uganda than she imports from the same country, her balance  of 

  1.  trade is favourable
  2.  trade  is  unfavourable
  3.  payment is favourable 
  4.  payment is  unfavourable
  5.  trade and  payment are favourable
  6. Choose Answer :

2. Match the items in ColumnA with the responses in Column B by writing the letter of the correct response  beside the item number. 

  1. The quantity of a commodity that producer is willing and able to sale.
  2. More commodities are supplied together.
  3. An increase in the production  of  one  commodity implies  a decrease in the production of the other.
  4. Relationship between the quantity of a commodity supplied and the price.
  5. Shows relationship between the quantity supplied and the  price.
  6. Any price above the equilibrium price.
  7. The higher the price the more the commodities supplied.
  8. The sensitivity of supply for a product due to a change in price.
  9. The movement of a  supply are to the right or  left due to a change in the factors affecting supply.
  10. The movement along a supply are due to commodity price changeS
  1. Excess supply
  2. Elasticity of supply
  3. Cross elasticity of supply
  4. Law of supply
  5. Change in quantity supplied
  6. Supply curve
  7. Change in supply
  8. Supply
  9. Inelastic supply
  10. Supply schedule
  11. Unitary supply
  12. Elastic supply
  13. Joint supply
  14. Inelastic supply curve
  15. Competitive supply
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SECTION  B  (40  Marks)

Answer  all  questions in this section.

3. With  the aid of diagram, show classification of occupations.

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4. (a) Enumerate five services  offered  by the post  office  in  Tanzania. (b) Explain  five  factors that influence  demand  for goods in a market.

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5. (a) State  five limitations of cooperative society.

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(b) Outline  five  merits  of  railway  transport. 

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6. (a) Give five differences between  insurance  and  gambling. 

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(b) Under which circumstances would  cash  payment be preferred over cheque payment?

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SECTION C (40 Marks)

Answer two (2) questions from this section.

7. (a) Describe five main services provided to the government by a  Central Bank. 

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(b) Elaborate  five  factors  affecting  a particular  share’s price.

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8. (a) Explain five disadvantages of advertising.

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(b) Describe five problems faced by exporters which do not affect people in domestic trading.

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9. (a) It has been said that, “a wholesaler has nothing to do to  the manufacturer”. Discuss by giving  six  concrete  points.

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(b) Elaborate  four  ways  in which the government spends its money.

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10. (a) Evaluate four factors that a bank should put into consideration before providing loan to a customer.

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(b) Name and explain six economic effects of taxation.

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