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Time: 3 Hours Year: 2009


1. For each of the items (i) - (x) choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number.

(i)Which one among the following statements is not true about the discoveries made by man during the middle stone age?

A.Development of sharper, smaller and portable tools

B.Introduction of stone picks, spears, arrows, knives and needles

C.Use of wooden and bone materials to facilitate production

D.Discovery of fire

E.Emergence of social cultural groups or ethnic groups

Choose Answer :

(ii)The Portuguese conquest of the East African Coast was led by:

A.King Emmanuel

B.Ahmed Ibn Majid

C.Henry the Navigator

D.Vasco Salgado

E.Francisco D Almeida

Choose Answer :

(iii)Which of the following best describes the Stone Age Era?

A.When man used stone artifacts widely in his daily life

B.When stones were formed on earth

C.When man used stones widely as ornaments

D.When Africans used stones to fight against invaders

E.When stone became a major commodity in a long distance trade.

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(iv)Why are missionaries important in African history?

A.Treated Africans very well

B.Brought in trade goods with them

C.Accounts of their expeditions and experiences attracted more Europeans

D.Established medical services

E.Introduced civilization in Africa

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(v) Who among the following supported greatly the idea to have a British Empire from the Cape to Cairo?

A.Sir George Goldie

B.Cecil John Rhodes

C.Captain Frederick Lugard

D.Sir Harry Johnston

E.Carl Peters

Choose Answer :

(vi)The first British Governor in Kenya, Sir Charles Eliot, stressed on the:

A.constitution of the Uganda railway

B.establishment of settler economy

C. creation of Kenya as the industrial centre for East Africa

D.introduction of steamers in Lake Victoria

E.integration of Kikuyu into plantation economy

Choose Answer :

(vii) Which among the following statements was a problem towards independence in Nigeria?

A.Elitism, tribalism and ignorance

B.Regionalism, tribalism and religion

C.Poverty, tribalism and ignorance

D.Religion, tribalism and poverty E. Elitism, tribalism and poverty

Choose Answer :

(viii) One of the major objectives of SADC is to: member states to secure genuine and equitable regional integration

B.establish a common defense among the member states

C.promote the use of Kiswahili language among the member states Southern African countries to be self-reliant instead of depending on South Africa member states to combat HIV/AIDS pandemic

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(ix) One of the important features of feudal relations of production as prevailed in the Interlacustrine Region during the pre-colonial period was:

A.commercial ownership of land

B.communal ownership of land

C.private ownership of land and cattle

D.private ownership of labour force E. private ownership of capital

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(x) One of the notable United Nations failures in its objectives is its inability to:

A.control food shortage

B.eradicate colonial rule

C.establish tribunes for war criminals

D.prevent big powers from violating its principles

E.control poverty in Africa

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