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1. For the items (i) - (x) choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number.

(i)Which of the following is not a normal function of museums?

A. Keeping both objects and writings about certain historical facts.

B.Symbol of small towns as well as large cities.

C.Source of amusement.

D.Preserving written information.

E.Educational dissemination centres.

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(ii)The decline of the East African city states was brought about by the following factors except:

A.decline in state prosperity resulting from gold trade.

B.looting and plundering of accumulated wealth by the Portuguese.

C.the N goni invasion.

D.conflicts within the states.

E.frequent wars against the invading Portuguese.

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(iii)Which of the following was not the effect of the 19th century Jihad ofUsman dan Fodio in Western Sudan?

A.It speeded up the spread of Islam.

B.It inspired the creation of large political units.

C. It stimulated studies in Islam.

D.It strengthened the influence of Islamic ideology on state affairs.

E.For a while it reduced non-Islamic practices in state administration.

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(iv)Which of the following statements is not true of pre-colonial African societies in general?

A.They were more or less of the same level of social and political development.

B.Segmentary political organizations were common in most of them.

C.Long and Short distance trade had developed in many parts of the continent.

D.Most people lived in rural areas.

E.Some societies developed state structures, others lacked such structures.

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(v)The Berlin Conference of 1884 — 85 had the following resolutions except:

A.Participants agreed that major river basins would be free for all to trade in.

B.Agreement was reached that all European powers would stop the slave trade in their spheres of influence in Africa. image

C.All colonizing powers were required to establish effective control over their claimed territories.

D.The participating powers agreed to settle any subsequent conflicts through bilateral agreements between the respective powers.

E.The map of colonial Africa was completed, never to be touched again before independence.

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(vi)Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) is a term used to denote:

A. Independence given illegally by Britain to settlers in Rhodesia.

B.The white settlers in Rhodesia declaring themselves independent from the authority of Britain.

C.Britain refusing to give independence to settlers in Rhodesia.

D.Settlers in Rhodesia acquiring independence from Britain by force.

E.Rhodesian white settlers objecting to the British intention to hand over the country to the majority blacks.

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(vii)German and British companies failed to rule East Africa because:

A. They had little capital and personnel for administering the area.

B. Other European companies were against them.

C. African Chiefs refused to cooperate with the company directors.

D. Their home governments were not willing to help them.

E. They were all defeated in the colonial war of resistance.

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(viii)The main objective of the colonial powers in acquiring colonies in Africa was to:

A.Secure naval bases.

B.Control African human and natural resources.

C. Civilize the backward African people.

D.Establish white settlements in foreign lands.

E.Transfer modern technology to Africa.

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(ix)In 1967, the three EastAfrican countries formed the East African Community in order to:

A.bring about East African Federation.

B. end hostility between them.

C.develop economic cooperation between them.

D.promote Kiswahili in the three East African countries.

E.share the resources available in the region equally.

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(x)The outbreak of Mau Mau in Kenya in the 1950s indicated that:

A.The settlers were in full control of Kenyan economy.

B.Africans in Kenya were not united against the white settlers.

C.Jomo Kenyatta was the likely person to lead Kenya to independence.

D.Kenyans were ready to sacrifice their lives for the liberation of their land.

E.Africa could only be liberated from colonial control through armed struggle.

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