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  1. This paper consists of sections A, B and C with a total of nine (9) questions.
  2.  Answer all questions in sections A and B and two (2) questions from section C.
  3. Non programmable calculators may be used.
  4.  Cellular phones and any unauthorised materials are not allowed in the examination room.
  5. Write your Examination Number on every page of your answer booklet(s).

SECTION A (20 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

1. For each of the items (i) - (xv), choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number in the answer booklet provided.

(i) When a new partner is admitted to a partnership business, any decrease in value of an asset resulting from valuation is debited to

  1.  asset account.
  2. cash account.
  3. trading Account.
  4. revaluation account. 
  5. partners Capital Account.
Choose Answer :

(ii) From the following categories of errors, identify the category of errors which affect only one account

  1. Casting errors
  2. Errors of principle
  3. Errors of omission
  4. Errors of original entry
  5. Errors of commission
Choose Answer :

  (iii) Which of the following books of prime entry is used to record a list of goods sold on credit?

  1. The sales return day book
  2. The purchases day book
  3. The sales day book
  4. The purchases return daybook 
  5.  The discount received book 
Choose Answer :

(iv) Which of the following accounting errors are corrected through the suspense account?

  1. Compensating errors
  2. Errors of complete reversal of entries
  3. Errors of principle
  4. Posting a different figure to an account 
  5. Errors of omission 
Choose Answer :

  (v) The term depreciation would best be described as the

  1.  value of money used to replace non-current assets.
  2.  value of non-current assets consumed due to its use.
  3.  gradual increase in value of non-current assets due to its use.
  4.  value of a non-current asset that remains after its use.
  5.  amount incurred to repair the non-current assets.
Choose Answer :

  (vi)A business had an opening and closing capital balances of TZS 57,000 and TZS 64,300 respectively in a certain financial year. The drawings during the same year amounted to TZS 11,800. What was the amount of profit made by the business during that year?

  1.  TZS 19,100 
  2.  TZS 16,600 
  3. TZS 5,000
  4. TZS 19,600
  5. TZS 18,600
Choose Answer :

(vii) What should be the accounting entry for expenses incurred by a consignor in his books of accounts?

  1.  Credited to consignment account and debited to goods sent on consignment account
  2.  Debited to cash book and credited to consignment account
  3.  Debited to consignment account and credited to cash/bank account
  4.  Credited to goods sent on consignment account and debited to cash/bank account
  5. Debited to cash/bank account and credited to consignee account
Choose Answer :

(viii) Under which of the following circumstances can an auditor issue a qualified audit opinion?

  1.  When the auditor conclude that all aspects of the financial statements are fine with exception of the matter to which the qualification relate.
  2.  When the auditor is unable to form an opinion as to whether the financial statement give a true and fair view.
  3.  When the effects of disagreement is so material and pervasive that a qualification is not adequate to disclose the misleading nature of the financial statements.
  4.  When the auditor is satisfied in all materials respects that the financial statements show a true and fair view of the affairs of the entity.
  5.  When the auditor doesnt express her opinion on the financial statement it may be because the auditors independence was intervened.
Choose Answer :

(ix) Given balance as per cash book TZS 6,500, uncredited cheque TZS 1,500, bank charges not yet entered in the cash book TZS 500 and credit transfer received by bank but not yet entered in the cash book TZS 1,000. What will the balance as per bank statement?

  1. TZS 7,500
  2. TZS 4,500
  3. TZS 8,500
  4. TZS 5,500
  5. TZS 6,500 
Choose Answer :

(x) When preparing a trial balance, what would result if sales made to Ramima TZS 57,000 is wrongly debited to Ramimas account as TZS. 75 000?

  1.  Debit column of trial balance will exceed credit column by TZS 75,000
  2.  Credit column of trial balance will fall by TZS 75,000
  3.  Debit column of trial balance will exceed credit column by TZS 18,000
  4.  Credit column of trial balance will exceed debit column by TZS 18,000
  5.  Debit column of trial balance will exceed credit column by TZS. 57,000
Choose Answer :

(xi) What is the amount of stock reserve on a closing stock of TZS 6000 in department B if goods are transferred from department A to department B at a price which includes a profit of 25% on cost?

  1. TZS 1,200 
  2. TZS 2,200 
  3. TZS 1,500 
  4. TZS 2,500
  5. TZS 2,000
Choose Answer :

(xii) Government accounting is important for countries like Tanzania because it 

  1. expends more money in the system.
  2.  has the largest volume of monetary transactions.
  3.  provides more revenues and expenses.
  4.  prepares a budget duly passed by the parliament. 
  5. uses more money for schools.
Choose Answer :

(xiii) The suppliers personal accounts are kept in the

  1.  sales ledger. 
  2. private ledger.
  3. general ledger. 
  4. nominal ledger.
  5. purchases ledger.
Choose Answer :

(xiv) A credit balance in the income and expenditure account indicates the excess of

  1. income over expenditure. 
  2. cash receipts over credit sales. 
  3. expenditure over income. 
  4. gross profit over expenses. 
  5. expenses over net profit.
Choose Answer :

(xv) Which of the following depreciation methods uses the reduced value to compute the depreciation of a non-current asset?

  1.  Straight line method          
  2. Sum of the years digits method
  3. Diminishing balance method                 
  4. Machine hours rate method
  5. Unit of output method
Choose Answer :

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