062           BOOKKEEPING

(For Both School and Private Candidates)

Time: 3 Hours                      Monday, 12thNovember 2018 p.m. 


  1. This paper consists of sections A, B and C with a total of seven (7) questions.
  2.  Answer all questions.
  3. Calculators, cellular phones and any unauthorised materials are not allowed in the examination room.
  4. Write your Examination Number on every page of your answer booklet(s). 

SECTION A (20 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

1. For each of the items (i) - (x), choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number in the answer booklet provided.

 (i) Which of the following should be entered in the Journal?

  1. Payment for cash purchases 
  2. Fixtures bought for cash
  3. Credit sales of goods
  4. Sale of surplus machinery
  5. Goods sold for cas
Choose Answer :

 (ii) Errors are corrected through the journal because 

  1. it saves the book-keeper’s time.
  2. it saves entering them in the ledger.
  3.  it is much easier to record entries in the journal.
  4.  it shows assets in the credit side and liabilities in the debit side. 
  5. it provides a good record explaining the double entry system. 
Choose Answer :

 (iii) If the totals of a trial balance do not agree, the difference must be entered in

  1.  the trading account. 
  2. a suspense account.
  3. a nominal account.
  4. the capital account.
  5. the profit and loss account. 
Choose Answer :

  (iv)   Given the opening accounts receivable of TZS 115,000, sales TZS 480,000 and receipts from debtors TZS 450,000, the closing accounts receivable total should be

  1. TZS 85,000 
  2.  TZS 145,000
  3.  TZS 163,000
  4. TZS 185,000  
  5. TZS 30,000 
Choose Answer :

 (v)  In a sales ledger control account the bad debts written off should be shown as 

  1. a debit and credit items. 
  2. a debit item.
  3. a credit item.         
  4. a balance carried forward.
  5. a balance brought forward.
Choose Answer :

  (vi) Prime cost is obtained as a result of

  1.  cost of raw materials used plus direct wages and factory overhead cost.
  2.  cost of raw materials used plus direct wages.
  3.  factory overhead cost plus direct wages.
  4.  factory cost of goods manufactured less cost of raw materials used. 
  5. cost of raw materials used less factory cost of goods manufactured.
Choose Answer :

 (vii) X and Y are partners in a partnership business sharing profit and losses at the ratio of 1:3 respectively. Their net profit at 31/12/2017 was TZS 500,000, how much profit will each partner earn?

  1. 166,667:333,333 respectively
  2. 333,333:166,667 respectively
  3. 375,000:125:000 respectively
  4. 125,000:375,000 respectively
  5.  250,000:250,000 respectively
Choose Answer :

 (viii) If someone owns a grocery store, which of the following is a capital expenditure?

  1.  Rent
  2. Wages
  3. Salaries 
  4. Fire insurance
  5. Motor van 
Choose Answer :

 (ix)   Which of the following is a liability?

  1.  Loan from J. John   
  2.  Buildings
  3.  Accounts receivable  
  4.  Work in progress at the end
  5. Closing stock of finished goods
Choose Answer :

 (x) Which of the following is an example of recurrent expenditure?

  1.  Licence fees from the client
  2. Salaries and allowances of staff
  3.  Office maintenance cost
  4. Licence fees payable
  5. Taxes payable
Choose Answer :

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