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1. For each of the items (i) - (x) choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number.

(i)Which of the following commercial transactions of a wholesaler is not commercial deal?

  1. selling goods for cash
  2. paying wages to his employees
  3. dismissing one of his employees
  4. buying goods on credit
  5. storing goods in the warehouse.
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(ii)Which of the following is a tertiary production?

  1. Oil refining and textile mills
  2. Doctors and mining
  3. Railway construction, export and transport 
  4. Teacher and banking
  5. Road construction and manufacturing industries.
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(iii)The consequence of devaluation is:

  1. fall in export prices, which improves balance of payment
  2. rise in export prices, which decreases balance of payment
  3. rise in export prices, which improves balance of trade 
  4. fall in export price, which leads to dead weight
  5. rise in import price, which encourages investors.
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(iv)Anna's stock on 1 st January 2002 was Shs. 45,000. At the end of June 2002 and December 2002 her stocks were valued at Shs. 38,000 and Shs. 25,000 respectively. Her rate of stock turn was 10. The cost of goods sold by her will be Shs.:

  1. 350,000
  2. 360,000
  3. 720,000 
  4. 540,000
  5. 300,000
Choose Answer :

(v)The kind of leadership which involves very few people in planning, decision making and implementation is referred to as:

  1. Authoritarian
  2. laissez-faire
  3. autocratic
  4. participatory 
  5. positive
Choose Answer :

(vi)Aids to trade may be defined as the activities aimed at:

  1. assisting the consumer directly
  2. making easy the work of those involved in manufacturing of essential goods
  3. helping traders in their business
  4. bridging the gap between the producer and the consumer
  5. involving all activities in the production process.
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(vii)The means of transmitting information electronically is called:

  1. ex-communication
  2. telecommunication
  3. website
  4. satellite 
  5. E-mail
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(viii)If a cheque bears an ordinary crossing it implies that the cheque can be:

  1. deposited in the named payee's account with the bank
  2. deposited in the bank account of the payee
  3. cashed at the bank counter
  4. endorsed to anyone abroad
  5. cashed at any bank within the country
Choose Answer :

(ix)Vessels which do not operate on fixed routes and have no fixed advertised times of sailing are known as: 

  1. conference vessels
  2. liners
  3. barges
  4. tramps
  5. MV Victoria
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(x)The action through which a retailer discovers information about the needs of his customers is known as:

  1. marketing survey 
  2. market study
  3. market survey
  4. marketing study
  5. market discovery
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