(i)Results obtained from Physics experiment can form:

  1. Scientific laws
  2. Scientific Principles
  3. Scientific Theories
  4. Scientific Procedures
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(ii)Which of the following are used to stop fire?

  1. Matches
  2. Extinguishers
  3. Fuels
  4. Brushes
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(iii)If a micrometer screw gauge reads 5.0mm and 0.95mm for sleeve and thimble respectively, the length of object will be:

  1. 5.95mm
  2. 59.5mm
  3. 0.595mm
  4. 0.0595mm
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(iv)The force which exists between two close bar magnets with like poles is known as:

  1. attractive
  2. repulsive
  3. friction
  4. compressional
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(v)Buouyant force is mainly determined by;

  1. volume and density
  2. volume and mass
  3. weight and mass
  4. weight and density
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(vi) which one is an example of force?

  1. weight
  2. mass
  3. atom
  4. magnet
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(vii) Apparent loss in weight is known as;

  1. upthrust
  2. apparent weight
  3. pressure
  4. weight
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(viii)An upthrust experienced by the body which weighs 5.0N in air and 3.2N when it is completely immersed in a liquid is;

  1. O.4N
  2. . O.6N
  3. 1.6N
  4. 1.8N
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(ix)A physical phenomenon observed when a tea bag is dropped into a cup of hot water is called:

  1. diffusion
  2. capillarity
  3. osmosis
  4. solution
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(x)The walls of a dam are made thicker at the bottom than at the top because the:

  1. pressure of water at the bottom is greater
  2. pressure of water at the bottom is less
  3. weight of water at the bottom is greater
  4. weight of water at the bottom is less.
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(xi)How can you distinguish a lever from a pulley?

  1. A lever turns on pivot while a pulley turns on an axle
  2. A lever changes direction of applied effort while a pulley does not.
  3. M.A. of a lever is effort arm over load arm while M.A. of a pulley is R/r
  4. V.R of a lever is 2nr/P while that of a pulley is (R/r)
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(xii)The term displacement means:

  1. a distance covered in a given direction
  2. a distance covered without direction
  3. a rate of distance
  4. a rate of velocity
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(xiii)Which of the following is the most closely related to inertia?

  1. Weight
  2. Acceleration
  3. Mass
  4. Force
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(xiv)Why is water unsuitable for a thermometer liquid?

  1. It does not wet glass
  2. It wets glass
  3. It is opaque
  4. It is a good conductor of heat.
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(XV) The energy which is obtained from hot rocks underground is called.

  1. geothermal energy .
  2. solar energy
  3. water energy
  4. . wind energy
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(xvi)ln Figure 1 the angle of reflection is equal to:

Figure. 1

  1. 500
  2. 400
  3. 1300
  4. 450
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(xvii) Unlike magnetic poles as well as unlike electric charges, when brought close to each other they tend to

  1. attract each other
  2. repel each other
  3. exist in pairs
  4. separate
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(xviii)The resistance of on operating lamp rated 115 V and 0.25 A is

  1. 460 ?
  2. 29 ?
  3. 114.75 ?
  4. 230 ?
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(xix)In which region can the north pole of a magnet be directed?

  1. Towards the geographic North Pole
  2. Towards the geographic South Pole
  3. Along the Equatorial
  4. Along the Coast of Antarctica
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(xx)Ability of man to walk properly along a road is one of the applications of

  1. stable equilibrium
  2. unstable equilibrium
  3. neutral equilibrium
  4. neutral and stable equilibrium
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2.    Match each item in List A with a correct response in List B by writing its letter below the number of the corresponding item in List A in the table provided.



(i)A state of balance of a body.

(ii)The sum of the forces in one direction must be equal to the sum of the forces in opposite direction.

(iii)A point where the force of gravity can be considered to act.

(iv)The object with high centre of mass.

(v)All points in a body move around a single line.

  1. Centre of gravity
  2. Unstable equilibrium
  3. Translational motion
  4. Rotational motion
  5. Condition for equilibrium
  6. Point of application
  7. Equilibrium
  8. Stable equilibrium
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3.Complete each of the following statements by writing the correct answer in the space provided.

(i)The relative density of a liquid can be easily determined by 

(ii)The lever, pulley, inclined plane, bottle opener and see saw are examples of 

(iii)A loaded car of mass 25,000kg is moving at 20m/s, its linear momentum is 

(iv)Laterally inverted is one of the properties of the image formed by

(v)Materials which return to their original shape and size after removing the stretching force are called 

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4.(a) What is meant by the moment of a force about a point?

(b)Why are door handles placed at the end of the door and not at the centre of the door? 

A line of action of a force of 48N is at a perpendicular distance of 1.5m from a point. Find the moment of the force about the point.

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5.(a) Differentiate between the following terms:

(i)Constant acceleration and constant velocity 

(ii)Momentum and impulse of a force 

(b)Explain one application of the law of inertia in everyday life

(c) How long does a car take to accelerate from rest to 30m/s if its acceleration is 4.5m/s2?

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6.(a) Define the following terms

(i) Pressure 

(ii) Atmospheric pressure 

(b)List two factors in which pressure in liquids depends on.

(c) A rectangular tank which measures 5m by 4m contains water to a height of 10m Calculate

(i) Pressure on the base. 

(ii) Thrust on the base.

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7.State Newtons laws of motion.

(b) Why do passengers in a car surge backward when a car starts moving and forward when it stops suddenly?

(c) A rocket expels gas at a rate of 0.5Kg/s. If the force produced by the rocket is 2000N, what is the velocity with which the gas is expelled?

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8.(a) State Archimedes principle . 

(b)Define relative density of a solid 

(c) The mass of a density bottle is 15g. When it is fully filled with a fluid of density 1.2g/cm3, its mass is 51g. Find the volume of the bottle.

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9.(a) Define the following terms as applied in Physics:

(i)Electric current .


(b)  Find the equivalent resistance if two resistors of value 5 are connected in



(c) Study Figure 2 carefully and then answer the question that follows:

Calculate the values of V, VI and V2.

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10. Study Figure 3 and then answer the questions that follow.

Figure 3

(a) Give the name of Figure 3.

(b) The machine in Figure 3 is used to lift a container weighing 100,000N. The radius of effort piston is 20 cm and the radius of load piston is 5m. If the efficiency of the machine is 90%, calculate the velocity ratio and its mechanical advantage (M.A).

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