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I. Read the passage below carefully and then answer the questions that follow.

Sara liked reading newspapers. She was not interested in news and
advertisements because she could get that from the radio or television. She
was more interested on pages which contained stories, puzzles and cartoons.

One day she took her father's newspaper. As she was reading through, she saw a column she had never seen before. The tittle read "PENPALS". She read it.

There were people who wanted friends from different corners of the world. She found the idea very interesting. She showed the page to her elder sister, Mayasa. But Mayasa told her that she had read such pages several times before, and she had a penpal from England. She and her penpal Mary, had been communicating for a long time and they have promised to see each other during the summer time since Mary is expecting to visit Tanzania for tourism.

Sara found the idea of writing to penpals very exciting. She decided to try getting one penpal. She read the request on the newspaper and finally found one that suited her interests. The name of the penpal she decided to get in touch with, was Caroline. She was 13 years old, studying at Paris Primary School which was located at the center of the city of Paris in France. Caroline was very interested in swimming and singing. She once participated in the interschools concert where she became the winner as she had very nice voice. Sara was so happy as they kept writing each other since that day.


(a) Answer the following questions by using the right information from the passage.

(i) What is a suitable title for this passage?

(ii) Who was interested in reading the newspapers?

(iii) Give the name of Mayasa's penpal.

(iv) Who was Sara's penpal?

(v) Where was Sara's penpal living?

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(b) For each of the statements below, write TRUE if the statement is correct or FALSE if the statement is not correct.

(1) Caroline was 13 years old ....

(ii) Sara liked reading news and advertisements in the newspapers

(iii) Caroline was interested in swimming and singing .....

(iv) Mary was living in Paris ....

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2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the question that follows:

Vitamins are needed in the body in small quantities. They are necessary for the body to carry its normal activities and stay healthy. Vitamin A is needed for healthy eyes, skin, and hair; it is also required for proper bone growth. Vitamin D is used for development and maintenance of bones and teeth. Vitamin B1 is needed to promote the activities of the nervous system. Vitamin E prevents the damage of cells and Vitamin B12 helps to form blood cells.

Mention five functions of vitamins:

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3. Match each sentence in Column A with the word in Column B by writing the correct letter beside the item number. Item (vi) has been used as an example.


(i) A completely round flat shape.

(ii) A flat shape with three straight lines and three angles.

(iii) A shape that has four straight equal sides and four angles.

(iv) A flat shape with four straight sides, two of which are longer than the other two.

(v) A flat shape with at least five or more angles.

(vi) A shape with a square or triangle base and sloping sides that meet in a point at the top.

  1. Triangle
  2. Pyramid
  3. Rectangle
  4. Cone
  5. Circle
  6. Polygon
  7. Cylinder
  8. Square

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4. Re-arrange the following sentences into a logical sequence to make a meaningful paragraph. Sentence number 6 has been used as an example.

  1. The baby who was crying was my young brother.
  2. His name was Usinitelekeze.
  3. As I was watching television, I suddenly heard a cry of a baby.
  4. I was in the sitting room watching television.
  5. Usinitelekeze was crying because, he was left alone in the bedroom.
  6. I then rushed to the room so that I could carry him.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

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5. Write a card to invite your friends to attend you brother's graduation party. Use the following guidelines:

(a) Family name: Mr. & Mrs. Sherehe

(b) Purpose of invitation: Graduation Party

(c) Date: 12/04/2015

(d) Place and Time: Mapochopocho Hotel, 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

(e) Contact: Mrs. Sherehe 0754 222 333

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6. Complete the following sentences using the words given in the box.

any a lot of many enough much

(a) How do you want?

(b) It is not.....for all of us to share.

(c) You can choose.....of the books you like.

(d) There is.....water in the ocean.

(e) There are too......mistakes in this essay.

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7. Fill in the blanks with the correct word in the following list. One word can be used more than once.

(whose, whom, which, where, who)

(a) This is the person......was involved in an accident.

(b) The student......pen was stolen is my best friend.

(c) Dar es Salaam is the only place .... I like to stay.

(d) This is the man.....I wanted to marry.

(e) We are living in a place......we are too close to the bus stand.

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8. Re-write the following sentences according to the instructions given.

(a) The boy is black like charcoal. (Re-write using

(b) Amina can sing and dance. (Re-write using both......and)

(c) You can walk or run. (Re-write using either......or)

(d) The boy was not at home. He was not also at school. (Join the sentences

using neither....nor)

(e) He was not fast to catch the thief. (Re-write using

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9. Fill in the blanks with the correct word given int he brackets

(a) I . . . . . .sick. (fill/feel)

(b) We are expecting 8:00am. (leave/live)

(c) He is a .....tired. (beat/bit)

(d) Your room is always......(knit/neat)

(e) It is too late, let's go my bedroom. (sleep/slip)

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10. Complete the sentences by using the correct prepositions from the following list. One word can be used more than once.

at by since for during until with through to on

(a) They have been living in Mwanza.....2005.

(b) I expect to see my grandfather......the holiday.

(c) We arrived.....6 o'clock.

(d) I travelled to Mbeya......bus.

(e) He cut an orange......a knife.

(f) Juma went to school......foot.

(g) She has been washing that car......two hours.

(h) We are

(I) You should pass......this door

(j) I gave an exercise friend.

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11. Select one class reader you have read from the given list and answer the questions that follow.

The Magic Garden - K. R. Cripwell (1977), William & Collins Sons and Company L.t.d., Great Britain
Kalulu the Hare - F. Worthington(1937), Longman, England
Hawa The Bus Driver - R. S. Mabala (1988)Ben & Company, Dar es Salaam
Fast Money . - K. R. Cripwell (1978), William & Collins Sons and Company L.t.d., Great Britain
Mabala the Farmer - R. S. Mabala (1988) Ben & Company, Dar es Salaam
The Death Factory - B. Mapalala (1996), Heinemann Educational Publishers, Great British
The Pearl - J. Steinbeck (1948), William Heinemann L.t.d., Great Britain

(a) What is the title of the book?

(b) Who was the main character?

(c) What does the main character like to do?

(d) Identify one major event which made the main character popular.

(e) How can you describe the main character?

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12. Read the following poem then answer the questions that follow.

White sheep, white sheep,

On a blue hill, when the wind stops,
You all stand still, when the wind blows,
You walk away slowly, white sheep.

Where have you learned to be obedient?
Show me that school, to take my children.
Because, when I tell them to stop they move,

An when I tell them to move they stop.


(a) What is the title of this poem?
(b) What is white sheep referred to?

(c) What is the blue hill referred to?

(d) What is the opposite of the word obedient?

(e) What can you learn from the poem?

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