1. For each of the items (i) (xx), choose the correct answer among the given alternatives and write its letter in the box provided.

(i) The constitutional changes of 1962 in Tanganyika laid the foundation of

  1. The Republic government
  2. The Federal government
  3. The Dominion government
  4. The Local government.
Choose Answer :

(ii) What does the blue colour in the Tanzania national flag represent?

  1. People
  2. Mineral deposits
  3. National freedom
  4. Water bodies
Choose Answer :

(iii) A place where voting takes place is known as

  1. election manifesto
  2. voters register
  3. the electorate
  4. polling station
Choose Answer :

(iv) Why is courtship an important stage before marriage? 

  1. It is a sign of love and joy to the partners.
  2. It gives partners time to evaluate each other.
  3. It represents the partners for honey moon.
  4. It gives partners time to mature.
Choose Answer :

(v) Which one of the following is the qualification for voters in Tanzania?

  1. Must be a Member of a political party
  2. Must have ability to read and write
  3. Must have 40 years of age or above
  4. Must have 18 years of age or above.
Choose Answer :

(vi) What is an appropriate way of assisting HIV and AIDS victims?

  1. Guidance and self-esteem
  2. Guidance and counseling
  3. Self-awareness and counseling
  4. Effective decision making.
Choose Answer :

(vii) Tanzania national currencies include

  1. bank notes and foreign currencies
  2. foreign currencies and coin
  3. coin and bank notes
  4. US dollar and pound.
Choose Answer :

(viii) The smallest unit of Tanzania local government administrative structure is

  1. village government
  2. village assembly
  3. village Council
  4. village Committee
Choose Answer :

(ix) A public holiday marked every year on the 7th April in Tanzania is known as

  1. Karume Day
  2. Nyereye Day
  3. Farmers Day
  4. Union Day.
Choose Answer :

(x) Road accidents can be avoided in Tanzania through

  1. construction of tarmac roads
  2. observing traffic regulations
  3. employing well trained traffic police
  4. employing more magistrates.
Choose Answer :

(xi) The non-biological roles performed by men and women in a society are called

  1. parental roles
  2. gender equity
  3. gender mainstreaming
  4. gender roles.
Choose Answer :

(xii) The behaviour that is normally acceptable to all members of the family, community and society is referred to as

  1. aggressive behaviour
  2. impulsive behaviour
  3. proper behaviour
  4. improper behaviour.
Choose Answer :

(xiii) The parliament is also known as

  1. the executive
  2. the legislature
  3. the cabinet
  4. the judiciary
Choose Answer :

(xiv) Which of the following promotes proper behaviour among the youth?

  1. Religious teaching
  2. The police
  3. The judiciary
  4. The prisons
Choose Answer :

(xv) The ability to think and come-up with new ideas and ways of doing things is referred as

  1. critical thinking
  2. creative thinking
  3. decision making skills
  4. negotiation skills
Choose Answer :

(xvi) The type of government formed after the unification of Tanganyika and Zanzibar is known as

  1. Federal government
  2. Communist government
  3. Union government
  4. Dominion government 
Choose Answer :

(xii) Great Britain is the best example of

  1. a Federal government
  2. a Republic government
  3. an Absolute monarch
  4. a Constitutional Monarchy
Choose Answer :

(xviii) Which one of the following is part of the executive branch of the government in Tanzania?

  1. The parliament
  2. The judiciary
  3. Political parties
  4. Regional commissioners
Choose Answer :

(xix) Kiling suspected criminals without giving them a fair  trial in the court of law  referred to as

  1. Limitation of human rights
  2. Natural justice
  3. Human right abuses
  4. Peoples power
Choose Answer :

(xix) Kiling suspected criminals without giving them a fair  trial in the court of law  referred to as

  1. Limitation of human rights
  2. Natural justice
  3. Human right abuses
  4. Peoples power
Choose Answer :

2. Match the items in List A with the correct responses in List B by writing the letter of the correct response below the corresponding item number in the table provided.

(i) A person who is a member of a country.
(ii)A type of Tanzanian citizenship acquired when one
of the parent is a Tanzanian by birth.
(iii) The legal right of a person to belong to a particular
(iv) A situation where a person owes his/her loyalty to
two countries.
(v) A type of Tanzanian citizenship acquired when both parents are Tanzanian by birth.
A. Dual citizenship
B. Citizenship
C. Citizen
D. Citizenship by birth
E. Citizenship by descent
F. Non citizenship
G. Migrants
H. Immigrants
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3. For each of the statement (i) — (x), write True if the statement is correct or False if the statement is not correct.

(i)Work promotes selfish attitude..........

(ii) One of the aspects of social skills is peer resistance...................  
(iii),One of the sources of local government revenue is development levy.............

(iv) The mayor of the Municipal Council is a Presidential appointee      

(v) Positive peer pressure can lead to good performance in school     

(vi) Work is any physical activity that a person does to earn a living    

(vii) Female genital mutilation promotes child spacing....... 

(viii) The head of the judiciary is the Chief Justice........... 

(ix) Obeying road signs reduces traffic jams on the road... 

(x) All people who are eligible voters are called the electorate.........

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Answer all questions in this section

4. Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow.

The number of children who are loitering in cities and towns increases day after day. Their number has greatly increased nowadays. They are disadvantaged groups of children who are forced to live independently in the streets due to various social, political and economic problems. There are number of factors that lead to the situation of which one is the death of parents of guardians. Death of parents or guardians leads to the increase of orphans. The death of parents or guardians may be caused by car accidents, pandemic diseases such as HIV/AIDS and so forth. Due to the shortage of basic needs of life and parental care, the orphans move away from home soon after the death of their parents or guardians.

Single parent families or out of marriage bearing is another cause for loitering children. Some of these families are headed by too young and poor mothers. Due to their incapability to provide the basic needs of life to the family members, their children run away from home looking for better opportunities in other places.

Therefore, the loitering children in cities and towns are not only those whose parents or guardians died but also there are other children with parents who are roaming in town. The government needs to find the solution for this including finding the place for them to live and providing them with basic rights like quality education, safe living environment, good health and parental care.


(a) Suggest a suitable title for the passage 

(b) Give two causes for the increased number of street children in cities and towns.

(c) Who is an orphan?

(d)  According to the passage, identify two types of children found in the streets.

(e)  Give two possible solutions for the problem of street children

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5. Define the following concepts and for each give two points on its effects.

(a) Early marriage

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(b) Single parent family

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(c) Dictatorship government

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(d) Child preference

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(e) Drug abuse

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(f) Human right abuse Definition   Effects

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(g) Road accidents

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(h) Improper behaviour

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(i)Step family

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(j)Women inheritance

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Answer one (1) question from this section.

6. Explain the importance of the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania by giving six points.

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7. Explain six measure that can be used to correct improper behaviours in Tanzania

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