(i)   Chemistry is a branch of Science which deals with:

  1. matter in relation to energy.
  2.  matter in relation to decomposition.
  3.  matter composition and its decomposition.
  4.  properties of conservation of matter.
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Which of the following are the states of matter?

  1. Gas, liquid and mixture
  2. Gas, liquid and solid
  3. Element, compound and mixture 
  4. Element, mixture and gas.
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(iii)       Which of the following are the main components of a fire triangle?

  1. Air, temperature and fire
  2.  Oxygen, temperature and fuel 
  3.  Oxygen, heat and fuel
  4. Oxygen, temperature and fire
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(iv)       The process of removing solid contaminants from water is known as:

  1.  water decantation.
  2. water solidification. 
  3. water purification.
  4. water sedimentation.
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(v)        How many zones are there in a non-luminous flame?

  1. Four zones
  2. Two zones
  3. Three zones
  4. Five zones
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(vi)       The process of coating iron or steel with zinc is known as:

  1. zinc painting. 
  2. alloying. 
  3.  tin plating. 
  4.  galvanization.
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(vii)     A certain element has atomic number W and mass number Y. The number of neutrons contained in its nucleus is:

  1. W
  2. W-Y
  3. Y-W
  4. Y+W
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(viii)    When a small amount of sugar is dissolved in a glass of water the mixture formed is:

  1.  heterogeneous. 
  2. immiscible.
  3.  suspension.  
  4.  homogenous.
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(ix)       Fainting is a sudden loss of:

  1. confidence. 
  2. weight of the body. 
  3.  water in the body.  
  4.  consciousness.
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(x)        Why is fractional distillation of coal done?

  1.  To remove oxygen in the atmosphere.
  2. To remove volatile matter. 
  3.  To add oxygen in the furnace.
  4. To add volatile matter.
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