(i) The main purpose of commerce is to bridge the gap between:

  1. Manufacturers and wholesalers
  2. Producers and consumers 
  3.  Retailers and consumers
  4. Wholesalers and Retailers
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Demand curve normally slopes from:

  1. left to right downwards 
  2.  left to right upwards 
  3.  right to left downwards 
  4. right to left upwards
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(iii)     The process of making goods for ones own use is termed as:

  1.  direct production
  2. indirect production 
  3.  level of production
  4. types of production
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(iv)      One of the main features of a supermarket is:

  1.  cash payments
  2. giving cash discount
  3.   selling on credit 
  4.  self services
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(v)       Retailing does not include:

  1. bonded warehouse
  2. kiosks
  3.  mobile shops
  4.   market stalls
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(vi)      The resources in the form of money or property that a person or an organization has for establishing and running a business is referred to as:

  1.   capital
  2. coins
  3.  fund
  4.  materials
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(vii)    Domestic trade involves:

  1. Buying goods within the country
  2. Buying and selling goods with other countries
  3.  Buying and selling goods within the country 
  4.  Selling goods within the country
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(viii)  The production process ends when goods reach the:

  1. Consumers
  2. Producers
  3. Retailers
  4.  Wholesalers
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(ix)      Barter trade is the system of exchanging goods for:

  1.  coins
  2.  goods
  3. further productions 
  4.  services
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(x)       What will be the effect of an increase in supply?

  1.  Decrease in price and increase in quantity demanded
  2. Decrease in price and decrease in quantity demanded
  3. More goods in the Market
  4.  Rise in price and decrease in quantity demanded
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