(i)       An AGE refers to:

  1. a period of 10 years.
  2. an average difference of years between parents and their children.
  3. mans economic activities and the types of tools he made and used.
  4. one continuous event lasting for a number of years.  
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(ii)      The earliest people to live in the present Cape Province of South Africa were the:

  1. Xhosa and the Bushmen
  2. Khoikhoi and the Hottentots
  3. San and the Xhosa
  4. San and the Hottentots
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(iii)    The end of Portuguese rule in East Africa was marked by the:

  1. Closure of the slave market in Zanzibar
  2. Fall of coastal city states
  3. Coming of Sultan Sayyid Said
  4. Fall of Fort Jesus
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(iv)    The main reason for the decline of the Trans-Saharan Trade in the 16th century was the: 

  1. European invasion
  2. Rise of the Indian Trade 
  3. Rise of the Triangular Trade 
  4. Rise of the Savanna States
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(v) The major impact of the Portuguese conquest of East Africa was the:

  1. Destruction of clove plantations in Zanzibar.
  2. Decline of the Mwenemutapa Empire. 
  3. Diversion of the Indian Trade to Europe
  4. Diversion of the Slave Trade to Europe. 
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The development of legitimate trade in 19th century was the result of:

  1. Abolition of the Triangular Slave Trade
  2. Fall of Coastal City States
  3. The formation of Coastal City States
  4. Trans-Sahara Trade  
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(vii)  In Ubugabire system in interlacustrine region the power of the ruler was usually based on: 

  1. Cattle ownership
  2. Land ownership
  3. Land and cattle ownership 
  4. Military and land ownership 
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(viii)One important effect of Iron technology in Africa was:

  1. Expansion of heavy industries
  2. Expansion of agriculture 
  3. Increase of civil wars
  4. Increase of migration to new areas 
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(ix)    The transition from Mercantilism to Industrial Capitalism led to the demand:

  1. of more slaves from East and West Africa.
  2. for manufactured goods.
  3. of goods from Middle and Far East.
  4. for raw materials and markets. 
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(x)      The ability of the early man to walk by using two limbs is known as:

  1. Adoption
  2. Bipedalism
  3. Evolution 
  4. Revolution
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