(i)        In which stage of evolution of man did agriculture and domestication evolve?

  1. Iron Age
  2. Middle Stone Age 
  3. Late Stone Age
  4. Early Stone Age 
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(ii)      The following are the social factors for interactions among the people of Africa:

  1. Trade, wars and migration.
  2. Migration, intermarriages and the need to search for new areas.
  3.   Wars, migration and trade.
  4. Language relations, migration and population increase.
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(iii)    What was the outcome of mineral discovery in South Africa?

  1. Creation of classes of people.
  2. People ignored political matters.
  3. Cape Town was depopulated.
  4. The indigenous moved away. 
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(iv)     Gao was a trading centre which developed into a large empire known as:

  1.   Songhai
  2. Asante
  3.   Mali
  4. Ghana
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(v)      The Hamerton treaty was about:

  1. Allowing the Sultan of Zanzibar to buy slaves from the interior.
  2. To forbid the Sultan of Zanzibar to sell slaves outside his dominion.
  3. To forbid the Sultan of Zanzibar to sell slaves outside farther north than Lamu and Mogadishu.
  4. Allowing the Sultan to sell slaves to the rich slave traders in Arabia. 
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(vi)    The East African societies that developed clan organization based on matrilineal system were:

  1.   Makonde, Makua, Kamba, Kikuyu and Yao.
  2. Sandawe, Tindiga, Makua, Hadzabe and Iraq
  3. Chagga, Gogo, Sukuma, Sandawe and Yao
  4. Yao, Makonde, Hehe, Sambaa and Luo. 
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(vii)  Slave trade in Africa was replaced by the so called:

  1. Triangular trade
  2. Caravan trade
  3. Legitimate trade  
  4. Exchange of goods 
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(viii)ln evolution of man, the systematic tool maker was:

  1. Zinjanthropus
  2. Australopithecines
  3. Homo Erectus
  4. Homo Habilis 
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(ix)Among the evidences of the earliest commercial contacts between East Africa and the Middle and Far East as far back as 200 BC is:

  1. Existence of large Asian shops along the Coastal areas
  2. The periplus of the Erythrean Sea written by Greek traders
  3. Existence of Arabic words in the Swahili language
  4. Growth of towns along the coastal area. 
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(x)    The period which marked the intense competition and warfare among European states was known as:

  1. Industrial capitalism
  2. The age of mercantilism
  3. Iron Age  
  4. Industrial revolution
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