ottom:.55pt; margin-left:.55in;text-align:justify;text-justify:inter-ideograph;text-indent: -20.15pt;line-height:103%;">(i)       A source of historical information which contains remains that show mans physical development activities and tools he used is:

  1. Museum
  2.   Oral tradition
  3. Archives
  4. Historical sites
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(ii)      One ofthefollowingEastAfrican coastal city states was located in present day Mozambique, hence directly received gold from Mwenemutapa in the 15 th century.

  1.    Lamu 
  2.    Kilwa 
  3.     Sofala
  4.     Zimbabwe
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(iii)    The following historical eventinvolved the continents of Africa, America and Europe between 15 th and 19 th centuries.

  1.     Trans Saharan
  2.      The Boer Trek
  3.     Triangular slave trade 
  4.      East African long distance trade 
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(iv)    The effect of European penetration to West Africa was: A. Introduction of iron industry.

  1. Introduction of iron industry.
  2. Distortion of the Trans-Saharan Trade 
  3. Development of Western Sudan states
  4. Abolition of Triangular trade 
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(v)      The abolition of slave trade in the 19th century was followed by:

  1. The Berlin Conference of 1884 - 1885
  2. The development of legitimate trade
  3. The formation of UNO
  4. The great depression of 1923 - 1929
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(vi)    The following is one of the methods used in obtaining gold in African societies:

  1. Shaft method
  2. Pottery 
  3. Ornaments 
  4. Titration 
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(vii)  Gao was a trading centre which developed into a large empire known as:

  1. Songhai
  2. Asante 
  3. Mali 
  4. Ghana 
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(viii)In South-Central Tanzania, the Hehe, Bena and Sangu people were ruled by:-

  1.      Kabaka
  2.      Mtwa
  3.      Mwani 
  4.      Omukama
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(ix)    The Dutch settlement was established at the Cape in 1652 because:

  1. The Dutch were great racialists.
  2. The Dutch were welcomed by the Khoisan.
  3. They wanted to supply the foodstuffs for ships sailing to and from the East Indies.
  4. They wanted to initiate relationship with the British. 
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(x)      The period marked by intense competition and warfare among

European states was known as:-

  1. Industrial capitalism
  2. The age of mercantilism
  3. Industrial revolution
  4. Iron Age
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