Warehouses which belong to manufacturers, wholesalers or individuals are categorized as:

  1. bonded warehouses
  2. specialized warehouse
  3.  private warehouses 
  4.  public warehouses
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The appropriate channel to distribute perishable goods to final consumers is from:

  1.  producers, wholesalers, retailers to the final consumers
  2. producers, wholesalers to final consumers
  3. producers, large scale retailers to final consumers
  4. producers, small scale retailers to final consumers.
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(iii)     Which of the following is considered as disadvantage of division of labour?

  1.  Unemployment
  2. High degree of choice
  3.  Employment opportunity 
  4.  Efficiency
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(iv)    The exchange of goods and services is referred as:

  1.   Aids to trade
  2.  Trade
  3. Barter trade 
  4. Commerce
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(v)      Demand curve normally slopes from

  1.  left to right upwards 
  2.  right to left downwards 
  3.  right to left upwards
  4.  left to right downwards
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(vi)    Which of the following is an example of retailers who do not have permanent premises?

  1.  Single shop
  2. Tied shop 
  3.  Mobile shop
  4.  Multiple shops.
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(vii)  Which of the following is a reward for capital as a factor of production? 

  1.  Wage.
  2.  Interest
  3. Profit 
  4.  Rent
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(viii)If the price elasticity of demand is greater than I, the demand is said to be.

  1. elastic
  2. perfectly elastic
  3. inelastic 
  4.  unitary
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(ix)    Which of the following is a good example of perishable goods?

  1.  Processed coffee
  2.  Wheat flour
  3. Natural flowers
  4.  Processed vegetables
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(x)      If the average stock is shs. 120, 000 and cost of sales is shs.

       480,000, the stockturn rate     be•.

  1.   0.25times 
  2.  Shs 600,000
  3. Shs 360, 000
  4. 4 times
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