The role of commerce in the process of production is to make:

  1. direct services reach ultimate consumers
  2.  distribution of goods and services to retailers
  3.  distribution of goods and services to wholesalers
  4. goods and services produced to reach ultimate consumers
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 When there is an increase in supply, the supply curve always shifts.

  1.  downwards
  2. from left to right
  3.  from right to left 
  4. upwards
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(iii)      Goods produced create utility when they:

  1. are stored in a warehouse
  2.    reach the final consumers
  3.   reach the manufacturers shop
  4. reach the retail shop
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(iv)      ... ... ... includes all the activities necessary in bringing goods and services into the market:

  1.   market event
  2.  marketing
  3. market research 
  4. market price
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(v)       One of the following is the quality of the retailer:

  1.   being honest
  2.  making payments
  3.  producing goods
  4. transporting goods
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(vi)      A profit percentage which is calculated on sales is called:

  1. gross profit
  2. margin
  3. mark up
  4. net profit
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(vii)    The art of transmitting information and ideas by word of mouth, writing or by other means is called:

  1.  advertising
  2.  communication
  3. insurance 
  4. transport
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(viii)   Portability can be defined as ability to:

  1.   carry things easily
  2.  keep things
  3.   pull things easily
  4.  store things
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(ix)      A document which contains a list of goods offered for sale by traders is called:

  1.  an invoice
  2.  an order
  3.  catalogue 
  4.  price tag
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(x)       Steps through which goods reach the consumers are termed as:

  1.  chain of distribution 
  2. chain of production
  3.  means of carriage
  4.  means of production
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