(i) Which of the following activities is not involved in the study of commerce?

  1. A study of auxiliary services
  2.   A study of how factors of production can be utilized to the optimal point so as to achieve more goods and services.
  3.  A study of how best the bank clerks could be organized so as to satisfy the needs of a consumer
  4.  A study of trade and the principal activity in the distribution of goods
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(ii)   The last person in the distribution chain is:

  1.   consumer
  2. consumer and retailer
  3. manufacturer
  4.   retailer
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(iii)The ability of goods and services to satisfy human wants is known as:

  1.  production
  2. specialization
  3.  subsistence
  4.  utility
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(iv)Distinguishing mark attached to the product and which cannot be used by any other producer is called:

  1. brand name
  2. kite mark
  3. producer mark
  4.  trade mark
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(v)    A retailer may prefer to deal with a wholesale firm because:

  1.  there is less likelihood of loss through damage
  2. they break bulk and re-pack the goods
  3.  they offer a large choice of goods from different manufacturers
  4.  they provide storage for goods until the retailer needs them.
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(vi)Variable cost is that which varies with:

  1. company position
  2. output
  3.  technology
  4.  time
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(vii)         The exchange of goods and services among different countries is called:

  1.  barter trade
  2. domestic trade
  3. foreign trade
  4.  internal trade
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(viii)       Re-order level is the level:

  1. necessary to safeguard against delays
  2. when new stock is to be sold
  3.  when new stock is to be ordered
  4.  when supplies are received
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(ix)An aid to trade that safeguards goods and trade against loss is called:

  1.   advertising
  2. communication
  3.  insurance
  4. warehousing
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(x)    A building which is usedto store goods on payment:

  1.  bonded warehouse
  2. private warehouse
  3. public warehouse
  4. goods warehouse
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