(i)       Which of the following is not an aspect of commerce?

  1.  Provision of information about goods and services
  2. Keeping hens to lay eggs for family consumption
  3.  Distribution of goods 
  4.  Insurance
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(ii)      The qualities of a good retailer is:

  1.    Not pleasant in his dealing
  2. Not a good administrator
  3. No delay but makes prompt payment 
  4. No stealing from his account
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(iii)    Which of the following is an example of primary production?

  1. Agriculture
  2.  Textile manufacturer
  3.  Road construction
  4.  Space exploration
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(iv)    Demand curve is that which moves from the:

  1.  Right to the left upward
  2. Left to the right upward
  3. Right to the left downward
  4. Left to the right downward
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(v)      Which ofthe following is notafunction of stock administration?

  1. Issue of stock
  2.  Care of stock
  3.  Profit making
  4. Receiving goods
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(vi)    Tea and coffee form what type of supply?

  1.  Composite supply
  2. Joint supply
  3. Competitive supply 
  4. Derived supply
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(vii)  Which of the following function is not normally done by wholesaler to retailer?

  1. Breaking the bulk
  2. Storage
  3. Market research 
  4. Transportation
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(viii)Departmental store refers to:

  1. A number of shops in one roof
  2.  A number of similar shops scattered at different areas
  3. A store that sells different types of goods
  4. A store that sells one variety of goods only
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(ix)    Industries which assemble already manufactured goods are

known as:

  1. Producing industries
  2. Constructive industries
  3. Extractive industries
  4. Manufacturing industries
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(x)      C.O.D is an abbreviation which stands for:

  1. Cash On Demand
  2.  Cash On Delivery
  3. Credit On Demand
  4. Care Of Drawer
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