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  1. This paper consists of section A, B and C with the total of fourteen (14) questions.
  1. Answer all questions in section A, B and three (3) questions from section C
  1. Section A carries 15 Marks, Section B carries 40 Marks and Section C carries 45 marks.
  1. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room
  1. Write you examination number on every page of your answer sheet(s)


1. For each of the following items (i-x) choose the most correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number.

(i) Before closing the school, the headmaster called a school assembly and allowed students to address their complaints, which type of Human right was the headmaster fulfilling?

  1. Moral Right
  2. Freedom of expression
  3. Freedom of association
  4. The right to education
  5. Equality before the law

(ii) The member of Parliament of Mbugani constituency died one month after the general election. What can be done to get another representative?

  1. The president nominates another person
  2. Wait for the next general election
  3. Calls for by- election
  4. The National Electoral commission nominate another person
  5. Calls for general election

(iii) A person with the power to declare a state of emergency in Tanzania is;

  1. The attorney general
  2. Commander in Chief
  3. Speaker
  4. Inspector General of Police
  5. The President

(iv) One of the following is not true about the characteristics of culture

  1. Learned
  2. Static
  3. Adaptive
  4. Dynamic
  5. Symbolic

(v) Tanzania is the country which is headed by the president and other elected politicians, therefore Tanzania is;

  1. A republic
  2. Communist state
  3. A monarchy
  4. Military State
  5. Federal Government

(vi) Jumanne is a public servant in one of the government office who uses a public office for personal gain,how can Jumanne be termed?

  1. An intelligent worker
  2. A Smart Worker
  3. A creative worker
  4. An Innovative worker
  5. A corrupt person

(vii) A personal ability to feel and share another person’s emotion is known as;

  1. Self esteem
  2. Negotiation
  3. Empathy
  4. Love
  5. Creative thinking

(viii) The academic master/mistress of your school is not satisfied with the academic performance of the school in the form four national examination,which of the following type of life skills will be recommended to improve the academic of the school

  1. Negotiations
  2. Team work
  3. Effective communication
  4. Forming Friendship
  5. Peer Pressure

(ix) Assume you are planning to get married for about a year now; you have been developing friendship with the person of the opposite sex whom you think is the right candidate. How can you describe such kind of relationship?

  1. pre-mature marriage
  2. Wedding
  3. Honey moon
  4. Courtship
  5. Marital Relationship

(x) Some of the national symbols of Tanzania are;

  1. National anthem, national parks and the coat of arm
  2. The uhuru torch, the national anthem and the national flag
  3. The coat of arms, national Parks and Mount Kilimanjaro
  4. The national Flag, the uhuru torch and national culture
  5. National Anthem,National Flag and National culture

2. Match the items in List A with the correct responses in List B by writing the letter of the corresponding response beside the item number.



  1. The process of being fair to both men and women
  2. Identification of men and women basing on biological difference
  3. Involving the findings on men and women relationship and see who does what, who has what, who decides, who gain and who lose?
  4. Duties of a given sex male or female as determined by a given society.
  1. Gender discrimination
  2. Gender equality
  3. Gender Stereotyping
  4. Gender
  5. Gender analysis
  6. Gender blindness
  7. Gender roles
  8. Man and Woman
  9. Gender Focus
  10. Sex
  11. Gender mainstreaming


Answer all questions in this section

3. Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow

A political party is a group of citizens legally organized so as to take control of a government. In order to achieve its objective, political parties present its constitution and program to the people on the basis of whom the people make decision whether to accept or reject a party. In a representative’s democracy the members of the political party voluntarily come together because they share similar or identical views regarding the matters of national interest.

The Party seeks to come through constitution means it must promote national interests.

A political party may be progressive, reactive, conservative and liberal or radical. Every political party formulates policy/policies that is understood by the people, it uses various media propaganda such as the press and political rallies to educate the general public and seeks support

In a democratic state political parties launch election campaigns and successful party after election form a government.


  1. Suggest a suitable title for this passage
  2. According to the passage what is a political party?
  3. What should be done by a political party initially?
  4. How does a political party rise into power in democratic state?
  5. Mention two ways used by the political party to make policies and programs understood by the people

4. Use five points to identify the importance of promoting and preserving our national culture

5. What will you consider as symptoms associated with a person contaminated with COVID 19 if you were to deliver a talk on this disease? (At least 5 symptoms).

6. Why do you think Tanzania is conducting the campaign against Female genital mutilation (FGM) (Give five points)?

7. Explain five effects of poverty in the society.

8. Briefly explain five indicators of economic development

9. Most of the people argue that work is everything in the development of an individual. Give five reasons.

10. Failure to obey road signs results into road accidents. With five points explain the importance of obeying road signs.


Answer three (3) questions from this section

11. As an expert in civics, use six points to educate your community on the cultural practices that lead to the spread of HIV/AIDS and Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

12. Imagine that you have been invited to a community meeting as a guest speaker on how to address informal sector issues. Use six point to explain

13. Proponents of globalization argue that globalization is a catalyst of development while the opponent contends that it is a new form of neo-colonialism to developing countries. Discuss six demerits of globalization to the country like Tanzania.

14. According to the national constitution the president of the united Republic of Tanzania can dissolve the parliament in different situations. Describe six situations where the president can dissolve the parliament.





(For Both School and Private Candidates)

Time: 3 Hours Thursday, 8th September 2022 p.m.


  1. This paper consists of sections A, B and C with a total of 14 questions.
  2. Answer all questions in sections A and B and three (3) questions from section C.
  3. Section A carries 15 marks, section B carries 40 marks and section C carries 45 marks.
  4. Calculator, Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.
  5. Write Your Examination Number on every page of your answer booklet(s).

SECTION A (15 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section

1. For each of the items (i) – (x) choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number in the answer booklet(s) provided.

(i) A woman has to remain at home so as to refresh his man when he gets back from work. She is not allowed to work outside her house by her husband. What kind of negative socio-cultural practice the above situation indicates?

  1. Wife inheritance
  2. Female genital mutilation
  3. Regarding women as sexual object
  4. Gender discrimination
  5. Gender equality.

(ii) Makaptura earns his income through the work of shoeshine. Nowadays he has become very famous because of his good services providing to his customers. Which sector does Makaptura serve?

  1. Informal sector
  2. Private sector
  3. Formal sector
  4. Public sector
  5. Self-employment sector.

(iii) In 23rd August this year Tanzania conducted census of which people were counted in order to know their number. As a Civics student, relate that action with correct component of our nation:

  1. Sovereignty
  2. Population
  3. Culture
  4. Territory
  5. Government.

(iv) We are always advised not to make friendship with people who behave improperly because their behaviours may affect us. Suppose you are in such situation, how will you cope with that situation? 

  1. Empathy skills
  2. Forming friendship skills
  3. Negotiation skills
  4. Resistance peer pressure skills
  5. Effective communication skills.

(v) The Minister of Social Work in our country addressed various forms of marriages that are found in our country. As Civics expert who attended that gathering, differentiate the one which is not practiced in Africa.

  1. Monogamy
  2. Polygamy
  3. Polyandry
  4. Monogamy and Polyandry
  5. Polygamy and Monogamy.

(vi) Mr. Kikwale is a village chairperson who uses his power to arrest and send some villagers to the police station without listening to them. Which of the freedom does Mr. Kikwale go against?

  1. Freedom of association
  2. Freedom of participation
  3. Freedom of movement
  4. Freedom of expression
  5. Freedom of owning properties.

(vii) There is a car crush outside Simuyaga Secondary School and you are only traffic police available at that particular event. Some students come and ask you the causative of the incident. Suppose you give them an answer, what will you not give them?

  1. Reckless driving
  2. Lack of road safety education to users
  3. People do not obey the road sign
  4. Roads are very wide
  5. Driving while drinking alcohol.

(viii) Many youth complain about unemployment problem in Tanzania. Bakari decided to make bricks and sell them as a self-employed youth. Assess the type of work Bakari does:

  1. More mental and less physical work
  2. More physical and less mental work
  3. Only physical power work
  4. Only mental power work
  5. A and E are correct.

(ix) Suppose you attend the meeting which the leader was addressing some of the issues such as, voting during election and participating in political party rallies. What is the concerned responsibility? 

  1. Civics responsibility
  2. Personal responsibility
  3. Economic responsibility
  4. Social responsibility
  5. Political responsibility.

(x) Assume you are the Ward Executive at Mchame area where the youth demonstrate many behaviours of alcoholism, robbery and laziness. Which of the following sets of proposals you will not suggest to them?

  1. They should work hard
  2. They should follow religious teaching
  3. They should abandon the parents guidance
  4. They should demonstrate self-discipline
  5. They should seek for guidance and counseling.

2. Match the procedural explanations in LIST A with the corresponding step of problem solving in LIST B by writing the letter of the correct response beside the item number in the space provided.



(i) This is the process of choosing the best alternative to solve the problem.

(ii) This is the process of trying to end a disagreement between people or group by talking to them and help them to find suitable solution.

(iii) This is the process of asking questions in order to find the root cause of the problem.

(iv) This is the process of coming up with solution to the problem.

(v) This is the process of where the solution is implemented and tested.

  1. Initiating mediation
  2. Following through
  3. Gathering information
  4. Generating alternatives
  5. Defining the problem
  6. Agreeing to a solution
  7. Data analysis
  8. Accepting the problem

 SECTION B (40 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section

3. Although the government of Tanzania is struggling to improve health sector, people are complaining the services provided. Address five (05) solutions to overcome the problem.

4. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tanzania was asked by the journalist during her press conference. She was asked why Tanzania has joined various economic integrations. What do you think were five reasons described by the Minister?

5. Assume you are a Chairman of TGNP and asked to provide a speech on gender issues which affect women. Construct five solutions to solve the named problems.

6. Mlonza lived in Tanzania illegally for two years now. There are some problems that he is facing. Justify five harmful conditions that Mlonza face as a result of violating the law of our country.

7. Many roads in Tanzania are constructed with road signs, the problem remains to the road users who are not obeying. As a Civics expert use five points to educate your friends on the significance of obeying them.

8. President Samia S. Hassan and Her government have a dream of safeguarding our constitution. As a Civics expert, analyze five ways that are to be employed by the government to attain that dream.

9. Tanzania has reached lower middle income country. In spite of reaching that stage it is still a poor country. Assume you are an economist propose five solutions to alleviate that problem.

10. Form IV students organized a tour to visit the National Electoral Commission. They wanted to know its functions and responsibilities. Assume you were the officer in charge, elaborate five (05) functions you would explain to students.

SECTION C (60 Marks)

Answer only three (3) questions in this section

11. When we talk about culture, we look at its elements. As a Minister of Education prepare a talk to address the Tanzania students on how they can use them positively and change their life. Use five points.

12. In this new era of economic system, mobile phone technology plays a vital role in developing our economy. As a good mobile user propose five significance of mobile phones financial services in order to attain targeted goal.

13. Assume you are a student of Songambele Secondary school, attended the school Baraza concerned on how students can participate in school functions. Explain to your friend who was absent five ways as expressed to you by the head master.

14. “Failure to obtain and use life skills caused many problems.” This statement was said by the psychologist who addressed the group of youth and parents. Being among the youth who attended there propose five problems that are associated with his statement.





TIME : 3 Hours July 2022


1. This paper consists of section A, B and C with total of (14) questions

2. Answer all questions in section A and B and only three (3) questions from section C

3. Section A carries fifteen (15 Marks). Section B forty (40 Marks) and Section C carry forty-five (45 Marks)

4. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.

5. Write your NAME on every page of your answer booklet (s) provided

SECTION A (15 Marks)
Answer ALL questions in this section

1. For each item (i) - (i), choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter on the answer booklet provided.

(i) Angel married Freddy. After ten years Angel died of Malaria. Then Freddy was forced to Marry Angle's young sister. How will the society label the new Marriage?

  1. Polygamy 
  2. Single sex 
  3. Sororate
  4. Polygynous 
  5. Cohabitation 

(ii) Britain use the constitution which based on statutes, customs, precedence and convention practice. This is an example of;

  1. Permanent constitution 
  2. Unwritten constitution
  3. Communist constitution
  4. Socio — cultural constitution 
  5. Tanzanian constitution 

(iii) Mabaga is a drug user to the extent that he cannot face daily life without drugs. What is the state does Mabaga reached?

  1. Dependence 
  2. Regular use 
  3. Experimental use
  4. Daily pre — occupation
  5. Independence drug user 

(iv) After the second World war, a certain organization was formed with the aim of maintaining peace and order in the world. This was;

  1. A League of Nation 
  2. United Nations Organization 
  3. The international Court of Justice 
  4. The Amnesty International 
  5. East African community

(v) You and Mr. Kangaroo's family live in one village. Mr. Kangaroo has been beating his wife severely despite the fact that the wife is wise and kind. This situation is hurting you but you have nothing to do because the wife loves her husband very much. If you are given the opportunity to solve their misunderstanding, what skills -you impart to Mrs. Kangaroo?

  1. Empathy
  2. Resistance to peer 
  3. Effective communication 
  4. Self-awareness 
  5. Self-discipline 

(vi) Which among the following is the major pillar of the state?

  1. Executive, legislature and judiciary
  2. Executive, president and armed force
  3. The President, Prime minister and Vice president
  4. Executive, judiciary and armed fore
  5. Parliament, High court and Preside;

(vii) The freedom to decide arid execute domestic and foreign policies without interference from other country;

  1. Liberation 
  2. Nationalism 
  3. Sovereignty
  4. Democracy 
  5. Expression 

(viii) Asha Rose is the village chairperson wondering on what to do to make proper decision in solving the village problems. After sometime, she saw that the problem still persists. What step did she skip?

  1. Implementing the plan D. Initiating meditation
  2. Selection of the best solution E. Presenting data
  3. generating alternatives

(ix) The report from Nyarugongo Secondary shoot shows that there is a great increase of truancy and drug abuse among students. Which one is the factor for this behavior;

  1. Laziness 
  2. Lack of parental care and poverty
  3. Street children
  4. Early marriage 
  5. Death of student at school 

(x) Tanga police officer was providing a certain education to the people after the continuous occurrence of unexpected accident at Sabasaba round about. If you are that officer, at what time will you tell the students to cross the road?

  1. When traffic torch is red 
  2. When the traffic torch turns yellow
  3. When no any car passing
  4. When there is a crowd of passengers 
  5.  When traffic officer is around. 

2. Match the explanation in list A with correct response in list B by writing the correct of the corresponding response in the answer booklet(s) provided.

List A List B

(i) The ability of a person to develop a deep understanding of something

(ii) The ability of an individual to know him/herself, his/her feeling emotions, strength and weakness

(iii) Ability to think and come up with the new idea and new ways of doing something

(iv) The ability of a person to reach agreement through formal discussion between people

(v) The ability to make the best choice out of many available options for the benefit of individual or communication

A. Copying with stress

B. Empathy

C. Negotiation skills

D. Decision Making

E. Assertiveness

F. Critical thinking  

G. Guidance and counseling

H. Creative thinking

I. Self — awareness

J. Peer - resistance


Answer ALL question in this sections

3. Hami's car got into an accident, but he was happy because his car had insurance. As a knowledgeable civics expert describe the merits of insurance companies.

4. On 26th April every year Tanzania celebrate the Union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar. This is very important because it promote peace, unity and harmony among members of the union. During the union some affairs were placed under union and other were separated. Explain five non — union matters

5. Civics teacher was teaching form One on the responsible decision making. In the mid of the session, students thought that; decision is a decision, there is no need of them to be responsible. What will the teacher tell the students to induce on the lesson?

6. Gasper is a boy in form Four class, the only problem with him is that; he cannot cope well with students in his class which leads to his academic failure. Basing on the knowledge you have on social life skills, advise him one how to cope with his fellow students.

7. You have given a chance to deliver a lecture to citizens about poverty in Tanzania. Prepare the arguments on consequences of poverty in Tanzania.

8. Most of the people are labeling East African countries as the less developed countries. What made them to conclude so?

9. Tanzania is appreciated by the external world as one of the leading country in conducting free and fair election. Verify this statement by giving out five evidence for free and fair election.

10. Mtakuja villagers are neglecting to work together because they think that working together is time wastage. How would you advise these villagers?

SECTION C (45 Marks)

Answer ONLY THREE questions from this section

11. "Tanzania is among the countries which is trying her level best in provision of social services. Currently she has tried to improve education, health and the means of transport and communication despite of different challenges. Discuss the challenges facing Tanzania in provision of social services (5 points)

12. Three old men were walking while discussing in the negative impacts of globalization to social, political and economic development. As a form Four student, oppose their discussion by giving six (6) points

13. The culture of preventive care and maintenance has helped of Makonde Village to carry on their cultural practices on cultural carvings and other associated cultural productions. How far can Makonde Village be affected if there is no culture of preventive care and maintenance? (five points)

14. Suppose you are the judge of high court of United Republic of Tanzania. People around you have no education of where to report different offences and criminal cases. Following the hierarchy describe the structure of the government's body that interprets the law in ascending order. 









  1. This paper consist of sections A, B and C
  2. Answer all questions in section A, B and any three questions from section C
  3. Write your INDEX NUMBER on every page of your answer sheet(s)
  4. Calculators and cellular phones are not allowed in the examination room

SECTION A (15 Marks)

Answer ALL questions this section

1. For each of the items (i) _ (x) choose the most correct answer among the given alternatives and write its letter in the box provided.

(i) A situation whereby human rights are restricted for the benefits of others is referred to as …….

  1. Human rights abuse 
  2. Human rights limitation
  3. Human rights promotion 
  4. Human rights protection

(ii). Road accidents are caused by both internal and external causes. Which of the following is the external cause of road accidents in Tanzania?

  1. Reckless driving 
  2. Parking errors
  3. Over speed of some drivers 
  4. Poor road condition

(iii) The important feature of the constitutional monarchy is ……

  1. The prime minister is the ceremonial head of state
  2. The King or Queen is the ceremonial head of state
  3. Ministers are not members of the legislature
  4. The King or Queen have executive powers

(iv) Mr. Vyamgoye is dwelling at Kumshindwi village. In his village he manages to afford his basic needs. The only one thing that Mr. Vyamgoye is experiencing in his village is that his income is less than the other people in his village. Which type of poverty best describes the state of Mr. Vyamgoye?

  1. Absolute poverty 
  2. Income poverty
  3. Relative poverty 
  4. Material poverty

(v) According to the constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, the parliament consists of two parts which are the ……… and ………..

  1. Cabinet and shadow cabinet
  2. President and the National assembly ( )
  3. Union parliament and House of representatives in Zanzibar
  4. Members of parliament from opposition parties and those from ruling party

(vi) The task to choose a lifelong partner starts with understanding your priorities in partnership. As an individual it is important to be absolutely clear about what you want from your partner. Which of the following is not an important tip to consider when selecting a life time partner?

  1. Depression and drug abuse ( )
  2. Respect for people’s rights and dignity
  3. Possession of interpersonal skills
  4. Intellectual capacity

(vii) Dating is a stage of romantic relationship typically between two individuals with the aim of assessing each other’s suitability as partner in an intimate relationship; however dating may not necessarily lead to marriage. Why dating is often discouraged in many African societies?

  1. It is considered immoral and dangerous especially when it involves young people
  2. It results into polygamies ( )
  3. It shows manhood and womanhood
  4. It is the foundation of unstable marriage

(viii) Life expectancy is a statistical prediction of how long a person will live, provided that health condition remains the same. In most of less developed countries like Tanzania life expectancy is relatively low compared to the developed countries. The reasons for the low life expectancy in developing countries are ………..

  1. Well improved sanitation services
  2. Daily balanced diet intake among the people ( )
  3. Lack of access to clean water, shortage of food and poor health services
  4. Overtaking of industrial processed food

(ix) Which of the following below is the political effect of globalization in Africa?

  1. Effective utilization of natural resources
  2. Increase free trade ( )
  3. Opens doors for employment opportunities
  4. It has created political disorders and terrorism

(x) Important objects that have existed for a very long time that includes remains of ancient building such as tradition church, palaces and tombs are collectively called ……….

  1. Museums 
  2. Anthropology
  3. Antiquities 
  4. Historical sites

2. Match the descriptions in column A with the correct responses in column B by writing the letter of the corresponding response beside the item number

Column A

Column B

(i). A form of courtship in which a young girl disappears at home late at night and goes to her lover

(ii). A form of courtship whereby a young man spies a young girl he likes

(iii). A form of courtship in which a man takes away the woman he wishes to marry

(iv). A form of courtship that involves social network such as twitter, facebook and instagram

(v). A form of courtship in which men dress nicely, decorate their faces and dance to attract women

  1. Online relationship
  2. Dating
  3. Self- initiated relationship
  4. Annual courtship festival
  5. Winged flight
  6. Traditional courtship
  7. Bride abduction
  8. Love walks
  9. Modern courtship

SECTION B (40 Marks)

Answer ALL questions from this section

3. Explain briefly any five attributes of poverty.

4. Explain briefly five challenges facing partners in courtship.

5. Explain briefly five causes of water and sanitation crisis in Tanzania.

6. Analyze five causes of early marriage in our society by providing relevant examples.

7. Outline any five importance of courtship.

8. Mention and explain five components of the coat of arms

9. Analyze five reasons for the protection of human rights in Tanzania.

10. Explain briefly any five causes of cultural change.

11. In a nut shell explain five effects of women circumcision.

SECTION C (45 Marks)

Answer any three questions from this section

12. Tanzania is now more a buyer of goods and services than a seller country. This is because of poor industrial base that were inherited since independence. Analyze six strategies which can be employed to speed up industrial development in Tanzania.

13. For any developing country like Tanzania to benefit from global world like what many other developed nations are benefiting there must be drastic measures that are to be taken to curb the challenges brought by globalization that has been an uphill task to many poor nations. In light of this statement explain six ways to be employed by poor nations in order to curb the challenges brought by globalization.

14. Explain the importance of reproductive health education in economic and social development. Six points only.

15. Citing relevant examples where possible explain six significance of national festivals and public holidays present in Tanzania








1. This paper consists of section A,B and C with fourteen (14) questions.

2. Answer all questions in sections A and B and three (3) questions from section C.

3. Section A carries fifteen (15) marks, section B forty (40) marks and section C forty five (45) marks.

4. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room

5. Write your examination number on every page ofyour answer booklet(s)


1. For each of the items (i-x) choose the most correct answer among the given alternatives and write its letter besides the item number in the answer booklet (s) provided. ( 10 marks)

i) The chairperson of Mjimwema village displays the village income and expenditure report on the wall, outside her office before every annually village meeting. Which among the following is the principle of democracy demonstrated by a village chairperson?

  1. Political tolerance
  2. Civic responsibility
  3. Citizen participation
  4. Separation of power
  5. Transparency

ii) In the corrupted society, officials exercises power than what they are granted by laws, which means they are free to do what they think to be right and saves their interests. This situation can be termed as:

  1. Abuse of power
  2. Corruption
  3. Rule of law
  4. Equality
  5. Equity

iii) After the death of President John Pombe Magufuli, soon President Samia Suluhu Hassan took over after taking an oath in front of the chief justice of the united republic of Tanzania. Taking an oath by elected leaders is not an individual obligations but it is a lawful action. What does an oath intend?

  1. To bring individual close to God
  2.  To start a new government
  3. To defend public interests
  4. To declare a person won an election
  5. To end the process of election

iv) There are so many ranks in the hierarchical government of Tanzania, which controls the nation from the top to the bottom. Who is the officer iN charge in the district government?

  1. District commissioner
  2. District chairperson
  3. District executive director
  4. The councilor
  5. Citizen responsibility

v) In life skills it is said a person must appreciate herself/himself if you are to be successfully. What can we call such a stage?

  1. Self-esteem
  2. Self-services
  3. Self-awareness
  4. Assertiveness
  5. Self-expression

vi) Lack of public awareness, ignorance of the language of law required and sometimes limited financial resources are the major limits for the civilians to defend themselves into the courts. In this case, private law firms and lawyers are responsible to defend the accused people in all judicial levels except?

  1. District courts
  2. High courts
  3. Resident magistrate courts
  4. Primary courts
  5. Court of appeal

vii) If you are to explain to people on the importance Qf human rights, which among the following are group of rights that cannot be claimed in the court of law and they are not included officially in the documents of laws in the country?

  1. Civil rights
  2. Political rights
  3. Environmental conservation rights
  4. Moral rights
  5. Economic and cultural rights

viii) There has been a campaigns led by government officers that citizens has to employ themselves by stating and run their business. On the other side, youth's access to soft loans from financial institutions in the county is so limited. What do you think is the reason for such limitation?

  1. Lack of proper identification
  2. Few number of loan giving institution
  3. Lack of entrepreneur skills and security of the loans
  4. Political conditions attached to the loans
  5. Ignorance of the youths

ix) Which among the given alternatives is the deliberately formulated rules ofbehavior that are enforced by a special authority?

  1. Laws
  2. Customs
  3. Traditions
  4. Norms
  5. Rules

x) The essence for posting, drawing and keeping the road traffic signs along the road is:-

  1. Directing drivers
  2. Helping traffic police when they are tired
  3. Reducing traffic
  4. Managing the best ways of using the roads byroad users
  5. Abiding the laws

2. Match items in LIST A with corresponding items in LIST B by writing the letter of the corresponding response besides the item number in the answer booklet provided. (5 marks)



(i) National heritage in terms ofwild-life

(ii) Readiness ofthe people's spirit to defend their nation 

(iii) National sovereignty

(iv) Symbol off freedom and enlightenment

(v) Tools used by peasants and farmers

  1. Axe and Hoe
  2. Peak of mount Kilimanjaro
  3. Uhuru torch
  4. Elephant tusks
  5. Sea waves
  6. National flag 
  7. Shield and spear 
  8. A man and woman

SECTION B (40 marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

3. In Tanzania today, there is an ongoing discussion for constitutional reforms in the country. As a form four expert in civics, point out five (5) importance of national constitution.

4. Tanzania revenue authority (TRA) is one among the entrusted institution for collection of revenue in the country for the best interest of the citizen. In the light of this statement, what are the five (5) areas where the central government spends its revenue?

5. Reproductive health is all about safety in the reproductive system and its proper functions. As a knowledgeable person and advocate in reproductive health, describe five (5) traditional practices which affect reproductive health.

6. For development to take off in the country, capital is necessary in terms of human capital and finance. Propose five (5) ways in which financial institutions in the country can pave the way to welfare and prosperity of people in the country.

7. Despite of being credited ms a middle lower income country, Tanzania is still having some elements of poverty. If you are to advice the government authorities, what will be the strategies of poverty alleviation? (Describe five (5) points).

8. Working hard is an engine for development in any country. If the community has to join their efforts together it will fast bring development in all spheres in their areas. What are the five (5) importance of team working?

9. In a globalized world, free market economy indicates freedom of the individuals to start and operate a legal business. As a member of the community propose five (5) constraints of-free market economy.

10. Every organ of the government has its separate roles to perform as per the laws ofthe country. With reference to Tanzania, what are the five (5) functions of National Electoral Commission (NEC) during elections period.

SECTION C (45 marks)

Answer three questions from this section

11. Some parents have created unsettled life which could not be tolerated by their children's through their harsh behavior of torturing and abandoning them, leading them to have nowhere to stay but roaming to the streets where most of them becomes with improper behaviors. As expert in civics, explain five(5) effects of improper behavior.

12. There have been claims by the oppositional political parties which participated the 2020 general election that it was un-fair as there were observed violation of electoral laws, and practices. Educate the community members on the five(5) key qualities ofa free and fair election.

13. Since 2000's the rate of interaction and interdependence across all life aspects has become a key concern in different platforms of discussion, Identify and describe five (5) driving forces of globalization.

14. In every 1 st day of May, many countries celebrate as a workers day and in Tanzania it is among the national festivals. In the light of this statement, explain why are national festivals important? Five(5) points.






 (For Both School and Private Candidates) 

Time 3 Hours 9th JUNE 2022 


1. This paper consists of section A, B and C with a total of fourteen (14) questions.

2. Answer all questions in section A and B and three (3) questions from section C.

3. Section A carries fifteen (15) marks, section B carries forty (40) marks and section C carries forty five (45) marks.

4. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.

5. Write your Examination Number on every page of your answer booklet(s).

SECTION A (15 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

1.For each of the items (i)-(x), choose the correct answer from among of the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number in the answer booklets(s) provided.

i. John, a Tanzanian man was married to Katolya belonging in Rwanda to whom he got a child Ntimazo. What kind of citizenship will Ntimazo possess so as to be a legal citizen of Tanzania?

  1. Citizenship by Birth
  2. Citizenship by marriage
  3. Dual citizenship
  4. Citizenship by kinship
  5. Jus Soli and Jus Sanguinis

ii. Some faction of a certain tribe strictly prohibit their members to eat rabbit or even to rear it believing that if they do so curse will befall upon them. What term in culture is denoted here?

  1. Beliefs
  2. Norms 
  3. Values
  4. Customs 
  5. Taboo 

iii. Which among of the following, is the correct set of Social Security institutions found in Tanzania dealing with socio-economic risks and uncertainties from the grassroots to the national level?

  1. FFU, JKT, JWTZ and Private Police Forces

iv.After marriage, Maiko realized that Mwamvua had infertility problem and they decided to continue living as husband and wife. This scenario in family life can be attributed to:

  1. Couple family
  2. Step family
  3. Nyumba Ntobhu
  4. Nuclear family 
  5. Cohabitation 

v.During 2020 general election various provocative acts were experienced and later being revealed and reported through individuals, media and civil societies in Tanzania. Among of those provocative acts included the following:

  1. Participating in campaigns of  other parts
  2. Pronouncing other parts slogans parts 
  3. Burning the flags of other parts 
  4. Shifting of candidates from their
  5. Interviewing the contestants

vi.The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania of 1977 is divided into ten chapters each having articles and sub-articles. Chapter One Part III consist of description based on: 

  1. The Prime Minister, Cabinet and the Government
  2. The President and Vice President
  3. The United Republic and the people
  4. Fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy
  5. Basic rights and duties 

vii.Kiabakari is a new driver at Sinai Driving College undergoing a lesson on road signs interpretations. Help Kiabakari to identify road signs which provide order or command among of the following:

  1. Children crossing, no parking, stop
  2. No U-turn, traffic signal and pedestrian crossing
  3. Do not pass, work ahead, stop
  4. Turn left/right, No Parking and pedestrian only
  5. Stop, no parking, traffic signal

viii. Soon after independence, Tanganyika took various measures to address the issue of poverty and the notably one included the Focal Point Approach established in 1961. What was its principle feature?

  1. Concentration of capital and resources to prominent farmers
  2. Transformation of peasant agriculture through settlement schemes
  3. Establishment of self-governing peasant communities
  4. Concentration of resources to poor people who promised quick results
  5. Competition in the production of goods and services

ix. Tanzania as a middle-income country following the economic policies established by IMF and WB can be assisted by the following lending and development institution working under the WB:

  1. International Development Association (IDA)
  2. Structural Adjustment Policies (SAPs)
  3. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
  4. World Trade Organization (WTO)
  5. Special Economic Zones (SEZs)

x. John was moving along Mikocheni industrial area in Dar es Salaam when he found a luxury car having a green flag with logo in the middle. The following components are likely not to be seen by John on that logo:

  1. Blue boarder, national flag and Uhuru Torch
  2. Crops, human figures and peak of Mount Kilimanjaro
  3. Inscription UHURU NA UMOJA, crops and sea waves
  4. The national flag, man and woman and elephant tusks
  5. Uhuru Torch, National flag and red band on the shield

2. Match the explanations in List A with the concepts in List B based on judicial systems by writing the letter of the correct response besides the item number in the answer booklet provided.

List A

List B

(i) Courts provided with powers in matrimonial proceedings.

(ii) A court which comprises of Commercial Division, Labour Division, Land Division and Corruption and Economic Crimes Division.

(iii) Courts which determine matters or questions of Islamic law relating to personal status, marriage, divorce or inheritance.

(iv) Bodies outside the hierarchy of the courts with an administrative or judicial function.

(v) Courts which intend to reduce backlog of cases especially in urban areas.

  1. District Kadhi’s Court
  2. Customary Courts
  3. Islamic Sharia
  4. Administrative Tribunals
  5. The High Court of Tanzania Mainland
  6. Division Court
  7. The Court of Appeal
  8. Primary Courts
  9. The Resident Magistrate Courts
  10. Administrative Juries

SECTION B (40 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

3. Assume you are the analyst based on international affairs, analyze the kind of democracy practiced in South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya and outline five disadvantages of the kind of democracy you have analyzed.

4. Noela is a citizen from Rwanda who entered in our country illegally. What are the five consequences which are likely to face Noela while staying in Tanzania as illegal citizen?

5. Some Tanzanians strongly believes that, various groups and institutions established with the notion of promoting and preserving our worthy cultural values waste money and time. As an expert in culture, use five points to educate them.

6. Thomaso was found in sadness simply because he was afraid to sit for Civics examination. Assume you are his friend, outline key five strategies as a means to help Thomaso cope with his emotions.

7. Despite various government efforts to eradicate poverty in Tanzania since 1960s, still our country is poor. Assess five current challenges facing poverty eradication in Tanzania.

8. Feminists strongly believes that, women are the one who bear the brunt of gender related problems in all aspects of life. Suggest five measures to rectify those gender related problems in Tanzania.

9. Cases on homosexuality and drug abuse in Tanzania are among of the global cross-cutting issues explained with different views in the society. Outline five factors accelerating to these behaviors among youth in Tanzania.

10. You are appointed as a key speaker of the speech based on family life education which highlights the relationship between courtship and marriage. Which five points will you consider?

SECTION C (45 Marks)

Answer three (3) questions from this section.

11. The interconnectedness of the world operating through trade liberalization connects global world with shareable impacts. Assess for the six challenges of trade liberalization which faces the third world countries including Tanzania.

12. Assume you are the secretary in one of the Ward Development Committee found in Ludewa District Council. Briefly explain six responsibilities which are likely to be undertaken by that Ward Development Committee to which you are the secretary in charge.

13. Suppose you have been appointed by the Hon. Samia Suluhu Hassan to accompany Censorship manager in various villages as a means to observe public concerns and find out strategies for the challenges facing the provision of social services in Tanzania. What six strategies will you suggest?

14. Despite the government and various NGOs efforts to promote and protect human rights in Tanzania, the extent to which its safety is ensured rests on individuals themselves. Make use of the knowledge obtained in human rights to provide six conditions which may hinder implementation of your rights.






Time: 3:00 Hours


  • This paper consists of sections A, B and C with the total of fourteen (14) questions.
  •  Answer ALL Questions from section A and B and only three (3) Question from section C 
  • Section A carries 15 marks and section B carries 40 marks and section C carries 45 marks
  • Cellular phones and any unauthorized are not allowed in the examination room.
  •  Write your Examination number on every page of your answer sheets provided.


Answer ALL Questions in this section

1. For each of the items (i-x) choose the most correct answer among the given alternative and write its letter besides the item number.

(i) The elephant tusks on the coat of arm represents,

  1. National prestige
  2. Natural resources
  3. National freedom
  4. State power

(ii) The first permanent constitution in Tanzania was enacted in;

  1. 1964
  2. 1965
  3. 1977
  4. 1992

(iii)The ability of the person to feel and to share another person's emotion is known as;

  1. Self esteem 
  2. Self worth 
  3. Self assertive
  4. empathy

(iv) Which among the following are major pillars of the state?

  1. President, Vice president d Prime minister
  2. Executive, Legislature an Judiciary
  3. The president, the speaker and prime minister
  4. Executive, Armed forces d Judiciary

(v) Human right abuses experienced by HIV/AID patients in Tanzania includes,

  1. Gender discrimination 
  2. Gender biases
  3. Stigmatization 
  4. Food

(vi) A voting area for a representative to the National Assembly is called,

  1. Universal voting 
  2. Universal suffrage
  3. Polling station 
  4. Secret ballot

(vii) Before marriage men and women develop friendship, this period of friendship is called;

  1. Kitchen party 
  2. Infidelity
  3. Early marriage 
  4. Courtship

(viii) Which among the following institutions is responsible for preserving the national treasures of Tanzania? 

  1. The national sport council
  2. The National Arts Council
  3. The National Tourism Board
  4. The Department of Museum, Antiquities and National Archives

(ix)The following are components of the Nation except,

  1. People 
  2. International recognition 
  3. Government 
  4. Territory

(x) The leader of the Government business in the parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania is the

  1. Speaker 
  2. Prime Minister
  3. Chief Justice
  4. President of the United republic

2. Match the items in LIST A with the correct answer in LIST B



(i) The amendment introduced the vice President as the president running mate in the election was

(ii) Introduction of bill of Rights in the constitution

(iii) The republican constitution

(iv) The eight constitution amendment introduced multiparty system in Tanzania.

(v) The permanent constitution of the united Republic of Tanzania

  1. 1965 
  2. 1977
  3. 1984 
  4. 1961 
  5. 1962 
  6. 1995 
  7. 1964
  8. 1992


Answer ALL Questions in this section

3. Read the following passage and then answer Questions (a) - (e) that follow.

Investing in the education of girls could be one of the investments with the highest returns in Tanzania. There is wide spread perception that better educated women. are able to process information and use goods and services more efficiently. Evidence from many studies demonstrates that in the long run, increased education for women could contribute to improved quality' of life and enhances national development through increased economic production,  improved hygienic and nutritional practices, as well as reduced child mortality and better nutritional practices. Educated women are better prepared to provide health care, to educate their children and reduce their fertility to desired levels.

In Tanzania children acquire gender role identity as a consequence of the differential treatment, expectations and reinforcement given to girl and boys by their parents, teachers, and their society. Cultural factors have passive influence on the situation of female education. The Tanzanian culture has an inherent gender bias which adversely affects females. These customary practices include early marriage and parental preference for a wife and mother role for daughters. These strongly shape the aspiration of girls and they may drop out of formal schooling system prematurely, either physically or intellectually.

Among the taken by the government to ensure that girls were enrolled in primary schools on equal number as boys includes enactment of education act 1969. The act provides the legal backing to ensure that children were not withdrawn from school before completing school cycle. Also Important was the introduction of Universal Primary Education 1974 and the education act number 25 Of 1978 which gave the government powers to enforce compulsory enrollment ratio reached 93 percent in the late 1980s.

However the quality of primary education in Tanzania has suffered from under funding and pupil's development of critical thinking has been undermined by class size and for girls particularly, by curriculum which perpetuates gender stereotyping,


(a) Why the investment in the education of girls can have the highest returns in Tanzania?

(b) Point out two cultural aspects which affect the education of a girl child in Tanzania.

(c) State three alternatives through which children acquire gender role in Tanzania,

(d) Outline two challenges facing primary education in Tanzania

(e) Give two reasons behind increased enrollment of girls and boys in the late 1980s

4. In five points identify and explain institution that undermine female status in Tanzania

5. If you are deliver a talk on the consequences of improper behavior, which five consequences will you consider.

6. Explain the importance of financial institution for economic development in Tanzania. Give five points.

7. Outline five traditions and customs Of Tanzanians which must be eradicated

8. Different lessons are taught in Tanzanian schools. Culture being one of them, Why is it essential for Tanzania to have lessons on culture in schools. Five points.

9. Discuss five major forces which enabled Tanzania to be at the middle economy.

10. By using a knowledge you have obtained in civics explain the importance of civics to the society by giving five points.


Answer three (3) questions from this section

11. Explain by giving five (5) points how you would advice your community on the measures to be taken to avoid road accident in Tanzania.

12. Both formal and Informal sectors are highly needed for the economic development of the nation like Tanzania. In five (5) points discuss problems facing informal sectors.

13. African people example Tanzanians was not prepared enough to join global village. Explain five challenges of Globalization in Tanzania.

14. Protection of human rights means; ensuring that human rights are not abused, Illustrate five ways which used to combat abuse of human rights.





(For Both School and Private Candidates)

Time: 3 Hours Monday 3August 2020 am


1. This paper consists of sections A, B and C with a total of fourteen (14) questions.

2. Answer all questions in sections A and B and three (3) questions from section C.

3. Section A carries 15 marks, section B carries 40 marks and section C carries 45 marks.

4. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.

5. Write your Examination Number on every page of your answer booklet(s).

SECTION A, (15 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

1. For each of the items (i) - (x), choose the correct answer among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number in the answer booklet provided.

(i) The Headmaster/mistress of your school is not satisfied with the academic performance of the school in the Form Four National Examinations. Which of the following type of life skills will you recommend to improve the academic performance of the school?

  1. Teamwork 
  2. Negotiation skills 
  3. Empathy
  4. Forming friendship 
  5. Peer pressure

(ii) Assume you are planning to get married, for about a year now you have developed friendship with a person of the opposite sex whom you think is the right candidate. How can you describe such kind of relationship?

  1. Premature marriage
  2. Wedding 
  3. Honeymoon 
  4. Courtship
  5. Marital relationship

(iii) Makanyaga is a public servant in one of the government departments who uses public office for personal gains. How can Makanyaga be termed?

  1. A corrupt worker 
  2. An intelligent worker 
  3. A smart worker
  4. A creative worker 
  5. A genius worker

(iv) Which of the following indicators would best guide you to determine a country practicing a dictatorial form of government?

  1. Citizens electing their preferred political leaders and holding them accountable.
  2. Citizens enjoying fair and equal treatment before the law.
  3. Citizens punished for expressing personal views and opinions.
  4. Citizens exercising freely personal religious beliefs and worship.
  5. Citizens feeling their human dignity respected and safeguarded.

(v) Before closing the school, the Headmaster called a school assembly and allowed students to airout their complaints. Which type of human right was the headmaster fulfilling?

  1. Freedom of association 
  2. The right to education 
  3. Moral rights
  4. Freedom of expression 
  5. Equality before the law

(vi) What message do Zebra Crossings communicate to vehicle drivers?

  1. There may be other vehicles crossing or waiting to cross the road.
  2. There may be pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road.
  3. To reduce speed because there is a railway crossing the road.
  4. There may be traffic police monitoring speed limit.
  5. To reduce speed because there is a nearby game reserve.

vii. The following are the pillars of the family stability except:-

  1. Respect 
  2. Love 
  3. Peace 
  4. Good manner 
  5. Bride price

(viii) The Member of Parliament for Ubungo constituency resigned one year after the general election. What can be done to get another representative?

  1. Wait for the next general election 
  2. Calls for by-election
  3. The President nominates another person
  4. The National Electoral Commission nominates another person
  5. Call for general election

(ix) After researching democratic practices in country X, Meshack established that citizens in that country stand for election, vote in elections, attend political meetings, join private voluntary organizations and protest against the government. To which principle of democracy does this evidence point?

  1. Rule of law 
  2. Separation of power 
  3. Citizen participation
  4. Free and fair elections 
  5. Respect of human rights

(x) Mauja’s husband died and her in-laws forced Mauja to marry Zunde, her late husband’s young brother. Such a family decision demonstrates

  1. gender blindness. 
  2. gender stereotyping. 
  3. gender equality.
  4. gender mainstreaming. 
  5. gender discrimination.

2. Match the items in List A with the correct response in List B by writing the letter of the corresponding response beside the item number in the answer booklet(s) provided.



(i) A political system which promotes government accountability and transparency.

(ii) A form of government which can remain in power as long as force can retain it.

(iii) A voting system which gives people an opportunity to decide on a certain issue.

(iv) A form of democracy suitable to a small geographical area.

(v) An organized group of people with the intention of influencing government decision or certain policies.

  1. Dictatorship
  2. Political party
  3. Parliamentary system of government
  4. Referendum
  5. Representative democracy
  6. Direct democracy
  7. Multiparty democracy
  8. Presidential system of government
  9. Rule of law

SECTION B, (40 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

3. Read the following passage carefully and answer question (a) – (e) that follow

Communication is currently being used in reporting women affairs that cover social, economic, and political and environmental aspects. Some of the reports are negative and others are positive. Both of these categories have impacts in the community as far as women are concerned.

Negative reporting has involved expressing negative aspects of women like indulging in prostitution, drug trafficking, loitering without any job or permanent residence. Women are reported as the great victims of HIV/AIDs and hence active in spreading AIDs because of failure to take precautionary measures. They are also regarded as sources of labour as well as inferior members of the society who cannot give viable or productive ideas in the society. Also, women are reported to be used by men as instruments of sexual gratification in different places like casinos etc. This negative reporting lowers down the status of women in the society and makes women feel inferior before men. Hence, where women have been reported negatively low value is according to them. The women in these areas can even be denied their rights.

Positive reporting of women affairs like their contribution to the development of the country. For example some women in different parts of the Tanzania who help in conserving the environment by planting trees, have provided a good example in the society. Therefore, all reports on such members of the society are positive. Positive reporting therefore has promoted the status of women in the society. Women are now regarded as potential key players in the whole development process. The society provides them opportunities for further studies in the leadership circle in giving their own ideas especially in the fight against AIDs etc.

This has a great contribution in the reduction of poverty among women and minimizing inequality that has been existing between men and women in the societies. Communication has played a great role on unveiling the information of Albino killings in Tanzania in the years 2008 and 2009 many cases of killing had been reported through.


  1. Suggest a suitable title for the passage
  2. Identify four aspects women affairs can cover in communication
  3. According to the passage, why women feel inferior before men
  4. In which areas women contribute to development of the country
  5. According to the passage, communication has been divided in to two sides/impacts. List them.
  6. Use five points to signify the effects of poverty in any society.
  7. Elaborate five functions of local governments

6. Outline five composition of the coat of arms of Tanzania

7. If you are to deliver a talk on the forces driving globalization to your community, which five driving forces will you consider?

8. Suppose you are the Community Development Officer; explain to the community the significance of democratic election in Tanzania.

9. Briefly explain the meaning of the following terms

  1. Insurance companies
  2. Formal sectors
  3. Poverty
  4. The rule of law
  5. Traditions

10.In five points, identify cultural practices which undermine women in Tanzania.

SECTION C (45 Marks)

Answer three (3) questions from this section.

11. As an expert in Civics, use five points to convince your community on the need to preserve and promote Tanzanian culture.

12. Most members in your community are not aware on the causes of high incidences of road accidents. As a knowledgeable community member, briefly explain six causes of road accidents in Tanzania.

13. You are invited to give a motivational speech to voters in Kilahiro village. Prepare five key points on the importance of good leadership and accountability in the country.

14. Explain five consequences associated with early marriages in the third world countries.


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