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1. This paper has sections A and B containing a total of forty-five (45) questions .

2. Answer all the questions in each section.

3. Read all the instructions in the special answer form (OMR).

4. Fill in all the required information in the OMR form.

5. Tick each digit of  your test number in the space provided in the OMR form.

6. Tick the letter of the correct answer to question 1 to 40 in your given answer form. For example, if the correct answer is A cast a shadow as follows:

7. If you notice that the letter you have shaded  is not the correct answer , delete the shadow carefully using a clean eraser  before placing the shadow in the new letter.

8. Use the HB pencil only to answer questions 1 to 40, and the  blue or black ink pen to answer questions 41 to 45.

9. Communication equipment and all unauthorized items are not required  in the examination room.

SECTION A (Mark 40)

In questions 1 - 40 , select the correct answer and then tick the answer in the special answer form ( OMR ) provided.

1. The excretory system in the human body is made up of four main organs. Which organ is responsible for the release of carbon dioxide and water in the form of water vapour? 

  1. Lungs 
  2. Kidney 
  3. Nephron 
  4. Nose 
  5. Acoustic nerve
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2. An old man was seen staggering in the street after drinking too much alcohol. What part of the ear was affected by alcohol?

  1. Bracelets. 
  2. Ear drum. 
  3. Semicircular canals. 
  4. Chochlea. 
  5. Acoustic nerves.
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3. Some people have trouble seeing at night. What are the causes of these problems?

  1. A
  2. B1
  3. B2
  4. D
  5. C
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4. Mother was dizzy and weak. After examining him, the doctor found that he had anemia. What kind of food would you recommend?

  1. Foods with enough sugar. 
  2. Foods rich in iron.
  3. Fatty foods. 
  4. Carbohydrate foods only. 
  5. Salty foods.
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5. Your friend is having difficulty seeing the ball placed next to him. What kind of sunglasses would you advise him to use?

  1. Convex lens 
  2. Concave lens 
  3. Two lenses 
  4. Large lens 
  5. Small lens
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6. My brother cut himself on the finger while he was peeling sweet potatoes. He bandaged the wound, but the bleeding continued for a long time. What was lacking in my brother's blood?

  1. white blood cells 
  2. Platelets 
  3. Plasma 
  4. Minerals salts 
  5. red blood cells
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7. Farmers were educated by an agricultural expert to stop using agricultural methods that cause soil erosion. What method should those farmers not use?

  1. Planting trees in the field. 
  2. Cultivation on terraces. 
  3. Farming following contours. 
  4. Farming on terraces. 
  5. Burning farm remains to clean it.
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8. Which group represents vertebrates?

  1. Snakes, Donkeys, Snails and Hyenas.
  2. Lizard, Butterfly, Zebra and Lion.
  3. Crocodile, Antelope, Elephant nå Butterfly.
  4. Deer, Crocodile, Hippopotamus and Giraffe.
  5. Snails, Crabs, Elephants and Zebras.
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9. Your brother was amazed to see a skull mark on electric poles and containers for chemicals used in Toilets. What does the mark on those parts signify? 

  1. Toxic or dangerous 
  2. It catches fire 
  3. It corrodes and burns 
  4. It explodes 
  5. It irritates
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10. Grade five students did an experiment to make a simple circuit using dry cells, wires and bulbs. Which group managed to light the bulbs?

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ll. A student witnessed a school building collapse from a thunderstorm. What do you suggest should be done on the premises so that such a problem does not occur in other buildings?

  1. Construct using bricks. 
  2. It should be built with a thick wall. 
  3. Have a lightning block wall. 
  4. Connect it on earth wire. 
  5. Erect lighting arrestor
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12. A steel factory worker got metal particles in his eyes and needs help. What will you do to help him?

  1. Washing his face with clean water and soap.
  2. Using a magnet that will attract the particles.
  3. Using earplug to remove the particles.
  4. Use a clean cloth to wipe the inside of the eye.
  5. Bend him down so that the particles fall off.
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13. John looked at the calm water and saw his face. What characteristic of light was being demonstrated?

  1. Travel 
  2. Bending 
  3. Penetration 
  4. Reflection
  5. Digestion 
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14. What makes gasoline better than wood as a source of energy? 

  1. It does not emit smoke when using. 
  2. Provides oxygen gas.
  3. It emits carbon dioxide gas. 
  4. It has no cost in production. 
  5. It can be used in small quantities.
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15. The plant absorbs water molecules from the soil through the roots to various parts. What method does the plant use to absorb water?

  1. Osmosis 
  2. Diffusions 
  3. Distribution 
  4. Propagation 
  5. Absorption
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16. What action will lead to the formation of new matter?

  1. Melting sugar in water. 
  2. Milk fermentation.
  3. The conversion of water to steam. 
  4. Adding salt to food. 
  5. Boil wax mixture with water.
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17. Your friend has asked you to help him open excel program. What steps will you take?

  1. Click the start menu → Microsoft office → Program table. 
  2. Click the start menu → Microsoft word → Program table. 
  3. Click the start menu → program table → Microsoft office.
  4. Click the start menu → Y program table → Microsoft word. 
  5. Click the start menu → Microsoft office → Microsoft word.
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18. The Headmaster of Makuti Primary School wants to change the record keeping system from an attendance register system to an electronic system. What machine would you advise him to use?

  1. TV 
  2. Computer 
  3. Decorder 
  4. System 
  5. Router
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19. The Science and Technology subject teacher wanted you to have a gmail email. What is the first step to getting an email?

  1. Visit the website address "".
  2. Fill in all required information in gmail form.
  3. Fill in the phone number and date of birth in gmail form.
  4. Select the type of address you want to use in gmail.
  5. Visit the website "" and enter passwords correctly.
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20. The media has reported that most radio stations in Magunga village use a small loop antenna. What are the disadvantages of using such antennas? 

  1. Causes radio damage.
  2. It causes a loss of electrical energy. 
  3. Causes damage to the speaker.
  4. They require high maintenance costs. 
  5. They have wave interruption.
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