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  1. This paper consists of fifty (50)questions.
  2. Answer allthe questions.
  3. Read all the given instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR)and fill in allthe required information.
  4. Write your Examination Numberand then shade the digitsof the number in therespective place in your answer sheet.
  5. Shadethe letter of the correct answer for each question in the answer sheet provided, for example, if the correct answer is A shade as follows:
  6. If you have to change your answer, you must rub out the shading very neatlybefore shading the new one. Use a clean rubber.
  7. Use HB pencilonly.
  8. Cellular phones are not allowedin the examination room

Choose the correct answer and shade its letter beside each question in the answer sheet provided.

1. Which of the following diseases can be spread by houseflies and cockroaches? 

  1.  Chicken pox
  2.  Diarrhoea
  3.  Whooping cough
  4.  Malnutrition 
  5.  Typhoid.
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2. Which of the following is not found in the blood system?

  1.  Bronchiole 
  2.  Valve 
  3. Auricle 
  4. Capillary 
  5.  Artery.
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3. Which of the following should be considered before attending a person suffering from AIDS?

  1.  Wear clean clothes
  2.  Wash yourself with soap 
  3.  Wear gloves
  4. Pray 
  5. Allow him/her to rest.
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4. Which of the following is a characteristic of clean and safe water?

  1. Fetched from wells
  2. Stored and cooled in a water pot
  3. Filtered and stored in clean container
  4. Boiled, filtered and stored in clean container
  5. Without a lot of soda ash.
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5. Which of the following diseases does not have a vaccine?

  1. Tuberculosis 
  2. Tetanus 
  3. Measles
  4. Whooping cough 
  5. Trachoma.
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6. The gas used by plants to manufacture proteins is

  1. carbon dioxide
  2. hydrogen 
  3. oxygen
  4. nitrogen 
  5. natural gas.
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7. The amount of water lost by plants increase due to the presence of whichcondition in the environment?

  1.  Heat and water vapour
  2.  Water vapour and light
  3.  Wind and sun rays
  4.  Clouds and wind
  5. Water vapour and wind .
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8. People are likely to cause soil erosion if they do one of the following:

  1.  Cut down trees
  2.  Add manure to the soils
  3.  Plant grass 
  4.  Make terraces on sloppy ground
  5. Plant trees.
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9. Agriculture, livestock keeping and mining are activities done by human beingsand all depend on

  1.  rivers 
  2.  springs 
  3.  land
  4. irrigation 
  5.  wind.
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10. A chameleon usually changes its colour in order to

  1.  search for food 
  2.  breath
  3.  reproduce
  4.  observe enemies
  5. . Protect itself
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11. How many stages are there in the growth of a cockroach?

  1.  Two
  2.  Three
  3.  Four
  4.  Five 
  5.  Six.
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12. Which of the following does not have vertebral column?

  1. Spider 
  2. Bat 
  3. Cat
  4. Man 
  5. Chicken.
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13. One of the functions of the muscles in the body is to

  1.  prevent bleeding 
  2.  cause various movements
  3.  produce red blood cells 
  4.  hold the teeth in place
  5. E transport blood in the body.
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14.Human bones are joined in order to

  1.  prevent breakage 
  2.  make them of the same size
  3.  enable them to bend easily 
  4.  make the shape of the body
  5. enable them to straighten.
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15. Which of the following bend when passing from one medium to another? 

  1. Rainbow 
  2. Parallel lines 
  3. Light ray
  4. Lens focus 
  5. A ray and lens focus.
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16. In the light spectrum, the colour which bends earlier than others is 

  1.  red 
  2.  yellow
  3.  indigo 
  4.  blue 
  5.  violet.
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17. Study Figure 1 which shows the internal part of a bean seed.

Which part is responsible for protecting the seed from harmful insects or changes

in temperature?

  1.  2
  2.  3 
  3.  5 
  4.  4
  5.  1.
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18. The sky looks blue because

  1.  air and water are bluish
  2. red colour is dispersed more than blue colour
  3. vision power decreases
  4. blue colour is dispersed more than other colours
  5. during sunset, the sun appears yellowish.
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19. Which of the following items does not use magnet?

  1.  Loud speaker 
  2.  Telephone 
  3.  Radio
  4.  Mobile phone 
  5. Iron.
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20. The unit of work is

  1.  Kilogram 
  2.  Newton
  3.  Tonne 
  4.  Joule 
  5.  Gram.
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