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  1. This paper consists of fifty (50)questions.
  2. Answer allthe questions.
  3. Read all the given instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR)and fill in allthe required information.
  4. Write your Examination Numberand then shade the digitsof the number in the respective place in your answer sheet.
  5. Shadethe letter of the correct answer for each question in the answer sheet provided, for example, if the correct answer is A shade as follows:
  6. If you have to change your answer, you must rub out the shading very neatly• before shading the new one. Use a clean rubber.
  7. Use HB pencilonly.
  8. Cellular phones are not allowedin the examination room.

Choose the correct answer and shade its letterbeside each question in the answer sheet provided.

1. In order to sustain a healthy body we are supposed to

  1.  do physical exercise, eat quality food and rest
  2.  sleep for a long time, eat quality food and play
  3.  avoid tough work, do physical exercise and sleep
  4.  do physical exercise and participate in sports and games
  5.  eat well and do physical exercises all the time.
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2. Which of the following is an important nutrient for a pregnant woman toget in large quantities?

  1.  Protein 
  2.  Carbohydrates
  3.  Fats
  4.  Mineral salts 
  5.  Vitamins.
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3. Urinating frequently, producing large quantities of urine and frequent thirst are symptoms of which disease?

  1.  Cancer 
  2.  Diabetes mellitus 
  3.  Kwashiorkor
  4.  Whooping cough 
  5.  Anaemia.
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4. Which of the following is most appropriate in helping a person who has touched a bare live electric wire and is experiencing an electric shock?

  1.  Quickly push him/her away with bare hands
  2.  Pull out the electric wire causing shock
  3.  Put off the electricity by using water
  4.  Pull him/her away by using insulated materials
  5.  Leave him/her till the power is cut off automatically.
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5. _________ is a disease which if left untreated for a long time causes heart and brain problems or even death.

  1.  Chlamydia 
  2.  Gonorrhoea 
  3.  Trichomona
  4.  AIDS 
  5.  Syphilis.
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6. Which of the following is nota symptom of AIDS?

  1.  Swollen lymph nodes
  2.  Loss of weight
  3.  Persistent diarrhoea
  4.  Unusual prolonged coughing
  5.  Unusual sweating during night.
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7. The following are the ways of preventing hazards in the environment except

  1.  digging trenches
  2.  building houses far from volcanic mountains
  3.  having food storage
  4.  living nomadic life
  5.  maintaining cleanliness in our environment.
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8. Which of the following is a mixture of different gases?

  1.  Light 
  2.  Air 
  3.  Kerosene
  4.  Carbon dioxide 
  5.  Vapour
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9. Which of the following isnota cause of environmental degradation?

  1.  Burning of papers 
  2.  Industrial development
  3.  Bathing in the lake 
  4.  Use of farmyard manure
  5.  Car washing along rivers.
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10. The King of the forest commanded that all animals which eat meat must be killed. What do you think will happen to the forest after many years?

  1.  Plants will grow in larger quantity
  2.  The number of insects will not change
  3.  Plants will decrease
  4.  Animals eating plants will decrease
  5.  The environment will remain in a good and attractive condition.
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11. Natural forces cause one of the following changes in the environment:

  1.  Disappearance of fishes 
  2.  Earthquake
  3.  Increase of plants 
  4.  Shortage of electricity
  5.  Drying of rivers.
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12. Which of the following is not the right way of maintaining soil fertility in a farm?

  1.  Crop rotation 
  2.  Growing leguminous plants
  3.  Leaving the land uncultivated 
  4.  Applying fertilizers
  5.  Growing the same crop consecutively.
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13. How many major stages of growth does a frog undergo? 

  1.  One 
  2.  Seven 
  3.  Six 
  4.  Five
  5.  Eight.
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14. Which of the following insects undergoes incomplete metamorphosis?

  1.  Mosquito 
  2.  Butterfly 
  3.  Housefly 
  4.  Bee 
  5.  Cockroach.
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15. A rat which was kept in a cage containing a piece of meat died after two days.Why did the rat die?

  1.  Ate the rotten meat
  2.  Lacked carbon dioxide
  3.  Lacked oxygen
  4.  Lacked enough water after eating the meat
  5. Lacked light which is essential for the growth of animals.
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16. Which of the following organisms is an amphibian?

  1.  Frog 
  2.  Rat 
  3.  Lizard 
  4.  Tortoise 
  5.  Chameleon.
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17. Animals like crocodiles, hippopotamus and frogs live in what kind of habitat?

  1.  In the sky and on the land
  2. On the land and in water
  3.  Any kind of environment provided there is food
  4.  On the land and in caves
  5. In the forests.
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18. During pollination, pollen grains move from

  1.  ovary to the ovules 
  2.  stigma to the anthers
  3.  petal to the stigma
  4.  anthers to the stigma 
  5.  sepals to the style.
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19. There are two types of plant seeds known as

  1.  main cotyledon and minor cotyledon
  2.  monocotyledon and dicotyledon
  3.  dicotyledon and main stalk
  4.  seeds with roots and seeds without roots
  5.  natural seeds and wild seeds.
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20. Thunderstorm light rays can be seen before hearing the sound of the thunderstorm because

  1.  light rays cannot be prevented by anything
  2. sound is absorbed by the clouds
  3.  light rays travel faster than sound waves
  4.  sound waves travel faster than light rays
  5.  clouds which produce sound travel slowly.
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