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  1. This paper consists of 50 questions in sections A and B.
  2. Answer all questions.
  3. MI answers must be written in the answer sheet provided.
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Choose the correct answer and write its letter beside the question number in the answer sheet provided. 

1. Whieh among the following is not an advantage of sports and games for our health?

  1. Helps to build muscles.
  2. Prevents the body from being attacked by diseases regularly.
  3. Causes high blood pressure.
  4. Entertains the body.
  5. Maintains body health.
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2. Water mixed with sugar and salt is the first aid given to a patient suffering from

  1. malaria and headache 
  2. diarrhoea and vomiting
  3. meningitis and typhoid
  4. tuberculosis and flue
  5. broken leg or hand.
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3. One of the following diseases is not sexually transmitted:

  1. AIDS 
  2. Trichonoma
  3. Syphilis
  4. Clamedia 
  5. Trichoma.
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4. Which of the following vitamins is made in the body in the presence of sunlight?

  1. Vitamin A. 
  2. Vitamin B. 
  3. Vitamin C.
  4. Vitamin D. 
  5. Vitamin E.
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5.What is the importance of vaccination to human beings?

  1. Reduces pain. 
  2. Cures illness.
  3. Prevents diseases. 
  4. Replaces vitamins and minerals in the body.
  5. Replaces worn out cells in the body.
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6. What type of bacteria causes tuberculosis?

  1. All of those present in air. 
  2.  Basilli. 
  3.  Plasmodium.
  4.  Fungus. 
  5.  Amoeba.
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7.Factories are not supposed to be built near human settlements because

  1. their construction occupies big area
  2.  large part of factory effluents contain poisonous chemicals
  3.  factory machines make loud noise which can affect ear drums
  4.  factories make people to shift from their settlement
  5.  factory owners do not keep their environment clean.
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8.The following activities destroy water sources except

  1.  cutting of trees
  2.  burning of forests
  3.  overgrazing along water sources
  4.  throwing chemical rubbish into water sources
  5.  fetching cooking water from water sources.
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9. A large percentage of the earth's surface is covered by water. Most of this water is found in the

  1. ocean 
  2. rivers 
  3. lakes 
  4. dams 
  5. ponds.
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10. The highland area is the best place for pit latrine construction because

  1. it is easy for wall construction
  2. the bad smell will be far away from surface level
  3. it is not easily damaged
  4. water will be far away from the latrine itself
  5. the latrine will not overflow in a short time.
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11. An outflow of ground water is known as

  1. Sea 
  2. Lake 
  3. Spring 
  4. Darn 
  5. River.
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12. The necessary requirements for seed germination are

  1. soil, sunlight and water
  2. soil, air and water
  3. optimum temperature, water and oxygen
  4. optimum temperature, soil and sunlight
  5. water, soil and carbon dioxide.
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13. A group of living things that live in both water and land is known as

  1. Amphibian 
  2. Arthropoda 
  3. Fish
  4. Birds 
  5. Mammals.
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14. Which among the following organisms is not a mammal?

  1. Bat. 
  2. Whale.
  3. Lion
  4. Rabbit. 
  5. Crocodile.
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15. Carefully study Figure 1 then answer the question that follows.

Figure 1

The organism which is shown in Figure 1 feeds on

  1. honey 
  2. flesh
  3. Grains
  4. aquatic food 
  5. decayed matter.
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16. What kind of habitat suits a plant with characteristic features of the plant drawn in

  1. Heavy forest.
  2. In Water
  3. Grassland
  4. Desert.
  5. Mountains.
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17.Why do some plants not shed their leaves during rain seasons?

  1. To conserve water
  2. To allow transpiration
  3. To conserve food 
  4. To conserve soil
  5. To make the soil fertile.
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18.The diagram in Figure 3 shows a picture of a flower.

Which part attracts insects for pollination?

  1.  1. 
  2.  2.
  3.  3. 
  4.  4.
  5.  5.
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19. Electricity produced by a dry cell originates from which type of energy?

  1. Solar. 
  2. Mechanical. 
  3. Sound.
  4. Magnetic. 
  5. Chemical.
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20. Kibata used 50 newtons to push a wall from morning to evening unsuccessfully, Which of the following is correct with regards to the action?

  1. He was dodging the work. 
  2. He used a lot of force
  3. He didn't do any work
  4. He did a good work
  5. He used little force.
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21. If the angle of incident ray on the plane mirror is 60°, what is the value of the angle of reflection?

  1. 90°
  2. 40°.
  3. 30°.
  4.  60°
  5.  450.
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22. Observe Figure 4 then answer the question that follows.

If electric current passing through the circuit is 5 amperes, the resistance of the wire in the circuit is ohm.

  1. 100 
  2. 50 
  3. 10 
  4. 0.4.
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23.Mzee Juakali hang a bar magnet in the air. Which direction will the north pole of the magnet point to?

  1. South. 
  2. North. 
  3. East. 
  4. West. 
  5. North — East.
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24.Musa spent 10 newtons to push a wheelbarrow a distance of 5 metres. The workdone by Musa was equivalent to how many Joules?

  1. 15. 
  2. 50. 
  3.  3. 
  4.  0.5.
  5.  5.
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25.In a scientific investigation, what makes a person foresee the results?

  1. Realising a problem.
  2.  Long investigation.
  3.  Seeing by naked eyes. 
  4.  Doing experiment.
  5.  Touching something.
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26.The experiment on seed germination was conducted as in Figure 5.

What is the important thing missing for seed germination?

  1. Water. 
  2.  Air.
  3. Soil
  4. Fertilizer. 
  5. Wind.
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27. In scientific experiments, sense organs used to identify things are

  1. nose, eyes, skin, tongue and cars
  2. nose, ears, skin, legs and tongue
  3. ears, skin, nose, legs and arms
  4. ears, nose, skin, eyes and arms
  5. eyes, legs, tongue, cars and nose.
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28. The following data were obtained after measuring the heights of five plants in cm: 10, 12, 15, 28 and 40. The average height of the plants in cm is

  1.  22 
  2.  50 
  3.  27 
  4.  38 
  5.  21.
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29. What is the major purpose of producing different types of hybrid seeds?

  1. To reduce height of plants. 
  2.  To increase plants products.
  3.  To fasten plants growth. 
  4.  To obtain plants which tolerate draught.
  5.  To increase the height of plants.
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30. Which one of the following instruments is used to measure length?

  1. Kilogram. 
  2. Centimetre. 
  3. Ruler.
  4. Volt. 
  5. Ampere.
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31. The ozone layer is important in

  1.  increasing heat on the earth surface
  2.  decreasing sun rays reaching the earth
  3.  reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the sky
  4.  increasing the amount of rainfall on the earth
  5.  decreasing coldness.
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32. The most shining planet is

  1.  Mercury 
  2.  Earth 
  3.  Jupiter
  4.  Pluto 
  5.  Venus.
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33. How many days does the earth take to make one revolution around the sun?

  1. 365 1/4. 
  2.  28. 
  3.  24. 
  4.  12. 
  5.  7.
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34. The blood circulatory system is composed of the following:

  1. Heart, white blood cells and blood
  2. White blood cells, red blood cells and blood vessels 
  3. Heart, lungs and blood
  4.  Blood cells, water and heart
  5.  Heart, blood vessels and blood.
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35. Waste products filtered by the kidney are carried to the gall bladder through a tube called

  1.  bronchiole 
  2.  urethra 
  3.  eusophagus
  4.  ureter 
  5.  fallopian.
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36. Study figure 6 of the tooth then answer the question that follows

Letter Z in the figure represents____

  1.  enamel 
  2.  crown 
  3.  dentine
  4.  blood vessels 
  5.  gum.
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37.Which part of the heart pumps blood to various parts of the body?

  1. Left auricle. 
  2. Left ventricle. 
  3. Right auricle.
  4.  Vena cava. 
  5.  Right ventricle.
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38.Study Figure 7 and then answer the question that follows:

In which state of matter is the sugar inside the beaker?

  1. Liquid. 
  2.  Gas.
  3. Solid
  4. Element. 
  5. Compound.
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39. Rusting of iron is an example of which change of state?

  1. Chemical. 
  2. Physical. 
  3. Colour.
  4. Liquid. 
  5. Mass.
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40 Which among the following groups of food represents food rich in vitamin A?

  1. Orange, lime and lemon. 
  2. Carrot, milk and liver.
  3. Orange, yeast, beans.
  4.  Lime, orange, liver.
  5.  Fish, milk, lime.
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41. Which measure should be taken to prevent malnutrition

  1.  Eating a lot of food.
  2.  Educating parents about quality food.
  3.  Keeping our environment clean.
  4.  Keeping our bodies clean and neat.
  5.  Eating fried food with a good smell.
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42.If there is no change in the weight of matter, what name is given to such a change?

  1.  Chemical. 
  2.  Hardness. 
  3.  Physical.
  4.  Length. 
  5.  Width.
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43.Marasmus is a type of malnutrition caused by

  1.  deficiency in calcium and phosphorus 
  2.  overfeeding
  3.  deficiency in iodine 
  4.  deficiency in protein
  5.  inadequate food which provides energy and heat to the body.
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44. What type of nutrients are found in body building foods?

  1.  Protein. 
  2.  Cabohydrate.
  3. Vitamins
  4.  Minerals. 
  5.  Fat.
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45. Study the following food chain then answer the following question.


In this food chain, what will happen if cheetah will migrate from the environment?

  1. Plants will dry out. 
  2. The number of buffalos will decrease.
  3.  Plants will increase. 
  4.  Plants will decrease.
  5.  Buffalo will migrate away too.
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Answer questions 46 — 50 by writing a single word in the answer sheet provided.

46. Sound that has been reflected and heard again is called______________

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47. A person who fishes by using fishing hook is an example of order lever.

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48. In female reproduction the hormone responsible for increasing the thickness of the uterus after implantation is called___________

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49. A combination of hydrogen and oxygen gas yield a compound known as_________

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50. _________  is a gas which occupies the largest part of air.

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