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1. This paper consists of fifty (50) questions in sections A, B and C.

2. Answer all the questions in each section.

3. Read all the given instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR) and fill in all the required information.

4. Write your Examination Number and then shade the digits of the number in the respective place in your answer sheet.

5. Shade the letter of the correct answer for each question in the answer sheet provided, for example, if the correct answer is A shade as follows:

6. If you have to change your answer, you must rub out the shading very neatly before shading the new one. Use a clean rubber.

7. Use HB pencil only.

8. Cellular phones are not allowed in the examination room.


Choose the correct answer and shade its letter besides the question number in the answer sheet provided.

1. The chairman of the ward development meeting is

  1. the Ward Councillor 
  2. the Extension Services Officer
  3. the Ward Social Welfare Officer 
  4. the Ward Education Officer
  5. the Ward Executive Officer
Choose Answer

2. The District, Town, Municipal and City Councils fall under

  1. the Parliament of Tanzania 
  2. the Local Government
  3. the Central Government 
  4. elected Members of Parliament
  5. The ruling party
Choose Answer

3. The responsibility of making bylaws in a District Council is vested to

  1. District Commissioner
  2. District legal and Security officer
  3. Executive Director of the District council
  4. the Full Council
  5. Members of the Parliament of the District concerned
Choose Answer

4. Which of the following symbol is found in the President’s flag?

  1. Hammer.
  2. Elephant tusks.
  3. The national emblem. 
  4. The map of Tanzania.
  5. The map of Africa.
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5. The symbol which represent natural resources in the National emblem is

  1. the Kilimanjaro mountain 
  2. the spear 
  3. clove 
  4. elephant tusk 
  5. the sea waves.
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6. It is important for eligible voters to take part in the election of the President and Members of Parliament because

  1. it is a peaceful way of changing State leadership 
  2. it is the only way to strengthen globalization
  3. it is the principle of strengthening solidarity
  4. it is the principle of multiparty system
  5. it is the only way to effect constitutional changes.
Choose Answer

7. Observing the law, human rights, truth and transparency, and freedom of the mass media are principles of

  1. bureaucracy 
  2. rule of law 
  3. African socialism
  4. representative democracy 
  5. good governance.
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8. WHich among the following represents the groups which deals with Women rights in Tanzania?

  1. UWT, TAWLA and TAMWA.
  4. UWT, TGNP and TAMWA.
  5. MEWATA, TGNP and UWT.
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9. The responsibility of protecting citizens and their property in Tanzania is within the hands of

  1. Tanzania Peoples Defence Force
  2. The Tanzania Intelligence and Security Services
  3. Tanzania Prisons Services
  4. The Peoples Militia Forces
  5. The Police Force.
Choose Answer

10. The Tanzania Peoples Defence Forces (TPDF) was established in

  1. 1961 
  2.  1962.
  3.  1964.
  4.  1963. 
  5. 1965.
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11. It is important for Tanzania to promote Kiswahili language because

  1.  it is spoken by many people in East Africa
  2.  it is a language of communication in the United Nations
  3.  it is a medium of instructions in schools
  4.  it unifies Tanzanians
  5.  it is a language of communication of the Parliament in Tanzania.
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12. There are three types of Economic planning which are

  1.  ten, fifteen and twenty five years plan
  2.  National, Regional and District plan
  3.  agriculture, business and industrial plans
  4.  long, short and emergency plans 
  5.  short, medium and long term plans.
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13. One of the negative effects of globalization to Tanzania is

  1.  an increase of foreigners in the country
  2.  erosion of moral values in the society
  3.  increased enmity among political parties
  4.  increased freedom of the mass media
  5.  increased application of information technology.
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14. Rule of law means that the

  1.  citizens take the law into their own hands
  2.  police punish law breakers
  3.  law takes its course
  4.  judiciary arrest law breakers
  5.  powers of the Judiciary to make law. 
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Choose the correct answer and shade its letter besides the question number in the answer sheet.

15.A family comprises

  1. friends, children and relatives
  2. father, mother and children
  3. neighbours, relatives and children
  4. neighbours, children and friends
  5. father, mother and neighbours.
Choose Answer

16.The basic needs of a family include

  1. food, shelter and cars
  2. food, clothing and television
  3. clothing, shelter and food
  4. food, shelter and television
  5. clothes, food and cars
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17. The early man domesticated crops and animals during the

  1. Middle Stone Age 
  2.  New Stone Age 
  3.  Early Stone Age
  4.  Iron Age
  5. E Bronze Age.
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18. The cave paintings at Kondoa Irangi are believed to be drawn during the

  1.  Old Stone Age 
  2.  Middle Stone Age
  3.  New Stone Age 
  4.  Iron age
  5.  Discovery of fire.
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19. The treaty which closed the Zanzibar slave market was signed in

  1.  1822 
  2.  1845 
  3.  1885 
  4.  1884
  5.  1873.
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20. One of the advantages of commercial contacts between Tanganyika and the foreigners was the

  1.  growth of the East Africa coastal city states such as Kilwa and Lagos
  2.  expansion of East Africa states like Buganda and Songhai
  3.  availability of goods which were not domestically produced 
  4.  importation of weapons in Tanzania 
  5.  abolition of slave trade.
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21. Who was the first German governor in Tanganyika?

  1.  Julius Von Soden.
  2.  Albert Von Rechenberg.
  3.  Herman Von Wissman. 
  4.  Friedrich Von Schele.
  5.  Carl Peters.
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22. The founder of indirect rule policy in Africa was

  1.  Horace Byatt 
  2.  Friedrick Lugard 
  3.  Richard Turnbull 
  4.  Donald Cameroon
  5.  Edward Twinning.
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23. The Berlin conference of 1884-1885 was called by

  1.  Carl Peters 
  2.  Johann Krapf 
  3.  Henry Stanley 
  4.  David Livingstone
  5.  Otto Von Bismarck.
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24. The union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar took place in

  1.  1964 
  2.  1961 
  3.  1962 
  4.  1977 
  5.  1963.
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25. The Arusha Declaration aimed at

  1.  improving the rich peoples’ living standard in the villages
  2.  confiscating and distributing Europeans’ wealth to the poor
  3.  reducing income inequalities among the citizens
  4.  stopping racism in the country
  5.  maintaining peace in neighboring countries.
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26. Which of the following countries achieved her independence through armed struggle?

  1.  Zimbabwe. 
  2.  Tanganyika. 
  3.  Ghana. 
  4.  Malawi. 
  5.  Zambia.
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27. One of the objectives for the establishment of UNO was to

  1.  unite the developing countries 
  2.  bring unity among Africans
  3.  fight neo-colonialism 
  4.  maintain peace
  5.  produce modern weapons.
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28. Katanga was a famous town in the production of

  1.  gold 
  2.  copper 
  3.  mica 
  4.  diamond 
  5.  petrol.
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29. Before the British rule, Zanzibar was ruled by the

  1.  Chancellor 
  2.  Governor 
  3.  Queen 
  4.  Sultan 
  5.  Chief.
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30. The German East African company failed to administer Tanganyika due to 

  1.  the arrival of the Portuguese 
  2.  resistances from the Africans
  3.  presence of god infrastructure 
  4.  bogus treaties
  5.  the departure of the British.
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31. The search for the sea route to India was sponsored by

  1.  Vasco Da Gama 
  2.  Bartholomew Diaz 
  3.  Cecil Rhodes 
  4.  King Henry 
  5.  Henry Stanley.
Choose Answer

32. The major slave market in East Africa was in

  1.  Zanzibar 
  2.  Mombasa 
  3.  Kilwa 
  4.  Bagamoyo 
  5.  Nairobi.
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Choose the correct answer and shade its letter besides the question number in your answer sheet.

33. Japan is more capable of conducting trade than Tanzania because it has

  1.  a large population 
  2.  a large commercial area 
  3.  many business schools 
  4.  more advanced technology
  5.  many traders.
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34. A cross section from a map shows

  1.  crops and environment 
  2.  relief of the land
  3.  environment of the area concerned 
  4.  weather condition
  5.  human settlements and their economic activities
Choose Answer

35. The highest mountain in Africa continent is

  1. Drakensburg 
  2.  Everest 
  3.  Atlas 
  4.  Kenya
  5.  Kilimanjaro.
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36. One of the following is the quality of a photograph

  1.  its actual height is seen
  2.  all of its parts are seen
  3.  the image can be reduced or increased
  4.  the natural colour of an object is not seen
  5.  the colour of a photography cannot be changed
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37. The increase of the volume of ocean water due to snow melting at the northern and southern poles may cause

  1. Drowning of fishermen
  2. Disruption of coastal areas
  3. Shortage of fish
  4. El nino
  5. Occurrence of tsunami.
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38. If it is 06:00 pm in Tanzania which is 45° East, what will the time be in Rwanda which lies at 30° East?

  1. 07: 00Pm
  2. 08:00Pm
  3. 05:00Pm
  4. 06:00Pm
  5. 04:00Pm
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39. Which one of the following is the effect of volcanic eruption?

  1.  Destruction of infrastructures. 
  2.  Reduction of farmland.
  3.  Increase of skin diseases. 
  4.  Increase of El nino.
  5. Increase of drought.
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40. Which country is famous for ship manufacturing in the World?

  1.  Russia. 
  2.  United Kingdom. 
  3. Japan
  4. France. 
  5.  Canada.
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41.The direction of a place on the map is determined by using 

  1. Compass 
  2. Margins 
  3. Scale 
  4. Key
  5. Title
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42.Indian ocean is found in which direction of Tanzania?

  1. South. 
  2.  North. 
  3.  West
  4.  East. 
  5.  South west.
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43. The vegetation which affects the environment of Lake Victoria is

  1.  Tall grass 
  2.  Shrubs 
  3.  Mangrove
  4.  Thorns 
  5.  Hyacinth.
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44. The vegetation found in equatorial region is

  1.  savannah vegetation 
  2.  shrubs with tall grass 
  3.  dense forest 
  4.  dense forest and short grass
  5.  shrubs and short grass.
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45. The deepest lake in East Africa is

  1.  Natron 
  2.  Turkana 
  3.  Victoria
  4.  Tanganyika 
  5.  Nyasa.
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46. The essential of a map which is used to show the relationship between the map distance and the ground distance is called

  1.  Scale 
  2.  Compass 
  3.  Key
  4.  Margin 
  5.  Title.
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47. Which of the following energy sources can cause environmental degradation?

  1. Solar. 
  2. Wind. 
  3.  Water.
  4.  Charcoal. 
  5.  Dung.
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48. What does the modern animal husbandry consider? 

  1. Culture of the society.
  2.  Quality of animals and their products.
  3.  Presence of abundant land.
  4.  Natural pasturing areas for feeding animals.
  5.  Weather condition.
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49. Seasons of the year occur due to

  1.  lunar eclipse
  2. revolution of the moon around the earth
  3.  revolution of the earth around the sun 
  4. solar eclipse
  5. increase of temperature.
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50. Which regions have large tea farms?

  1. Coast and Iringa.
  2. Ruvuma and Morogoro.
  3. Morogoro and Iringa.
  4. Kilimanjaro and Mbeya.
  5. Mbeya and Iringa.
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