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1. This paper consists of fifty (50) questions in sections A, B and C.

2. Answer all the questions in each section.

3. Read all the given instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR) and fill in all the required information.

4. Write your Examination Number and then shade the digits of the number in the respective place in your answer sheet.

5. Shade the letter of the correct answer for each question in the answer sheet provided, for example, if the correct answer is A shade as follows:

6. If you have to change your answer, you must rub out the shading very neatly before shading the new one. Use a clean rubber.

7. Use HB pencil only.

8. Cellular phones are not allowed in the examination room.



Choose the correct answer and shade its letter besides the question number in your answer sheet.

1. The peoples’ representative in the District Local Government meeting is

  1. the District Commissioner 
  2. the Chairperson of the Village 
  3. the Ward Executive Officer 
  4. the District ruling party Chairperson 
  5.  the Ward Councillor.
Choose Answer

2. One of the responsibilities of the District Council is to give subsidy to

  1.  Ward Governments 
  2.  the Central Government
  3.  Political parties 
  4.  Village Governments
  5.  Non governmental organizations.
Choose Answer

3. The Executive Director of a District or Municipal Council is appointed by

  1.  the President of the United Republic of Tanzania
  2.  the Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania
  3.  the Councillors of District or Municipal Council
  4.  the Minister for Regional Administrative and Local Government Authority 
  5.  the Chief Secretary.
Choose Answer

4. In the National flag the green colour represents

  1. minerals 
  2.  water
  3. natural vegetation 
  4.  agriculture
  5.  land.
Choose Answer

5. In which situation is the National flag hoisted at halfmast? 

  1.  During the visit of leaders from other countries.
  2.  When the President declares a State of emergency.
  3.  In the event of a national disaster or sorrowful event.
  4.  National Heroes anniversaries.
  5.  When the President is out of the country.
Choose Answer

6. The election of President and Members of Parliament in Tanzania is held after every

  1.  10 years 
  2.  3 years 
  3.  4 years 
  4.  5 years 
  5.  6 years
Choose Answer

7. The human rights are supposed to be provided to all people irrespective of

  1. political parties 
  2.  the national constitution
  3.  the rights of the special groups 
  4.  age of a person
  5.  colour, religion, gender and tribe.
Choose Answer

8. One of the responsibilities of the Public Leaders Ethics Secretariat is to 

  1.  receive and crosscheck the report on public leaders’ assets and liabilities
  2.  mediate the conflicts among the public leaders
  3.  investigate and educate the society on human rights and good governance 
  4.  investigate any corruption allegation to government officials 
  5.  approve the appointment of Ministers.
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9. Which organ is responsible for protecting our country and its boarders?

  1.  Tanzania Police Force. 
  2.  Tanzania Prisons Force.
  3.  The National Services. 
  4.  Tanzania Peoples Defence Forces.
  5.  The Peoples Militia Forces.
Choose Answer

10. The major objective of Community Policing is

  1.  to teach civilian Police work
  2.  to cultivate friendly relations between Police and the civilian
  3.  enable Police officers to live with civilian
  4.  to make civilian be strong like Policemen 
  5.  to prevent drug abuse in the society.
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11. Traditions which affect the reproductive health of women in Tanzania include

  1.  bride price and family planning
  2.  female genital mutilation and family planning
  3.  early marriage and bride price
  4.  female genital mutilation and early marriage E breastfeeding for a long time.
Choose Answer

12. One of the challenges which face entrepreneurs is

  1.  lack of trade licences
  2.  lack of banks and financial institutions
  3.  access to markets for goods and services
  4.  presence of many Police and Militias in town areas 
  5.  lack of investment policy.
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13. Which organ is responsible for the election of the Secretary General of the United Nations organization?

  1.  The Trustship Council of the United Nations.
  2.  The General Assembly of the United Nations.
  3.  The Security Council of the United Nations.
  4.  The Secretariat of the United Nations.
  5.  The International Court of Justice.
Choose Answer

14. A Public servant who is a Member of Parliament by virtue of the position in the Public service is

  1.  the Chief Justice
  2.  the Chief Secretary
  3.  the Controller and Auditor General 
  4.  the Registrar of Political Parties 
  5.  the Attorney General.
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Choose the correct answer and shade its letter besides the question number in your answer sheet.

15. The fossils of Zinjanthropus were discovered at

  1.  Kondoa Irangi 
  2.  Kalenga 
  3.  Olduvai 
  4.  Isimila 
  5.  Engaruka.
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16. Early foreign traders in Tanganyika came from

  1.  America 
  2.  North America 
  3.  Asia 
  4.  Europe
  5.  South America.
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17. One of the effects of the British rule in Zanzibar was

  1.  the abolition of slave trade 
  2.  introduction of christianity 
  3.  elimination of poverty 
  4.  introduction of clove plantations
  5.  establishment of political parties.
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18. The first multiparty elections in Tanzania was held in 

  1. 1992
  2. 1990
  3. 1961 
  4. 2005 
  5. 1995.
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19. The Universal Primary Education (UPE) in Tanzania started in 

  1.  1974
  2. 1970
  3. 1972
  4. 1980
  5. 1977.
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20. An African country which was practicing multiparty system in the year 1980 is

  1.  Zimbabwe 
  2.  Tanzania 
  3.  Botswana 
  4.  Ghana 
  5.  Ethiopia.
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