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  1. This paper consists of fifty (50) questions in sections A, B and C.
  2. Answer all the questions in each section.
  3. Write the letter of the correct answer for each question in the answer sheet provided.
  4. Cellular phones are not allowed in the examination room.
  5. Write your Examination Number on your answer sheet.
  6. Use blue or black pen in writing your answers. Answers written in pencil will not be marked.


Choose the correct answer and write its letter beside the question number in your answer sheet.

1.There are two types of leadership in Local Government which are

  1. paid and voluntary 
  2. elected and appointed
  3. democratic and dictatorship 
  4. appointed and voluntary
  5. appointed and paid
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2.The Secretary of the District Council meeting is

  1. District Commissioner 
  2. Executive Director of the District Council
  3. District planning officer 
  4. District Administrative Officer
  5. Mayor of the council
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3.The three major pillars of the government authority of the united Republic of Tanzania are

  1. the Cabinet, Parliament and the Judiciary
  2. the Cabinet, the Army and the Judiciary
  3. the Cabinet, Police and Judiciary
  4. the Cabinet, the Speaker of the Parliament and the Judiciary
  5. the President, Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Parliament
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4.Two types of crops which appears on the National emblem are

  1. Coffee and Sisal 
  2. Sisal and Cloves 
  3. Tea and Tobacco
  4. Cloves and Cotton 
  5. Cotton and Coffee
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5.One of the objective of the Freedom Torch is

  1. to launch development projects 
  2. to repair roads and construct ward schools
  3. to unite all Tanzanians 
  4. to unite Political parties
  5. to expose corrupt individuals
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6.The security of the school assets can be improved by

  1.  preventing visitors from entering the school compound
  2.  involving the Tanzania’s People Defense Forces
  3. avoiding close relation with the community around the school
  4. insuring all school assets against theft
  5. construction of a fence around the school
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7.The head of the Tanzanian Prisons Services is known as

  1. Principal Commissioner
  2. Inspector General
  3. Director General
  4. Chief of Defence Forces
  5. The Director of Public Prosecution
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8. Theatre arts include the following:

  1. Rituals, poems and initiation
  2. Sewing, circumcision and plaiting
  3. Circumcision, drama and initiation
  4. Dance, poems and drama
  5. Dance, poems and plaiting
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9. In a democratic country, State leadership changes are made through

  1. peaceful revolution 
  2. heritage of leadership
  3. opinion poll 
  4. multiparty system
  5. general election
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10.Things which every human being is entitled to irrespective of tribe, nationality or gender are called

  1. Good governance 
  2. Human rights 
  3. Rule of law
  4. Democracy 
  5. Gender equality
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11.The age of the presidential candidate of the United Republic of Tanzania should not be below

  1.  40 years 
  2.  18 years 
  3.  35 years 
  4.  60 years 
  5.  45 years
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12.A person who invests capital in a project or business in order to gain profit is called

  1.  an auctioneer 
  2.  a donor 
  3.  a racketeer
  4.  an economist 
  5.  an entrepreneur
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13. The East African Community is composed of the following members

  1.  Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi
  2.  Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda
  3.  Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi
  4.  Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda
  5.  Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda
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14.One of the functions of the Parliament in Tanzania is to

  1.  propose the name of the Vice President
  2.  propose the name of the speaker
  3.  appoint the Clerk of Parliament
  4.  approve the appointment of the Prime Minister
  5.  approve the appointment of the Chief Justice
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Choose the correct answer and write its letter besides the question number in your answer sheet.

15.Father, mother and children together make up

  1.  a clan 
  2.  an extended family
  3.  a society 
  4.  a family
  5.  a community
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16.Which of the following was an agreement of the 1884-1885 Berlin conference?

  1.  Abolition of slave trade 
  2.  Formation of democratic governments
  3.  To stop tribal wars 
  4.  Strengthening of tribalism
  5.  Weakening of feudalism.
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17.Who was the first President of the Zanzibar Revolutionary government?

  1.  Ali Hassan Mwinyi 
  2.  Mohamed Shamte
  3.  Abdulrahman Babu 
  4.  Abeid Amani Karume
  5.  Aboud Jumbe.
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18.Post colonial African education aimed at

  1.  bringing teachers from Europe 
  2.  reducing illiteracy
  3.  providing racial based education 
  4.  providing religious based education
  5.  educating sons of chiefs
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19.Which of the following countries achieved their independence through armed struggle?

  1.  Angola, Ghana and Kenya 
  2.  Zimbabwe, Angola and Kenya
  3.  Mozambique, Liberia and Zimbabwe 
  4.  Uganda, Rwanda and Tanganyika
  5.  Kenya, Uganda and Liberia.
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20.A treaty which prohibited the transportation of slaves outside East Africa was known as

  1.  Moresby treaty of 1822 
  2.  Hamerton treaty of 1845
  3.  Frere treaty of 1873 
  4.  Berlin treaty of 1885
  5.  Heligoland treaty of 1890
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21. How many States established the Organization of African Unity ( OAU) ?

  1.  28 
  2.  35 
  3.  65 
  4.  30 
  5.  63.
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22.Dr. Leakey discovered the skull of man in

  1.  1969 
  2.  1961 
  3.  1954 
  4.  1964 
  5.  1959.
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23.The first Arabic ruler of Zanzibar isles was

  1.  Tippu Tip 
  2.  Seyyid Said 
  3.  Said Barghash
  4.  Sultan Majid 
  5.  Aman Karume
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24.One of the main reasons which led to the Tanganyika and Zanzibar union in 1964 was

  1.  friendship between J.K. Nyerere and Abeid Aman Karume
  2.  to avoid Zanzibar and Kenya union
  3.  to strengthen unity
  4.  to increase the size of Tanganyika
  5.  to attract international tourists.
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25.Defense among the Maasai was the responsibility of the

  1.  laibon 
  2.  moran 
  3.  layoni 
  4.  chief 
  5.  kabaka
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26. The member States of Southern African Development Community ( SADC) include

  1.  Uganda, Kenya and Angola 
  2.  Botswana, Namibia and Ghana
  3.  Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania 
  4.  Tanzania, Botswana and Mozambique
  5.  Botswana, Angola and Mali
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27.UN agencies which give grants and aid to Tanzania are

  1.  UNESCO, WHO and IFM 
  2.  IFM, UNESCO and ILO
  3.  TANESCO, WHO and FAO 
  4.  UNESCO, ILO and OAU
  5.  UNHCR, IMF and ILO
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28.One of the strategies used by post colonial African governments to revive their economies was to

  1.  establish religion 
  2.  increase the price of farm implements
  3.  maintain tribal rule 
  4.  promote agricultural sector
  5.  encourage tribalism.
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29.Who was the head of the colony during the British rule in Tanganyika?

  1.  Colonial Secretary 
  2.  Governor
  3.  Queen 
  4.  Prime Minister
  5.  Provincial commissioner.
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30.The King who collaborated with the British against the Ndebele was

  1.  Lewanika 
  2.  Opobo 
  3.  Lobengula
  4.  Zwangendaba 
  5.  Msiri.
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31.The first Europeans in Tanganyika came from

  1.  Oman 
  2.  Britain 
  3.  Germany 
  4.  Portugal 
  5.  France.
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32.One of the reasons for the Portuguese conquest of the East African coast was to

  1.  abolish slave trade 
  2.  spread Islamic religion
  3.  establish friendship with the Arabs 
  4.  control trade routes
  5.  develop African economies.
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Choose the correct answer and write its letter besides the question number in your answer sheet.

33.In which of the following area is the natural gas found?

  1.  Kilwa 
  2.  Madaba 
  3.  Songosongo 
  4.  Mchinga 
  5.  Somanga
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34.Which of the following scales is the smallest?

  1.  1:10000 
  2.  1:50000 
  3.  1:125000
  4.  1:500000 
  5.  1:100000
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35.Tanzania and Mozambique are separated by the river

  1.  Rufiji 
  2.  Maragalasi 
  3.  Ruvu 
  4.  Wami 
  5.  Ruvuma
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36.How many digits are used in presenting grid reference?

  1.  Six 
  2.  Two 
  3.  Three 
  4.  Seven 
  5.  Five
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37.The three major harbours in East Africa are

  1.  Mombasa, Tanga and Bagamoyo 
  2.  Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo and Lamu
  3.  Mombasa, Mafia and Dar es Salaam 
  4.  Tanga, Mombasa and Dar es Salaam
  5.  Mtwara, Tanga and Lamu.
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38.What is the instrument used to measure the speed of the wind?

  1.  Wind vane 
  2.  Hygrometer 
  3.  Anemometer
  4.  Rain gauge 
  5.  Barometer
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39.Which of the following planets have moons?

  1.  Earth, Neptune, Mars and Venus 
  2.  Earth, Uranus, Venus and Neptune
  3.  Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune 
  4.  Saturn, Mercury, Earth and Neptune
  5.  Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.
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40.Cash crops which are exported in large quantities from Tanzania are

  1.  Rubber, Coffee and Sisal 
  2.  Sunflower, Cashewnuts and Simsim
  3.  Cotton, Pyrethrum and Sisal 
  4.  Coffee, Cotton and Cashewnuts
  5.  Coffee, Cotton and Cloves
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41.How much time does the earth take to complete its rotation?

  1.  12 hours 
  2.  1440 minutes 
  3.  24 minutes
  4.  60 minutes 
  5.  240 minute
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42.A crop that is used in the production of cigarette is

  1.  Coffee 
  2.  Cloves 
  3.  Tea 
  4.  Tobacco 
  5.  Pyrethrum
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43.If the letter Z in a map is located at grid reference 435235, the measurement of vertical line is

  1.  235 
  2.  435 
  3.  430 
  4.  230 
  5.  352
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44.Identify the appropriate method of moisture preservation in the field:

  1.  Leveling of trenches 
  2.  Removing grass
  3.  Digging ditches 
  4.  Cutting down trees
  5.  Making ridges
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45.Study the following photograph then answer the question that follows:

In which type of climate is the natural vegetation presented in the photograph found?

  1.  Equatorial 
  2.  Monsoon 
  3.  Tropical
  4.  Mediterranean 
  5.  Tundra
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46.One of the disasters caused by both natural and man’s activities is

  1.  volcanic eruption 
  2.  tsunami 
  3.  storms
  4.  thunder 
  5.  soil erosion
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47.The environment has to be conserved in order to

  1.  make areas look attractive 
  2.  use it for learning
  3.  get areas for farming 
  4.  keep living things alive
  5.  get area for pasture
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48.Identify the correct measure to control the effects of farming activities on the environment:

  1.  Practicing monoculture 
  2.  Cultivating in water sources
  3.  Shifting cultivation 
  4.  Cutting trees around the farm
  5.  Use of natural fertilizers
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49. The energy source which has NO effect on environment is 

  1.  diesel 
  2.  solar 
  3.  charcoal 
  4.  coal 
  5.  firewood
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50. Study the following map then answer the question that follows:

What is the distance from grid reference 020120 to 040120 in kilometres?

  1.  1 
  2.  1.5 
  3.  2 
  4.  2.5 
  5.  3.5
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