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  1. This paper consists of 50 questions in sections A and B.
  2. Answer all questions as instructed in each section.
  3. Write all your answers in the answer sheet provided.
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Choose the correct answer and write its letter beside the question number in your answer sheet.

1.A clan is a union of

  1.  families which stay nearby
  2.  Many families with the same origin
  3.  many families which are friends
  4.  father, mother and children
  5.  families which work together.
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2.Culture means

  1.  beliefs, customs, traditions, taboos and norms of a society
  2.  singing and dancing together
  3.  ways of conducting rituals in the society
  4.  customs and traditions of a certain society
  5.  way of living.
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3.The government leader at the ward level is a

  1.  councillor
  2.  ward chairman
  3.  ward executive secretary
  4.  ward secretary
  5.  ward veterinary officer.
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4.In order to be economically dependent, Africa needs

  1.  grants from abroad 
  2.  more increased population
  3.  science and technology 
  4.  loans with relief conditions
  5.  African investors only.
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5.The main objective of establishing Commonwealth was to

  1.  get more colonies in Africa
  2.  strengthen the relationship between Britain and her former colonies
  3.  increase the amount of raw materials they had been searching for
  4.  free the slaves who were still bonded in slavery
  5.  make the whole world fear Queen of England.
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6.The court which judges murder cases is

  1.  Primary Court 
  2.  District Court
  3.  High Court 
  4.  Resident Magistrate Court
  5.  Court of Appeal.
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7.Countries that border tanzania in the Southern part are

  1.  Mozambique and Malawi
  2.  Mozambique and Zimbabwe
  3.  The Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi
  4.  Burundi and Malawi
  5.  Rwanda and Malawi.
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8.What is the difference between a star and a planet?

  1.  Stars twinkle while planets do not twinkle.
  2.  Stars produce white light while planets produce yellow light.
  3.  Planets can be seen during the day while stars can be seen during the night only.
  4.  Stars have no light while planets have light.
  5.  All planets have living organisms while stars have no living organisms.
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9.In which country does the Rift Valley split into the Eastern and Western branches?

  1.  Kenya 
  2.  Uganda
  3.  Tanzania 
  4.  Burundi
  5.  Ethiopia.
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10.The following were freedom movements in the Southern African countries except

  1. ANC
  2. PAC
  3. SWAPO
  4. KANU
  5. UNITA
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11. Collection of activities that bring together traders and consumers or users known as

  1. market
  2. shop
  3. commodity
  4. client
  5. money
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12. The second largest continent in the world is

  1. Asia
  2. Africa
  3. Australia
  4. North america
  5. South america
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13. The first president of the African parliament which was formed in March 2004 is

  1.  Dr. Salim A. Salim 
  2.  Dr. Emeka Anyauko
  3.  Hon. Getrude Mongela 
  4.  William Erek
  5.  Peter Omu.
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14. A Tanzanian is allowed to vote in the general elections at the age of _____ years.

  1.  15 
  2.  25
  3.  40 
  4.  21
  5.  18.
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15. All the continents once belonged to one big landmass which was known as

  1.  Andes 
  2.  Pangaea
  3.  Australia 
  4.  Eurasia
  5.  Antarctica.
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16. The ozone layer can be destroyed by

  1.  an increase of oxygen gas in the atmosphere
  2.  the increase of hydrogen gas in the atmosphere
  3.  the emission of chemical gas from industries and motor vehicles
  4.  the decrease of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere
  5.  the spread of dust particles in the atmosphere due to mining activities.
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17.Rhoda boils drinking water everyday because boiled water

  1.  is clean and safe 
  2.  tastes good
  3.  quenches thirst fast 
  4.  kills the insects in our stomachs
  5.  has a lot of nutrients
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18.______A lion is dangerous than cow.One of the objectives of sports in schools is to

  1.  use the school grounds properly
  2.  bring unity and cooperation
  3.  award the participants
  4.  identify schools which do have play grounds
  5.  to get professional players.
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19._______Local governments have types of councils.

  1.  one 
  2.  four
  3.  five 
  4.  three
  5.  six
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20.The huge number of refugees in Africa is caused by

  1.  poverty in many African countries
  2.  family conflicts
  3.  poor infrastructure
  4.  shortage of employment
  5.  political unrest.
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21.The main slave Caravan Centres in Tanganyika were

  1.  Ujiji, Kilwa and Tanga
  2.  Tabora, Mpwapwa and Tanga
  3.  Tabora, Ujiji and Bagamoyo
  4.  Pangani, Mpwapwa and Dodoma
  5.  Kilwa, Bagamoyo and Dodoma.
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22.______Multipartism in Tanzania were legally allowed for the second time in the year .

  1. 1995
  2. 2000
  3. 1992
  4. 1990
  5. 1964
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23. Tanzania is found south of the

  1. Equator
  2. Tropic of Capricorn
  3. Greenwich
  4. North pole
  5. Earth axis.
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24. When it is 10:00 am at longitude 0°, what will the time be in East Africa 45° East?

  1.  12 noon. 
  2.  6 pm.
  3.  10 pm. 
  4.  1 pm.
  5.  8 am.
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25.The following are the results of destruction of vegetation except

  1.  hurricanes and storms
  2.  shortage of water and semi desert
  3.  soil erosion and loss of living things
  4.  hunger and death of livestock
  5.  mining extraction and road construction.
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26.The highlands of Mount Mlanje are famous for the cultivation of

  1. cotton
  2. coffee
  3. sisal 
  4. tea
  5. pyrethrum.
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27. What is the meaning of a retail trade?

  1. Selling of small items.
  2. Importation of items.
  3. Selling one type of item only.
  4. Selling items carelessly.
  5. Selling household items only.
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28. The Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea are jointed by

  1. The Suez Canal
  2. The Panama Canal
  3. River Nile
  4. The Strait of Gibraltar
  5. The Atlas Mountains.
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29.The following are the reasons for the formation of United Nations (UNO) except

  1.  prevention of world wars
  2.  to maintain peace and security
  3.  promoting and developing economy
  4.  resolving disputes in various areas
  5.  favouring big nations.
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30.The policies which direct us to implement issues for development originate from

  1.  ruling party 
  2.  opposition parties
  3.  cabinet 
  4.  government organs
  5.  government committee.
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31.The Tropical zone lies between the latitudes

  1.  0° - 5° North and South of the equator
  2.  0° - 15° North and South of the equator
  3.  0° - 30° North and South of the equator
  4.  35° - 65° North and South of the equator
  5.  30° - 60° North and South of the equator.
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32.Why most of the rivers in Africa are not used for transportation?

  1.  They are characterized by rapid and water falls.
  2.  Presence of weeds in the water.
  3.  Presence of many crocodiles.
  4.  They have no large ports.
  5.  Most of the rivers are short.
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33.It is important for someone suffering from HIV/AIDS to be

  1.  in isolated room 
  2.  given his/her own dishes
  3.  given love and care 
  4.  handed to the elders
  5.  avoided from playing with him or her.
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34.The types of addictive drugs include

  1.  marijuana, cocaine and heroin
  2.  illicit liquor, cocaine and marijuana
  3.  tobacco, marijuana and opium
  4.  cigarette, valium and illicit liquor
  5.  marijuana, cigarette and illicit liquor.
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35.How is an escarpment represented by contours in a map?

  1.  By U or V-shape.
  2.  Closeness of contour lines.
  3.  Contour lines being far apart.
  4.  Contour lines seem like touching one another.
  5.  Straight contour lines.
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36.The main cash crop cultivated at Mbinga district in Ruvuma region is

  1.  cashewnuts 
  2.  clove
  3.  tea 
  4.  coffee
  5.  cotton.
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37.Who appoints the Ministers and Deputy Ministers in Tanzania?

  1.  The Speaker 
  2.  The President
  3.  The Secretary of National Assembly 
  4.  Vice President
  5.  Prime Minister.
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38.The main reasons which have led to high death rates in Africa are

  1.  luxurious life and dangerous games
  2.  hunger, epidemic diseases and war
  3.  female, circumcision and early pregnancies
  4.  misleading customs and unreliable settlements
  5.  corruption, dictatorship and deforestation.
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39.What are the effects of cutting trees in the areas near Lake Victoria?

  1.  Decreasing the quantity of fish.
  2.  Destroying the source of water which brings water to the lake.
  3.  Increasing floods in lake Victoria.
  4.  Increasing water in the river Nile, which starts at lake Victoria.
  5.  Increasing the wild animals around the lake.
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40.One of the problems affecting industries and trade in Tanzania is

  1.  lack of enough customers for the goods produced
  2.  unreliability and un-affordability of the cost of power
  3.  lack of enough traders
  4.  poor climate
  5.  lack of labourers.
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41.Why is water transport preferred most in the transportation of raw materials and industrial products?

  1.  It is a fast way of transporting goods.
  2.  It is a cheap means of transporting goods.
  3.  A large part of the earth is covered by water.
  4.  It is safer than the other transportation means.
  5.  It reduces the environmental pollution.
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42.A combination of land, forests, rivers, oceans and minerals is generally called

  1.  essential needs 
  2.  the earth
  3.  natural vegetation 
  4.  natural resources
  5.  basic needs.
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43.Which of the following is not among the causes of environmental pollution?

  1.  Poor technology. 
  2.  Overpopulation.
  3.  Lack of education.
  4. D Using natural fertilizers for farming.
  5.  Poor management of waste disposal.
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44.The countries found on the eastern part of Africa are

  1.  Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya
  2.  Sudan, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda
  3.  Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Malawi
  4.  Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi
  5.  Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Somalia.
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45.Into how many stages is the Stone Age divided?

  1.  Three 
  2.  Two
  3.  Four 
  4.  Five
  5.  One.
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Carefully study the map of Tanzania then answer questions 46 - 50 by writing one word in the space provided in your answer sheet.

Figure 1

  1. Letter A represents______________Game Reserve.
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  3. The type of mineral found at letter B is called_____________.
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  5. Which cash crop is grown on the slopes of the mountain represented by letter C?
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  7. What is the island represented by the letter D?
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  9. The rail stretch EF is called .
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