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1.  Which of the following is not the right of Tanzanian citizens?

  1. voting in general elections at any age
  2. live anywhere within the United Republic of Tanzania
  3. Freedom of worship 
  4. gain protection
  5. Freedom of expression
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2.  Which leader in Tanzania has the power to dissolve Parliament?

  1. Speaker of Parliament
  2. Deputy Speaker of Parliament
  3. Prime Minister 
  4. President 
  5. Attorney General
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3.  Before the 16th century Kilwa town was famous for its trade:

  1. ivory 
  2. copper 
  3. slaves
  4. gold
  5. spices
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4.  The Chief of the Nyamwezi who fought against German rule between 1891 and 1894 was:

  1. Mazengo
  2. Mirambo 
  3. Isike 
  4. Msiri 
  5. Mkwawa
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5. The central plateaus of the Rift Valley with the Rungwe, Livingstone and Kipengere Mountains is the source of which rivers?

  1. Ruaha Mkuu, Wami and Rufiji
  2. Tana, Mara and Pangani
  3. Njombe, Galana and Katonga
  4. Luwengu, Ruvuma and Malagalasi
  5. Ugalla, Wami and Galana
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6.  Which of the following is not a way to spread HIV/AIDS?

  1. donating piercing and injection equipment
  2. holding hands with a person affected by AIDS
  3. having sex with a person affected by AIDS
  4. blood transfusion with infected blood
  5. the baby sucks from an HIV-positive mother
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7.  During colonial times, African culture deteriorated for the following reasons except:

  1. banning certain traditions and customs
  2. the despise of African culture through colonial education
  3. the promotion of the use of African languages by African scholars
  4. Many Africans imitate white traditions
  5. colonial education failed to inherit African traditions and customs
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8.  Savana status is found between latitude ......... north and south of the equator:

  1. 0 0 - 5  
  2. 23 0 - 35  
  3. 5 0 - 15 0
  4. 0 0 - 15 0
  5. 20 0 - 30
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9.  African traditions and customs are important because:

  1. they promote science and technology
  2. they maintain African culture
  3. they reinforce African beliefs
  4. they prevent drought and famine
  5. they block inter-country arrangements
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10. The areas with the highest rainfall per year in Tanzania are:

  1. with many rivers 
  2. located near the sea, lakes and mountains
  3. central areas of Tanzania 
  4. areas located along the Rift Valley 
  5. with inhabitants
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11.  What is the meaning of Local Government:

  1. administrative system at District and Regional level
  2. administrative system at district and village council level
  3. a legally established administrative system
  4. a system of governance without full autonomy
  5. an administrative system with councils
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12.  Which of the following is among the effects of colonialism?

  1. deterioration of state-owned enterprises
  2. the growth of African culture
  3. the abolition of apartheid system
  4. the existence of democracy
  5. education was provided free of charge
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13.  On March 21st and September 23rd the sun is setting in

  1. north pole
  2. Capricorn line
  3. Cancer line 
  4. Greenwich
  5. Equator 
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14. What are the main responsibilities of a family head?

  1. provide family members with basic necessities
  2. sending children to school
  3. helping relatives, kin and friends
  4. working hard 
  5. correcting the behavior of family members
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15.  The German colonists introduced a head tax for the purpose of

  1. giving to the poor in Germany
  2. providing rural community services
  3. increase the governor's income
  4. increase citizens' income
  5. making people work in the colonial farms
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16.  The Afro Shiraz party was formed by a coalition of parties:

  1. Africa Association and Pemba People's Party
  2. Shirazi Association and Muslim Association
  3. Zanzibar and Pemba People's Party and Umma Party
  4.  African Association and Shirazi Association
  5. Zanzibar National Party and Zanzibar and Pemba People's Party
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17.  Why have so many moved to the city from rural areas?

  1. in rural areas there are no paved roads
  2. in the cities there is entertainment
  3. in the countryside there are fields
  4. in cities there is no poverty 
  5. in urban areas there are employment and social services
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18. Map dimensions are displayed in the following ways:

  1. statements, line and ratio 
  2. fractions, statements and numbers
  3. large, medium and small scales
  4. Ratio, fractions and kilometer
  5. statements, small scales and miles
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19. The three main types of transportation are:

  1. land, water and air 
  2. air, road and radio
  3. telephone, land and road 
  4. television, radio and the Internet
  5. land, water and telephone
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20. What are the functions of the Central Government?

  1.  provide health, education and safety services
  2.  Encourage the establishment of political parties
  3.  persuading opponents to join the Central Government
  4.  banning the opposition
  5. doing business
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