Choose the correct answer and then write the appropriate letter in the front of each question on your answer sheet.

1. Our family can have good economic growth if:

  1. the mother will be engaged only in household chores
  2. the father will be left to handle only employment
  3. children will not be involved in any work except going to school and tuitions only
  4. every relative who asks for help will be given
  5. each family member will actively participate in fulfilling the responsibilities assigned to him or her
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2. According to the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, who is the Head of Parliament?

  1. Prime Minister
  2. Speaker of Parliament 
  3. President of the United Republic of Tanzania 
  4. Chief Justice 
  5. President of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar
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3. The purposes of the formation of local governments in the country are:

  1. increasing job opportunities for educated people
  2. accelerate the development of citizens
  3. promote women's development
  4. expand small business
  5. improving tax collection
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4. The smallest latitudes are:

  1. Southern and Northern poles
  2. the earth’s axis 
  3. Tropical Cancer
  4. Equator
  5. Greenwich
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5. The completed map contains the following elements: -

  1. roads, cities, compasses, vegetation and boundaries
  2. title, key, scale, compass and margin
  3. vegetation, roads, railways, cities and key
  4. crop, margin, scale, heading and compass
  5. compass, key, scale, boundaries and heading
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6. The largest dams that produce hydroelectric power in Tanzania are:

  1. Pangani and Kidatu 
  2. Kihansi and Mtera
  3. Nyumba ya Mungu and Hale 
  4. Mtera and Kidatu
  5. Kidatu and the Nyumba ya Mungu
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7. The first explorers who arrived in East Africa in the 19th century were:

  1. Burton and Speke
  2. Rebman and Grant
  3. Rebman and Krapf 
  4. Krapf and Burton
  5. Speke and Livingstone
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8. Boers invaded the southern pole under the leadership of?

  1. Jan Van Riebelk 
  2. Bartholomew Diaz
  3. Rebman and Kruger 
  4. Von Letton
  5. Vasco Da Gama
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9. The population of the people who migrated to East Africa between 100 and 500 AD from West Africa were:

  1. Nilotic
  2. Abyssinians
  3. Pygmy
  4. Bantu
  5. Cushitic
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10. What is a major cause of single-parent families?

  1. Ignorance of contraception
  2. Economic problems
  3. Unemployment
  4. Parents abandon children
  5. Imitation of foreign traditions
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11. The source of nuclear energy is the mineral of:

  1. uranium 
  2. plutonium 
  3. beryllium
  4. vanadium
  5. titanium
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12. The population of a country is known through:

  1. to vote 
  2. the number of adult women 
  3. counting the number of young people 
  4. population census 
  5. register immigrants and migrants
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13. In a judicial structure, a resident magistrate is a judge in court. . . . . .

  1. of the District 
  2. of Primary 
  3. of the Region
  4. High court 
  5. of Appeal
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14. The great work which were being done by clan elders in many African societies was. . . . . . . . .

  1. protecting traditions and customs, performing rituals and cutting off rituals;
  2. dowry planning, litigation, and warfare;
  3. defending traditions and customs, visiting other clans and fighting in wars;
  4. grazing, deciding the cases and performing rituals;
  5. farming, hunting and feeding livestock.
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15. The Government's role in regulating local trade is

  1. setting prices for various products
  2. inspect products in stores
  3. zoning of business
  4. enact laws to regulate business 
  5. providing capital to traders
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16. What is the true meaning of family life?

  1. Mothers, fathers, children and all relatives in the clan
  2. Mothers, fathers and children
  3. Mothers, fathers, children and all close friends 
  4. Father, mother, children, grandmother and grandfather
  5. Father, mother, children, grandmother, grandfather, aunt and uncle
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17. The ancient technology of irrigation in Africa involved.

  1. shadoof 
  2. canals
  3. donkeys 
  4. camels
  5. pipes
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18. Zanzibar's main slave market was closed during the year.

  1. 1840
  2. 1900 
  3. 1890 
  4. 1884 
  5. 1873
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19. What is the state of the country with very little rain, extreme heat during the day and very cold night?

  1. Mediterranean
  2. Savannah
  3. Desert 
  4. Equatorial
  5. Tropical
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20. Libya's economy depends more on:

  1. dates
  2. gold 
  3. diamonds 
  4. oil 
  5. gas
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