Choose the correct answer and then write the corresponding letter in front of the number of each question in your answer sheet.

1. Before the arrival of foreigners, African societies used the following methods in passing on knowledge to the following generations:

  1. reading, writing and numeracy
  2. drawing, reading and writing
  3. handicrafts, songs and stories
  4. poetry, novels and movies
  5. Art, reading and writing
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2. What are the foundations of freedom, rights and fraternity?

  1. Democracy
  2. Arusha Declaration
  3. Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania
  4. Rule of law
  5. The multi-party system in the country
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3. The leader who was responsible for allocating land and leading the clearing of forests for agriculture in the Nyamwezi community was called

  1. Mtemi 
  2. Rugaruga 
  3. Chief
  4. supervisor 
  5. Nyungu ya Mawe
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4. In which desert among the following do the Harmattan winds blow?

  1. Namibia 
  2. Kalahari 
  3. Arabian 
  4. Gobi 
  5. Sahara
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5. Which of the following organs organizes ward councilor’s elections?

  1. the office of the Prime Minister 
  2. Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Government
  3. police force 
  4. National Electoral Commission
  5. office of the President
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6. In order for trade activities to be strong, there must be:

  1. shops and market
  2. reliable water and electricity
  3. essential social services 
  4. strong buildings and infrastructure
  5. reliable markets and infrastructure
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7. The popularity of the city of Kilwa in the fifteenth century was due to the "Husuni Kubwa" which was:

  1. luxury ship 
  2. the palace of Su?tani of Kilwa
  3. the main slave markets
  4. the golden statue of Su?tani of Kilwa
  5. the great Portuguese port
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8. If it is 4:30 in the morning in the city of Mtwara which is 30 degrees East, what time will it be in the city of Kigali which is 15 degrees East? 

  1. at 9:30 a.m. 
  2. at 9:30 a.m.
  3. at 11:30 a.m.
  4. at 11:30 p.m. 
  5. at 10:30 p.m.
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9. Sports are important for young people because:

  1. builds health resilience
  2. builds youth popularity among the community
  3. gives them gifts
  4. allows them to travel abroad
  5. it protects them from using drugs
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10. The situation whereby a young country forced to comply with the wishes and interests of the imperialist countries is called?

  1. Colonialism
  2. neo-colonialism
  3. capitalism
  4. bureaucracy
  5. globalization
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11. Which countries are the main rice producers in Asia?

  1. Burma, Thailand, India and China
  2. Japan, Iran, Afghanistan and Indonesia
  3. Australia, China, Israel and Japan
  4. Burma, India, China and Kuwait
  5. Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan and Burma
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12. The most popular mineral mined in the Uvinza area of Tanzania are:

  1. Iron  
  2. gold 
  3. salt
  4. coal 
  5. Tanzanite
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13. One of the leaders of the freedom fighters who were assassinated by the imperialist plots to undermine the African liberation movement is:

  1. Edward Mondlane 
  2. Tom Mboya
  3. Abeid Aman Karume 
  4. Jonas Savimbi 
  5. Edward Moringe Sokoine
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14. Judges of the Judiciary may defy a law enacted by Parliament if that law:

  1. was not supported by the President
  2. does not help the average citizen
  3. is not recognized internationally 
  4. is unconstitutional 
  5. does not have its own rules
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15. What strategy could reduce the refugee problem in Africa?

  1. allowing deployment of foreign troops
  2. to have strong and democratic governments elected by the people
  3. establishing regional economic communities
  4. removing migration barriers from one country to another 
  5. establishing privatization policies
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16. The port of TAZARA transports cargo to and from which port?

  1. Mombasa 
  2. Mwanza 
  3. Dar es Salaam
  4. Tanga 
  5. Kapiri Mposhi
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17. One of the following is not true about things how an AIDS patient should be treated:

  1. retiring from work forcefully 
  2. eat together
  3. play together
  4. discuss with him about his progress
  5. given treatment for opportunistic infections
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18. Many African countries began to gain awareness of nationalist after? 

  1. The first world war 
  2. the formation of the TANU party
  3. Ghana gaining Independence 
  4. World War II
  5. the emerging of socialist nations
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19. The following lakes are within the Rift Valley in East Africa

  1. Victoria, Tanganyika and Eyasi 
  2. Turkana, Natron and Magadi
  3. Manyara, Rukwa and Victoria 
  4. Kyoga, Albert and Naivasha
  5. Rukwa, Victoria and Magadi
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20. The Parliament of the United Republic has two main parts which are

  1. President and Assembly 
  2. Prime Minister and Assembly
  3. Speaker and Assembly 
  4. CCM and Opposition MPs
  5. Ministers and Assembly
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