l. Crops................water, light and fertile soil to grow well

  1. Need
  2. Needed
  3. Was needed
  4. Need
  5.  Needing
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2.     We  busy at this moment

  1.  am
  2. is
  3.  are
  4.  were
  5.   have
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3.     John and Ito travel next week.

  1. go
  2.  going
  3. is going
  4.  am going
  5. are going
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4.     Pupils waiting for their teacher for two hours.

  1. has been
  2. have been
  3. be
  4.  have
  5.   had
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Water usually..............   at 100%.

  1. boil
  2. boiling
  3.   boils
  4.  boiled
  5.  has boiled
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 6.Farmers.............         their farms now.

  1.  is preparing
  2. are preparing
  3.  were preparing
  4. was preparing 
  5. are preparing
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7. He always when he was young

  1.  cry
  2. cries
  3.  cried
  4.  crying
  5.  does cry
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8.  When Juma .................  at the station he didnt find the train.

A.    arrive

B.    arrived

C.    arrives

D.    arriving

E.     was arrive

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9. The snake ..........................        by Mrs. Mwenda.

  1. was kill
  2. had killed
  3. were killed 
  4. was killed
  5. have killed
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10.  If you.................hard, you will pass your examination.

  1. work
  2. worked 
  3.  works
  4.  working
  5.  had worked
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11.  Pagans are........................ Christians Muslims.

  1.  either......nor
  2. neither. . . .. nor
  3. either...neither
  4. neither.. ..either 
  5. neither. ...or
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12.  Do you have .......................problems?

  1.  some 
  2.  many
  3.  much
  4. any
  5. tittle
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13.An elephant is the....................... in the national park.

  1. largest
  2. most largest 
  3.  larger
  4.  more larger
  5.  most larger
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14.He goes to school late every

  1.  wasnt he
  2. isnt he
  3. hasnt
  4. havent he
  5. doesnt he
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15.  they keep quite will be punished.

  1. enough
  2. although
  3. but
  4. unless
  5. For
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16.  The repaired machine is strong to pull the car

  1. enough 
  2.  so that
  3.  in order
  4.  for
  5. of
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17 .Nyakomba walks ...............................with a stick.

  1.  slow
  2. very slowest
  3.  slowly
  4. slower
  5. more slow
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18.My friend suffers malaria

  1. of
  2. by
  3.  from
  4.  with
  5.   in
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18.My friend suffers malaria

  1. of
  2. by
  3.  from
  4.  with
  5.   in
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19.        Usually girls look at

  1. himself
  2.  herself
  3. itself
  4.  themselves
  5.  yourself
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21. We travelled.................. two days to Burundi.

  1. on
  2. to
  3. from
  4. of
  5. for
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22.Change the following sentences into indirect speech, How old are you? The teacher asked.

  1.  The teacher asked me if I was old
  2. The teacher wanted to know my age
  3. The teacher asked me how old I was
  4. The teacher asked me how old was I
  5. The teacher wanted to know how old am I
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23.He dived......................... the ocean and started swimming.

  1. when
  2.  into
  3. in
  4.  though E. away
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24.Many pupils go to school    foot.

  1.   on
  2.  by
  3.  with
  4. for
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25. The woman ..................husband  came here, is my aunt.

  1.  when
  2. whose
  3. which
  4. where
  5. what 
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26. Cheetah is the..............animal on land

A.      strongest

B.      largest

C.      smallest

D.      tallest

E.       fastest

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27.My brother and I own a house. It is our house. The house belongs to

  1.  them
  2. him 
  3.  us
  4.  our
  5.   me
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28.Salma played netball badly ...................she was sick.

  1.  although
  2. because
  3.  but
  4.  unless
  5.  even if
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29.The patient had died lack of water.

  1. with
  2. by
  3. from
  4. of
  5.  for
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30.That is the   ..............................  hostel.Fifty girls live in it.

  1.  girls
  2. girl
  3.  girl 
  4.  girlss
  5.  girls
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31. We want ....................that is why we dont like people to fight.

  1. pace
  2.  peace 
  3.  piece 
  4. pierce
  5. peach
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32. A person who measures and  sews clothes for people is called a

  1.  sailor 
  2. . fire
  3. sewer
  4.  tailor
  5.   pedestrian
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33.A gun is a 

  1.  weapon
  2.  fire work
  3. fire wood
  4. hot pot
  5. knife
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34.Juma is a judge, he works in a

  1. shop
  2. hospital
  3. court 
  4. ship
  5. farm
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35.     Mr. Masanja sent the cattle to graze on the new farm. What does the word graze mean.

  1. to collect the harvest
  2. to drink water
  3. to plough
  4.  to eat grass
  5. to sleep
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36.     If someone is called Miss Caren, this means:

  1. She is a girl or a woman who is not married
  2. She is a girl or a woman who is married to Caren
  3. She is a boy who is not yet married
  4. He is a boy or a man who is married to Caren.
  5. They are husband and wife in Carens family.
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This section has four mixed sentences. Arrange the sentences so as to make a good composition by giving them letters. A-D. Shade the letters of the correct answer in the special answer sheet (OMR) provided.

37.We both started to clean and arrange all things well in readiness for the following day

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38.Yesterday I decided to go to the shop to help her.

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39.          My sister Naishoki has a big shop at Makao Mapya, where she sells a variety of things.

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40.          She was happy because the following day would be a holidayand we would be very busy.

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Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow by writing the correct answer in the space provided. Use a blue or black ink pen.

Mr. and Mrs. Koba have three children. two are boys and one is a girl.Their sons names are Jembe and Alli and their daughter is Suzy. All their children go to school. Jembe is in class seven and Alli and Suzy are in class five.

They are all hardworking pupils in their school and they all have good performance in all subjects. Jembe is the best at English and Mathematics. Mr. and Mrs. Koba and their children are a happy family.

41.    Who has three children?

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42.    How many sons are there in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Koba?

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43.    At which subject is Jembe best ?

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44.    In which class is Jembe studying?

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45.    Why do the children of Mr. and Mrs.Koba have good performance?

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