2016 - ENGLISH

SECTION AGRAMMAR choose the words that complete the sentences by shading the letters of the correct answer.

1.The window ......... by my father.

  1. Had open
  2. have opened
  3. opens
  4. is opening
  5. was opened
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2. teeth every day when i wake up

  1. brushes
  2. have brushes
  3. brush
  4. brushing
  5. have brushed
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3. I........the television when it started raining

  1. had watching
  2. will watch
  3. am watching
  4. was watching
  5. being watching
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4. The villagers...........their environment at the moment

  1. were cleaning
  2. are cleaning
  3. have cleaned
  4. is cleaning
  5. was cleaned
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5. While they were playing, the teacher............swimming

  1. is
  2. were
  3. was
  4. are
  5. be
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6. Mr. Musa has been teaching at our school.................ten years

  1. for
  2. since
  3. with
  4. in
  5. by
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7. We travel to mtwara

  1. went
  2. are going
  3. have gone
  4. had gone
  5. will go
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8.I asked Juma if he a piece of paper

  1. lend
  2. borrow
  3. assist
  4. take
  5. lent
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9. The fisherman has.......a lot of fish

  1. catch
  2. catching
  3. caught
  4. been caught
  5. catches
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10.A Cheetah normally...........faster than a tiger

  1. runs
  2. ran
  3. is running
  4. had run
  5. run
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11. We watched TV for .............hour

  1. a
  2. an
  3. in
  4. on
  5. two.
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12.I have to wake up early ........ be in school on time

  1. so
  2. so that to
  3. in order that
  4. so as to
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13. Many children like ivory sweets, ....

  1. do they 
  2.  are they? 
  3.  dont they 
  4.  dont they? 
  5.  do they?
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14.I saw a cat in the bush was black in colour.

  1. An
  2. the
  3. a
  4. it
  5. some
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15. Chausiku does all the home work   ... she wants to be first in class.

  1. Inspite of
  2. despite
  3. even
  4. but
  5. because
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16. The man ................shirt was torn was in the academic office

  1. which
  2. where
  3. whose
  4. whom
  5. who
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17. In our class. Jalia is.................than Jamila

  1. short
  2. shorter
  3. shortest
  4. tall
  5. tallest
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18. study hard you are going to fail

  1. when
  2. if
  3. but
  4. almost
  5. unless
Choose Answer

19. Juma had ............of time to prepare for his examinations

  1. plenty
  2. enough
  3. much
  4. little
  5. many
Choose Answer

20. Our class monitor put the English books..............the table

  1. in
  2. on
  3. of
  4. with
  5. into
Choose Answer

21. hunger because of the poor rainfall

  1. They
  2. that
  3. there
  4. them
  5. their
Choose Answer

22. How do you need to buy a bus?

  1. Many
  2. much
  3. big
  4. amount
  5. heavy
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23. You can................go to school or to the farm

  1. neither
  2. so
  3. nor
  4. either
  5. both
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24.     Write the indirect speech for the sentence: "Im trying to get home in time," Ally said.

  1. Ally told us that he tried to get home in time.
  2.  Ally reporteed to us that he wanted to get home earlier. 
  3. Ally said to us that he tried to get home in time.
  4. Ally said that he want to get home in time.
  5. Ally said that he was trying to get home in time.
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25.     This is the ......... news I have ever heard.

  1. good  
  2.  best 
  3. better
  4. bad 
  5.  worse
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26.     Jane is a friend ......... I share the front desk.

  1. with her  
  2. to whom 
  3.  with whom
  4. by whom 
  5. who
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27. Has Maganga his bicycle?

  1. fell
  2. fall
  3. fallen
  4. falling
  5. falls
Choose Answer

28.     Jane had to go ... ... ... anne because she was sick.

  1. and
  2. with 
  3.  beside 
  4.  along 
  5. by
Choose Answer

29.     The headmaster switched  ...... . . the television to watch the football match.

  1. on
  2. off
  3. at
  4. in
  5. into
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30. Is for him to sleep in?

  1. some
  2. any
  3. more
  4. much
  5. many
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For each of the following questions, choose the correct answer and shade its letter in the answer sheet.

31. The political leader of a country which does not have a king or queen is called .

  1. the president 
  2. the monarch
  3. the mayor 
  4.  the prince
  5. the minister
Choose Answer

32. The sister of your mother is your..................

  1. mother
  2. aunt
  3. cousin
  4. in law
  5. niece
Choose Answer

33. The citizen of Sudan is a.................

  1. Sudan
  2. sudanist
  3. sudanian
  4. sudans
  5. sudanese
Choose Answer

34.A lady who is not married is called a .........

  1. fiance 
  2.  bachelor
  3. fiancee  
  4.  spinster.
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35.The three of us were winners. Ali was the first, John the third and I was the ........

  1. Two
  2. fourth
  3. second
  4. one
  5. three
Choose Answer

36. The opposite of forget is..........

  1. remember
  2. remind
  3. think
  4. remembrance
  5. remembers
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This Section has four mixed sentences. Arrange the sentences so as to make a good composition giving them letter A — D. Shade the letter of the correct answer.

37.      Take honey bees as an example.

Choose Answer

38.      They produce wax which can be used in many ways.

Choose Answer

39.      There are many kinds of insects around us.

Choose Answer

40.      Some of the insects are beneficial while others are harmful.

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Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow by shading the letter of the correct answer.

It was the racing day and there were many contestants. "Look! I can see the Elephant and the Lion" shouted the Antelope. "I can see the Goat and the Monkey!" cried the Zebra. "And I can see the Chameleon and the Hare!" cried the Snake. All the animals were excited. The Hare was so excited that he did not notice an animal holding on to it tail. Suddenly the race began. An the contestants began running as fast as they could. "Snake, lets climb to the top of the hill said the Frog. "Then we can see how our friend Chameleon will complete among all these faster runners and we will see the end of the race clearly.

The Hare ran faster than all the other animals. "Look! The Hare is winning!" cried the snake "But where is the Chameleon?" the Frog asked. "Cant you see him?" the Snake cried. "Hes holding onto the back of the Hare!"

The Frog laughed. Just then the Hare reached the throne. He sat down on the throne, and called. "I m the first on the throne! Im the king of the forest." To the surprise of many, the Chameleon told the Hare that he had been on the seat before him. The Frog and the Snake were very happy because their friend was the new king. "Lets go and celebrate our victory," they sang.

41.     Which animal was cleaver than the Hare?

  1. The Zebra 
  2.  The Monkey 
  3. The Chameleon  
  4. The Snake 
  5.  The Frog
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42.     Which word in the story is used to refer to runners in a race?

  1. Joggers 
  2.  Athletes 
  3.  Contestants
  4.  Fast animals
  5. Throne
Choose Answer

43.The frog and snake watch the race

  1. to the top of the hill
  2. beneath the top of the hill
  3. on top of the mountain
  4. in the nearby forest
  5. around a racing ground
Choose Answer

44.The ........ran the fastest but.....won the race

  1. Chameleon..........the Hare
  2. Hare........the Chameleon
  3. Hare..............Elephant
  4. Antelope.................Hare
  5. Hare...................Zebra
Choose Answer

45.The ..............become king of the forest

  1. hare
  2. lion
  3. elephant
  4. snake
  5. chameleon
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46. Which of the following animals were the happiest?

  1. Frog and snake
  2. hare and chameleon
  3. the frog and the cobra
  4. the hare and the snake
  5. the hare and the frog
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47.What did the winner of the race do?

  1. he had a meeting with the family
  2. he was the last one to arrive
  3. he played a trick to win the race
  4. he ran faster than the others
  5. he bribed the judge to win the race
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48. Who was the frogs friend?

  1. lion and the snake
  2. antelope and chameleon
  3. elephant and chameleon
  4. chameleon and snake
  5. snake and zebra
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49. The word throne in the story means;

  1. the place where the king lives
  2. the place where the animals lives
  3. the ground where all running animals gather together
  4. the chair on which the king sits
  5. the place where the race ends
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50.The best tittle for the story is...


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