Time: 1:30 Hours Thursday, 20th September 2012 a.m.


1. This paper consists of fifty (50)  questions in sections A, B, C and D.

2. Answer all the questions.

3. Read all the given instructions in the special answer sheet (OMR) and fill in all the required information.

4. Write your Examination Number and then shade the digits of the number in the respective place in your answer sheet.

5. Shade the letter of the correct answer for each question in the answer sheet provided, for example, if the correct answer is A shade as follows:

6. If you have to change your answer, you must rub out the shading very neatly before shading the new one. Use a clean rubber.

7. Use HB pencil only.

8. Cellular phones are not allowed in the examination room.


Choose the words that complete the sentences by shading the letters of the correct answer in the answer sheet provided.

1.The children _____________ when the lights went off.

  1. where studying 
  2.  was studying 
  3. were studying
  4.  is studying 
  5.  are studying
Choose Answer

2.The teacher _____________ me with a stick yesterday.

  1.  hits 
  2.  hit 
  3.  heat
  4. beats 
  5.  beaten
Choose Answer

3.Mr Kiula _____________ in his vegetable garden now.

  1. worked 
  2.  is working
  3. has work
  4.  work 
  5.  has worked
Choose Answer

4.My friend _____________ a bath before I arrived.

  1.  taken 
  2.  taking 
  3.  will take
  4. had taken 
  5.  takes
Choose Answer

5.Sometimes he _____________ alone.

  1.  go 
  2.  goes 
  3.  went
  4. have gone 
  5.  going
Choose Answer

6. Some elephants _____________ our crops.

  1. destroys 
  2. has destroyed
  3. is destroying
  4.  was destroying
  5.  have destroyed
Choose Answer

7. If he _____________, we will go with him.

  1.  come 
  2.  coming 
  3.  comes
  4. came 
  5. had come
Choose Answer

8. Did you _____________ your home work last night?

  1.  finish 
  2.  finishes 
  3.  finished
  4. finishing 
  5. do finish
Choose Answer

9.Farmers _____________ maize next year.

  1. will grow 
  2.  have grown
  3. has grown
  4.  were growing 
  5.  had grown
Choose Answer

10. Is Andrew _____________ well in his studies these days?

  1. do 
  2. does 
  3. did 
  4. done 
  5. doing
Choose Answer

11._____________ she was tired, she worked hard.

  1.  Although 
  2.  Inspite 
  3.  Despite of 
  4. Despite 
  5. Even
Choose Answer

11._____________ she was tired, she worked hard.

  1.  Although 
  2.  Inspite 
  3.  Despite of 
  4. Despite 
  5. Even
Choose Answer

13.This book is _____________ big to fit in my bag.

  1.  very 
  2.  too 
  3.  so 
  4. to 
  5. as
Choose Answer

14.He looks _____________ younger since he came back from Loliondo.

  1.  many 
  2.  any 
  3.  much 
  4.  very 
  5. some
Choose Answer

15.The man _____________ stole the books was caught at night.

  1.  whose 
  2.  which 
  3.  who 
  4.  whom
  5. what
Choose Answer

16.Will you _____________ me your pen, please?

  1.  borrow 
  2.  lend 
  3.  take 
  4.  help
  5. assist
Choose Answer

17. Write the indirect speech for the sentence “My brother will be here tomorrow.” Mary said.

  1.  Mary said that her brother could be there the next day
  2.  Mary said that my brother will be there the next day
  3.  Mary said that her brother would be there the next day
  4.  Mary said that her brother will be there the next day 
  5.  Mary said that your brother will be there the next day.
Choose Answer

18. Mr Kalasamaki goes fishing every evening, _____________?

  1.  don’t he 
  2.  wasn’t he 
  3.  hasn’t he 
  4.  isn’t he 
  5.  doesn’t he
Choose Answer

19. Mr and Mrs John have a _____________ family.

  1.  happily 
  2.  happy 
  3.  happiest
  4.  most happiness 
  5.  more happiest
Choose Answer

20.He is both a committed prefect _____________ a clever pupil.

  1.  but 
  2.  with 
  3.  and 
  4.  for 
  5.  also
Choose Answer

21.I was so exhausted _____________ I did not work anymore.

  1. enough 
  2.  such 
  3.  although 
  4.  that 
  5.  the extent
Choose Answer

22.Did you send me _____________ empty parcel?

  1.  a 
  2.  few 
  3.  an 
  4.  some 
  5.  many
Choose Answer

23.Mr Tajiri’s house is _____________ big _____________ Mr Maskini’s house.

  1.  so … as 
  2.  as … as 
  3.  too … as 
  4.  so … that
  5. too … to
Choose Answer

24.He got up early _____________ catch the aircraft.

  1.  because 
  2.  so that 
  3.  that to 
  4.  in order to
  5. therefore
Choose Answer

25.It is cloudy, _____________ it will rain today.

  1.  and 
  2.  that 
  3.  perhaps 
  4.  as
  5. so as
Choose Answer

26.My mother uses _____________ onion as a spice.

  1.  an 
  2.  a 
  3.  and 
  4.  many
  5. a few
Choose Answer

27.We have known him _____________ 1995.

  1.  for 
  2.  since 
  3.  by 
  4.  at
  5. in
Choose Answer

28.There was _____________ rainfall in January than in February this year.

  1.  plenty 
  2.  most 
  3.  best 
  4.  less
  5. plentiful
Choose Answer

29.Rehema bought a _____________ of soap and a kilo of sugar.

  1.  bunch 
  2.  pile 
  3.  crowd 
  4.  loaf
  5. bar
Choose Answer

30. She injured herself _____________ a knife.

  1.  with 
  2.  by 
  3.  on 
  4.  and 
  5.  of
Choose Answer


For each of the following questions, choose the correct answer and shade its letter in the answer sheet provided.

31. A person who cuts other people’s hair is called a __________.

  1.  saloon 
  2.  barber 
  3.  hair cutter 
  4.  hair dresser 
  5. hair saloon
Choose Answer

32.A person who defends a country when there is a war is called __________.

  1.  a doctor 
  2.  a soldier 
  3.  a police 
  4.  an ambassador
  5.  a pilot
Choose Answer

33.Our cow has just given birth to a __________.

  1.  piglet 
  2.  puppy 
  3.  calf 
  4.  chick 
  5. kitten
Choose Answer

34.The items: skirt, shirt, pair of trousers and coat are all __________.

  1.  dresses 
  2.  wears 
  3.  blouses 
  4.  clothes 
  5. pajamas
Choose Answer

35. A pedestrian is a person who __________.

  1.  pedals the bicycle 
  2.  walks on foot 
  3.  travels by car
  4.  uses a pedal 
  5.  travels by train
Choose Answer

36. When a person does not get some food nutrients, he/she can get __________.

  1.  dehydration 
  2.  diabetes 
  3.  measles 
  4.  constipation 
  5.  malnutrition
Choose Answer


This section has four mixed sentences. Arrange the sentences so as to make a good composition by giving them letters A-D. Shade the letter of the correct answer in your answer sheet.

37. She jumped out of bed and ran to her mother happily.

Choose Answer

38. She found her mother in the kitchen with a cake and some toys.

Choose Answer

39. Diana was still fast asleep in the morning dreaming about her birthday.

Choose Answer

40. Suddenly, she heard her mother calling her. 

Choose Answer


Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow by shading the letter of the correct answer in your answer sheet.

A long time ago, there was a Monkey and his wife who had a garden full of different crops such as beans, peas and cabbages. They also had plenty of yams. Mr and Mrs Monkey worked very hard day and night. During the dry season, they watered their garden by using water from the nearby well.

Near their garden lived a Tortoise who was slow and lazy. Mr Tortoise never did any work. He used to sing his favourite songs all day while Monkey and his wife worked in their garden.

There was a lot of food in the Monkey’s house. The house was so small it could hardly keep all the food from the garden. This was different from Mr. Tortoise’s house since there was no food at all. When Tortoise wanted some food, he got it by telling stories and singing songs. He used to tell children from different homes to take food along when going to his house for the stories and songs.

These children’s parents discovered that Mr Tortoise was using their children for his survival. So they stopped their children from going there, hence Tortoise suffered from hunger. One day, the Tortoise sent his son to the Monkey’s house to borrow some food and promised to pay him the next day. The Monkey gave the Tortoise some food.

The following day, Monkey went to Tortoise’s house and asked to be paid his money. Tortoise told him not to worry as he would pay him “the next day”. Unfortunately for the Monkey, the next day never came.

41. Who worked hard in his garden?

  1.  The Monkey 
  2.  The Tortoise 
  3.  Monkey’s friends
  4.  Tortoise’s children 
  5.  Monkey’s children.
Choose Answer

42. Who lived near the Monkey’s garden?

  1.  The Monkey’s wife 
  2. The Monkey’s friends 
  3.  The children
  4.  The Tortoise 
  5. The children’s parents.
Choose Answer

43.How did the Tortoise get food?

  1.  Telling stories 
  2. Stealing food 
  3. Selling food
  4.  Growing food 
  5. Working hard.
Choose Answer

44. Whose house was full of food?

  1. The children’s house
  2. The neighbours’ house
  3.  The Tortoise’s house
  4.  The Monkey’s friends’ house.
  5. The Monkey’s house
Choose Answer

45.Why did the Tortoise suffer from hunger?

  1.  Because he was a beggar 
  2.  Because he was lazy
  3.  Because he liked stories 
  4.  Because he liked visiting friends
  5.  Because he liked singing.
Choose Answer

46. Who did the Tortoise send to the Monkey’s home?

  1.  His niece 
  2.  His daughter 
  3. His son
  4. His nephew 
  5.  The children.
Choose Answer

47. When did Tortoise promise to pay Monkey for the food?

  1.  After a week 
  2.  The following day 
  3. In two days time
  4. The same day 
  5.  In the morning.
Choose Answer

48. Where did Monkey get water from in the dry season?

  1.  The ocean 
  2.  The river 
  3. The sea 
  4. The garden 
  5.  The well.
Choose Answer

49. Who used to give food to Tortoise?

  1.  The Monkey 
  2.  The parents 
  3.  The children 
  4. The son 
  5.  The friend.
Choose Answer

50. What did Tortoise borrow from Monkey?

  1. Some food 
  2. Some beans 
  3. Some cabbages  
  4. Some peas 
  5. E Some yams.
Choose Answer

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