• Read the conversation between Maua and Majuto.

Maua: Hallo my friend, you are so late today what happened?

Majuto: My shirt was torn and I only realized this morning that it was torn so I had to mend it and then walk all the way to school. That’s why am late.

Maua: Do you have only one shirt?

Majuto: Yes, I asked my father to buy one more shirt but said that he has just enough money to cater for our food.

Maua: I have four shirts, would you mind if I gave one shirt to you?

Majuto: No please, thank you. My parents will not be happy if they find me with your shirt. Do you have an extra pen to lend me one more please?

Maua: Definitely, I have, have one. Do you have a pencil and a rubber? I can offer them too.

Majuto: Thank you for your kindness Maua, you are a real friend.

Answer the following questions.

  1. Why do you think Majuto goes to school with torn shirt?
  2. Mention some of basic needs family members should get
  3. Which family is well – planned, Maua’s or Majuto’s
  4. Mention two advantages of family planning.

Mtakuja Village cleaning day

From flipchart) pg 4.


  1. What day of the week did the villages meet to clean village surroundings?
  2. Who participated in cleaning task?
  3. What tools did they to clean surrounding?
  4. What two things did village elder talk about?
  5. What three things did the health office talk to the villages about.
  6. Why should stagnant water be removed?
  7. Why do we clean our surrounding?

Exercise 3. Vocabulary practice.

(a) Match words in column X with phrase in column Y.

Column X


Column Y


Their meaning

  1. Surroundings
  1. Not moving
  1. Prevent
  1. Make someone pay money as punishment
  1. Machetes
  1. Long, Narrow, holes dug in the ground.
  1. Hoes
  1. Take part in activity or event.
  1. Team
  1. An area that has not been cleared.
  1. Stagnant
  1. Large knives used as weapon or tools
  1. Fine
  1. Areas around
  1. Pamapate
  1. Protect from
  1. Trenches
  1. Tools used for cultivating or cleaning the ground
  1. Bush
  1. Group of people working together.

3. Select the words from box below to complete the sentences that follow;

Harmful, Dirt, throwing, poisoned, neat, rubbish, dust, dustbins, disposable, contaminated.

  1. We have a lot of _________at our school
  2. Anna wipes the___________ off her desk.
  3. People throw____________ everywhere and make the surrounding dirty.
  4. Don’t drink________________ water.
  5. My little brother uses_______________ nappies.
  6. They are____________________ the rubbish in the pit
  7. Living in dirty surrounding is__________________

4. Writing practice.

(a) Use------ if------or unless to fill in the blanks in the following sentences.

  1. ______you don’t change your ways you will be in trouble
  2. _________ he then he will never win.
  3. I will tell him the truth _______ i meet him
  4. Your will not lose weight ________ you exercise regularly.
  5. _______ we hurry up, we will arrive on time.
  6. _____________you wear warm jacket, you will feel cold.
  7. I will go to see a doctor___________ I don’t feel better
  8. She asked me____________i liked soccer.

5. Vocabulary.

Use the words to match their right definitions below:

Contraception, embraced, birth rate, adolescent, family planning, living standard, unintended pregnancy, abstinence, consistent, teen parents, fatherhood.

  1. A young parent who with ages of 13 to 19 years old_______________
  2. A method or device used to prevent pregnancy__________________
  3. The period of transition between childhood and adulthood_________________
  4. Deciding the number and spacing of young children by use of contraception like abstinence, natural method or hormonal birth control_____________________
  5. The total number of live birth per 1000 m a population in a year or period_____________
  6. Unwanted or unplanned pregnancies_______________
  7. Self – control in sexual intercourse__________________
  8. The degree of wealth, comfort, material goods and necessities available to a certain class of people in a certain area_____________
  9. Accept something enthusiastically or willingly_______________
  10. Constantly adhering to the some principles or course________________________
  11. Become successful, especially financially______________
  12. State of being a father_____________________

6. Choose the plural of the underlined words:

(i) The worshipers went to church

  1. Churchs
  2. Churches
  3. Churchies
  4. Churchis

(ii) The ship is very huge.

  1. Ship
  2. Shipies
  3. Ships
  4. Shippies

(iii) Police caught the thief

  1. Thiefs
  2. Thiefs
  3. Thieves
  4. Thievs

(iv) The lost handkerchief was mine

  1. Handkerchiefs
  2. Handkerchieves
  3. Handkerchieves
  4. Handskerchief

(v) The mango is very sweet

  1. Mangoes
  2. Mangoies
  3. Mangos
  4. Mango

(vi) Yesterday I saw a dwarf

  1. Dwarf
  2. Dwarfies
  3. Dwarves
  4. Dwarfs

(vii) I saw a deer in the wild

  1. Dearses
  2. Deers
  3. Dears
  4. Deer

(viii) My tooth is paining

  1. Toothes
  2. Tooths
  3. Teeth
  4. Teeths.

(ix) Yesterday the stadium was full of spectators.

  1. Stadia
  2. Stadium
  3. Stadiams
  4. Stadiums.

(x) The passer – by was hit by a bicycle

  1. Passer – bies,
  2. Passer – by
  3. Passers – byes
  4. Passers – bies

7. Group Nouns.

Write one word for the following

  1. Cow, dog, cat, goat and sheep____________________
  2. Duck, parrot, chicken, pigeon___________________
  3. Elephant, hyena, giraffe, lion___________________
  4. Frog, toads, salamander, newt____________________
  5. Bat, lion man, cow, elephant, spiny ant eater___________
  6. Wasps, bees, ants, housefly, cockroach________________
  7. Cups, saucers, plates, bowls__________________
  8. Papers, text books, pens, pencils, rulers_________________
  9. Spoon, knives, forks__________________
  10. Uncle, aunt, brother, sister, cousin_____________

School Academic performance.

Comprehension: - Reading practice.

Read passage below and answer questions that follow.


  1. What do teachers and pupils of Kandini Primary school do at beginning of every new academic year?
  2. What strategies do the pupils discuss with their teachers to improve their academic performance.
  3. Which school did they compete with?
  4. What academic position did they hold among all primary schools in Mtika Ward the previous year?
  5. What was promised for the best pupil?

Vocabulary practice.

(i) Use the vocabulary below to construct a sentence.

Cooperative, flying colours, displaying, alternative, dull.

(ii) Find the words above from passage you have read.

Language practice.

(a) Read adjective in column A in the table below.

Column A

Column B

  1. Adjectives


  1. Hard working

He is the ______ pupil he is always top of class in examinations

  1. Flying colours

Class six pupils are very _______ when being taught

  1. Happy

The ________ pupils were rewarded by their teachers.

  1. Attentive

That woman is _________ because she does a lot of work

  1. Brightest

You must study hard to pass with___________

  1. Best

Our parents were not ____________ about our bad behavior

She always passed even if examination were____________

(b) Find above adjective in passage under activity 4 (a) read sentences which contain them.

(c) Use the adjectives in the table above in column A to fill in the blanks in Column B so as to make meaningful sentences.

(d) Identify and underline adjectives in following eight pairs of words in table below.

1. Intelligent Intelligence 3. Different, Difference

2. Importance Important 4. Distance, Distant

5. Silent, Silence 6. Patient, Patience

7. Dependent, Dependence 8. Independence, Independent.


Writing practice:

Write two questions concerning each of the following statements. See examples in first sentence.

1. Pupils promised to be attentive in class.

Answer: (a) What did the pupils promise?

(b) Who promised to be attentive in class?

2. The best pupil in class feels happy

Answer: (a) Who

(b) Why

3. In class, paying attention is very important

Answer: (a) Why

(b) What

4. Everybody believed it was a new beginning

Answer: (a) Who

(b) What

5. The best pupil will be rewarded after examination

Answer: (a) When

(b) Who

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